1.03 – Love is in the Air

2.23 - family dinner
Last time, Jess grew into a child, and became best of friends with her dad.

Told you I had lots of free time; I’m sorting out all the photos and getting all the posts ready; I only have enough photos for one more Rourke post after this, trying to keep things close.

As promised, I have put a couple of legacy families in town.


3.01 - Danevbie family

First is the Danevbies (Luna, Sebastian, Viola and toddler Serenity) – Luna is an adult, Sebastian and Viola are her children and Serenity is Seb’s child, as in the legacy. And I only just realised that Serenity is bald! I must have removed the hair I put her in when I created the family.

3.01 - Olympus family
The other family is the Olympuses, by Rochelle. Willow Rain and 5 of the kids of the My Little Pony generation (technically Willow is their grandmother in the legacy, shh!). And again a toddler is bald, my bad – I think that’s Twilight Sparkle. Applejack is also bald, but I did notice that one and fixed him up once I started playing.

Anyway, I will endeavour to have the Rourkes make friends with some of these guys, so we can get some SP popups.

3.02 - tattoo wish
In case you forgot, last time both Bruce and Phoenix aged up to Adult. Bruce had a midlife crisis, Phoenix didn’t. This wish will be an easy one to fulfill.

3.03 - Willow in military
3.04 - flirt with willow wish
Willow works in the military with Bruce, so he instantly knows her even though they haven’t actually met. And then he rolls this wish. Flirting is okay, I guess…and if you didn’t continue to roll romantic wishes about your wife, I might believe you were actually sick of poor Phoenix.

3.05 - DIY tattoo
First things first, Bruce has to get his tattoo. I can’t find the tattoo artist, and Bruce doesn’t know anyone else at the salon, so he’ll do it himself.

3.06 - DIY tatto2
LOL, I think he’s regretting the decision!

3.07 - Olympus kids outside
Though I failed to get a picture of it, Bruce got a…something I can’t remember on his bicep.
And then he goes to visit Willow, to get that pesky flirt wish out of the way. Brilliant mother that she is, Willow has left her toddler (Big Macintosh) outside, while Rarity has decided to stand on the sidewalk for no reason.

3.08 - Willow Rain Olympus
Here she is. I love her, she’s so pretty.

3.09 - flirt done
They heartfart, as expected. But the flirt wish is completed, yay!

3.10 - family water balloon fight
And to prove he only wants to be Willow’s friend, Bruce starts a big water balloon fight in the backyard. Rarity is there in the orange shirt, the brown haired girl is…I think she’s supposed to be Rainbow Dash, but she must have also lost her hair, thus the game changed her hair colour (it should be the same colour as Rarity’s). Teen Applejack is barely visible to the left of Bruce, and the random blonde kid was on a playdate.

3.11 - Jess LTW
Jess has rolled this LTW; that works, she’ll definitely be skilling a lot.

3.12 - Jess fishing
In fact she was skilling when she rolled the wish. In her helmet again – the girl loves to drive pretend cars.

3.13 - Jess tells dad of LTW
That night, Jess tells her father all about her plans for the future, and learning lots of skills.

3.14 - garden is dying
Now that the snow has melted, we can finally tend to the plants. They’re wilting, so Phoenix has to fix them quick smart!

3.15 - Bruce has no boss
Bruce doesn’t have a boss. It’s a recurring problem, though I’ve only experienced it with the military career.
3.16 - no boss
MasterController agrees with Bruce’s relationship panel, saying he doesn’t have a boss at all. Which is annoying, because ‘relationship with boss’ is one of the matrices for promotion.

3.17 - Viola Danevbie
So I sent Bruce over to make friends with a Danevbie. And this happened.

3.18 - closet heartbreaker
*sigh* seriously, Bruce?

3.19 - heartfarting Samali
And my simself as well? He rolled the wish to flirt with her too, but I denied it – three women other than your wife is plenty!

3.20 - pretend car1
Jess is always here if left on autonomy. At least she does her homework first?
3.20 - pretend car2

3.21 - Jess bday
Well she won’t be doing it any longer, because it’s her birthday! I find it hilarious that she’s aging up wearing the ridiculous helmet she spend most of her childhood in.

3.22 - Over Emotional
These are her traits, if anyone had forgotten. Nothing overly special, so I’m still considering in which direction I’ll take her. Also, check out the pigtails.

3.23 - JessT
Here she is after her makeover. She definitely got Bruce’s small eye shape, though the eye colour is grey like Phoenix. I don’t know where she got her huge lips from, Phoenix’s don’t seem so big.

3.23 - Expanded house
The house also got a makeover, since we have plenty of money. Still only 3 rooms, just that the main room is bigger now, and Jess got some new furniture – now she doesn’t have to sleep in the bed her father found while dumpster diving!

3.24 - moar midlife crisis wishes
Just before I started making over the house, Bruce rolled this wish. Easily done!

3.25 - kiss Van
Naw, and Jess has rolled this wish on her first day of high school. This is the kid from the previous post, who Jess spent most of winter with. His name is Van, apparently.

3.27 - more fishing
Bruce keeps rolling fishing wishes, and it’s great fertiliser, so why not.

3.28 - Neat freak
Neat Phoenix cleans up community lots for…fun?

3.29 - kissy
Despite the midlife crisis wishes to the contrary, Bruce and Phoenix love one another very much. Every time they’re in the same room together, one or both will roll a romantic wish for the other.

3.30 - move in...
And Bruce keeps rolling this wish. You ALREADY live with her, Bruce!!

3.31 - food
More father-daughter bonding over fish fillets.

