1.06 – A Girl and the Boys

1.05.78 - Jess standing2
Previously, Jess tried to grow up to YA…and failed.

1.06.01 - JessA
So eventually, after many resetsims and reloading of the game and such, I “fixed” Jess – manually aged her up in CAS, then did a MasterController “resetsim” to ensure she changed correctly. She rolled Hopeless Romantic for her final trait. Taking a leaf out of Griffindork’s (Langurds) book, all of Jess’ outfits have a variation of this butterfly pattern (that you can barely see in the CAS pic, but will see much of later).

I did also figure out the issue – a bad piece of CC with a borked pregnancy morph. Now all my teen girls can age up without issues!

1.06.04 - self-employed painter
First up, Jess registers as a self-employed painter. I haven’t done many of the self-employed careers, only gardening and fishing.

1.06.02 - dude with pigtails
LOL, dude with pigtails. We have to fix that up. Oh, and Shane Schofield is here too, I need to take his dreads off.

1.06.03 - fixed
Much better.

I did want to have Jess go over to the new boys house, but none of them are home. So we’ll have to try later.

1.06.05 - Olympus house
Instead, she’s going over to the Olympus house, to see what she thinks of the grown up Applejack. Willow is holding Robi, her son with Don Lothario.

1.06.06 - AJ girl hair
Haha, AJ aged up into girl hair! I hate it when the game does that.

1.06.07 - AJ fixed
There, much better.

1.06.08 - Attractive Company
Jess has the “attractive company” moodlet, so I’m guessing she’ll still like AJ a lot.

1.06.08 - AJ 7 out of 10
7 of 10. Not too bad. But we’ll see how she likes the other boys.

1.06.09 - Rainbow Dash
LOL, nice hair, Rainbow Dash! I have to fix that, too.

1.06.10 - fixed RD
Better 😀

1.06.11 - personal space
Geez, ever heard of personal space, RD?

1.06.12 - next door neighbors
Ooh, yay, Tomahawk is now home! Jess, get over there stat! They live next door to the Olympuses.

1.06.13 - heartfart Tommy
And they heartfart upon meeting. This looks promising.

1.06.14 - gossiping Tommy
They gossip a bit, but he’s starving, so we’ll let him eat while Jess talks to…Pilot Inspektor!

1.06.15 - PI arguing
…who is apparently arguing with thin air…

1.06.16 - first meeting
No hearts for PI.

1.06.17 - hearts
At least not until she Considers Attractiveness.
1.06.18 - PI 10 out of 10
10 out of 10!

1.06.19 - meeting Chance
Chance Danevbie is also home now, so she’ll meet him as well.

1.06.20 - clashing traits
Ouch, clashing traits – Light vs Heavy Sleeper.

1.06.21 - get along
But they get along well enough, compatible signs, and he gets a 7 out of 10.
1.06.22 - Chance 7 out of 10

1.06.23 - Tommy chat
Now that Tomahawk has eaten, Jess gets to know him better.

1.06.24 - hearts
They have compatible signs as well. And she gives him top marks also.
1.06.23 - Tommy 10 out of 10

It’s now after 1am, so Jess goes home – she doesn’t know any of the boys well enough to stay over as yet.

1.06.24 - Pink vs Rochelle
Pink and Rochelle aren’t getting along.

1.06.25 - Jess painting
Jess gets started on her career – this is her sleepwear; I got Master Suite Stuff. It’s perfect for the Hopeless Romantic.

1.06.26 - Bruce max gardening
And Bruce has also reached L10 Gardening.

1.06.26 - pink painting
I like this painting of Jess’ – Phoenix will love it too, we’ll put that in her room.

1.06.27 - creative girls
This is what happens when you’re at home all day – you don’t change out of your PJs.

1.06.29 - Phoenix doctor

No, Phoenix, your daughter is an artist, not a doctor.

1.06.30 - Bruce scientist
And nor is she a scientist, Bruce.

1.06.28 - Rochelle pregnant
LOL, as if the Brokes need more people in the family.

1.06.31 - Rochelle new love
She’s pregnant with another man’s baby, Travis…

1.06.32 - fishing for deathfish
Thanks to Pink helping me find where to find them in Riverview, Bruce is fishing for deathfish. But he had no luck. Maybe he shouldn’t have used all those angelfish to fertilise the garden…

1.06.33 - love letters
Since Jess hasn’t rolled any wishes for any of the boys, I’m going to have her write love letters to all four. We’ll see what that shakes out.

1.06.34 - Chance at Broke house
And she’ll go visit them, try to be friends with each of them. First she stalks Chance to the Broke household.

1.06.35 - Pink vs Heather
Pink and Heather still aren’t getting along.

1.06.36 - TomChance
Then she goes to their home once Tomahawk goes home. Chance doesn’t seem to like Jess paying Tommy more attention than him.

