5.07 – Freckly Festival

5.06.34 - cake cutting2Previously, Brillo gave birth to a baby girl named Velma. She then threw a bachelorette party, where the simselves showed off their dance moves. Flamingo died, and Cosette couldn’t bring herself to join the festivities at her son’s wedding because of it. While the wedding reception was still on, Velma aged up to an adorable freckled toddler with her daddy’s hair and her momma’s eyes. A very eventful few days!

5.07.01 - Brillweed watch stars1 5.07.01 - Brillweed watch stars2
After all the party guests have left, Seaweed and Brillo (Brillweed is their couple name :)) celebrate their first night as husband and wife by watching the stars together.

5.07.02 - Seaweed adult bday
Only to be interrupted by Seaweed’s Adult birthday.

5.07.03 - Brillweed romance
But it doesn’t kill the mood for long.

5.07.04 - consumation
Marriage is officially consummated.

5.07.05 - Cosette + Velma
Meanwhile, Cosette tries to forget her grief by playing with her granddaughter.

5.07.06 - Velma learn to talk
And then she begins teaching Velma to talk.

5.07.07 - Brillo stealing
Brillo has been working on her LTW; we’re up to stealing cars now!

5.07.08 - LTW progress
She’s $14k in, yay!

5.07.09 - Sabrina's car
Even took Sabrina’s car – sorry Sabrina!

5.07.10 - graveyard surveillance
Seaweed is surveillance in the graveyard.

Velma cuteness:
5.07.11 - Velma cute1 5.07.11 - Velma cute2 5.07.11 - Velma cute3

5.07.12 - Velma potty training
Brillo interrupts this cuteness for some potty training.

5.07.13 - Velma cuddles
And a cuddle.

5.07.14 - fawning over ring
Lol, she’s fawning over her ring.

5.07.15 - Seaweed reading 5.07.16 - Brillo reading
These guys and their reading.

5.07.17 - love letters1 5.07.17 - love letters2 5.07.17 - love letters3
Simselves continue to throw themselves at Seaweed.

5.07.18 - Flamingo haunting
Flamingo is back, only a few days after he died! He goes right back to enjoying the water, as before.

5.07.19 - Brillo stealing
All those sculptures the family bought to bring the art gallery up to three stars are coming in useful – they count towards Brillo’s LTW 🙂

5.07.20 - Cosette jelly beans
Cosette is still addicted to jellybeans; she has a wish to eat 50 now.

5.07.21 - woohoo
These two like to enjoy one another’s company also. Thank goodness I turned off risky woohoo!

5.07.22 - Velma blocks1 5.07.22 - Velma blocks2 5.07.22 - Velma blocks3
Velma is a cranky little thing; at least she’s cute.

5.07.23 - Cosette on fire1
Ohnoes, run Cosette!

5.07.23 - Cosette on fire2
Good girl!

5.07.24 - Spring Festival
It’s raining, but the family is still going off to the Spring Festival, since it’s Love Day.

5.07.25 - greeting card
The greeting card sure has changed a lot since the last one.

5.07.26 - hunting eggs
Seaweed and Cosette hunt eggs while Brillo tries garlic fries.

5.07.27 - Brillo face painted
She then got her face painted; I chose a unicorn.

5.07.28 - Tamara Rourke
Look who’s here – this is Tamara Rourke, Penny’s only child. She has a lot of Hank Zale in her.

5.07.29 - kissing booth
Brillo then buys a kiss from the Face One attendant. Velma isn’t enjoying her day out, though.

5.07.30 - horseshoes
Hank is here, too – Cosette chooses to play horseshoes on her own, though.

5.07.31 - love tester1 5.07.31 - love tester2
Seaweed and Brillo try out the love tester.

5.07.31 - love tester3
LMAO, I haven’t seen this popup before! You guys definitely picked the right one.

5.07.32 - burning love moodlet
They both got this really cute moodlet.

5.07.33 - Rourkes and Laserkatts
The descendants of the simselves are moving in on the Rourke family; this is Penny’s son with Julia’s daughter.

5.07.34 - Kiana Serzo
Also at the festival today is Kiana Serzo, Sabrina’s daughter. She’s a vampire like her mother. She’s doing her homework at the festival; like no RL teen ever.

