1.04 – Fish and Kisses

3.60 - first kissLast time, Jess aged up to teen, and found a boyfriend in Applejack II Olympus.

This chapter is the last of the pictures without notes – I have learned that I really need to write as I go, otherwise all the lame witty comments I think of while taking pictures are forgotten by the time I write it up.

4.01 - fishing wish
Being a Renaissance Sim, Jess keeps wishing to improve various skills. No complaints here!

 4.03 - piranha
Once again, Jess and Bruce are skilling together (and Jess keeps out-catching her higher levelled father, in a display of feminine superiority)

4.04 - sore zombie
Uhoh…run, guys!

4.05 - Ambrosia recipe for free
Wow! I have seen opportunities like this before, where you get a free recipe to learn, but this is Ambrosia! No need to spend $9k when you can get a free copy from work.

4.06 - guilty look
Maybe it’s just me, but Phoenix looks very guilty/suspicious here; almost as if she’s trying to hide the fact she’s got a very valuable recipe in her back pocket.

4.07 - Ambrosia learned
A very valuable recipe that she has now learned. I love how fast Bookworms read. (I may also be over exploiting the library speed bump – too cheaty, maybe?)

4.08 - 5 kids not enough for Willow
Whoops is right! I told you to be careful, Willow. Don Lothario already has children by two other women.

4.09 - friends with mum
Jess wished to talk to her mother so, I had her “Applaud Vegetarianism”

4.09 - friends with mum1
Person person plus! (and wish fulfilled)

4.10 - don't know how to door
The Olympuses had a party…and everyone has forgotten how to door. Including the people who actually live in the house – why did they all go outside, anyway?

4.11 - Jess does
Jess is not nearly so stupid as the idiots outside. She ignored all the blank faces and marched herself right inside…to sit on the beanbag and stare at the wall.

4.12 - simself's son
This is my simself’s son Keaton, btw. He has a weird combo of features.

4.13 - romantic teens
Yay, everyone figured out the door! Jess immediately goes for Applejack (who shall now be nicknamed AJ, because I CBF typing all those letters every time) to get their flirt on. Ignoring everyone else in the room.

4.14 - Phoenix L9
Phoenix is Level 9! Only one more promotion and they can have a fridge! I may be a little overexcited by this, but I’m so tired of watching them cook fish over the firepit.

4.15 - Bruce close
Bruce is this close to L9 himself; hopefully Monday will bring his promotion!

4.16 - chocolate gnome
Is is just me, or does eating a chocolate gnome look kind of like cannabalism? Just me? Okay, moving on.

That night, both couples watched the stars. Insert spam here:
4.17 - stars1 4.18 - stars2 4.19 - stars3 4.20 - stars4 4.21 - stars5

4.21 - Phoenix cleaning up 4.21 - Phoenix cleaning up2
Neat freak Phoenix is taking it upon herself to clean up ALL THE LEAVES! (Seriously, I don’t even know where this photo was taken. It’s not the library nor the bistro, that’s all I know.)

4.22 - Bruce L9
Yay, Level 9!
Other than the no-fridge challenge (which I plan on lifting with Culinary L10), I don’t even know what reaching L10 of the career does in this generation. I’ll have to check out the rules again.

4.23 - no boss
The biggest hurdle to Bruce’s final promotion is the ‘horrifying’ boss metric. And you know why it’s that bad? Because he doesn’t have a boss.
4.24 - highest level
Checking the demographics for Military with MC – Bruce is the highest level sim currently in the Military career. So…he’s his own boss?

4.25 - dumpster diving
Our new Top Gun wastes no time after finishing work.

4.27 - Bruce found a gem
This time, all he found was a gem. That’s okay, we’re collecting those too.

4.26 - homework
Good girl Jess does her homework every day right after school.
4.28 - first gnome
Today she’s overseen by a gnome! The first of this legacy. I did name him, but I forgot what 😦

4.29 - playing catch
Ignoring the broken washing machine, Bruce and Jess again play catch. And again, Bruce is horrible to his daughter, throwing it way too fast.

4.30 - second gnome
Oh hey, there’s another gnome. Yes, there are two bunny gnomes. I don’t know this one’s name either. Will try to remember to write them down next time I see them!

4.31 - love day
It’s Love Day!

4.32 - Jess broke toilet
Jess is up at the crack of dawn to have a bath without her parents embarrassing her. And yes, honey, the toilet is broken – you did it! You also pranked it, so when you father tries to unclog it, it will overflow. Good job.

4.33 - go to festival
As with every sim in the history of Seasons, the Rourkes roll the wish to go to the festival. Since I haven’t done that in Riverview yet, we will be fulfilling this.

4.34 - Bruce fixes toilet
I missed the picture, but Bruce did indeed spring the booby trap when he tried to fix the toilet. The other flashing light is the sofa. No matter how good the child/teen, coding ensures they will trap everything possible.

4.35 - Nike party
My simself is having a party, cool.

4.36 - biking to festival
One of the annoying things about having no car, is that they can’t really go anywhere as a group, unless I send them separately.
And yes, this is my lame attempt at editing the picture. Obviously, I’m not a graphic designer.