1.06.37 - Pink dating Nate
Pink is dating this guy, who is blonde not old – I believe he’s the stylist.

1.06.38 - funny Jess
Tommy’s Good Sense of Humor means funny interactions go over very well with him – they’re best friends in no time.

And by midnight, she’s friends with Chance also. A good day’s work, IMO.

1.06.39 - Jess staying night
She asked Tommy if she could stay the night (of course he said yes), so that we can work on PI tomorrow.

1.06.40 - AJ moved out
AJ moved out! I don’t blame him, that Olympus house is crawling with kids.

1.06.41 - deathfish
Yay, Bruce caught his deathfish!
1.06.42 - wish fulfilled

1.06.43 - PI + Jess
Bright and early, Jess talks to Pilot Inspektor.

1.06.44 - PI going to work
Until he has to go to work. And with Tommy and Chance both asleep, it’s time for Jess to go home.

1.06.45 - Heather dating Torrey
Heather is taking Viola Danevbie’s leftovers – this is Viola’s baby daddy.

1.06.46 - Jess + Bruce gardening
Father and daughter garden together.

1.06.47 - Jess sculpting
And this is what Phoenix has been doing the past few days: sculpting and cleaning.

1.06.48 - Jess date Tommy
Hey, Jess has rolled a romantic wish for one of the boys! She wants to go on a date with Tommy.

1.06.49 - naked Bruce
Uhm, Bruce, forget something? Your adult daughter is right there, put some clothes on!

1.06.49 - naked Bruce2
She’s too tired to notice.

1.06.50 - couple skilling together
He did, when he went to the weight machine, thankfully. And Phoenix is randomly in her formal again.

1.06.51 - move in with AJ
Jess has now rolled this wish. To go along with the wishes for two other boys in her panel. Make up your mind, girlie.

1.06.52 - Phoenix sneeze
Lols, pause is fun sometimes. I caught Phoenix in the middle of a sneeze.
1.06.52 - Phoenix sneeze2

1.06.53 - graduation
Graduation! I have it set so graduation on occurs on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, which is pretty realistic, I think. Who graduates in the middle of the week?

Just in time, too – Phoenix had a stir crazy moodlet. She’s mostly on freewill, so she cleans and sculpts and reads books.

1.06.54 - biking
And of course, they go on their bikes. If they have cars they get taxis, but bikes? We go everywhere on those! Weird coding.

1.06.55 - waiting for Jess
Except…this kind of breaks the ‘group outing’ thing. Jess went off on her bike, her parents waited around the house. They had “meet up” in their queue, but apparently couldn’t go separately from the meeting host (Jess)?

Oh no, wait. They eventually dropped “meet up” and queued “waiting for graduates” then rode off on their own. I guess the game *really* wants them to see their daughter graduate.

1.06.56 - Luna drifting
Luna is unpopular, apparently. No idea who this guy is.

1.06.57 - Jess graduate
Jess graduated with Merit (wth? She had an A and was on the honor roll?). And was voted Most Likely to Get Married. Yeah, fair chance of that.

1.06.58 - toss diploma
Obligatory “toss diploma” shot. Thanks for standing behind a column, Jess.

1.06.60 - eating outside at bistro
Since Bruce is dying of hunger, and Jess is almost there, Phoenix takes them to the bistro where she works.

I remembered to turn on the stories for careers, so you can know how your simselves are doing: Starla works in science.
1.06.59 - Starla promotion

Willow also got a promotion – just barely back from maternity leave.
1.06.61 - Willow promotion

1.06.64 - Rourke theatre
I got Phoenix and Bruce to sell some of their produce/fish – Phoenix netted us over $3.5k, and Bruce another $4k. So Phoenix then went to buy a share in the theatre. This brings the total of partnerships to 5 – bookstore, grocery store, spa, diner and theatre. When we build up some more money, we’ll consider buying them out, or possibly partnering with some more expensive places. Depends on the wishes the Rourkes roll.

1.06.62 - Pink friendly
Bruce saw Pink outside the grocery store, and started befriending her. LOL, and the guy in the tank top just beside her saluted when he saw Bruce! I guess he’s also in the military.

1.06.63 - Pink heartfart
Aaand Pink heartfarts with Bruce.

1.06.65 - more saluting
This kid saluted Bruce also (again, I was too slow to catch it). He’s Blueberry Puff’s son (Phoenix’s ex-roommate).

1.06.66 - Chance promotion
Chance got a promotion also – he works in music, which is one of the careers for gen 2. Jess is off to visit the boys, now that they’re finished work.

1.06.67 - Jess + Pilot
Since she’s already best friends with Tomahawk, we’ll work on one of the other two – I want them all best friends before she chooses one. Pilot Inspektor is home, so we’ll work on him.

1.06.68 - Jess skilling wishes
Hmm, taking to PI has caused Jess to roll 3 skill-building wishes in a row. Handiness, fishing now logic.

