2.01 – We Can Burn Brighter

And the winner for Jess’ hand is…Chance Danevbie!

Gen 1 Results

It was a narrow win, by just one vote.

And so we begin the first chapter of generation two (since the focus of each generation is the career, the next generation begins when the heir becomes YA or gets married).

2.01.36 - Bruce dumpster
Elder Bruce is back to his favourite pastime. He found a chair and a butterfly this time.

2.01.37 - Jess @ AJ house
Having decided who her love is going to be, Jess must first break up with her boyfriend. This is the house Aplejack moved into. Seems like a downgrade…

2.01.39 - AJ downgrade
Yep, definitely a downgrade. Though I guess, this house he has to himself as opposed to sharing with his 6 brothers and sisters…

2.01.40 - broken up
I’m going to leave them as Exes, because all my other sims have always been “just friends”, so I want to see what Exes does.

2.01.41 - off to Chance's house
And with that done, Jess is off to Chance’s house!

2.01.42 - kiss Pilot
*sigh* And as soon as she gets here, she rolls up this wish. Good thing it’s not a Wishacy. As much as I love Pilot, he wasn’t the winner of the spouse poll.

2.01.43 - Woohoo with Chance
But when she greeted Chance, look what she rolled up! We will make both of these happen ASAP.

Commence the wooing:
2.01.44 - wooing Chance1 2.01.44 - wooing Chance2

2.01.45 - first kiss
Aaand first kiss done. Then she asks him to watch the stars.

2.01.46 - watch the stars
Naw, check out the look on her face.
2.01.46 - watch the stars2

2.01.47 - first night together
Aw, our gen 2 couple spend their first night together dreaming of one another. No woohoo, Jess is a proper lady!

2.01.48 - Viola baby
Viola had her baby! Noe is a strange name…

2.01.49 - Heather dating
Heather is dating someone new.

2.01.50 - rejected kiss
The next morning (after Chance cooks breakfast and Jess fixes the broken tub and sink), Jess moves in for the kiss. Rejected! Aw.

2.01.51 - flirt accepted
Okay, start slower, some flirting first. Accepted.

2.01.52 - shy kiss
Then compliments, and then, yay, kiss!

2.01.53 - amorous hug
2.01.54 - embrace
A few more interactions, including my favourite ever, the Embrace.

2.01.55 - boyfriend
And then Chance is Jess’ boyfriend!

2.01.56 - proposal1
And, in legacy tradition, a bathroom proposal.
2.01.56 - proposal2
2.01.56 - proposal3
2.01.56 - proposal4
2.01.56 - proposal5
2.01.56 - proposal6

2.01.57 - swoon
And then she swoons.

2.01.58 - wish panel of Chance
Naw, for someone who was wishing to kiss Pilot a few hours ago, Jess’ wish panel quickly became full of Chance.

2.01.59 - move in
And then, taking my cue from Heather, Jess asks him to move in before they get married. And breaks her little finger in the process, somehow.

2.01.60 - Pilot father-to-be
I’m glad Pilot didn’t win the vote now. He has a baby on the way!

So this is Chance Danevbie, of the Danevbie Legacy. Since I don’t have LN to give him his LTW from that (One Sim Band), he has Hit Movie Composer, which I have never actually completed, so yay. His favourite colour is orange, which will go well with Jess’ spice brown.

And because I never gave her one, this is Jess’ official title card.

2.01.63 - Chance's guitar
Most important piece of business: Chance needs a guitar! He has managed 2 guitar skillpoints without one, but he needs to max out the skill for the career.

2.01.64 - Orange and brown room
I redecorated Jess’ room a bit, to better accommodate orange into the colour scheme. One of these days I’ll remember to paint the ceiling.

2.01.65 - planting indoors
Also, check it out! The grass rugs from ITF mean my simmies can plant indoors without SN planters (and without move objects on). Awesome, because I hate the look of the planters.

2.01.66 - Chance's new look
And I added some Orange to Chance’s outfits. And changed his hair, since I hate that basegame one. I love his eyes. Really hope their child gets his eyes. *sigh* And I remember why I love Lapiz Lazuli hairs so much. This was the third one I tried, both of the others got all pixelly in game, though looked beautiful in CAS.

2.01.67 - Phoenix gem
Phoenix was sculpting and found a gem. Only a yellow sapphire, unfortunately, not Fluorite.

2.01.68 - Phoenix IF
Also, I didn’t realise Phoenix was an IF! (I should have given her legacy, but anyway) So cool. Jess didn’t inherit it, unfortunately.

2.01.69 - Wedding
Since I’m anxious to have the next gen before Bruce and Phoenix kick off, we’ll do the wedding now. Indoors since it’s nighttime.

2.01.70 - Chance whistling
Lols, while waiting for the oldies to get into position, Chance was whistling. I wasn’t able to zoom in properly, but you can sort of see his mouth in the shape. So cute!

Commence Wedding Spam:
2.01.71 - Parents in attendance
2.01.72 - rings1 2.01.72 - rings2 2.01.73 - married kiss

2.01.74 - Chance swoon
Chance’s turn to swoon.

2.01.75 - first woohoo wish
And then Chance gets this cute wish. Can do, boy!

2.01.76 - grandchild wish
After watching the wedding, both Bruce and Phoenix roll this wish. We’ll work on it asap!

2.01.77 - first woohoo1 2.01.77 - first woohoo2
First woohoo wish complete. Let’s hope a baby is on the way.

2.01.78 - sleeping
Naw, they’re so cute.


Thanks for reading. Next time…hopefully a baby on the way.


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. I am so glad Chance won! Their babies are going to have the best hair, ever! I am so glad her panel filled up with Chance wishes. I would have felt horrible if she had of kept rolling stuff for Tommy. But it all worked out in the end! I can’t wait to see what happens next.


  2. I like Chance, but that is NOT who I voted for. My whinypants aside, I’m pretty excited to see what happens next and meet their babies! What sort of technology do they gain with generation two? I love the little indoor garden by the way.


    • Neither you, Pink nor I voted for Chance…maybe you two should get higher voting priority given you guys comment on every chapter.
      Gen 2 (once the careers are completed) get the ability to use any painting/floors (due to creativity), can buy radios and plastic surgery at the hospital. I will also be trying to get one of these two to master handiness, so the family can have a car.


  3. I really didn’t want Chance to win. Oh well, nevermind. Can’t wait for the new baby.


  4. I don’t know why I didn’t know this was here until today. I’m usually SO GOOD about obsessively checking for new legacies and challenges on Boolprop.

    I shall hope for a beautiful eyed baby with you. Perhaps our collective willing for pretty eyes will sway the game’s genetics.


    • Haha, if only it was that easy. This is going to be so hard with all the pretty legacy genetics and only one child per generation – I think it’s gen 6 when I can finally have more than one child.


  5. hehe its so weird to see Chance with a woman even if he does have the best genetics ever! >.<
    And I had no idea about the grass rugs, thats awsome!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Chance has such lovely eyes!


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