1.05 – Creative Impulses

4.70 - hungry makeout

Last time, there was lots of fishing and lots of romance. Seems to be the theme of this challenge thus far.

1.05.01-Starla Jess fieldtrip
Starla is on the field trip with the kids, and Jess is getting in trouble, lol.

1.05.02 - skill certificates
The skill certificates; Bruce’s on the left, Phoenix’s on the right.

1.05.03 - shop captain
Jess got Shop Captain!

1.05.04 - Phoenix sculpting
Phoenix has taken up sculpting as a hobby.

1.05.05 - Phoenix sculptures
So far she’s sculpted a bar stool and a table.

1.05.06 - trash bin sculpture
And now a garbage bin. We could almost furnish a house with these!

1.05.07 - Phoenix fridge wish
Phoenix keeps rolling these wishes; how about you fill that performance bar and get to L10, then I’ll buy you a fridge.

1.05.08 - Jess hang out
I left Jess to her own devices after Shop Club – she’s “hanging out” on the playground equipment at school. In her formal wear. Okay then.

1.05.09 - Jess gardening L6
Jess has now fulfilled the requirement for gen 2 heir – she has reached L5 in both fishing and gardening before becoming a YA.

1.05.10 - RHAT race
Bruce’s participation in the RHAT Race means his performance leapt up.

1.05.11 - this close to L10
He is now this close to his LTW! Suck Up to Superior all day should do it.

1.05.12 - Viola baby
Viola Danevbie is expecting a baby! No idea who the guy is, some townie.

1.05.13 - fishing opportunity
She already has an A, but Jess can do this opportunity easily – she only has about 20 fish in her back pocket already. Plus a wish to increase her fishing skill, so she’ll go fishing this afternoon.

1.05.14 - one year work
Cool, I haven’t seen this popup before. A whole year, hey?

1.05.16 - LTW popup
1.05.15 - LTW complete

Aaand, LTW completed! Bruce is an Astronaut!

1.05.17 - dumpster diving
And what’s the first autonomous interaction he has after reaching his life time goal? Of course.

1.05.18 - beetle found1.05.19 - alarm clock found
He found a beetle. And an alarm clock. Don’t ask me why the portrait changed – he hasn’t changed clothes.

1.05.20 - honor roll
Jess made the honor roll.

1.05.21 - Heather co-worker
Heather is a new co-worker of Phoenix’s.

1.05.22 - fishing in formal
Now Jess is fishing in her formal wear. Hidden Insane trait?

1.05.23 - max handiness
As per his wish, Bruce has maxed Handiness.

1.05.24 - finding seeds
Phoenix wishes to find some seeds, so she heads to the graveyard after work. She’s about 2/3 of the way up the performance bar, and it’s Friday, so she’ll work Saturday and Sunday and should definitely have that last promotion by then.

1.05.25 - dating Blueberry
My simself’s son is dating Phoenix’s friend. That’s weird. Blueberry was put into town as a YA at the same time my simself was…

1.05.26 - Willow not Don's friend
Willow just had a baby by Don, but now she’s not his friend.

1.05.27 - Phoenix catacombs
Well, Phoenix didn’t last long in the catacombs. I didn’t get any popups except for the “bad experience” one.

1.05.28 - rake leaves
And now she has decided to rake up leaves. I love Neat Sims.

1.05.29 - Pink unpopular
Apparently Pink is unpopular. Aww. Or maybe Heather is. Not sure, that popup is a bit ambiguous.

1.05.30 - Bruce fleeing
WTF, Bruce? He came tearing out of the house when he woke up. His thought bubble doesn’t help much…

1.05.31 - washing machine
Ohhh, it’s the washing machine. Apparently it’s noisy or something? Jess had no reaction to it.

1.05.32 - early fishing
And Bruce is hungry because he wished to “go fishing before 6am”, so we’ll fulfil that then get him breakfast.

1.05.33 - colourful garden
The garden looks very cool and colourful atm. Though it is in need of watering and weeding – Bruce will get on that once he’s eaten.

1.05.34 - bath'room'
I decided that, as a reward for reaching L10 of his career, Bruce can build a fence around the “bathroom”. There is still no indoor plumbing, but it should give them a bit more privacy now.

1.05.35 - landscaping
I also did a bit of landscaping, most playing with terrain paint. The garden looks like a garden now!

1.05.36 - broken toilet
I see that thought bubble, Jess! You broke the toilet again, didn’t you?

1.05.37 - Phoenix gardening challenge
Phoenix fulfilled a gardening challenge. This is the one where she planted 19 different types of plants.

