2.05 – Mid Life Stupid

2.04.75 - Fiyero astronaut3
Last time, Fiyero aged up into a Technophobic child, and the simselves ignored him at his birthday party.

2.05.01 - Renaming Bookstore 2.05.01 - Renaming Business
Renaming our new Business building and Bookstore 🙂

2.05.02 - Tomahawk teacher
Fiyero went on a field trip today. With Tomahawk…who is apparently working in education now? I could have sworn he was in the music career.

2.05.03 - Jess Proficient Painter
Yay, 30 paintings done. Now maybe she’ll paint a bit fast and we can check out more of the bigger ones. And get some traction in her career.

2.05.04 - Heather RI
Heather has another RI. I think that’s about 6 all up. Hidden Flirty trait?

2.05.05 - Bastille blocking the fireplace
Dammit, Bastille, you’re blocking the fireplace!

2.05.06 - Chance + Shane Schofield
Chance has a wish to be best friends with Shane Schofield, so he’s fulfilling that on his day off.
I do allow my sims time for non-skilling fun!

2.05.07 - Chance bday
Oops, I forgot about Chance’s birthday. He’s now an adult.

2.05.08 - Chance MLC
*sigh* and he’s having a midlife crisis. Of course.

2.05.09 - Divorce wish
Dammit, and his first midlife crisis wish (when Jess walked into the room he was in) is to divorce Jess! No Chance!

2.05.10 - Jess romance wish
Aw, and Jess rolled this wish when she walked in the same room as him 🙂

2.05.11 - Fiyero homework
Fiyero does his homework in the morning right before school. Sounds about right 😉

2.05.12 - Chance sleep eyes open
Gee, way to be creepy Chance, sleeping with your eyes open. And look, Jess is dreaming about you.

2.05.13 - Chance child wish
And now he rolls this wish. I can’t grant it, but good to know the divorce thing was a fleeting fancy.

2.05.14 - Samali RI
My simself is dating another elder male. At least she’s sticking to her own age group. Buck Broke wouldn’t have been my first pick, but hey.

2.05.15 - work out wish
This MLC wish we can fulfil! When Bruce gets up, he’ll train Chance. Haha, poor Chance.

2.05.16 - boring painting
Hey, this painting is new. Boring, but a masterpiece, so *sells*

2.05.17 - Bruce trains Chance
Wow, training does help level skill – Chance got to L3 within one basic workout.
2.05.18 - Chance L3

2.05.19 - makeover wish
And now he’s rolled another MLC wish. No problems, we can do that one, too. But have a bath first.

2.05.20 - Jess gardening
Jess is this close to maxing gardening and completing her LTW!

2.05.21 - Jess LTW complete
And done! Yay!
2.05.22 - Jess maxed gardening 2.05.23 - Jess completed LTW

2.05.24 - Chance makeover
It’s 9pm, but there’s still someone at the Salon, so Chance can get his makeover.

2.05.25 - hated makeover
He hates it (I think it’s the shoes ;)), but it fulfils his wish.

2.05.26 - flirt wish
And then he rolls the want to flirt with his stylist.

2.05.27 - Jess bday
It’s Jess’ birthday the day after Chance’s. She’s stinky and stir crazy, but whatever. No midlife crisis.

2.05.28 - flirt wish complete
And flirting wish is completed. Now Chance will make himself back over, then leave.

2.05.29 - Chance adult makeover
I gave Chance a similar outfit, but with a different shirt. And shoes – even if they are slip on ones.

2.05.30 - Heather pregnant
Hahahah! Child-hating Heather had a bit of an oopsie.

2.05.31 - Phoenix backflip
Phoenix loves the trampoline, whenever she gets a chance. Bruce, on the other hand, loves skilling even when he’s maxed the skill. Athletics or fishing, he always does one.
This is my (terrible) attempt at taking a photo of Phoenix doing backflips. That’s how much time she’s spent on the trampoline.

2.05.32 - too bad a mood
Uhm, what? She’s not in a bad mood! Two negative moodlets, which do not even come close to putting her in a bad mood. Strange game.

2.05.33 - Fiyero court1
Fiyero has wished to preside over royal court, so sure.
2.05.33 - Fiyero court2
2.05.33 - Fiyero court3
2.05.33 - Fiyero court4

2.05.34 - formal school
And then our little prince heads off to school in his formal prince outfit. I love the mod to unlock the costumes. The prince and princess costumes make awesome formal outfits.

