2.06 – It Moves Us All

2.05.84 - pillow fightingLast time at the Rourke’s, Fiyero was adorable and started learning inventing; Jess completed her LTW and Chance started a Midlife Crisis.

Today is Snowflake Day, but no-one is in the mood for a party, or even to visit the festival. So they’ll stay home.

2.06.01 - snowball fight1Epic snowball fight! Both Chance and Fiyero wished to do it, so we used Bruce’s new arena.
2.06.01 - snowball fight2 2.06.01 - snowball fight3 2.06.01 - snowball fight4 2.06.01 - snowball fight5 2.06.01 - snowball fight6Jess and Fiyero won, I think. Bruce and Chance were definitely hit with more snowballs.

2.06.02 - mourning
Only 200 more minutes of this…

2.06.03 - HOTM kiss1
Heat of the Moment Kiss! Too cute.
2.06.03 - HOTM kiss2 2.06.03 - HOTM kiss3

2.06.04 - romantic selfie
As is this, even if Chance kissed her nose. Now I just have to figure out how to get that pic on the wall somewhere…

2.06.05 - meeting Sam
I sent Chance off to meet the new simselves. Sam is just standing around outside.

2.06.06 - Chance flirt with Sam
Upon meeting her, Chance rolled this *facepalm*

2.06.06 - Fiyero on fire
Ohshit, this is what I was afraid of. Bruce, come quick!

2.06.07 - Bruce puts Fiyero out
Oh, thankgod.
2.06.08 - Fiyero singed

2.06.09 - Chance at simself house
Chance makes friends with Sam, then goes inside. Neither Tam nor Raelindolin are interested in talking…

2.06.10 - heartfart Tam
Though Tam turns off the computer eventually. And then heartfarts with Chance. Who predictably rolls a MLC wish to flirt with her.

2.06.11 - heartfart Rae
After a few interactions, Tam wanders off to cook something, and Rae has finally put down her book, so Chance talks to her. And heartfarts again.

2.06.12 - Fiyero on fire2
Dammit Fiyero, again? Jess is home now, she’ll put you out.

2.06.13 - Rochelle pregnant
Rochelle is pregnant!

2.06.14 - MLC over
Yay, MLC is over! He rolled some pretty easy wishes, not just the standard ‘divorce spouse’.

2.06.15 - Tam snow angel
PMSL, Tam! Chance is trying to befriend you after your excellent hotdogs. But you’re making a snow angel…the wrong way.

But that’s okay, all three of the simselves are now Chance’s friends, so we should get popups about them as they live their lives.

2.06.16 - Chance sleep in igloo
Uhm, what? Adults can sleep in here too? I did not know that. Chance chose to sleep here when I clicked his ‘exhausted’ moodlet.

2.06.17 - Bruce not sleeping
Bruce hasn’t been to sleep in an actual bed since Phoenix died. I just forced him to nap in the rocking chair, otherwise he just rocks for hours.

2.06.18 - Heather baby girl
Heather had a baby girl! And I just realised Heather’s baby daddy Travis is also Rochelle’s baby daddy Travis. Way to share the boyfriend, guys.

2.06.19 - Bruce loves the sandbox
For a non-Childish sim, Bruce sure loves the sandbox. In the snow in his athletic gear, of course.

2.06.20 - Bruce on tramp
Yeah, I’m just following Bruce around for now. Jess and Chance are skilling and Fiyero is at school.

2.06.21 - Sam future scooter
First popup for the new simselves; Sam bought a futuristic scooter.

2.06.22 - Bruce dies1
Apparently I’m psychic. 😦

2.06.22 - Bruce dies2
Jess is the only one home; Chance just went to work and Fiyero isn’t home from school yet.

2.06.22 - Bruce dies3 2.06.22 - Bruce dies4 2.06.22 - Bruce dies5
Farewell Bruce, you maxed four skills, maxed your career and raised a beautiful daughter who has a nice nest egg thanks to your shrewd investing early.

2.06.23 - urns
He is residing inside the house with Phoenix until the end of winter.
Yes, I know the vase isn’t centered; it annoys me so much, but I spent 10 minutes trying to get it in the middle. Obviously, I failed.

2.06.24 - Jess L9 career
Jess reached L9 of the painter career! Only $22k more in paintings to sell.

Riverview is getting really laggy; we may have to move soon. But I’m going to google some solutions first; I like this town.