4.37 - searching for eggs
Bruce has wished to hung for eggs, but he’s really bad at it – no eggs on the dance floor!

4.38 - kiss wish
Phoenix rolled this. But she’ll have to wait until Bruce is done hunting eggs.

4.39 - tofu dog
In the meantime, tofu dogs! (yes, I totally remembered she was a vegetarian and didn’t make her eat meat *whistles innocently*)

4.40 - horseshoe
Never mind the people around you, go for the smooch!

4.41 - kiss
I think Phoenix heard me/

4.42 - wish fulfilled
Apparently Bruce rolled the same wish Phoenix did. No idea why he gets more points for the same wish, but he always does. *facepalm* oh wait, yes I do. Bruce is Ambitious. He gets more points for fulfilling all wishes.

4.43 - move in
*sigh* I can’t fulfill this, Bruce, stop rolling it!

4.44 - Nike house
This is my simself’s house, where she lives with her adult son and two teen children. Looks a bit small, no?

4.45 - Nike house tiny
…I wonder who shares the bed with mum?

4.46 - Kris Nike
This is Kris, the adult son. He looks very similar to his brother.

4.47 - teen Kris Nike
Uhm… this teen is also Kris. Who looks identical and who I think is a clone. But using MC to show me his stats/family says that he’s a YA. I think I broke it 😦

4.48 - bad facepaint
While I wait for Error Trap to find and fix Kris, here’s Jess failing to get her face painted.

4.49 - better
Second attempt is much better.

4.50 - Keaton Nike
And just to prove that the teen in the other photo is not Kris’ little brother, this is Keaton. Jess has wished to make a friend, so why not him?

4.51 - Precious Nike
And this is their sister. Her name is Precious. She doesn’t look very precious to me.

4.52 - can't stay

4.53 - but you're friends
Uhm, Kris…how well do you have to know someone to let them stay over? (not that I told Phoenix to ask, she did it herself.)

4.54 - kiss AJ
Since she rolled the wish to Kiss Someone, Jess stalked found AJ at City Hall to plant one on him.

4.55 - help with homework
And then she helped him with his homework. Because Sim!Logic.

4.56 - love letter AJ
Return mail from the love letter Jess sent AJ after prom. We knew he felt the same.

4.57 - Top Gun uniform
Check out Bruce in his Top Gun outfit!
4.58 - hot
*may or may not have a thing for guys in uniform*

4.59 - Willow has 7 kids
Willow had her babies; this makes four children and for Don.

4.60 - RHAT opp
LMAO, nice acronym, EA. I haven’t seen this opportunity before, but hopefully it will help Bruce get his final promotion sooner.

4.61 - bridge opp
At almost the same time, Jess got this opportunity. I’d forgotten she was in Shop Club…

4.63 - map view house
I think everyone who has ever played in Riverview knows that there is tons of free produce to be found at the house where Phoenix’s icon is.

4.62 - peaches and pears
I edited it slightly to put in my new Bohemian Garden produce. Peaches and Pears and Pecan trees!

4.64 - raid garden
Plus all the berries!

4.65 - flooded house
Kitchen is flooded, but Jess doesn’t care.

4.66 - Jess painting
She wanted to learn another skill, so I picked painting. Depending on who her spouse is, they will both be pursuing artistic careers.

4.67 - max gardening
Phoenix maxed gardening! Still no opportunities for Omni though 😦 I think she has too many high level skills, same as Abby Maloney.

4.68 - Simselves
I added some simselves to the town! L-R are Pink (Pink’s Madness and Wishing for the Ether), Heather (Zale ISBI and Lightning Alphabetcy), Rochelle (Olympus legacy) and Starla (Creeper legacy).

4.69 - raining on clothes
You may not be able to tell from this photo, but it’s raining. Why do the clothes dry when it rains? (answer: because EA are lazy)

4.70 - hungry makeout
More lovey dovey stuff from our founders.

4.71 - woohoo
And yet again, they chose to woohoo in the wardrobe. There is a perfectly good bed right next to you, but hey.

4.72 - creepy laugh face
Phoenix’s creepy flirty face.

4.72 - creepy laugh face2
No less creepy when she’s telling a joke…

4.73 - plumber skill challenge
Fixing the sink enabled Bruce to complete this skill challenge. Future generations of Rourkes will have self-cleaning and unbreakable plumbing.

And that’s a good place to end things. Also, I can now play again, because I only have about 20 pictures left, so need more for a new post, yay! I’m determined not to get as far ahead with this one as I did with the Maloneys.

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  1. I can’t believe you got that military opportunity so late. Mine tend to only get it as the early levels. Not the craziest opportunity thought. There is a political one where you have to get x sim to become your enemy and you will be promoted.
    Thank you for including Sim Me.
    How do you get a chocolate gnome?


  2. Ha, you and I both added each other to our games around the same time! What a cute little update! Phoenix and Bruce are still pretty adorable, and Jess is really growing on me. As always – can’t wait for more!


  3. Bruce sure looks bad-*ss in his uniform!
    Your poor simself’s family, living in this tiny empty house. Lol.


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