2.05.35 - Heather + Tomahawk
Heather now has another boytoy – she’s taking Jess’ leftovers.

2.05.36 - Chance car wish
New MLC wish. Sorry Chance, no can do, not until you max handiness.

2.05.37 - Bruce is skating
Bruce is skating??

2.05.38 - Bruce skating
So he is. That’s cool that we have a skating pond on the lot.

2.05.39 - Fiyero honor roll
I missed the popup, but Fiyero made it on the honour roll!

2.05.40 - Bruce + Fiyero fishing
And, as a reward, Bruce takes his grandson fishing in the big river.

2.05.41 - Starla moved
Starla moved out of the simself house.

2.05.42 - Chance job wish
Chance has now rolled this MLC wish. No, hun, you need this for your LTW. (he seems to be rolling tons of wishes – I’ve had so many MLC that pass with two or three wishes rolled. He’s had his MLC for one day and rolled 6!)

2.05.43 - Phoenix cheezy pizza
Jess’ first harvest from her cheese and eggplants is in, so Phoenix can now make cheesy things in the woodfired pizza oven 🙂

2.05.44 - zebra painting
Cool painting, Jess! We’ll definitely keep that when it’s finished.

2.05.45 - Chance is L9
Wait, what? Chance is now L9 of his career? When he finished work, he got a promotion then a demotion in the same moment, so he was still at L7 (thus I didn’t bother to screenshot). Three hours later he’s L9…

2.05.46 - Chance chess
Oh well, bonus. Chance now needs logic, so onto the chessboard he goes!

2.05.47 - zebra painting finished
The finished zebra painting is hung on the wall in the reading area.

2.05.48 - flirt wish
*sigh* I hate MLC. If it’s still there in the morning, we’ll try to fulfil it.

2.05.49 - Bruce skills 2.05.50 - Bruce LTH
Shots of Bruce and Phoenix’s stats, since they both have full lifebars.
2.05.51 - Phoenix skills 2.05.52 - Phoenix LTH

2.05.53 - Fiyero inventing
Since it’s easier to find legacy sims for the Science career, we’ll start Fiyero on inventing. In less than a sim hour, he’s at L1!

2.05.54 - father son skilling
Father and son skilling on a Saturday morning.

2.05.55 - Fiyero invented dog toy
Fiyero’s first invention is a Dog Toy.

2.05.56 - Phoenix broke sculpture
Phoenix broke a stone sculpture! Hopefully it’s Fluorite.

2.05.57 - fluorite
Yep! Awesome *adds to rock collection*

2.05.58 - Phoenix dies1
Oh no! Good thing I took the shots of their stats!
2.05.58 - Phoenix dies2

2.05.58 - Phoenix dies3 2.05.58 - Phoenix dies4
She begged, but Grim wasn’t having any of it. And so we have our first death of the challenge/legacy. RIP Phoenix, you were an awesome founding spouse.

2.05.58 - Phoenix dies5
Jess and Bruce are both grief stricken. Chance is at work and I just sent Fiyero to the junkyard to collect scrap.

2.05.59 - Bruce redeem tickets
And Bruce sudden wants to redeem festival tickets. Random much? Not really, he just received Phoenix’s tickets from her inventory. But okay, go off to the festival.

2.05.60 - Phoenix urn
Since it’s currently winter, Phoenix’s ashes will remain inside, in the kitchen next to a book. Representative of her personality 🙂

2.05.61 - new simselves
I also added some more simselves to town. From L-R we have Sam (Griffindork7), who writes the Langurd Legacy, Raelindolin, who wrote the Bathory Villain Legacy and the Legend of Someone, and Tam (autumnrein), writer of the Winters ISBI.

2.05.62 - new junkyard
I downloaded some new Riverview community lots, including a bigger library! This is the new junkyard; not too different from Grady’s.

2.05.63 - Bruce at festival
Aw, I wanted Bruce to buy a gnome; too bad they’re five HUNDRED tickets each. Why so much?? He bought a water balloon arena instead.

2.05.65 - Jess forbid fruit wish
Can you tell by Jess’ wish what I got? University Life! I’ve been playing around with it in another save, seems fun; though I’m sure I’ll get bored of actually going to University after a few times.

2.05.66 - festive moodlet
I have not seen this moodlet before, cute!

2.05.67 - Meet someone wish
Now this is a MLC wish I like; easy to fulfil!

2.05.68 - Edward Danevbie
And done. This is Edward Danevbie, Luna’s son with Tremayne MacKay, who was the sim who kept aging into pigtails in previous chapters.

