5.05 – Spiced Loving

Gen 5 results

And the winner of the spouse poll is…Brillo Pad Daye! Her favourite colour is Spiceberry, which is going to be an interesting combination with red.

5.05.01 - Giles breakup
Thus, Seaweed begins the process of breaking up with the other potentials. Giles is not happy about it.

5.05.02 - Percy breakup
Percy is less fussed.

5.05.03 - Percy fiendish
And he’s apparently fiendishly delighted…about his own heartbreak?

5.05.04 - Sammy pregnant
Sammy is preggers! Juan Inkbeard is a serial dater almost as bad as Marius (I had to turn Marius’ flirt and pregnancy options off in SP).

5.05.05 - Julia + Carlo
Julia is determined to join the family somehow. Carlo is Eponine’s son with her IF.

5.05.06 - Percy pregnant
LMAO, apparently Giles and Percy tried to soothe their heartbreak over Seaweed with one another. Should have been more careful…

5.05.07 - Cosette topped career 5.05.08 - Cosette L10
And Cosette has topped her second career. It seems like she has accomplished so much more than my other heirs…maybe because the previous two were self-employed, it’s easier with a rabbithole career.

5.05.09 - synchro stride
…Seaweed, what did you do? You were supposed to break up with Brennan! *facepalm* this is what happens when I have autonomous woohoo enabled. It’s not Bennan’s house, thus the stride of pride. And they got kicked out for being inappropriate; damn straight!

5.05.10 - Brennan breakup
Yeah, I would be pissed off if I were Brennan.

5.05.11 - retire wish
Cosette wished to retire, so I allowed it.

5.05.12 - retire call
She made the call while facing the wall at the gym *facepalm*

5.05.13 - people celebrating
But there were a bunch of family members in the gym; Penny and Eponine are both there.

5.05.14 - Eponine boos
Though apparently Eponine isn’t too fond of her big sister’s success (also, why is Eponine not an elder yet? I didn’t think she was that much younger than Cosette).

5.05.15 - Flamingo simfest
Flamingo went to the simfest at the coffee house.

5.05.16 - awful show
Though apparently it was awful. Maybe if he had work his outerwear and wasn’t so cold?

5.05.17 - ghosts on the ladder
Many ghosts out tonight! They’re always going down to the basement – this is Phoenix and Fiyero.

5.05.18 - sleeping ghosts
Since they’re all obsessed with sleeping in the sarcophagi.

5.05.19 - Fiyero talk to self
Phoenix took the sarcophagus Fiyero wants, so he talked to himself instead.

5.05.20 - Penny pregnant
Penny and Hank are having another baby! Still not married…actually I don’t think any sims have gotten married through SP. Might have to look into that.

5.05.21 - Rad RI
And Rad has a new RI.

5.05.22 - spouse potential house
Seaweed goes back to the potential house looking for a special someone. Only to find Percy flirting with Giles and Brennan with Julia.

5.05.23 - boys not happy
The boys are not too happy to see him.

5.05.24 - Percy pregnant
Well, this explains who of Giles and Percy is pregnant.

5.05.25 - Brillo Pad ignores
Brillo Pad walked straight past Seaweed, refusing to speak to him. I hope the boys haven’t been badmothing Seaweed to her…

5.05.26 - Giles pregnant
I got this popup while watching the boys out the front…Giles and Brennan were not flirting. But I guess the triangle is still intact.

5.05.27 - nice view
Since Brillo Pad was off to work, the current family went to the winter festival. Such a pretty view from this lot!

5.05.28 - greeting card
Greeting card is looking very lonely now.

5.05.29 - Seaweed snowboard
Seaweed wanted to go snowboarding, so off he went. And he was really good, he was doing tricks in no time.

5.05.30 - Seaweed tricks
I tried to get a shot of one of his tricks; this is the best view I could get.

5.05.31 - oldies skating
The oldies both went skating.

5.05.32 - spinning together
And before long they were good enough to spin together – didn’t even fall down.

5.05.33 - stalking Leliana
Seaweed finally caught Leliana at home. But, perhaps anticipating what was to come, she left just as he got there. (obviously this was a few days later, since all the snow has melted)

5.05.34 - Leliana breakup
So he stalked/followed her to the pub. She really didn’t take it well.

5.05.35 - Flamingo water slide
With the end of winter, Flamingo is now enjoying the water toys.

5.05.36 - Maybelle son Alex
Maybelle has her fourth child and third son, Alex.

