Seaweed’s New House

I decided to separate the house tour from the main chapter, because the chapter is already pretty long. As has become the custom, every two generations I build a new house for our family. Seaweed’s favourite colour is red, and Cosette’s is grey, so the house has a lot of red and grey; given the colours, I chose to go with a darker theme than previously, and used a whole bunch of Supernatural furniture I haven’t used before!

HT1 - front
This is the front facade, complete with everyone lined up out the front, since the family has just moved. LOL, and I didn’t realise until I was editing the pictures that the roof decoration extends down into the house; it’s not visible inside, so whatever.

HT2 - garage
To the left of the house is the garage/carport; it’s enclosed on three sides, but open facing the house, so not considered a room, given the one-room-per-sim restriction.

HT3 - lounge-foyer
The view from the front door; across the hallway into the living room, complete with piano and TV. The family’s first TV, thanks to Cosette topping the Sports career last chapter 🙂

HT4 - skilling
Just to the left of the front door, we have a little skilling area, complete with mini-dancefloor disguised as a rug.

HT5 - kitchen
The skilling room backs onto the huge new kitchen. Since Seaweed is the family’s new cook, I decided we should make the kitchen a feature of the house.

HT6 - meals
Eating area, and backdoor, complete with beetle collection.

HT7 - hallway
Looking down the hallway from the kitchen; the romantic photos made the move successfully.

HT8 - future nursery
Open area to the right of the front door (behind the romantic photos); this will eventually be the nursery, so at the moment has all the miscellaneous kids stuff we brought from the old house.

HT9 - laundry-bath
Tiny little laundry/bathroom.

HT10-main bath
The bigger, main bathroom. We’re keeping the green rugs until Seaweed’s spouse moves in and change is needed.

HT11 - Cosingo bed
Cosette and Flamingo’s room; the only one in the house with much pink. Red and pink just don’t go well together. Since Cosette was the adventurous one, her room also has the ladder down to the treasure basement (which is identical to before, thus I didn’t photograph – this is the same lot as before, just in a new town and with a new house).

HT12 - spare bed
Spare bedroom, which was going to sleep Maybelle and Abbey for a few days, until I decided to move them out ASAP.

HT13 - Seaweed bed
And, at the end of the hall, Seaweed’s bedroom! I tried to go for a semi-gothic, romancer vibe. The red definitely works in that respect.

HT14 - floorplan
Overhead floorplan. There are 7 enclosed rooms, including the basement, which gives us some breathing room if the family gets back up to 8 sims and we need to enclose on of the half-open ones.

HT15 - al fresco
Al fresco eating area outside, with wood-fired oven and teppenyaki grill accompanying the barbecue.

HT16 - backyard
A hot tub and water slide add to the backyard. Got to have a bunch of different options for Seaweed to woohoo in.

New chapter coming soon; we’ll begin meeting the spouse options!


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Wow! the house turned out so beautiful! I love red, gray, and pink. *scrolls again* Yep, that is the most epic house ever (perfect for an epic legacy!).

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  2. I really like the house. Red and grey work so well together and I love the darker style.


  3. That house is spectacular. Absolutely amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That house looks so classy.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You are amazing at building and decorating.

    Liked by 1 person

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