2.07 – Creative Types

2.06.38 - graveyard
Last time, we said farewell to our founder, Chance topped his career, and Fiyero became a teenager.

2.07.01 - Money Tree Bills
Whoops, looks like we forgot to harvest the money tree.

2.07.02 - Jess jumping
Jess loved the trampoline; and she’s getting pretty good! No idea why she’s in her formal outfit; it doesn’t exactly sit nicely for jumping.

2.07.03 - record player
And since Chance has now maxed his career, that means we can have radios for music in the house! I chose a record player, since they still don’t have electricity.

2.07.04 - Chance upgrading
Since Chance has been studying handiness, he’s rolling wishes to upgrade things. Wish granted!

2.07.05 - Fiyero inventing
Fiyero isn’t very good at this inventing thing; he keeps hitting himself with the hammer.

2.07.06 - Fiyero blown up
And then he blows himself up. This is going to take a while…

2.07.07 - garden a mess
Gosh, look at the state of the garden after winter. Jess has to get onto that right now.

2.07.08 - Chance upgrading radio
Chance specifically wished to upgrade the new ‘radio’, so here we go.

2.07.09 - Invention Gnome
Hey, Chelle the invention gnome is helping Fiyero. Cute.

2.07.10 - Heather promotion
Heather got a promotion, well done!

2.07.11 - master handiness wish
That’s what we’re working towards, Chance.

2.07.12 - Jess life wall
Jess’ new painting ribbon goes up on the wall; and I now have a mod to make skill certificates and school diplomas shiftable! So much easier to create a life wall now.

2.07.13 - Rae love letter
OMG, Rae, give it a rest. He’s taken.

2.07.14 - Fiyero + Story
Fiyero has rolled the wish to now be good friends with Story, so he’s off to the Moss house again.

2.07.15 - Chance + Jess date
It’s a miserable rainy Sunday, and I decided Jess and Chance should go on a date. She asks him in the pretty garden, then they go to dinner and a concert.
2.07.16 - Jess + Chance conert

OMG, I forgot it was prom tonight, perfect timing. And of course Fiyero wears his athletic gear. Insane sims.
2.07.17 - prom1 2.07.17 - prom2 2.07.17 - prom3 2.07.17 - prom4
Fiyero got into not one, not two, but three fights. I didn’t know he had a crush, lol.
And he now has a RI, Shana. We’ll have to check her out – not that he’d marry her, given that we’re making a legacy of legacy genetics, but I want to see what SP created.

2.07.18 - Rae + Duncan
Rae and Duncan Moss are dating! Hopefully she’ll move on from Chance now.

2.07.19 - treehouse woohoo
Since Jess randomly went straight home after the concert, they end the date with some treehouse woohoo.

2.07.20 - PI in jail
LOL, watch out deadbeat fathers. You may just earn yourself a night in jail if you don’t pay your child support!

2.07.21 - Rochelle baby boy
Rochelle had her third son by a third different father.

2.07.22 - Jess wish fulfilled
It’s Monday; after collecting from our businesses, the family is worth more than $500k! Both Jess and Chance had wishes for this, each worth 12.5k LTH.

2.07.23 - Fiyero's Inventing Warehouse
So, after work, Chance goes to buy up more businesses. What better cover for a criminal workplace than a warehouse for Fiyero’s inventions 😉

2.07.24 - cute painting
This painting is so cute! And it’s worth over $3k, nice!

2.07.25 - Tomahawk not raising kids
Lol, you did no such raising, Tomahawk. Your baby with Rochelle is only a few days old.

2.07.26 - Chance maxed handiness
I missed the screenshot with Chance’s wish completion, but look. He’s maxed Handiness. And that means…

2.07.27 - car
They can have a car! It’s midnight, so apologies for the dark picture.

2.07.28 - pretty painting
Naw, I love this one, we’re keeping it.

2.07.29 - Tam promotion
Tam got another promotion, good work.

2.07.30 - Shana's house
This is the house where Fiyeros’ RI from prom lives; huge lot, little house it seems. It’s 5:30pm, but Shana isn’t home from Study club yet.

