5.02 – Fooling Around

5.01.39 - better


Previously, the family moved to Barnacle Bay and our Generation Five heir, Seaweed took over!

We open this chapter with some karaoke spam, brought to you by Cosette and Flamingo:
5.02.01 - karaoke1 5.02.01 - karaoke2 5.02.01 - karaoke3 5.02.01 - karaoke4

5.02.02 - woohoo
And then Cosette initiates some woohoo.

5.02.03 - rejected
Only to be shot down once they get to bed.

5.02.04 - makeout
Flamingo will agree to a makeout session, though.

5.02.05 - romantic interest
WTF, why are the only romantic interests? They’ve been married for ages! I fixed it with MC, but this is going to screw up the ‘anniversary’ occasions and moodlets.

5.02.06 - hai Yttrium
Hai Yttrium!

5.02.07 - haunting bike stand
Haunting the bike stand, real scary, lol.

5.02.08 - tattoo wish
Seaweed has rolled up this wish. Totally fitting for his personality, we’ll do that shortly.

5.02.09 - Maybelle son
I missed the pregnancy popup, but Maybelle and Abbey now have a son; Cosingo’s first grandchild.

5.02.10 - getting tattoo
Getting the tattoo!

5.02.11 - tattoos
I wanted to give him more than one, but not entirely satisfied with how it turned out. Oh well, it’s done now.

5.02.12 - pretty beach
The beach is so pretty, even in the rain.

5.02.13 - Leliana date1
Seaweed is going to meet Leliana for a date. It’s raining, but they don’t care.
5.02.13 - Leliana date2 5.02.13 - Leliana date3 5.02.14 - 10 out of 10 5.02.15 - flirting

5.02.16 - Sean promotion 5.02.17 - Rad promotion 5.02.18 - Julia promotion
Simselves are doing well in their careers, three promotions on the one day.

5.02.20 - seeing a movie
Since he wished it, Seaweed and Leliana are going to see a movie. An actual movie, no ‘touring’, unfortunately.

5.02.21 - busy theatre
Man, the theatre is busy tonight; on the right are the Caliente sisters, Maybelle in the middle, and I’m not sure who the two on the left are.

5.02.22 - Flamingo meeting simselves
Meanwhile, Flamingo goes over to the simself house, and is let in by Charlotte.

5.02.23 - Pregnant Penny
Who promptly freaks out when she gets back inside, lol. A pregnant Penny is inside, and Flamingo makes a beeline for her.

5.02.24 - Rad genie
Rad in her genie costume. I hate how the game forces the genie costume and hair for every outfit when you CAS someone into a genie.

5.02.25 - movie moodlet
I love the moodlets they get from watching movies, will have to remember to do this more often.

5.02.26 - HOTM kiss1
After the movie, HOTM kiss!

5.02.26 - HOTM kiss2
Woot, accepted! Wish fulfilled, also.

5.02.27 - romantic photo
And then a romantic photo, because I love them. Thinking I’ll put them all in Seaweed’s room, then move the spouse to the main wall once they’re chosen.

5.02.28 - Rham photobomb
Nice photobomb there, Rhamnus.

5.02.29 - Brennan + Julia
Dammit Julia! This was so not in the plan. Brennan will still be in the running for spouse, since I turned off steady/marriage for the house. Probably should have turned off pregnancy, too…

5.02.30 - Sealana
Leliana was invited home for the night. It was supposed to be the first woohoo for Seaweed’s LTW, but there was no option to woohoo. I think my Woohooer mod is playing up again.

5.02.31 - Leliana + Cosette
Since they can’t fulfil the objective, Leliana is left to her own devices. She begins making friends with Cosette.

5.02.32 - Leliana scares Cosette
But then scares her the second her back is turned… (and from the next room, nice one)

5.02.33 - separate skilling
Lol, this is what these two did all night. Skilling separately. Sounds about right for this challenge…

5.02.34 - Percy Bathory
Since Seaweed’s LTW calls for 5 different sims, I decided we could have 5 spouse options this generation. The final option is Percy Bathory, of the Bathory Villain Legacy.

5.02.35 - both slobs
They’re both slobs, nice.

5.02.36 - Marius RI
Marius has another RI. I think he’s trying to compete with his nephew, Seaweed.

5.02.37 - Charlotte RI
Charlotte is the first simself to find love.

5.02.38 - Sammy catching rain
I was waiting for Seaweed to complete a PI task at hospital, and spied Sammy…drinking rain? And where are your shoes, Sammy?

5.02.39 - elder Cosette
Cosette glitched when she tried to age up, so I had to reset her; this is the new elderfied Cosette!

5.02.40 - Sean moved out
Sean has also moved out of the simself home.

5.02.41 - Brennan laugh1
Back at the first spouse house, Seaweed is taking advantage of Brennan’s Good Sense of Humour to make friends.
5.02.41 - Brennan laugh2

5.02.42 - Giles scares Leliana
In the background, Giles scares Leliana.

5.02.43 - Brennan scares Giles
And then Brenna scares Giles. Lols, evil sims are very entertaining.

5.02.44 - Marius RI
Geez, Marius, leave some women for the rest of the men in town!

5.02.45 - elder love
Elderly love.

5.02.45 - Marius
I’m only surprised this hasn’t happened earlier. I think he’s up to 5 different women by now?

