5.03 – Get Mine

5.02.84 - stride of pride

Previously, Seaweed met his five spouse options, and set about wooing each of them for his LTW.

I’m sorry this took me so long, I had uni exams and then work got crazy. As of Monday, there will be two of us doing the work four people used to do. Probably won’t have much time to play in the near future; which is kind of good, since I have another two chapters worth of photos to edit and write up.

5.03.01 - Chance waterslide
The first one to find the waterslide is Chance!

5.03.02 - Hank + Penny
Hank and Penny are still going strong. I’m glad I finally picked a pair that stay together in SP.

5.03.03 - Cosette + Yttrium basketball
Yttrium is also out tonight, and Cosette plays basketball with her mother. She’s damn good, for an elder!

5.03.04 - visiting Maybelle
The next day, Cosette goes to visit Maybelle.

5.03.05 - Tate Maybelle clone
And meet her grandson, Tate! I’m pretty sure he’s a Maybelle clone, unfortunately.

5.03.06 - Cosette cuddles
But Cosette still gets some cuddles.

5.03.07 - Seaweed love letters
Seaweed wished to send a love letter to Brillo Pad, so I had him send one to all the potential spouses. And this table (from the Diesel SP) doesn’t make the letters sink into the table, unlike most of the base game ones!

5.03.08 - love letter1 5.03.08 - love letter2 5.03.08 - love letter3 5.03.08 - love letter4
And we got responses very quickly! Neither of the boys wanted anything to do with him, but both the girls are up for it.

5.03.09 - Penny pregnant
Hank and Penny are having another baby! They’re still only boyfriend/girlfriend, hopefully SP will marry then soon.

5.03.10 - book sharks
We have a couple of book sharks in the library; one on the floor, another creeping up the chair next to Cosette.

5.03.11 - Sabrina RI
Sabrina has a new RI.

5.03.12 - Sabrina pregnant
And a second later, she also has a baby on the way.

5.03.13 - Hank PI case
I lost the shot of the original request, but Seaweed’s current PI case involves Hank Zale thinking about proposing to his girlfriend…who, as we know is our own Penny. Only it looks like things aren’t as rosy as they appear.

5.03.14 - Seaweed surprised face
This shot was a contender for Seaweed’s trait card, but I passed it over, given the weird look he has. Still, pretty scenery!

5.04.15 - busy park
Seaweed went to the park to speak to Hank, and found a whole host of people he knew; in the foreground is his aunt, Eponine (pink hair), with her daughter Myung (red hair). On the far left Brillo Pad is talking to the statue, while Leliana is up the back near Seaweed.

5.04.16 - completed case
I agree with this, hopefully the love story has a happy ending, don’t want Hank and Penny’s children growing up in a broken home 😦

5.04.17 - Seaweed 3 cases
And this marks Seaweed’s third completed case!

5.04.17 - stakeout
He decided to stakeout the park…and is oh so subtle about it. That’s Jolene Rourke (Marius’ daughter) picking a fight with Hank. And hai Rhamnus in the background! (green skin)

5.04.18 - stakeout result
LMAO, this career is hilarious.

5.04.19 - Seaweed promotion
And he got a promotion, I think this is L4? Carl’s guide has another name for this level, but he did get the door, so I guess it’s the same.

5.04.20 - invite Leliana over
Since both she and Brillo Pad were still hanging out at the park, Seaweed invited Leliana home. He may want to romance a number of sims, but he’s not going to be tacky about flirting in front of his other conquests.

5.04.21 - baked dinner
They have freshly cooked cinnamon buns for ‘dinner’. Not sure why you’d eat them with a fork, but anyway.

5.04.22 - kisses
It doesn’t take long for kisses to ensue. I must remember to change that hair, Seaweed does not shave his head to put on his PI hat.

5.04.23 - Brennan twins
Twins? Well at least we know Brennan’s good and fertile.

5.04.24 - hottub
The romance is moved outside to the hot tub.

5.04.25 - hottub cuddles 5.04.26 - hottub kisses
I forgot how cute the hot tub animations are.

5.04.27 - Julia + Greygory
Julia, you just had Brennan’s baby, now you’re hooking up with someone else? At least that leaves Brennan free, I guess.

5.04.29 - makeout
It started hailing, so they got out of the hot tub before woohoo. Thus we try again inside.

5.04.30 - shower woohoo
Success! 2 down, 3 more to go for Seaweed’s LTW.

5.04.31 - Flamingo + Bruce
Flamingo talks about death with a ghost. I think this is Bruce.

5.04.32 - Rad RI
The simselves are very active in this save! Rad now has an RI.

5.04.33 - sleeping together
Naw, so cute. She’s thinking about love, and he’s thinking about dragons. Totally compatible.

5.04.34 - Eponine pregnant
Seriously? Eponine is about 5 days from elder, she has two YA children already. Geez, guys.

