5.01 – New Friends

Gen 5 Banner

OMG guys, we’re up to generation FIVE! I can’t believe we’ve come so far so quickly. Thanks for all the support and encouragement, it really helps 🙂

Welcome to Barnacle Bay! I’m hoping the smaller town/map will help reduce glitches and lag, so we might be able to stay here for more than two generations.

If you haven’t seen it already, the previous post was a tour of the new grey and red house.

5.01.01 - Jess appreciation
While I was decorating the new house, I noticed this; Jess’ paintings have appreciated so much!

5.01.02 - foresake werewolf1
5.01.02 - foresake werewolf2
Having done her job to help Penny out, Maybelle no longer needs to be a werewolf. I had Abbey ask her to ‘foresake werewolf powers’.

5.01.03 - motorbike wish
This was one of Seaweed’s first wishes in Barnacle Bay; I think we can do that, a motorbike totally suits his personality.

5.01.04 - Hank + Penny
I brought Hank with us to BB, going to try and hook Penny up with him.

5.01.05 - Marius basketball
Since I failed to bring the graves, and also forgot Marius, I brought him over with the ghosts. A bit of MC manoeuvring and the family tree is whole once again 🙂 He plays basketball with Yttrium while Chance and Fiyero float around.

5.01.06 - Abbey + Maybelle
These two are a good match, I instructed one flirt, and they took it all the way to makeout.

5.01.07 - gnomes
All the gnomes made the move; there are 20 of them, now!

5.01.08 - flirt accepted
First flirt accepted!

5.01.09 - hottub cuddle
Maybelle and Abbey found the hot tub.

5.01.10 - perv face
LOL, Maybelle’s ‘flirty’ face looks more like a perv one.

5.01.11 - woohoo
They didn’t care about the ghosts or Marius in the yard, only each other.

5.01.12 - Hank swoon
Our other couple are also cute, Hank is swooning!

5.01.13 - shy Penny
Aw, Penny looks so shy.

5.01.14 - first kiss
The first kiss interaction is so cute.

5.01.15 - great kiss
Haha, I’d almost forgotten Penny has the Great Kisser trait. Cute moodlet.

5.01.16 - Seaweed baking
And that pie moodlet in Hank’s panel is courtesy of Seaweed trying out our new baking oven. The leftovers all got spoiled in the move, so he’s making new ones. Unlike RL, sims can live perfectly fine on baked goods without getting fat!

5.01.17 - boyfriend
Hank and Penny go steady. Then move out.

5.01.18 - Maybelle spa
Maybelle goes to the spa to forsake her werewolf powers. And the rest of us can admire the view; so pretty! I love beach neighbourhoods.

5.01.19 - free of werewolf
And she’s human once more.  So she and Abbey can also move out now.

5.01.20 - Sean Parodi
I forgot to mention that there are new simselves in town! They scattered pretty quickly, but I found most of them; and I made them all occults, because why not. This is Sean Parodi (seraphali), writer of the What Are You Even Doing?

5.01.21 - Sabrina Serzo
Vampire Sabrina Serzo, writer of the Mendeleev Legacy and ISBI (which produced Yttrium, Fiyero’s wife).

5.01.22 - simselves
A bunch of simselves congregated at the park outside City Hall. From front to back we have genie Rad, writer of the Dayes of Our Lives and many other legacies, genie Julia Laserkatt, writer of Loki ISBI, and witch Sammy Sama, writer of the Miller-Yang Legacy. Partially visible behind Sammy is Charlotte, writer of the Mendoza Legacy and the Winterton Adoptacy; she’s now a werewolf.
Also in town, who I couldn’t find, is Kayla, writer of the Valkyrie legacy, also a werewolf.

5.01.23 - flirt wish
Mr Flirty wants to flirt. Well, he’ll do so shortly, we’re going to find the spouse options I dropped in.

5.01.24 - Ran Rimmor
Look who came to visit! It’s Ran Rimmor, Tam’s contestant for the Terrey Bachelorette Challenge. I added a couple of those guys to town, to balance out all the female simselves.

5.01.25 - empty house
The household is so empty now! It may well remain so for a while, Seaweed has that LTW to fulfil before he settles down. Once he does pick a spouse, he’s not going to be cheating on him/her, so needs to sow his oats first (hopefully not literally).

5.01.26 - studying charisma
But first, he’s studying charisma. I’m hoping this will help him with his LTW; Smooth Recovery can fix a multitude of problems!

5.01.27 - Cosette upgrading
Since she has wished to upgrade 5 items, Cosette is on the task of upgrading the house. A few of the appliances are the same as the old house, but most are new.

5.01.27 - jobs1 5.01.27 - jobs2 5.01.27 - jobs3 5.01.27 - jobs4
Various people get jobs around town. A disproportionate number of simselves and potential spouses are Cosette’s sports agent clients; it annoys me, but it also makes it easy for Cosette to befriend them all.
Maybelle’s Master of the Arts LTW may actually come true if she’s practising guitar at work.