2.06.25 - new RV library
This is the Riverview Library I got from the exchange; two stories and it has a kids’ area!

2.06.26 - Chance in kids area
Chance has chosen to read in said kids area.

2.06.27 - Master Painter
Jess has completed the last of the painting challenges.

2.06.28 - all painting skill challenges
And since her paintings will be worth “oodles more money”, hopefully she’ll get to L10 of the career quicker.

2.06.29 - cool painting
Ooh, cool painting, I haven’t seen that one before!

2.06.30 - Chance maxed guitar
Chance has maxed guitar!

2.06.31 - Still Life painting
Playing with still life paintings; Jess painted Fiyero presiding over royal court. It turned out really well! We’re definitely keeping that.

2.06.32 - Tam RI
Tam has a RI!

2.06.33 - Fiyero bday1
It’s Fiyero’s birthday! I’m really hoping I won’t have the same freaky issue as the Winters did when they had kids who tried to age up in the royal court outfit…

2.06.33 - Fiyero bday2
Hmm, seems okay. And I had to show you guys his age up outfit. Too funny!

2.06.34 - Fiyero T
He rolled Born Salesman. I haven’t played a sim with this trait before, should be interesting. Fiyero will joining the inventing career when he turns YA.

Chance’s hair and mouth, Phoenix’s eyes, Jess’ nose (which she got from Phoenix in the first place).  Good combination of genetics. Taking inspiration from Krypton Zale, the inventor wears an apron. But he’s insane, so who knows what he’ll wear to actually invent.

2.06.35 - autonomous woohoo
I turned on autonomous woohoo through nraas Woohooer. Not risky or TFB, just plain woohoo. Jess and Chance love it.

2.06.36 - learn to drive wish
Sorry Fiyero, your father has 4 more handiness points before we can do that. But I’ll lock it in – he should be able to get 4 points in the next 14 days.

2.06.37 - homework wish
And this is why I never have sims who fail school – they *wish* to do homework. Don’t ask me how newly teen Fiyero has homework – SimLogic.

2.06.38 - graveyard
The new resting place of Bruce and Phoenix, each with a reminder of their favourite activities.
Once I decide whether or not we’re moving town, I might spruce up the death area a bit.

2.06.39 - prom time
Prom already? He hasn’t even been to school yet!

2.06.40 - gift from Rae
Chance got a gift from Rae – sorry chica, he’s taken.

2.06.41 - Tommy letter
As is Jess, Tomahawk, you know this.

2.06.42 - Tommy + Sam
I guess Tomahawk moved on. Again. I think this is the third or fourth simself he’s gone after.

2.06.43 - friends with Story
Interesting; this is Story Moss from A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, who I had in my sim bin and decided to add to the town. She wasn’t really in my list for science spouses, but hey.

2.06.44 - Tam promotion
Tam is apparently working in the political career. And she got a promotion, well done.

2.06.45 - Moss household
Whose house is this? The Moss household. Totally not stalking 🙂

2.06.46 - Story Moss
She is very pretty, but her traits really don’t mesh for the science career. We’ll see what Fiyero thinks.

2.06.47 - Story not impressed
*sigh* speaking madness is so not going to help make friends. I had to control him to make it up to friendship, but we did it in a few sim hours.
2.06.48 - friends with Story

2.06.49 - lunatic embrace1
I haven’t seen this interaction before, must be a full moon thing.

2.06.49 - lunatic embrace2
Hmm, looks like a normal embrace, but I guess they’re not RIs or anything.

2.06.50 - not attractive
And he doesn’t find her attractive. Okay then, they can stay friends.

2.06.51 - Chance studying handiness
Chance has been studying handiness all afternoon, so he can buy a car and teach his son to drive. He’s up to L8.

2.06.52 - Samali pretty old
Seems my simself is at the end of her life bar, too. Makes sense, she was placed in town at the same time as Phoenix and Bruce.

2.06.53 - Rochelle baby boy
And Rochelle had a baby. Keith seems so very normal for one so crazy as Rochelle to name her son.

2.06.53 - Rochelle baby girl
Wait, what? A girl as well? Maybe she had twins?

2.06.54 - Rochelle family tree
She did indeed.

2.06.55 - Celine Zalie
This is toddler Celine Zalie; she got her mother’s huge blue eyes!

2.06.56 - Fiyero formal
Since he probably won’t wear it to prom, here is Fiyero’s cute herringbone formal wear.