5.04.35 - Marius manwhore
Marius has expanded his man-whoring ways to other males.

5.04.36 - feast party
It’s Spooky Day, and we’re having a feast party! As usual, I invited far too many people, and plus there were party crashers, like that guy in the glasses behind Percy.

5.04.37 - Sean freakout
Sean freaks out over Rad, while Charlotte and party crasher don’t agree with Sammy talking to Cosette.

5.04.38 - Brillo Pad pout
Brillo Pad pouts because she can’t get to the food. I may need to change her favourite colour if she’s chosen as spouse; spiceberry will not fit nicely in this house.

5.04.39 - Rad + Seaweed heartfart
Rad and Seaweed heartfart, too bad she’s not eligible for spouse.

5.04.40 - Brennan piano
Brennan found the grand piano.

5.04.41 - kicking gnomes
These three evil ones went to kick gnomes.

5.04.42 - Seaweed scan room
Seaweed went over to talk to Percy, and scanned the room (Woohooer interaction).

5.04.43 - scan room
Whoa, really annoyed Rad isn’t eligible for spouse, fantastic score. None for Percy, even though they’re both bi. Oh well.

5.04.44 - dancing1
I fell back on the old standby, and had Flamingo invite everyone to dance…they all crowded into the here, trying to dance on the tiny rug. Whoops.
5.04.44 - dancing2

5.04.45 - Sean dance1 5.04.45 - Sean dance2
Sean really loves dancing, she was here long after everyone else left.

5.04.46 - Cosette kicks gnome
Apparently the evil in the house has rubbed off on Cosette, for she felt the urge to kick a gnome.

5.04.47 - Marius RI
In the space of a few hours, Marius has moved on to yet another woman.

5.04.48 - Marius baby
While one of the previous women has his baby. Man is on a mission to populate the town.

5.04.49 - BP embrace
Since Percy nicked off from the party after kicking the gnome, Seaweed stalked followed Brillo Pad home. They are so cute.

5.04.50 - BP dip kiss
I love this interaction.

5.04.51 - BP makeout 5.04.52 - BP woohoo
And we have 3/5 for Seaweed’s LTW.

5.04.53 - adorable
Spooning is never not adorable.

5.04.54 - Leliana fighting Chance
I thought Sean was the last of the party guests, but it seems Leliana is still there. Seaweed is no longer home, but she’s fighting with Chance.

5.04.55 - Leliana slaps Chance
And she slapped him! O_O

5.04.56 - Cosette epic party
Cosette then kicked her out, and we finally finished the amazing party.

5.04.57 - Seaweed being creepy
That’s not at all creepy, Seaweed. Unfortunately, even though we can clearly see him inside, Percy refused to answer the door.

5.04.58 - Seaweed raking
So Seaweed helped out and raked up the leaves in his yard.

5.04.59 - woohoo wish
Then rolled this… well I guess we have determined the venue for the fourth conquest!

5.04.60 - Marius RI
Marius finds his third RI of this update. I may have to change SP settings for him…

Promotions: Rad and Sammy are moving up in the medical field. Cosette has almost maxed her second career.
5.04.61 - Sammy promotion 5.04.62 - Rad promotion 5.04.63 - Cosette promotion

5.04.64 - Seaweed rummaging
Trying to go the more devious method in the PI career; so we’re searching through the trash can for information, rather than interviewing the owner of the house.

5.04.65 - Seaweed face
Lol, the look on his face!

5.04.66 - Seaweed break in
Then he breaks into the house.

5.04.67 - Flamingo friends
Flamingo is on a mission to have 8 friends; this fellow bookworm is number 5.

5.04.68 - performance lot
I downloaded this performance lot from the Exchange; so many great community lots that fit the various themed EA worlds.

5.04.69 - Percy + Seaweed
Percy agreed to meet Seaweed here.

5.04.70 - mind meld
They’re both nerds, so they can mind meld, lol. This boosted their relationship, and enabled Seaweed to learn the rest of Percy’s traits.

5.04.71 - both flirty
They’re both flirty! That should make things easier.

5.04.72 - swoon
Seaweed agrees, he’s swooning already.

5.04.73 - cook meal wish
And he has rolled this wish. Such a cute one! He’d have to somehow learn Percy’s favourite meal first…not sure how you do that unless the sim lives in your household.

5.04.74 - Maybelle pregnant
Maybelle is following her big sister into being a parent of multiple children. Seaweed is lagging behind! But that’s okay, he’s deciding who he wants (well, you guys are, but same thing).

5.04.75 - Percy swoon
Percy also swoons. They do like one another, despite the lack of initial attraction.

5.04.76 - Percy first kiss
First kiss!

5.04.77 - Manipulator rep
And stupid reputation. Why is he a manipulator if he has promised no-one exclusivity?

5.04.78 - Marius girl
Marius’ second child this chapter. He now has seven children by four different women. I definitely need to alter his SP settings, otherwise the whole town will be related to the Rourkes.