1.06.69 - water balloon fight
And they start having a water balloon fight. Sure, anything to build up the relationship. She’s again staying the night, since it’s already 1am.

1.06.70 - Pink losing friends
Pink is losing interest in Heather’s boyfriend. That’s okay, I guess.

1.06.71 - Luna baby birth
Luna had a baby! And…the father has pigtails. Lol. I think this is the guy I fixed earlier, when Jess went to register as a self-employed painter. He aged up and went back into the pigtails.

1.06.72 - Pilot + Jess sleeping
Apparently Jess’s relationship with PI is high enough that he’ll sleep next to her – cute!

1.06.73 - Tommy cleaning up
Since all the Rourkes are asleep, I’m watching the boys wander around the house. Tommy is autonomously washing up – closet neat sim?

1.06.74 - Tommy + Chance talk
He then talks to Chance – in Chance’s bedroom.

1.06.75 - Tommy + Chance hug
And they hug while both in PJs. Uh, boys, is there something you want to share?

1.06.76 - Tommy + Chance TV
Now they’re watching TV. This is kind of fun, watching what the sims do when not controlled – maybe I should try an ISBI next?

1.06.77 - Phoenix child wish
Sorry Phoenix, can’t fulfil this wish. a) you’re about 2 days from elder, b) EPIC rules state only one child per family

1.06.78 - Phoenix ice sculpture
You can do some more sculpting wishes, though.

1.06.79 - boys and TV
All three boys are watching TV now. Sounds about right.

1.06.80 - Jess distraction
As soon as Jess enters the room, Chance and Tommy only have eyes for her. PI is practising his lady-like pose and breaking the fourth wall.

1.06.81 - four talking
But group talking isn’t getting them too far, so Phoenix picks out Chance to talk to.

1.06.82 - Jess + Chance
The other boys continue thinking about her. Tommy stares at the two of them like a creeper for ages.

1.06.83 - Chance off to work
Dammit, but Chance has to go to work before they can be Good Friends. Tommy works with him, so he’s gone too.

1.06.84 - Pilot sitting
PI is still home….sitting on the bathtub. Because there aren’t enough chairs and lounges to sit on.

1.06.85 - Phoenix gator sculpture
Phoenix’s first ice sculpture is the dancing gator, cute!

1.06.86 - Pink vs Tremayne
Pink is no longer friendly with Luna’s baby daddy. Geez, Pink, go easy on the Riverview townies.

1.06.87 - conflicting traits
Uhoh, Jess and PI just discovered conflicting traits: grumpy vs excitable.

1.06.88 - flirting
I got Jess to start doing flirty interactions – everything but the kiss that will send her to RI. He swoons over her. I was trying to get her to roll up a romantic wish for PI, but only “be best friends” came up.

1.06.89 - Rochelle baby
Rochelle had a baby…with an elder Buck Broke. I have to fix those settings. The Brokes are still breeding like rabbits, though.

1.06.91 - Jess attractive wish
Check out the moodlet Jess got when Tommy walked into the room. (she may well have had it with PI before, I didn’t notice, sorry)

Gosh, it took *so* long to get Chance to be a good friend. He doesn’t have the good sense of humour trait like Tommy, nor Insane like PI, so she has to actually think about what will work. Finally, at 3am, they become best friends. She’s been spamming friendly and funny interactions since he got home at 10pm. And so it’s time to go home – she spent the better part of two days at the boys’ house.


And I’ll leave things there; a few more days for the poll. Feel free to vote at boolprop or in the comments here, if you wish to vote again after seeing Jess interact with the boys. Not like there can be too many votes 😉

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  1. I tried to comment on this yesterday, and it vanished! Jess turned out just stunning, and I love her hair! I did manage to vote for her future spouse! Looking forward to what’s next!


    • Jess did grow into her looks quite a bit, didn’t she? I’ll probably close the poll on the weekend, so I can play some more – don’t want to go too far into Jess’ YA-hood without at least deciding her spouse.


  2. I can’t wait to see who she chooses. I just noticed the epic rules info you mentioned above about one child per generation. That answers my question from before lol. Can’t wait for another chapter.


    • It is probably the most annoying thing about these epic rules, the one child rule. I love big families, and always have my sims have lots of kids. It’s been hard to find new and exciting things for these three to do.


  3. Jess is so pretty. I voted the first time around, and seeing as I’m still the only one who voted for him (on here atleast, I don’t boolprop).
    I’m glad you found the death fish.
    Real me doesn’t make good first impressions on people either, so I suppose it’s only fitting that she doesn’t with you.
    Can’t wait for the wedding, even if it looks like it will be with my least favourite.


  4. So how is light sleeper and heavy sleeper so opposite that you can’t get along? XD
    Can’t wait to see which boy won.


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