2.02 – Work Hard, Play Hard






2.01.72 - rings2Last time, Chance was revealed as the winner of the Spouse Poll; so Jess wood and wed him.

2.02.01 - Heather RI
Heather has another RI…she’s really making the rounds.

2.02.02 - Heather RI2
And another one…

2.02.03 - Brilliant sculpture
Phoenix made a brilliant sculpture. It’s pretty. But she had a wish to earn $2000 sculpting, so we sold it.

2.02.04 - skilling morning
Everyone skilling in the morning. Only Chance is going to work today, but not until the afternoon.

2.02.05 - bike brigade
Oh, and I almost forgot. An orange bike for Chance 😀

2.02.06 - Orange bike for Chance
He seems to like it okay.

2.02.07 - Phoenix woohooium
Phoenix smashed a stone block, and got Woohooium!

2.02.08 - Phoenix + Jess skilling
This is all Phoenix and Jess do. I’m keeping Jess on small paintings for the moment, so she can do 30 and do the Brushmaster Skill Challenge, so the bigger ones will be faster.

2.02.09 - nauseous moodlet
Check out the moodlet! Methinks Jess is preggers.

2.02.10 - Samali elder
Apparently I’m now an elder. Cool.

2.02.11 - Chance promotion
Chance got promoted to L3, well done. He’s still behind in guitar skill, but we’re working on it!

2.02.12 - Jess nauseous
Jess is feeling the nausea.

2.02.13 - puking
Gross, bright green puke.

2.02.14 - own spa
And we bought out the spa.

2.02.15 - Pink losing friends
Pink continues to lose friends… (sorry Pink, your simself keeps misbehaving!)

2.02.16 - Mermaid sculpture
Apologies for the dark picture (still don’t have my laptop back); Phoenix finished a mermaid sculpture, and I thought it looked nice in the pond.

2.02.17 - Jess rocking chair
As has been well documented in many a legacy and ISBI, sims are addicted to this thing. If I leave them on free will, they flock to it. Especially the elders. Also, check out Jess’ unimpressed face. She’s nauseous again, poor thing. Every three hours like clockwork.

2.02.18 - Moar skilling
Moar skilling! This is pretty much what every day looks like atm. Jess is working, Phoenix keeps rolling wishes to sculpt and Bruce finds the weight bench whenever he’s on free will.

2.02.19 - Chance handiness
Chance previous rolled a wish to learn the Handiness Skill. According to the rules, if the heir or spouse of gen 2 maxes handiness, the family can start using cars. So I’m fine with Chance learning handiness. Bikes are fun for something different, but they’re so slow! It can take an hour to ride from the Rourke household to the centre island of Riverview.

2.02.20 - solar panel
As Autumnrein suggested, the Rourkes have now purchased solar panels.

2.02.21 - solar panel bill reduction
In theory, this would mean they could produce their own energy, though I’m choosing to use it for the bill reduction – for now.

2.02.22 - kitty painting
Aw, pretty kitty painting.

2.02.23 - Viola + Tommy
Viola Danevbie has now gotten her claws into Tomahawk. That girl gets around almost as much as Don Lothario.

2.02.24 - music box
Phoenix rolled a wish for a music box, and I obliged. It’s a mummy one Jess found at the consignment store. I’m not sure if these music boxes can give them the music moodlets? Will have to do some testing.

2.02.25 - autonomous flirt
These two are constantly flirting autonomously. Despite my initial misgivings, Chance is growing on me – he seems to be a good match for Jess.

2.02.26 - Move in wish
And, despite Jess asking Chance to move in before they got married, she has still rolled this wish. I think my game is borked.
But hey, this brokenness is easily ignored. Don’t give me the crashy I’ve seen in other people’s games!

2.02.27 - Jess pregnant
Jess popped! Generation 3 is on the way!

2.02.28 - telling Chance of pregnancy
Chance is really excited about it.

2.02.30 - be frisky1
I did not know the “be frisky” interaction was autonomous!
2.02.30 - be frisky2

2.02.31 - wardrobe woohoo1
Uhm, Jess, that’s your parents’ wardrobe. Where they go for woohoo also.

2.02.31 - wardrobe woohoo2

2.02.32 - Chance wants a girl
Chance wants a girl. Jess hasn’t rolled a wish either way.

2.02.33 - Pilot promotion
Pilot got a promotion.

2.02.34 - Jess pregnancy book
Jess has rolled kid wishes, though, such as this one (which she’s completing right now).

2.02.35 - have father read book
And then once she’s done, she wants Chance to read the book.