5.02.46 - Bunny + Trent
And not two seconds later I get this. Trent is Marius’ son with Fantine. This new town is turning into a soap opera already.

5.02.47 - hilarious greet
Brillo Pad was the next invited to the Rourke house for a date.

5.02.48 - funny faces
And Seaweed greeted her with a funny face. You smooth talker, Seaweed.

It didn’t take long to get up to good friends, and then we switched to romantic intractions. I love the faces Brillo Pad pulls:
5.02.49 - Brillweed1 5.02.49 - Brillweed2 5.02.49 - Brillweed3 5.02.49 - Brillweed4 5.02.49 - Brillweed5

5.02.50 - woohoo BP wish
Somewhere in the middle of this, Seaweed rolled up this wish. We’re trying, but I just can’t get the interaction to come up, either by clicking on the sim or a bed/shower. I’ve had this issue before, reasonably sure it’s to do with the Woohooer Scoring mod; obviously the recent update didn’t fix the issue, so I’ll have to take it out again.

5.02.51 - run outside
I was going to have them sleep in the bed together, so we could get some cute cuddling shots, when Seaweed ran outside.

5.02.52 - alien abduction
Aliens! This hasn’t happened to my sims too much, so I’m not hugely annoyed, but it could have been timed better.

5.02.53 - back
He better not be pregnant…

5.02.54 - dip kiss
Continuing where he left off, Seaweed woke Brillo Pad up for a dip kiss.

5.02.55 - romantic photo
And a romantic photo.

5.02.56 - Penny son
Cosette now has two grandsons!

5.02.57 - graduation
And we interrupt your regular programming for graduation; a week late. Not such a bad ass on the motorbike when wearing graduation robes.

5.02.58 - bogus
This is bogus, he had an A and was on the honor roll in Twinbrook.

5.02.59 - Hank Zale case
Check out Seaweed’s new case; it’s about Hank and Penny!

5.02.60 - Sean RI
Sean also has an RI. Hopefully we get some simself babies soon.

5.02.61 - talk to Abbey
So for the case, Seaweed had to talk to 3 family members about the relationship. Abbey was on the same lot as Hank was, so naturally, we asked her first.

5.02.62 - bad response
I wasn’t expecting a response like that 😦

5.02.63 - Marius son
Marius has another son; to add to the 2 grown ones he already has. I double checked, he is an adult, about 7 days from elder, which is about right, given the age gap between he and Cosette.

5.02.64 - Ran + Flamingo
At the moment, I’m just sending Flamingo around town, fulfilling his wishes. He wanted to dive off a diving board and make 5 friends, so we went to the pool and chatted up Ran Rimmor. This picture looks like he’s about to sneeze on Ran…

5.02.65 - boast about grandchildren
And then he wanted to ‘boast about grandchildren’ to Ran, so here we go.

5.02.66 - Charlotte promotion
Apparently the simselves who aren’t working with Cosette are working in the gypsy wagon… at least they’re doing well there, I guess?

5.02.67 - Brennan
Look who Seaweed found hanging around City Hall!

5.02.68 - Super Friendly
Some more jokes makes them friends, and Seaweed now has 20 friends total.

5.02.69 - Flamingo diving
Flamingo completes his wish use a diving board.

5.02.70 - Flamingo belly flop
Well…sort of. It fulfilled even though he failed at the ‘diving’ part.

5.02.71 - swoon
Back at City Hall, Seaweed is swooning.

5.02.72 - perv face
And showing off his perv face.

5.02.73 - amorous hug
But Brennan likes it.

5.02.74 - watch stars1 5.02.74 - watch stars2
And I think Seaweed likes him.

5.02.75 - love letter wish
Though while he was watching the stars with Brennan, he rolled this love letter wish about Brillo Pad.

5.02.76 - Marius pregnant
Marius, learn to use protection! We’ve been in Barnacle Bay about a week, and he already has 3 children by 3 different women!

5.02.77 - 1 out of 10
Aw, Seaweed doesn’t find Brennan attractive.

5.02.78 - pretty Brennan
I sure do!

5.02.79 - first kiss
Nevertheless, we get our first kiss.

5.02.80 - city hall tour
And then the boys take a tour of City Hall.

5.02.81 - caught
Oops! You’d think security would be more lax in the middle of the night, but I guess not.

5.02.82 - naked exit
Naked exit!

5.02.83 - SOP moodlet
He still got this moodlet and (I think) it still counts as a completed woohoo for his LTW. We’ll have to see.

5.02.84 - stride of pride
Lol, Stride of Pride is funny. And slightly creepy, given the IFs walk the same way, and IFs are created in the minds of children…


On that disturbing note, we’ll leave things. Spouse poll is up now, here (next post) and at Boolprop; vote twice, if you wish.


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Had to laugh at that last pic. I never twigged the walk is the same as the IFs before. Creepy. O_o
    Glad to see my simself is doing ok and not causing too much trouble. Love that she is now a fortune guesser. Should I give proper fortunes? Nah, most of it’s probably made up anyway! That totally sounds like something I would do! XD
    Love all the spouse choices, it is going to be hard to choose just one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Poor Brennan, his sad face after being rated so low XD.
    I guess that means IFs are always…sexually satisfied? >.>

    Liked by 1 person

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