5.05.37 - Seaweed's wall
Seaweed’s bedroom wall now has a collection of kissy photos as well as his awards.

5.05.38 - wooing BP1
Brillo Pad finally agreed to come over, and we waste no time on the wooing! Romance spam now:
5.05.38 - wooing BP2 5.05.38 - wooing BP3 5.05.38 - wooing BP4 5.05.38 - wooing BP5 5.05.38 - wooing BP6 5.05.39 - girlfriend
Girlfriend accepted!

5.05.40 - new household
And then she moves in.

5.05.41 - slow dance with BP
Seaweed is finally able to fulfil that wish to slow dance with Brillo Pad (who shall be called Brillo from now on, two words is too long).

5.05.42 - step on foot
Unfortunately, she kept stepping on his feet.

5.05.43 - simultaneous swoon
Simultaneous swooning!

5.05.44 - kissy
A kiss…

5.05.45 - proposal1
And a proposal!
5.05.45 - proposal2

5.05.45 - proposal3
LOL, she looks like she’s trying to crash tackle him.

5.05.46 - wedding party wish 5.05.47 - bachelorette party wish
They both immediately rolled party wishes; Seaweed wants a wedding party, while Brillo wants a bachelorette one.

However, the wedding will wait; they’re both about a week from full Adult, so we have babies to make!

5.05.48 - BP foot
They chose the hot tub, and Brillo found her foot.

5.05.49 - hot tub woohoo1
Seaweed soon distracted her.

5.05.49 - hot tub woohoo2
And she was thankful.

5.05.50 - BP romantic interests
I went snooping through her relationship panel, and found that she had two other romantic interests; we’ll have to remove them shortly.

Here is Brillo’s trait card; complete with picture of utilising her klepto trait. I haven’t done this LTW before, it’s going to be fun!

Oh, and I forgot Seaweed’s care before: here we go.

5.05.51 - stealing1
5.05.51 - stealing2
And I also discovered that not only can she steal items from community lots the active family own, but they count towards her LTW! Too bad the items count as fully depreciated when she steals them, so worth much less than they cost.

5.05.52 - night disturbance
A disturbance in the night?

5.05.53 - BP puking
We all know what this means, the next generation is finally on the way!

5.05.54 - Sammy baby boy
Sammy had her baby, Dwight is an…interesting name, lol.

5.05.55 - Seaweed stakeout
Seaweed is still working hard.

5.05.56 - Seaweed play in ocean
…yes, incredibly hard (but hey, at least the scenery is gorgeous, right?).

5.05.57 - BP jogging
Just to show of Brillo’s awesome athletics wear; Miss Athletic has rolled two wishes to increase her athletic skill already, so there will be a lot of jogging.

5.05.58 - Giles baby boy
I don’t have any male pregnancy clothes, thus Giles has no body. But he’s now a father! Lots of male babies around at the moment…

5.05.59 - BP spa
Brillo also wanted to go to the spa, so I indulged her.

5.05.60 - BP pregnant
And then she popped when she came out. Gen 6 is officially on the way!

5.05.61 - Cosette + Kayla close
Whoa, Kayla, close enough?

5.05.62 - Seaweed attractive company
Seaweed is hanging out at the consignment shop with his mother, and is apparently in attractive company…

5.05.63 - staring at Rad
He stared at Rad for a good sim hour. Good thing I can control him, otherwise I have a feeling we’d have a  broken relationship shortly.

5.05.64 - Janel Laserkatt
Also at the consignment store is Janel Laserkatt, daughter of Julia. She has her mother’s nose!

5.05.65 - watermelons
I want to try and keep the alternate heirs going, so Brillo bought some watermelon.

5.05.66 - Marry Seaweed wish
She has also rolled this wish; good to know she’s on the same page as I am.

5.05.67 - BP bubble bath
I think she has an affinity for relaxation; when I click on her hygiene moodlet, she always chooses a bath over a shower. This photo also shows that Spiceberry has been added to the house colour scheme; only small amounts, given it doesn’t go so well with red, but I do like how things turned out.

5.05.68 - Seaweed + gnomes
The gnomes like helping Seaweed with his stargazing. It was about this time that I followed Jenn’s lead and put into storage all but one of each gnome.

5.05.69 - Seaweed promotion
And he got another promotion; this is L8. And yay, free car. That will be assigned to Brillo.