2.07.31 - Leila Grisby
So Fiyero will make friends with Shana’s sister, Leila. She’s not bad looking, but she has a strange mouth. Their surname is Grisby, though that’s not the name on the household.

2.07.32 - Shana Grisby
Oh hey, now Shana is home. She’s not bad looking, actually. Well done, game!

2.07.33 - Maxmimus McDermott death
Why are my sims always there when others die? This is (was?) the name on the household; Maximus McDermott. No idea why the Grisbys are living with him.

2.07.34 - fast painter
Wow, Jess paints so fast now. She painted all three of these (albeit small) paintings in about 6 sim hours. I think we’ll keep the dish-and-spoon one for the future nursery, the others can go towards her career.

2.07.35 - Fieryo talking to self1
Hahaha, I finally caught Fiyero talking to himself. Though it looks like he’s arguing with himself.
2.07.35 - Fieryo talking to self2

2.07.36 - Fiyero's teen room
I added some more clutter to Fiyero’s room, make it look a bit more like a teen’s room. I love all this new stuff that came with UL.

2.07.37 - Jess' painting corner
I rearranged Jess’ painting corner a bit, and put down some clutter from the UL EP. Now I can have her paint three paintings and then collect them all. It’s fun to see what she comes up with.

2.07.38 - Jess maxed painting career
And with the selling of those three paintings you see there, Jess gets to L10 in the painting career! I’ve not maxed any of the self-employed careers, so yay for new acheivements.

2.07.39 - Fiyero hygienator
Fiyero made a floor hygienator, so now he gets the “minty fresh” moodlet while he’s working. And apparently he’s also discovered that floating duck widget.

2.07.40 - Fiyero miner
And now he’s made a miner! I haven’t used this much, so experimenting 🙂 He’s found a Moonstone, Diamond and Blue Topaz so far.

2.07.41 - Starle can't pay bills
Maybe you shouldn’t have moved out of the simself home, Starla, then you might be able to pay your taxes.

2.07.42 - Jess + Chance amorous
Chance and Jess being autonomously romantic.
I felt it was time to change the colour scheme in the house; spice brown, orange and irish green replace pink and blue.

2.07.43 - Phoenix is here
Hey, Phoenix is here. And Fiyero is attempting to cook. This should be interesting.
His lasagne turned out normal, with no fire. Good work!

2.07.44 - woohoo in parents' bed
I think I might need to get rid of Bruce and Phoenix’s bed; it’s closer to the main room than Jess and Chance’s, so they always use it for autonomous woohoo. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it slightly creepy to be doing it in your deceased parents’ bed.

2.07.45 - Sam + AJ
Finally, another popup about the new set of simselves; they’re been pretty quiet of late. Sam is taking another of Jess’ castoffs in Applejack.

2.07.46 - Fiyero cleans up after himself
Fiyero is such a good boy; he almost always cleans up dishes by himself. Very helpful when the main area of the house is just one big room.

2.07.47 - Ask gender preference
One thing I need to do before Fiyero becomes a YA is find out if he’s straight or not; that will determine our options for his spouse.

2.07.48 - Fiyero is straight
Okay, he’s straight. So we’re looking for girls with traits to become scientists.

2.07.49 - Jess epic pause
Epic pause moment! Jess is also getting really good on the trampoline.

2.07.50 - cool space painting
Oooh, that leftmost painting looks so cool! Great for a Science generation, we’re keeping that.

2.07.51 - Fiyero learn to drive
Uhm…Fiyero? Riding your bike – alone – isn’t really going to help you learn to drive?

2.07.52 - Fiyero driving
That’s better.

2.07.53 - Fiyero rocking
Hai, Bruce! He floated through the house, waved at a plant, straight to the rocking chair. It’s like he never even died.

2.07.54 - Fiyero BFFs with Story
Fiyero has rolled this about four times now. I guess he really really wants to be BFFs with Story.

2.07.55 - Fiyero honor roll
Yay, Fiyero made it on the honor roll!

2.07.56 - FIyero's inventions
I keep trying to catch Fiyero’s inventions moving, but the only one I ever see is the floating duck.