1.05.38 - AJ grown up
Oh, Applejack must have aged up, he looks different in Jess’ wish panel. She has 2 more days until YA, so we’ll just wait a bit.

1.05.39 - Bruce 7 days
Speaking of aging up, I think the ages are a bit borked in my game. Remember how Phoenix aged to adult before Bruce? He’s now 7 days til elder.

1.05.39 - Phoenix 13 days
She has 13. WTF game? I think I’ll just wait til Bruce ages up, then force Phoenix to elder on the same day.

1.05.40 - Viola + Shane
Haha, Viola is dating Shane Shofield! He’s a sim I made of the character from Matthew Riley’s book series. And he’s apparently aged up into cornrows since then. (IDK, it was funny to me)

1.05.41 - pleasantly warm moodlet
Jess’ moodlet is cute. She does love the heat.

1.05.42 - free recipe
More free recipes for Phoenix. This is her third one.

1.05.44 - L10 Culinary
1.05.43 - Phoenix topped Culinary

And with the end of that shift, Phoenix has topped the culinary career! And it wasn’t until I was taking these snapshots that I realised she never wished to. Really not ambitious, this one.

1.05.45 - fridge
You know what this means…fridge! And we have the Kelvin thingamie fridge, where leftovers don’t go bad. I do love doing the Culinary career early in a legacy 😉 I tried to make the fridge look reasonably old school – wood and wicker could totally keep things from spoiling, right? And they have a wood fired oven, because duh, no electricity.
But, as per my own personal rule I use to make the game more difficult – they will only cook things that they have the ingredients for. So we’ll be having lots of sushi, with all the fish Bruce and Jess catch; and sweet things for Phoenix the veggo.

1.05.46 - lots of ingredients
They won’t be running out of food – I had Jess stock the fridge with all her produce and fish – just hers is more than enough to keep them going for weeks.

1.05.47 - Jess trophies
These are all Jess’ award and trophies and such, btw. The purple one is Art Show Participation, and the other is for Shop Club, as is the golden saw on the wall.

1.05.48 - Bruce autumn salad
Bruce is the first one to use the fridge. No idea why they can’t make autumn salad with the lettuce from their inventories instead of waiting for a fridge.

1.05.49 - family meal
Hey look, family meal!

1.05.50 - Serenity + Twilight
Aw, Serenity and Twilight are drifting apart! (they were both placed in game as toddlers)

1.05.51 - lazy Sunday
Sunday is a bit of a lazy day. Jess is painting, and Phoenix is filling up our new fridge with leftovers.

1.05.52 - Sebastian falling out with Luna
Sebastian is falling out with his mother 😦

1.05.53 - WIllow + Shane
Apparently Shane is a player, now he’s moved onto Willow.

1.05.54 - Jess finished painting
Uhm…that’s pretty, Jess? *sells*

1.05.55 - creative family
Mother and daughter being creative!

1.05.56 - Bruce fishing challenge
And what has Bruce been doing this rainy Sunday? Fishing, of course. He finally caught 20 different types of fish.

1.05.57 - close to max
He is this close to maxing the skill!

1.05.58 - maxed
And done.

1.05.59 - deathfish wish
Immediately afterwards he rolls up this wish. Sure, I’ll try to figure out where death fish are in Riverview – there’s no pond at the cemetery.

1.05.60 - simself house
Phoenix is going to visit the simself house after work. This is the house…and I think I must not have some CC, because it seems to lack windows. Oh well.

1.05.61 - purple painting
Meanwhile, Jess finishes a cute painting. We’ll hang it up somewhere. Ooh, which reminds me, I have to get Jess to register for self-employment…or maybe I should wait until she’s YA? Nothing in the rules about being able to start jobs when the heir is a teen.

1.05.62 - garage front door
Apparently the front door of the house is in the garage? I read somewhere about how to change this on a non-active house…now if only I could remember.

1.05.63 - teen Serenity
Serenity is a teenager!

1.05.64 - Starla + Rochelle ignore
Starla and Rochelle don’t care that someone is trying to visit, they’re off…doing something or other. Pink, however, is a gracious host.

1.05.65 - windowed house
There, the simselves have windows now! And a front door, which is always helpful.

1.05.66 - Pink + Phoenix convo
Wow, this room is kind of creepy, with the huge mirror. I am impressed with how seamless it is against the wall, though.

1.05.67 - Heather home
Ooh, Heather is home now, too. Gosh, she has such big eyes, so pretty.