5.01.28 - greeting cards
The greeting cards made the move successfully; we’re starting a family ‘photo’ wall, as so many have in RL.

5.01.28 - Sean Parodi
Apparently Sean got a job while reading at the library. Sim Logic, lol.

5.01.29 - heartfart
Seaweed tries out his new Charming Introduction on her, and they heartfart.

5.01.29 - magic mirror
Since I have never used it, Seaweed has a Magic Mirror in his room. Flamingo is saying hi.

5.01.30 - miner
Fiyero’s miner (and time machine) also made the trip, and Flamingo is playing around with them.

5.01.31 - Charlotte v Julia
Charlotte and Julia are not getting along.

5.01.32 - fairy dust
Sean gave Seaweed fairy dust.

5.01.33 - Seaweed can fly
He can fly!

5.01.34 - Sammy move out
Sammy is the first one to move out of the simself home. They did have enough beds, just not a whole lot of, well, breathing space.

5.01.35 - not impressed with miner
The neighbours are not impressed with the miner.

5.01.36 - Investigaor
Seaweed is going to be a PI! We’re choosing the Criminal pathway, so he will be breaking into homes and blackmailing people instead of befriending them.  I chose this route because it’s the quickest way to multiple babies! Once he tops the career, he can have as many children as he likes since “they’re used to breaking the law anyway”.

5.01.37 - first case
His first case is that of the missing mouthwash.

5.01.38 - motorcycle wrong
Uhm…Seaweed, you’re doing it wrong.

5.01.39 - better
Better. And lol at him glowing while riding the bike.

5.01.40 - rebel ride
Haha, and he gets this cool moodlet. Fun!

5.01.41 - conflicting traits
I sent him to the consignment store to make friends, since his PI target is in school. He has conflicting traits with the girl there, but they still heart farted.

5.01.42 - party invite
Cosette got invited to a simself party! Wooh, she’ll be able to befriend the others, so we can get popups.

5.01.43 - Cosette promotion
She also got a promotion, so yay.

5.01.44 - spouse house
Seaweed approaches a strange house…

5.01.45 - heartfart
And heartfarts with the woman who answers the door.

5.01.46 - Leliana Pixel
It’s Leliana Pixel, from the Pixel Perfect Legacy. She’s so pretty, in a unique way.

5.01.47 - heartfart
Also home, and also heartfarting over our boy…

5.01.48 - Brillo Pad Daye
It’s Brillo Pad Daye! From Dayes of Our Lives (linked back up the page); if you haven’t read it, and haven’t seen everything there is to do in the game, you should check it out – the Dayes are working through everything in TS3. Every single thing.

5.01.49 - Giles Zale
Hai Giles Zale! Since Seaweed is bi, we have both male and female options this time. Giles is from the Zale ISBI, btw.

5.01.50 - Brennan Skipton
The last member of the house is Brennan Skipton, from the Skipton ISBI by Mariah (creator of the Chimeree Rainbowacy). LOL, and he’s wearing the same shirt as Seaweed. Awkward!

5.01.51 - Giles scares Leliana
Giles just scared Leliana.

5.01.52 - Brennan scares Leliana
And Brennan scared her right after.

5.01.53 - Brennan + Giles silly faces
Then Giles and Brennan traded silly faces. Ah, sims.

5.01.64 - kiss Brillo Pad
Seaweed rolled up this wish quite quickly; we can definitely fulfil that!

5.01.65 - befriending Giles
BP wandered off to watch TV, so Seaweed started befriending Giles.

5.01.66 - Cosette + Sabrina
Meanwhile, at the simselves house, Cosette is befriending Sabrina. Apparently they’re talking about Julia… (lol at the look on Sabrina’s face!)

5.01.67 - Julia + Sabrina
Julia walks past the table…

5.01.68 - Sabrina bowing
And Sabrina…bows down to her?

5.01.69 - Flamingo reading outside
Flamingo found the little outdoor couch thing; it’s perfect for Mr Bookworm who Loves the Outdoors.

5.01.70 - line dancing
Since the simselves kept interrupting one another to talk to Cosette, we fell back on the old party standby; dancing! Don’t ask me why they’re dancing in a line, though.

5.01.71 - Giles funny face
Back at the spouse house, Giles’ Good Sense of Humour has helped make Seaweed make friends quickly.

5.01.72 - sleeping
But the others have conked out; this house is so tiny we couldn’t add too many beds, so some got sleeping bags.

5.01.73 - Giles bi
I changed the boys to be bi/gay so they’ll also be attracted to Seaweed.

5.01.74 - Seaweed not attracted
But Seaweed is not attracted to Giles 😦

5.01.75 - fishing for deathfish
We found the place where the deathfish haunt; Flamingo still working on L10 of the fishing career.