2.02.36 - Pink buying friends
Pink is trying to buy some new friends.

2.02.37 - Phoenix max Charisma
Phoenix has a wish to max Charisma locked in for ages, but she was too busy getting to the top of her career. Now that she has some more time to read, she’s finally fulfilled it.

Wedding gifts! I’m pleased that Applejack and Pilot got over losing Jess quickly enough to be happy at her marriage.
2.02.38 - wedding gifts1 2.02.38 - wedding gifts6 2.02.38 - wedding gifts5 2.02.38 - wedding gifts4 2.02.38 - wedding gifts3 2.02.38 - wedding gifts2

2.02.38 - wedding gifts7 2.02.38 - wedding gifts8
I laughed when I saw that Phoenix and Bruce gave the exact same thing. And so many wall hangings – you’d think Jess isn’t able to create wall hangings for the home.

2.02.39 - gnome doesn't move
Here is the gnome Pilot gave us. Sadly, it doesn’t move.

2.02.40 - Chance pregnancy book
Chance fulfills both his and Jess’ wishes to read a pregnancy book. In his work clothes. In the light of the full moon. Because that’s how Sims roll.

2.02.41 - Go to Bed with Chance
Someone asked me about the option to “go to bed with” a spouse or romantic interest. I can’t remember exactly when it shows up, but all four of the adults in the house have this option when their spouse is on the home lot.

2.02.42 - Chance's queue
Upon clicking it, the action will appear in the spouse’s queue (Chance’s, in this case), behind whatever else they’re doing. If what they were doing was autonomous, it will cancel out the current action, as per normal programming. Pretty awesome way to make spouses stop goofing off!

2.02.43 - Bruce 'worth' wish
Wow, the family is worth quite a lot! Due to the one-room-per-household-member rule, the house is quite small, but there has been significant investment in the community. The Rourkes give back to their town!

2.02.44 - Phoenix + Bruce anniversary
Naw, it’s Phoenix and Bruce’s anniversary. They have raised a child from baby to adult in that time, and their baby has a baby of her own on the way. But it’s only their one year anniversary. SimLogic.

2.02.45 - Anniversary moodlet
But they got this cute moodlet all day.

2.02.46 - Applejack expecting
Oops, Applejack is going to be a daddy.

2.02.46 - Crib wish
Jess has finally rolled a ‘baby furniture’ wish – I was waiting for this to expand the house. There are only 4 sims at the moment, but I didn’t build a new room when Chance moved in, so we have space within the rules.

2.02.46 - new house layout
Behold the new layout. I changed things around a bit – there is now a backdoor through the inside garden, and the nursery is in the middle of the house, where everyone will be able to get to the baby quickly.

You may or may not be able to see in the above picture, but we bought another solar panel, and Bruce is upgrading them.

2.02.47 - Jess caught in the hail
Jess got caught in a hail storm!

2.02.48 - indoor festival lot
Having the festival lot indoors is a big plus – Chance can play for hours on end, and he’ll never get hot/cold/soaked. When he raises up a few levels he may even earn some tips! (no-one has watched him as yet)

2.02.49 - Bruce woohoo wish
Bruce is a horn dog.

2.02.50 - Jess baby wish
And Jess has finally rolled a high-value baby wish! Locked in.

2.02.51 - ninja painting
She just finished this awesome painting. It doesn’t really fit with the decor/personalities in the house, though, so it will be sold to further Jess’ painting career.

2.02.52 - Pilot baby
I didn’t even know Pilot had a baby on the way. Congrats, I guess. Janny is a weird name, though – should it not be Jenny?

2.02.53 - Chance promotion
Chance is up to L4!

2.02.54 - Bruce athletic skill challenge
Bruce finally fulfilled that last athletic skill challenge. Now he’s never going to stop exercising, since he doesn’t get fatigued.

2.02.55 - Jess big belly
Wow, Jess’ belly is huge!

2.02.56 - baby coming1
No wonder, the baby is coming!

2.02.56 - baby coming2
Though he’s doing the “OMG baby!” dance, Chance’s face doesn’t look very worried.

2.02.57 - almost out
Jess decides to take herself to hospital, and she got to the door before I realised and cancelled the action. As per the rules, the baby will be born at home!

2.02.58 - baby boy
It’s a boy!

His name is Fiyero, after Fiyero Tigular in the Wicked novels/musical. Yes, this challenge now has a naming theme – all children will be named after characters in musicals.

He rolled Insane and Loves the Heat. I think Loves the Heat is becoming a family trait – both Jess and Bruce also have it. And insane will be fun later.