1.05.68 - Pink career
Uhm, okay. Didn’t realise we had Bot Builders in this time, but hey.

1.05.69 - Phoenix + Pink WB fight
Geez, I left these two alone for a few minutes while I tended to Jess and Bruce, and they’re acting like children.

1.05.70 - Jess' bday
It’s Jess’ birthday! Since no phones = no party, we’ll do a family cake.

1.05.71 - Serenity BFF wish
Cute, I’ll try to make this happen before tonight’s party.

1.05.72 - Viola baby
Viola had her baby. I had almost forgotten she was pregnant.

1.05.73 - Jess homework
While waiting for Serenity to finish at Art Club, Jess does her homework…right in front of school.

1.05.74 - Serenity's house
This is the house where Serenity and her father, Sebastian live.

1.05.75 - Serenity needs makeover
Serenity needs a makeover…

1.05.76 - Serenity off to work
much better. Dammit, but now she’s going to work. Oh well, I guess they won’t be BFFs.

1.05.77 - Jess birthday
With Bruce at work until 1am, the ‘party’ will only be Jess and Phoenix. We bought the cake from the grocery store, not buy mode. There are no rules about it, but I figure that replicates a ‘no oven’ realism.

1.05.78 - Jess standing
Aaand, she’s just standing there.

1.05.78 - Jess standing2
Phoenix left to have a bath (thank you, get rid of the stink from gardening all day) and Jess dropped “have birthday” from her queue. She was standing there for two hours before she moved.

1.05.79 - Jess glitchy
And now her head is gone from her actions. I have had the same issue with others; she’ll be reset very soon.

1.05.80 - Jess face changed
See? And I do believe her face has changed shape also. And now I don’t have the MC option to take her into CAS. Awesome.

1.05.81 - Jess' spouse options
While I play around and figure out how to fix glitchy Jess, here are the other candidates for Jess’ spouse: Tomahawk Langurd (from the Dysfunkshinul Legacy), Pilot Inspektor Creeper (from the Creeper Legacy) and Chance Danevbie (from the Danevbie Legacy).

So here are our candidates:

Applejack Olympus
Traits: Brooding, Hydrophobic, Lucky, Good Sense of Humor, Slob

Tomahawk Langurd
Tomahawk Langurd
Traits: Athletic, Easily Impressed, Good Sense of Humor, Virtuoso, Night Owl

Pilot Inspektor
Pilot Inspektor Creeper
Traits: Grumpy, Insane, Absent-Minded, Handy, Slob

Chance Danevbie
Chance Danevbie
Traits: Virtuoso, Light Sleeper, Friendly, Night Owl, Clumsy


Thanks for reading, and please vote in the poll for Jess’ spouse (either here or at boolprop) – she will meet the boys in the next chapter.

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  1. Jess was quite the little over-achiever in her childhood years! I think you did an awesome job with the kitchen. I love the no electricity rule, and how well you’ve stuck to it! Congrats to Phoenix for earning you the fridge!

    Silly Jess got all glitchy on ya! Lame! I did vote for her spouse though, as long as they get along! ❤

    Great fun!


    • Fishing is a great family activity – she and Bruce got to best friends just by fishing together, and once they start, they will keep rolling wishes for it (as you probably know). And the garden is so huge, all three of them need to help out every day…possibly I should ensmallen it now that they have a fridge and can have leftovers.

      It’s not just Jess, I have been experimenting with some other save games, and I think it’s that teen-YA transition that is somehow broken. Today’s task is to troubleshoot and figure out which mod is causing the issue.


  2. Death fish in riverview: http://www.carls-sims-3-guide.com/skills/fishing/riverview-fishing-spots.php

    I voted too! I didn’t agree with Heather though.
    Congratulations for sticking to your rules for whole generation. Can’t wait to see what is in store for Jess.


  3. I always intend to stick to any rules I make up but fail so go you and your willpower!
    Tomahawk looks a little like the guy who plays Peeta in Hunger Games, I think! That being said, I prefer Chance’s hair colour which would be good to see, so I voted him!
    Off to send my sims fishing now! 🙂


    • I’m always looking for things to make the game more challenging, so sticking to rules can be fun in that way.

      Haha, you’re right, Tomahawk does look a bit like Peeta. I never noticed that.

      Thanks for the vote and the comment!


  4. Had to vote for Chance just because of his hair lol. This challenge seems so cool. I wish I would have done a power free challenge for my Simple Life Legacy. That would have been awesome. Make a little privy by the lake or something lol. Can’t wait for another chapter!


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