5.05.70 - Flamingo + Seaweed basketball
Flamingo is still around, he’s just on free will and is kind of boring; though he does love the basketball court, and is steadily growing his skills.

5.05.71 - Fiyero technophobe
Lol, ghost-Fiyero really doesn’t like that we now have a TV in the house.

5.05.72 - Penny baby boy
Penny has her fourth baby boy, Christopher. Really hoping Seaweed and Brillo have a girl!

5.05.73 - turn on stereo
Gee, thanks, Fiyero! He turned on the stereo.

5.05.74 - Seaweed + BP woken up
And woke both of these guys up.

5.05.75 - BP pancakes
Seaweed made his beloved her favourite meal, pancakes.

5.05.76 - eating separately
They don’t eat together.

5.05.77 - BP stars wish 5.05.78 - marry BP wish 5.05.79 - hug BP wish
But in the time it took him to eat his pancakes, Seaweed rolled these three wishes; he really loves her.

5.05.80 - romantic photo
It’s time to add to the family photo wall (ignoring the conquest wall from Seaweed’s bedroom).

5.05.81 - fulfil hug wish
And we’ll fulfil that hug wish, too.

5.05.82 - romantic photo wall
Thus gen 5 are added to the wall of love.

5.05.83 - tell about pregnancy
Brillo announced her pregnancy to her boyfriend.

5.05.84 - feel tummy
Seaweed immediately did this; so cute!

5.05.85 - Giles baby boy
Giles now has his own baby boy!

5.05.86 - max charisma
I missed the popup, so this photo serves to show that Seaweed has now maxed charisma!

5.05.87 - Flamingo trampoline
Flamingo loves the trampoline. And the water slide. Mr Loves the Outdoors rarely comes inside except to sleep.

5.05.88 - day spa wish
Good thing we have lots of money; Brillo is a high-maintenance pregnant woman.

5.05.89 - new garden
Since winter is now over, Cosette replants the garden; it’s an easy way to max skills, and allows me to play with recipes.

5.05.90 - BP stealing1
Brillo could be stealing the ginormous, expensive statue right next to her.

5.05.90 - BP stealing2
But nope, flowers more fun! *sigh* this is going to take a long time.


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Horray! Brillo Pad! She is definitely a high maintenance woman. That is a lot of spa wishes and with bubble baths as well lol.

    I laughed so hard at the picture of Brillo’s fist shooting through the water in the hot tub with your caption “She was grateful”. I just lost it. It reminds me of the photo of the little boy doing a fist pump that went viral a few years ago.

    So many boys for Penny! Wow! I really hope these guys have a girl now as well. There needs to be some granddaughters in the family.


  2. It always bugs me that pregnancy brings on so many spa wishes.
    I hope you get the girl you want. Are you allowed more than one child now?


  3. Hi Brillo! *waves* I didn’t vote for her, to be honest, but nevertheless I’m very excited about her traits! Kleptos are fun. And yay babies!

    I always refuse them their spa wishes, haha. It would drive me nuts in a wishacy I’m sure. A wishacy would drive me nuts, period.

    “And he’s apparently fiendishly delighted…about his own heartbreak?” – hahaha, gotta love it when evil sims do that.

    So many sims to break up with! I’m always kind of lazy (and possibly cheaty) in breaking up, I usually do it through MC.

    Damn it Brillo, swipe the statue that is larger than a house! DO IT! Hide it in your pocket! lol


  4. Yay I caught up! I’ve been really enjoying your legacy so far, you’ve even inspired me to start my own epic challenge, I like having all the extra rules in the gameplay 🙂
    I’m not sure if I would’ve voted for brillo pad a couple of chapters back, but she already seems like a good fit for the family and the klepto trait is fun. Let’s hope seaweed gets level ten soon so that we can get more babies!


    • I saw the likes, thanks for reading! The Epic challenge is great fun, kind of like an apocalypse with unlocking things, but way simpler.
      I agree with you about Brillo Pad not being my first choice, but she is fitting in well, and bubs is gorgeous.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Lol at Percy being Fiendishly Delighted at his own breakup.
    Carlo Rourke looks like a cutie (you know from a tiny little thumbnail at least).
    “Hank and Penny did not expect to start a family so soon”? They already have zillions of kids, what are they, not family?
    Brillo Pad is so cute in her interactions, glad she won 🙂
    She wants to go to the Day Spa but still has the positive moodlet from it for another 20 hours. Needy indeed.


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