5.01.76 - coffee
He comes home exhausted, and goes for the coffee rather than sleeping. Okay then. I’m trying to be less controlling over these guys, especially the elders; at least I don’t lose points if the Rourkes pass out.

5.01.77 - jelly bean bush
Cosette found the jelly bean bush.

5.01.78 - Cosette buzzed
She and Flamingo now have matching Buzzed moodlets.

5.01.79 - Penny pregnant
Penny is pregnant! First grandchild for Cosette.

5.01.80 - Police station in the way
I was waiting outside the police station for Seaweed and noticed this lady…apparently the police station is in the way of her going to the police station >.<

5.01.81 - glitchy Seaweed
*sigh* He had a work opportunity in the police station, but glitched and was reset the second he came out. I had the same issue with Abby Maloney in my WYDC. Stupid glitchy game.

5.01.82 - new case
That other case he had, with mouthwash? That was impossible to complete, because the girl he had to interview was a paper girl, so always at work. We had to cancel that one, too. So this is his new case. I really hope this PI career doesn’t continue to be glitchy like this.

5.01.83 - pretty scenery
Pretty scenery!

5.01.84 - makeup
LOL at the makeup on this lady. nraas Dresser goes crazy sometimes.

5.01.85 - Marius RI
Marius found love, yay.

5.01.86 - hacking
Since we don’t have a computer at home, any hacking he needs to do will happen at the library.

5.01.87 - first case completed
First case completed, woot!

5.01.88 - Marius baby
Oh Marius, more kids? You have three already (with IF Fantine) and the youngest is a teenager!

5.01.89 - more pretties
Moar pretties!

5.01.90 - funny convo1
Seaweed stalked found Leliana at the beach, and used a hilarious greet. I love how these work to get people in the right mood quickly.

5.01.91 - attractive company
He has the attractive company moodlet, good sign.

5.01.92 - Julia + Brennan
Not cool, Julia!

5.01.93 - BP sunning
Brillo Pad not only came to the beach, she chose to ‘relax’ a foot away from where Leliana and Seaweed were talking. Passive aggressive much?

5.01.94 - kiss Leliana wish
Seaweed likes Leliana, too.

5.01.95 - flirt
He finally gets to fulfil that ‘flirt’ wish.

5.01.96 - flowers
Flowers for the pretty starving lady.

5.01.97 - woohoo wish
And then he rolls this. We’ll work on that next time!


Thanks for reading!


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Your photo wall is super cute! I am just starting a Daye out in the Sports Agent career so interesting to see someone further on.

    LOL at my simself being in medicine. So unlike my real self!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Sports Agent career is the first of the UL ones I’ve tried, and it seems like a cross between a traditional rabbit-hole one and a profession; they go to work in a rabbit hole, but also have interactions outside that can help the promotion bar. Cosette has “check sports statistics” and “negotiate contract” available a this stage.


  2. Oh I love the PI career. Looking forward to seeing how Seaweed gets on with it. I came across a couple of opportunities that are impossible to complete as they have been assigned to the wrong career. One that Lucky kept getting over and over again is one about offering psychic help to the police. I found out it is technically for the fortune teller career.
    I love that my simself is a werewolf! XD *howls at moon*


  3. Raaann!!!! I’m so excited he’s in the town and being a bit of a social butterfly lol. It’s so cool to see him in game.

    I laughed so hard at seaweed riding down the street standing on the bike. I don’t think it gets much more hardcore than that. Maybe he should have been an acrobat lmao. Daredevil to the core. It really amused me much more than necessary lol.


    • Haha, that picture amuses me as well, wait til you see the one in the next chapter. I love the bike, so glad he wished for it, I would never have thought about it, otherwise.

      I have to play with the Showtime careers some more; maybe in a future generation. Unfortunately, with the EPIC rules, you’re pretty limited as to the careers available. Seaweed didn’t seem like a good fit for the criminal career, thus why we went with PI.


  4. The P.I. career is a lot of fun, and the cases are so bizarre.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Giles is all sorts of awesome aint he? He’s my spares hubby!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Barnacle Bay looks really pretty. The PI career paired with a love of motorcycles should be enjoyable for Seaweed, all that running around chasing people down. I found it to be pretty glitchy unfortunately and never topped the career. Maybe you’ll have better luck!


  7. Yay!!! I’m still trying to get caught up (I don’t have much free time, unfortunately), but I’m so happy to see Leliana here! I loved her so much. Thanks for giving one of my lovelies a chance!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re most welcome! She was my favourite for spouse, but it doesn’t look like she’ll win the poll, unfortunately. There are more Pixels in the works, so the genes will have more chances.


  8. Seaweed is too cute to be a Rebel, no matter how you arrange his looks in my opinion. Even on that bike. So after Gile’s TCTBE…I don’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

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