5.04.79 - leaf pile woohoo1
5.04.79 - leaf pile woohoo2
Seaweed is much safer in his exploits. Four down, now need to track down Giles.

5.04.80 - matching strides
But that will wait til tomorrow, first Percy follows Seaweed home. Love their matching Strides of Pride!

5.04.81 - TS1 Percy
He turns into TS1-Percy when he changes O_o

5.04.82 - sleeping
Yes, Seaweed is a romantic, no wham bam thank you ma’am (or sir). Each of them gets to stay the night…though I may have forgotten that with Brennan, my bad.

5.04.83 - Cosette trapped
Cosette keeps sleeping in the sarcophagai, except now she’s somehow trapped.

5.04.84 - gnome block
Lol, nice one, Adele.

5.04.85 - RI wishes
Despite the lack of attraction, Seaweed is rolling wishes for all his current RIs on a regular basis.
And remember that Chance and Jess didn’t have much initial attraction either (I think they got 5/10), so  love can be built slowly rather than igniting straight away.

5.04.86 - confront suspect
Seaweed go to confront the suspect in the pink house.

5.04.87 - blackmailing
The layout of this house is not conducive to taking photos; they stood in this tiny little space the entire time, so I apologise for the crappy photos. Also, this photo is of Seaweed blackmailing her – you can only sort of see the money exchanging hands.
5.04.88 - villainous

5.04.89 - Seaweed simfest1
There was a simfest, so Seaweed stopped by the performance park on the way home.

5.04.89 - Seaweed simfest2
He was the only spectator, and so volunteered for her sword act.

5.04.89 - Seaweed simfest3
Don’t worry, all went well.

5.04.90 - Penny's family
And look who joined Seaweed at the park! A pregnant Penny, with Hank and their adorable son Heath. He’s a werewolf with Chance’s hair and Penny’s eyes, definitely a Rourke.


Almost 100 pics, so that’s it for now. I changed the settings for the poll, so if you wish to vote again after seeing Seaweed interact with some others, feel free.

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  1. I can’t wait to see who is going to win to be his spouse. I was almost thinking you were going to have him have children with all of the possibilities but maybe not lol.

    I find whenever I throw an epic party in game and I have a wish locked to throw a great party it never gets fulfilled. Does that ever happen in your game?

    I think so far Seaweed is my favourite torch holder. Why? I can’t really pinpoint it but he’s pretty much at the top. He looks unique, has an awesome career, and I know he’s going to throw some awesome genetics around. Can’t wait for more XD.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would have loved for him to have children with all the possibilities, unfortunately the ‘one child per family’ rule still applies…at least until Seaweed tops his career 😉 We’ll see what wishes he throws after he does, I’m open to extra kids later.

      Yes, that broken wish happens every time, it’s so annoying! I think I read somewhere that all the different party outcomes in UL broke the wish, hopefully someone mods a fix.

      Haha, I know what you mean, I love him also. We’ve had a whole lot of screentime for him, more than some of the others, since Cosette completed her part of the legacy so quickly. More screentime definitely help the love 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Is that what is lunlocked after Seaweed’s career/ generation? More children? This challenge is so cool. It would almost be a good challenge for Ran to spearhead. Still playing with the ideas for of his character


        • Yep, since we chose the ‘criminal’ branch, Seaweed unlocks multiple children because “you’re used to breaking the law”.
          Ran could be great to do this challenge! You’re almost done with your ISBI, so ready for a new challenge, I imagine 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • Really starting to get ready for a new challenge. I would love to get some more chapters under my belt with The Simply Life but then I am so going to try a new challenge!


  2. Looks like I’m caught up! I’ve been meaning to read this legacy for ages, and I’m soo glad I finally have!

    I’ve never ever been able to throw a party better than ‘okay’ and it really bums me out, especially as I always get the wish to ‘throw great party’… I might steal your dance floor/rug idea 😛

    This is awesome, and the ‘EPIC’ thing is such a cool idea… I’m definitely doing that next time round! My favourites have to be either Cosette or Seaweed… It probably helps that I’m a huge Hairspray fan – though I squealed when you named Fiyero because I’m an even bigger Wicked fan lol! Can’t wait to read more! 😀


    • By all means, I stole the ‘call everyone to dance’ idea from someone else, so share the love. I’m not sure why the parties are good, they definitely don’t have the ‘legendary host’ reward…maybe it’s that I invite way too many people, so even if one or two people don’t like the party, the others override it?

      Haha, great to meet another Wicked fan, that’s my fave musical also. I’m going to need to think about a new musical for Seaweed’s gen – we will probably be allowed more than one child this gen, so should have multiple options 🙂


  3. How can you slap a ghost? o.O
    Can’t wait to see who the spouse is (I could spoil myself but not going to!)


  4. Lol Marius is a HOE. Cosette’s siblings were lowkey messes.


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