2.02.59 - Fiyero faves
My laptop wasn’t allowing me to have Word open to take notes while I played, so I screenshot his favourites. I think that symbol is for Classical music? Plus Cookies and Irish Green.

2.02.60 - Bruce grandchildren wish
Immediately after the birth, Bruce rolls this wish. Sorry bud, you only get 1. I hate it too, trust me!

2.02.61 - Fiyero's nursery
I waited until the baby was born to recolour the nursery; this is what it looks like now. Since the main part of the house has lots of blue and pink, I included orange in this room, so Chance can have his favourite colour somewhere. It works well with Irish Green.
And yes, that is Jess’ old play table and potty taken out of storage for the new baby. Can’t be throwing these things away.

2.02.62 - elderly Samali
Bruce met my elderly simself at the festival. She has aged rather well.

2.02.63 - Chance has watchers
Chance has people watching his playing! One is a bald teen with terrible fashion sense, but hey.

2.02.64 - lots of watchers
I gave him some hair and fixed his jeans. I believe he’s one of Willow Olympus’ younger kids – he has her white hair.
And look, people are finally watching (and tipping) Chance!

2.02.65 - Bruce face paint
Bruce wished to get his face painted; okay then.

2.02.67 - Phoenix grandma
Phoenix loves being a grandma. She always attends Fiyero quickly, before I need to make any commands.

2.02.68 - have a child wish
Sorry Chance, you’re only allowed one child. Which really sucks, because that plus the ‘have a girl’ wish would mean tons of LTH points for him 😦


And we’ll leave things here. I’m not sure when the next post will be up, as my laptop is still broken, and I can’t afford a new one right now. Hopefully I can find someone who will help me fix it rather than having to buy a whole new laptop.

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  1. I love it! And a baby boy! That’s so exciting! The game seems to want you to alternate lol. I’m glad the solar panel looks so cool! I would have thought it would have contributed towards more of the power bill but thats cool.
    Also, I tried to click on the bed to see is Pom could go to bed with Pol and I don’t have that option, but maybe my game is starting to mess up. Once my toddlers learn to talk the adults don’t have the option to “chat with…”. It might be time for a new town and that will pop up.
    Awesome chapter! I can’t wait too see what Fiyero will look like when he ages up and I love the little clothes instead of the swaddle wrap! Great Chapter!


    • Since Pink and Heather don’t have the option either, I googled – it’s part of the “Moar Interactions” mod at MTS. I find it an excellent way to have sims communicate without having to micromanage, didn’t actually realise there were so many other interactions!

      But the chat to toddler I’m positive should be in a vanilla game – maybe the toddler has to be held before the action becomes available?

      Quizicalgin has a whole bunch of options for baby clothes; and you can recolour them with Master Controller, as you can with the swaddle wrap. I don’t usually bother because I only have babies on 2 days. You’ll see toddler Fiyero in the next update, he’s so cute!


  2. I just love this challenge! It’s super fun to read. The “Go to bed with…” option isn’t something I’ve every seen before. And hey Autmnrein? No matter what, in all the time I’ve been playing The Zales, you cannot chat with a toddler who has learned to talk. At first I thought it was because I was using the playpen, but even manually taught toddlers cannot be chatted to… I recall, a long time ago when TS3 was new, that I could do that… so I’m not sure what has changed…

    Hey Sam, that ninja painting? That’s the one that Tahiya was finishing when she died! I love the little nooboo, and I’m happy you will be alternating! Can’t wait to see more of his looks soon!

    I’m sorry you’re having computer problems… I hope you can get your laptop fixed without having to buy a new one! ❤


    • That is cool, I love that ninja painting! I knew I recognised it from somewhere; I’m currently rereading through the Zales, since I can’t play.

      Well, I’ll try to be alternating – it depends what the game gives me! Though I would like to alternate, I love how it works with the Zales.


      • You! You sweet sweet you! Thank you SO MUCH for the awesome stove! Is there something you don’t already have that you’d like so I can return the favor? I’m super excited about it and I can’t wait to use it!


        • You’re welcome 🙂 I got gifted some simpoints for my birthday, and wanted to share the love with some of my favourite bloggers. Check my wishlist, I just added a whole bunch of stuff while mucking around in the Store yesterday.


  3. Love the name Fiyero. But then I love the musical.
    I don’t get the go to bed with option either. Maybe its something to do with a mod you have in.

    I hope the laptop is fixed soon.

    I think Sim me is as unpopular in your game, as yours is at having children. You and your wife have 6 kids, with both of you pregnant again now.


  4. Chance’s face during childbirth is perfect. Can’t wait to see the baby as a toddler!


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