2.06.57 - Bruce is haunting
Hey, Bruce is haunting! (It’s almost 9am, but whatever). Apparently he’s hungry.

2.06.58 - Rochelle pregnant
LOL, she just popped out twins! Someone needs to teach Rochelle about birth control.

2.06.59 - invention gnome
Hey, I finally found the invention gnome Jess bought. Its name is Chelle, after Hot Chelle Rae. King is the rabbit gnome in there with him.

2.06.60 - Pink Diamond
OMG OMG OMG! A Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond is on sale at the consignment shop! It’s expensive, but we have the money. Sold!

2.06.61 - Paint opp
Jess’ first painting opportunity; easy done.

2.06.62 - $14k sales
Wow, that was quick! $14k from 5 paintings.

2.06.63 - Painting award
And now she’s getting an award, cool.
2.06.64 - Mayor speech for award
Aw, no ceremony in front of city hall; Jess just went in the rabbithole and came out with this popup.

2.06.65 - Samali + Jess
Hey, it’s my ancient simself. Jess goes to chat with her.

2.06.66 - Chance finished work
Chance finishes work and….

2.06.67 - Chance LTW fulfilled
gets a promotion! LTW done!
2.06.68 - Chance promotion 2.06.69 - Chance LTW

2.06.70 - Rae stalking Chance
So I hold an autograph session, just because he can. Rae is the first one there. Methinks she might be stalking him…
2.06.71 - autograph session
the others leave after he signs their autograph. Rae didn’t.

2.06.72 - farewell Samali
I was afraid this would happen. Farewell, Samali.


And this is the last I’ve played, so next time, new adventures!

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  1. Oh my gosh I laughed so many times. I can’t believe my simself was making a face planted snow angel either! I do love Fieryo, it sucks that him and Story didn’t find each other attractive but I’m sure a totally awesome spouse will come up. Farewell Bruce! I love what you did with the library too. Great chapter I can’t wait for more!


    • Honestly, I was kind of glad he didn’t find Story attractive; I wouldn’t want to get the green skin into the family early and then be unable to get rid of it…like some other families I read about 😉 I have some very cute spouses picked out for him, we’ll see who he likes.


      • Haha yea, keep the coloured skin out as long as you can. It’ll be a dogs age before you can get rid of it. I think the next spouse will have to be a different colour for the Winters to try and mix it up. I can’t wait to see who you have picked for his future spouses! XD


  2. Aw, so many cute things! The “Fiyero presiding over royal court” Still Life is awesome. The one time I tried to paint a human as a still life, we got that creepy hive toddler. *shudder* That Travis McDermott seems like a real cad! But that Celine is pretty adorable…

    Farewell to Bruce, and I had to LOL about the vase not centering. I had a bit of that issue myself playing yesterday. And I love the outside space you put together for them when the ground thawed. Super cute.

    Congrats on the LTW for Chance! When it comes to getting the romantic nose kiss picture on the wall? I just click and drag it out of inventory onto any wall. Then I go into Buy Mode to put it where I really want it… not sure if that’s what you meant about “how to get it on a wall”.

    I hope you get the lag worked out. A new town can do wonders for your game, but staying put is really nice too.


    • Haha, it was really annoying my OCD that I couldn’t centre the vase, stupid non-centred slots on EA tables. Thank goodness the ground thawed!

      I had totally forgotten about the romantic nose picture, will definitely try out your suggestion next time I have the game open. Hopefully I can find a space for it, their bedroom is so cluttered with all Jess’ stuff.

      It’s annoying that I’ve only had them there for 2.5 generations and already it’s lagging. I’m going to try to at least get Fiyero to his graduation, then we’ll see.


  3. Oh yeah, and I meant to comment on the Krypton mention regarding the apron – he approves! Even if Mr Insanity is unlikely to wear it while inventing.


  4. Fiyero is an adorable teenager. I love him to pieces.


  5. RIP Bruce! Fiyero turned out nice! I also had to LOl at the vase. turn on cheats, then moveobjects on and hold (either) control or alt and use your mouse to center the vase. I think it’s control. Haha at the backwards snow angel. That was great!


  6. Why did it take me so long to find this legacy? Man it was really really good. I love the family. I hope you get to update sometime soon.


  7. I truly did not know the store could have such rare things, thus I never bothered to check. I’ll have to start making some regular checks >.> So many things in the sims are yet undiscovered no matter how much you play it. Like those awesome paintings. I wonder how many there even are.


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