2.05.69 - Chance collecting scrap
Chance is collecting scrap, as he wished to do.

2.05.70 - uni mascot
And my camera zooms back home. Joy, the University Mascot is here. I already know I need to DL a mod to get rid of that guy.

2.05.71 - Bruce university wish
No Bruce, you’re at the end of your lifebar. No university for you.

2.05.72 - Bruce on fire
OMG OMG! He’s making the fireplace fireproof but now he’s on fire!

2.05.73 - Chance puts Bruce out
Thankfully, Chance was right there and was able to put him out.

2.05.74 - fighting fire
Between Jess and Chance, we got the fire put out with no harm done.

2.05.75 - fireproof wish
Then Chance rolls this wish. Yes, that would be great, you can definitely do that!

2.05.76 - wooden floor
Also, since Jess mastered painting in the previous chapter, we can now use any floor or wall covering. So we have a wooden floor in the main area, and the bedrooms have carpet. You’ll see the wall coverings as we go along.
Bruce is watching the fire to make sure it doesn’t get out of control again.

2.05.77 - snowscape
Maybe it’s her traits, but Jess seems to paint an awful lot of lanscapes. Though they are pretty.

2.05.78 - Fiyero inventing
Having seen someone in the Vinson Epic Legacy family burn to death because they had no shower to put themselves out, I’m keeping a close eye on Fiyero.

2.05.79 - best friends with dad
Naw, he wishes to become best friends with his dad. We can do that.

2.05.80 - RV consignment lot
This is the cute little consignment lot I found on the exchange; it fits into that long narrow lot in the middle of Riverview. It has a playground and consignment lot together.

2.05.81 - gnome for sale
And look what we found for sale. It’s a legit way of getting the gnome in the game, totally not cheating, right?

2.05.82 - helping with hw
Chance is helping Fiyero with his homework…at least he’s trying to help. Poor Fiyero looks even more confused.

2.05.83 - synchro mourning
They’re mourning almost in sync.

2.05.84 - pillow fighting
Fiyero wants to pillow fight with someone – who better than dad?

2.05.85 - worship1
Interesting, I haven’t seen the ‘worship’ interaction before.

2.05.85 - worship2
It’s the same animation as when excitable sims get excited, I think.

2.05.86 - Phoenix haunting
I was busy following Jess around (collecting gems) while the others slept, so I almost missed this. Our first haunting! The moodlet for Phoenix’s death isn’t even gone and she’s come back to visit…in the rocking chair, of course.


Good place to end things, I think. Next chapter, Fiyero becomes a teen!

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  1. That was a lot of MLC wants! RIP in Jess! Ha. Freakin Cort and her sculpting thing. I think Comet got killed by the inventing table too. I kill so many sims.

    I have seen too many fireplace deaths, so I never buy those. They might be in a house they move in to, but I tend to delete them. I am glad that Chance was able to extinguish Bruce. That consignment store is adorable. Man, I got lucky doing this challenge before Seasons. It probably makes this challenge that much more hard.


  2. Aw, farewell, Phoenix. You were pretty great. I’m so excited you unlocked floors and walls, the house was always really neat looking, but now it’s pretty too 🙂

    That Chance sure did roll a ton of MLC wishes. I hate the divorce each other ones, but the rest I think are pretty fun.

    Bruce is going to die very soon, I’m sure of it! That’ll be sad.

    Congrats on Jess’ LTW! Woohoo!


  3. Rest on peace Phoenix. I thought for sure Bruce was a gonner! He was pretty engulfed by the time they got to him with the fire extinguishers lol. But Jess was able to complete here LTW which would be such a relief I bet. I can’t believe you added my simself to the game. That is so exciting! I can’t wait to see how much mischief she gets into.


    • Gosh, I am so scared every time one of my sims lights themselves on fire. I haven’t had any deaths by fire as yet, but it has been close at times.
      I prefer adding simselves of those reading; I imagine it’s more interesting than reading about some other random simself, so of course yours got added 😉


  4. Aww. Poor Phoenix. At least she had a good life.
    Fiyero is still so cute. Love the court presiding.


  5. Aaaaw, I liked Phoenix.
    Such a full garden, I’m impressed.


  6. I’m finally getting around to reading this. 😛 I creeped around the Maloney WYD blog for a while.

    What is the mod that unlocks the chest costumes? The prince one would be PERFECT for Chip!


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