5.07.35 - Kiana sitting on floor
Despite a whole bunch of tables, she chose to sit right at Seaweed’s feet. Sim logic.

5.07.36 - Cosette chatting with mirror
Cosette took a very tired Velma home, then spent the afternoon chatting with the magic mirror.

5.07.37 - Brillo RI1
Not sure if I mentioned it previously, but Brillo has a couple of other RIs in her panel. I can’t remember this guy’s name, but he’s the first.

5.07.37 - Brillo RI2
He was not impressed.

5.07.38 - Cosette water slide
Cosette is not nearly as good at the water slide as her husband.

5.07.39 - Oh My Ghost
Seaweed got the Oh My Ghost! opportunity! He won’t be bringing Flamingo back, but we’ll keep it on hand in case anyone dies prematurely (then again, some different coloured ghosts could be fun).

5.07.40 - Velma learn to walk1
As he wished it, Seaweed teaches Velma to walk.
5.07.40 - Velma learn to walk2 5.07.40 - Velma learn to walk3

5.07.41 - greeting card wall
What a difference 10 days makes; we lost Flamingo but gained Brillo and Velma.
I’m really regretting not getting any photos in between those two spring photos on the left; these greeting cards are such a good timeline for the family.

5.07.42 - Cosette plays with Velma
Since I leave her mostly on freewill, Cosette spends a lot of time fawning over her granddaughter.

5.07.43 - 2 new granddaughters
And she has another two now – this makes 5 for each of Penny and Maybelle.

5.07.44 - Saturday afternoon1
Just your typical Saturday afternoon; mom reading, dad training the toddler.

5.07.44 - Saturday afternoon2
Complete with grandmother eating jellybeans.

5.07.45 - Seaweed promotion
In between looking after Velma, Seaweed has been skilling his logic. So much so that he earned a promotion! This is L9, I believe.

5.07.46 - Penny case
It was high time he took another PI case, so here we go. This one is about Penny!

5.07.47 - Penny's house
Seaweed meets her at her house to talk about it.

5.07.48 - Hank + Christopher
Giles is also home, he’s carrying their youngest, Christopher. Looks like little Chris got daddy’s eyes.

5.07.49 - Seaweed search trash
Even though they’re home, Seaweed has to search the trash.

5.07.50 - Penny case2 5.07.50 - Penny case3
Lol, Penny is too intense? No way!

5.07.51 - Brill job
Brillo also got a job; she’s going to be in the criminal career. Help her do something else besides skilling all the time.

5.07.52 - Velma cute1 5.07.52 - Velma cute2 5.07.52 - Velma cute3
Cutie Velma is happy this time.

5.07.53 - Velma glitchy
And glitchy another time. My game seems to be missing the “read toddler to sleep” animation.

5.07.54 - playing chess
To save her from the jellybeans, Seaweed has taken up playing chess with his mother.


And we’ll leave things there. Next up, Velma becomes a child and Seaweed tops the PI career.

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  1. SQUEEE!! I love Velma. Even if she is a cranky little girl. She is just too adorable to handle! I can’t wait to see who she is have to choose from for spouses. A bit too far ahead? Nahh!! lol

    10 days really did make a huge difference in your game didn’t it? Lose one and gain two. I really love the festival greeting card idea. I almost think I like it more than the portraits. It really captures who is in the family and sometimes at different ages or stages. Love it XD.

    I find it so funny the simselves are still chasing after Seaweed. Maybe they’re just hoping they can catch a glimpse lol.

    Awesome chapter. I really loved it!


  2. Velma really is too adorable for words! The freckles are so cute.

    The Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law LTW scares me a little bit, I’ve never managed to do it! Then again, maybe I haven’t tried hard enough. It would be interesting to try again! LOL, Brillo is stealing all of their investment back.

    Love the greeting cards! I never really pay attention to the festival photo booth, maybe I should take more photos.

    Phew, that was a close one for Cosette!


  3. Velma is a cutie.
    I always loved Nine tenths ltw until my kleptos stopped being able to steal from community lots.


  4. I adore Velma!
    I should take more greeting card pictures, they look so nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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