3.32 - Jess face1
I like Jess, she makes hilarious faces.
3.32 - Jess face2 3.32 - Jess face3


3.33 - Phoenix wardrobe
Are you changing your clothes with your new wardrobe, Phoenix?

3.34 - wardrobe woohoo
Oh. Nope. Lol.

3.35 - booby trap
Blissfully ignorant of her parents’ activities inside, Jess amuses herself by setting a prank.

3.36 - Viola boyfriend
Viola has a love interest. Better get Bruce onto that flirt wish.

3.37 - wish fulfilled
Aand, wish fulfilled. Now stop wanting to flirt with women other than your wife!

3.39 - Seb love
Viola’s brother is in a relationship as well. I’m not sure if she’s an elder or just really blonde.

3.38 - Applejack II Olympus
Jess met Applejack Olympus at a festival.

Scissors Paper Rock spam:
3.40 - SPR 1

3.40 - SPR 2 3.40 - SPR 3

3.41 - heartfart
Then I had her consider his attractiveness.

3.42 - 6 from 10
6 out of 10, not bad! I so rarely see anything other than 1 or 10, so this is a nice change.

3.43 - Bruce loves Phoenix
Bruce really does love his wife.
3.44 - Phoenix loves Bruce
And Phoenix loves him right back.

3.45 - Midlife Crisis over
Yay, midlife crisis over!

3.46 - rocking chair
Yes, I bought a rocking chair. I can control everyone, so it’s not too bad – though I can no longer click the “tired” moodlet to make them go to bed – they’ll nap in here instead!
Also, check out the book Bruce is reading for work – all the redacted stuff!

3.47 - Willow + Don Lothario
Willow found love…with the local Casanova. Careful, Willow.

3.48 - Jess skipping school
Jess is being scolded because she didn’t go to school.
3.49 - but she's sick
But she’s sick!
3.50 - school didn't give her the day off
The school didn’t give her the day off 😦 Maybe because the school bus doesn’t come for her?

3.51 - autonomous romance
Cut autonomous romance is cute.

3.51 - autonomous romance2  3.51 - autonomous romance7 3.51 - autonomous romance6 3.51 - autonomous romance5 3.51 - autonomous romance4 3.51 - autonomous romance3
3.51 - autonomous romance8
I initiated one of these (the massage, since Bruce was sore from working out). Everything else was done on free will.

3.52 - Jess gardening
Jess isn’t phased, she’s used to her parents’ PDA.

3.53 - Jess visits Applejack at home
When school lets out, Jess goes over to the Olympus house, to continue getting to know Applejack.

3.54 - Bruce and the weights
Meanwhile, Bruce continues working out all the time. Watch out, you’re going to get huge if you do that too much.

3.55 - kiss Applejack
After learning his sign, Jess rolls this wish.

3.57 - AJ loves flowers
He loves the flowers.

3.56 - matching clothes 3.58 - ask to prom
And he accepts her invitation to prom. Lol at the stalker bit.

3.59 - shy 3.60 - first kiss
Cutie first kiss.

3.61 - Viola loves Torrey
Viola has another RI. Hopefully she’ll keep this one and make some babies!

3.62 - forgot how to door
The children of Riverview need to learn how to door.
3.63 - 2 hours before they all go inside
It’s after 11am before they all get inside. And it’s been raining this whole time, too.

3.64 - gussy up
Jess is getting all gussied up.

3.65 - prom time
Because it’s prom time!

3.66 - Phoenix L8
Phoenix has reached… I think this is L8? Only two more levels to go, and you can have a fridge!

Prom spam:

3.67 - go steady 3.67 - prom4 3.67 - prom3 3.67 - prom2 3.67 - prom1

So mostly it was about Jess and Applejack. I seriously got no other popups.

3.68 - night at home
And how did the other Rourke’s spend the night? Skilling, of course. In…formal wear for some reason. WTH, Phoenix? That can’t be comfortable.

3.68 - love letter
The next morning, Jess rolls this wish. She really likes him.

3.69 - BFF impossible
She then rolled this, which, uh no. Honey, you can’t be Applejack’s BFF and his girlfriend. One or the other!


Long post is long. I am enjoying just having a little family, as opposed to Abby and the million kids all the time.

While Applejack is the boyfriend now, that doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily end up being the spouse. We’ll see what everyone thinks when Jess takes over.

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  1. Too cute! And thanks for the “door” linkage! I know what you mean, enjoying more than one save file, because of the differences between the two! As goofy as The Zales are, The Lightnings are just easier. I must say, I don’t like Jess’ eyes very much, but you made her look lovely with the make-up and the hair. And even if I don’t like her eyes, I like the Sim in general, so that’s good. 🙂 Bruce sure wanted to flirt with the ladies! But at least it didn’t cause any lasting damage, and made him feel pretty fulfilled! Can’t wait for more! I really enjoy this challenge of yours! ❤


  2. I’ve had the same move in with wish when they already live with the person. So strange.
    I rather like Jess.
    I’m not sure Applejack and his 6/10 are good enough for her though. Although that could change when they grow up.


  3. “You already live with her, Bruce!!” Haha, sims sometimes. Jess is unique and growing on me with her faces.


  4. Haha, I’ve gotten the move-in wish from multiple married Sims in my game – it just happened to Callie and Heimrich in my last chapter!

    I also think Lorraine Cantina is an elder – pretty sure she married Bennie at some point when the Scatterdays were still in Riverview.

    Bruce is such a dog! At least he still loves Phoenix, but still! Flirting with so many different women, tut tut. 😛 Jess and Applejack are also very cute together! Not sure if he stuck around to be her spouse, but I will find out!


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