2.07.57 - Fiyero swinging
Since he has (another) prom tonight (Friday night), he stays at school after Shop Club. Swinging helps increase his fun also 🙂

Riverview is still really laggy. I’m thinking I’ll wait until Chance ages up (so as to keep his A grade), then we’ll move somewhere.

2.07.58 - Tam promotion
Tam got another promotion; working hard, I see!

2.07.59 - Fiyero prom king
Haha, Fiyero won prom king again; rigged votes sounds about right. I only got one other popup for his second prom; Poor Ethan is always the butt of Sim jokes.

2.07.60 - Love Day
It’s Love Day!

2.07.61 - Chance serenading Jess
Chance wished for another date, this time at home; he’s serenading Jess.

2.07.62 - Romantic Photo
Thanks to Heather’s help, I figured out how to put the romantic photo on the wall; so cute!

2.07.63 - Fiyero and Story
Trying to complete Fiyero’s with to be BFFs with Story. The option isn’t coming up, though they look like they’re still the same height, so I think she’s still a teen.

2.07.64 - Jess listening to Chance1
And while I was supervising Fiyero, Chance decided to play his guitar. Jess makes cute faces while she watches him!
2.07.64 - Jess listening to Chance2

2.07.65 - Pillow fighting
Pillow fighting, now Story thinks Chance is “being friendly” but there is still no option for BFFs.

2.07.66 - Heather elder
Heather is now an elder.

2.07.67 - Alien at the door
There is an alien on our lot. None of the Rourkes have ever been abducted, but it seems this alien wants to get to know them anyway. Everyone is asleep, so they didn’t answer the door.

2.07.68 - Alien and bubblebath
She seems very interested in our bubble bath.

2.07.69 - Alien can't get in
Well no duh you can’t get in; you don’t know anyone in the house!

2.07.70 - more rabbit gnomes
Hey, our rabbit gnomes have been multiplying! I count 5 gnomes in this picture. Their names are King, Bastille, Charlotte, Machine and Darkness. All after bands I like.

2.07.71 - Fiyero inventing
Playing with Still Life a bit more; this is basically the shot I got Jess to paint.

2.07.72 - dark painting
It’s very dark, but not too bad.
You might ask why Jess is continuing to paint so much when she’s maxed her career and we have stacks of money? Because I’m trying out the consignment skill; trying to get her an ‘impressive’ reputation.

2.07.73 - Genius Style Chance
This one was a Genius Stylised Still Life of Chance playing chess. I like it!

2.07.74 - Jess + Chance horndogs
These two horndogs have just woken up, and they’re going back to bed 😉

2.07.75 - Pink also elder
Pink is also now an elder.

2.07.76 - hai Bruce
Hai Bruce! Guess where he’s going?

2.07.77 - Bruce rocking chair
Yep, you guessed it.

2.07.78 - Phoenix out
Phoenix is out tonight also, hai!

2.07.79 - Phoenix chair
Of course. Bruce is finally out of the chair, only for Phoenix to claim his place >.<

2.07.80 - car shelter
I changed up the yard a bit; wanted to make a shelter for the car and the fixer-upper than Chance is restoring. And moved the garden closer to the back door, since the bin is right there.

Okay, that’s flipping weird. And I forgot to take a screenshot, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that we had 15 people in the music career and 1 in the criminal career. Wtf, game? Yes, I added a few people for Jess’ spouses, but that’s three people. So I checked some of the traits for the others working there – if they didn’t have virtuoso, I used MC to switch them into another job. No wonder Chance was having such trouble befriending all his co-workers (as per his wish); since the game only allows 3 at a time, he was getting new ones every time he went to work.
(Pink, there is only your simself in the bot building career. I don’t know how many bots need building in this town, but rest assured, your simself is building them all :))

2.07.81 - celebrity moodlet
I don’t have LN, so don’t have the celebrity system, but this moodlet is cute.

2.07.82 - Fiyero's bday
Yay! It feels like this past sim week or so has taken forever. The lag wasn’t helped much by resetting everything in MC, so once Fiyero graduates, we’ll be moving the family. I’ve chosen Hidden Springs, since I want to continue the non-modern, sleepy little town theme for the next few generations.

2.07.83 - Heather + Sebastian
Heather is dating Sebastian Danevbie! Good choice, Heather.

2.07.84 - Chance working on car
Chance working on his car 🙂

2.07.84 - Tam promotion
Tam got another promotion. Moving on up!

2.07.85 - Fiyero bday1
And when Fiyero gets home from school, it’s party time! Just the family this time.

2.07.85 - Fiyero bday2
He rolled Easily Impressed. Bunch of seriously random traits…kind of like his mother. His LTW was a hard one to choose, since we’ve already decided he’s to be our inventor. I eventually picked Jack of All Trades. If Fiyero’s spouse maxes the Science career, this level’s goals will be met, so Fiyero will be inventing to discover all the inventions, not necessarily top the career.

2.07.86 - FiyeroYA
I chose the inventing apron again; I so rarely use it, and this is the perfect time.

2.07.87 - Investigator wish
The first career he has wished for is the Investigator one, which should be easy enough; professions are easy to level up when you need skills.

2.07.88 - neat paintings
I love having a painter so much. All three of these are paintings I haven’t seen Jess do before. I think we’ll keep the firey woman one.

2.07.89 - Fiyero work on car
Both Chance and Fiyero often come out to ‘work on car for one hour’ autonomously. I’m not sure how long it will take to get the car up and running; guess we’ll find out.

2.07.90 - Fiyero detonating
Fiyero wanted to detonate something, so I set up some cheap tables for him to play with.

2.07.91 - boom

2.07.92 - harvester
Yes, we’ve been waiting for the harvester; will help with the gardening.

2.07.93 - Chance genius style
Another genius-style Still Life; this is Chance gardening. I quite like those, they work well.

It’s finally graduation time! This town is very annoying now; works okay as long as I just sit and watch, but as soon as I click to make them do something, or even try to pan somewhere else, lag city.

2.07.94 - Fiyero grad
Aww, that’s not so nice. Likely true, but still. He can’t help his insane self.

2.07.95 - Fiyero toss diplmoa
Thank you, Shana Grisby, for blocking my shot of Fiyero tossing his diploma. Oh well. We’re done with this town.

2.07.96 - Celine Zalie
Oh, before we leave, this is Heather’s daughter, Celine, as a teen. She has huge lips, but she’s pretty.

I’m not bringing this crop of simselves to the new town; they’re elders anyway. The newer 3 we will bring, and I’ll add the others as YAs at a later time. Not sure if I want to make them immortal; I’ve seen others do this in their games, but I prefer to keep the sim lifecycle intact.


Next time, we’ll be in Hidden Springs, and Generation 3 shall start!

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  1. Great chapter, glad to read it so soon.
    What happen to money trees when you forget to harvest them?
    And where can I find this mod to make skill certificates and school diplomas shiftable?


  2. Holy promotions Sim Tam! That must be why she hasn’t found a man yet. She’s too busy trying to make gobs of money. Fieryo looks awesome as a young adult. I really love the car he is getting to fix up. I’ve seen it in a few games but I’ve never purchased it from the store. I really should before they close down the site or something silly.


    • Haha, I hope Sim Tam finds love in Hidden Springs. But at least I’m getting popups; the others are pretty quiet.

      I’ve never used the car before, only recently got Roaring Heights. Not too fussed with the town, but the car is too great to pass up, especially for this challenge.


  3. Oh there bills on the floor. I thought they were rain splashes.
    Fiyero continues to be cute.
    Investigator is probably one of the better professions. It’s more fun, and you get some really funny and weird jobs.


  4. Wee! So much fun! I adore this little family! I laughed out loud at the alien and the bubble bath. Jess does paint such lovely paintings! You know the BFF thing? I’ve never successfully managed to get two Sims to be BFFs. I lock it in, try a ton of friendly interactions for days, then give up. Aw, SimMe is old! But I DO have good taste in men! My daughter is pretty cute. (that’s funny to type, lol) As always, can’t wait for more!


    • I’ve managed to get two sims to BFF if I can control both of them – Cristiano and Cameron were BFFs in my WYDC. But a non-active sim? No way.
      Haha, you do indeed have good taste; and Rochelle agrees, since she stole your man also.


  5. So curious to see all the inventions there will be for Fiyero to discover!


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