5.08 – Summer Child

5.07.11 - Velma cute1
Last time, Velma was an adorable toddler, Cosette developed an addiction to jellybeans, and our gen 5 couple worked on their careers and LTWs.

5.08.01 - library time
It’s library time!

5.08.02 - TSAL
Apparently we’ve lost a couple toddler books; but I set out the Toddler Skilling Assembly Line anyway.

5.08.03 - toddler passout
Velma only just got through them all before passing out. Brillo didn’t notice.

5.08.04 - basketball
Seaweed and his great-great-grandfather Bruce play some basketball. Bruce got skillz!

5.08.05 - Uncommonly Good1
Cosette received the Uncommonly Good opportunity!

5.08.05 - Uncommonly Good2
Her life bar is full, so there’s no way she’ll get the full chain, but at least we can get the plants up to scratch for our next gardener.

5.08.06 - Velma bday1
I was playing around with the baking station and noticed the option to bake a birthday cake. Seaweed was duly instructed to do so, and Velma was brought out…only for Brillo to put the toddler on the floor so she could sparkle. She was so close to a caking!

5.08.06 - Velma bday2
As per the rules, her new trait is Rebellious (all the offspring from now on will be given this trait as soon as possible – until gen 9 when someone completes the Law Enforcement career).
And since she’s insane, she has a wacky combo of outfits – this is her sleepwear.

5.08.07 - VelmaC
CAS shot and her everyday outfit. She looks good with shorter hair framing her face, so I went with it. She’s definitely got the ginormous Rourke eyes – passed all the way down from Phoenix Someone/Grape Sorbet!

5.08.08 - Velma's room
Dark wood and yellow go very nicely in her new big girl room.

5.08.09 - sprinkler
Her first child action is to play in the sprinkler.

5.08.10 - Velma logic
And then she plays chess with her grandmother. Who has apparently been into the jellybeans again.

5.08.11 - Seaweed friends wish
Naw, she wants to be friends with her father. We’ll lock that one in and make it happen.

5.08.12 - formal outfit
Her first day of school, she goes in her adorable formal outfit.

5.08.13 - Marius astronaut
Marius reached his LTW!

5.08.14 - stakeout
Seaweed is working hard on his career; staking out the festival lot.

5.08.15 - Maybelle's kids
There’s a big crowd outside Maybelle’s house – they’re mostly her children. From L-R inside the fence, we have Alex (with Flamingo’s hair!) talking to Seaweed, Maybelle who needs a new haircut, Tate the teen with his back to the camera, Abbey. Outside the fence is Kiana Serzo (Sabrina’s daughter), and on the right, Maybelle’s eldest Teddy, flirting with someone whose name escapes me.

5.08.16 - Marcie Rourke
Also outside is Marcie, one of the twins born last chapter. So many redheads in this family! Abbey didn’t pass along many of her genes.

5.08.17 - Kiana + Samuel
Speaking of Kiana, she’s now dating Sean’s son. Seems the simself families may be joined!

5.08.18 - topped career1
5.08.18 - topped career2
Seaweed completed his case, and topped the PI career! Gen 5 objectives are complete!

5.08.19 - Brillo wishes 5.08.20 - Seaweed wishes
Brillo and Seaweed are really into one another; both of their wish panels are full of wishes for one another.

5.08.21 - Brillweed makeout
With the one child restriction lifted, Brillweed are free to risky woohoo to their heart’s content.

5.08.22 - time machine woohoo
This time they chose the time machine.

5.08.23 - more kissing
And immediately they exited, they’re at it again.

5.08.24 - hot tub woohoo
Hot tub this time.

5.08.25 - Velma bouncy
Velma was outside the whole time…I hope she’s not scarred.

5.08.26 - Kristi Rourke
Hey hey, we have a visitor! With Brillo’s hair and Cosette’s eyes… this is a time machine child! Her name is Kristi, she likes pop, blue and frogs legs. Her traits are Brave, Irresistible, Savvy Sculptor, Frugal and Angler. So random.

5.08.27 - Cosette grandchildren
This is Cosette’s family tree, showing all 12 of her grandchildren. 7 have Chance’s red hair, making it a full 5 generations is has persisted through. Brillweed’s children have escaped it… so far.

5.08.26 - Brillo preggers
Hot tub woohoo seems like it was successful.

5.08.27 - karaoke1
Seaweed sings karaoke with his dead father. I love the animations, so I spammed a little:
5.08.27 - karaoke2 5.08.27 - karaoke5 5.08.27 - karaoke4 5.08.27 - karaoke3

5.08.28 - Brillo popped
Brillo pops, pregnancy #2 is official!

5.08.29 - Velma homework
Velma went to a friend’s house after school today. Straight away she does her homework. Nerd.

5.08.30 - Tiffanie Cross playdate
Her friend’s name is Tiffanie Cross, and she lives in a tiny 2 bed house with her mother and 5 half-siblings. The two of them become friends quickly.

5.08.31 - Seaweed teppanyaki
Seaweed found the teppanyaki table!

5.08.32 - Greygory
Brillo is off to break up with her other RI; Greygory Goblin.

5.08.33 - Brillo broken up
He didn’t seem to mind much.

5.08.34 - Fiyero ghost wish
Velma rolls some random wishes… this one can easily come true, if she’s awake late enough.

5.08.35 - Velma prank
And since she’s rebellious, she also wants to play pranks everywhere (that’s her athletic wear, btw).

5.08.36 - key to city1
Seaweed is getting the key to the city!

5.08.36 - key to city2
A big crowd turns out for him.

5.08.36 - key to city3
Along with an invisible mayor.

5.08.36 - key to city4
More and more people kept showing up.

5.08.36 - key to city5
There are quite a few sims we know in this crowd; Penny is insulting Seaweed, Abbey in the purple at the back, Sean’s two fairy sons, Charlotte on the far left, next to Penny’s eldest son with the distinctive Rourke hair.

5.08.37 - Brillo promotion
Brillo got a promotion!

5.08.38 - Cosette reclining
Cosette has spent the entire day at the festival lot, alternately skating and napping on the recliners. She’s nearing the end of her life bar, so I just let her do whatever she wants.

5.08.39 - George Bathory
This little cutie is George Bathory, offspring of Percy Bathory and Giles Zale.

5.08.40 - greeting card
We also got a new greeting card photo, the first of the summer ones.

5.08.41 - photo wall
Thank goodness for MoveObjectsOn, allows me to line the cards up above the door.

5.08.42 - Velma painting
We haven’t had a painter in the family since Jess, so it’s about time. Velma doesn’t have any skill-specific traits, so she’ll go with this.

5.08.43 - Cosette chatting with mirror
Cosette spends a lot of time chatting with the magic mirror; I think she’s lonely.

5.08.44 - Brillo labour
I failed at getting a shot of it, but this is Brillo in labour.

5.08.45 - it's a girl
It’s another girl! That’s 3 for 3 for Brillweed. Interesting, considering Maybelle and Penny only had 3 girls between their 10.

5.08.46 - Roxie crib
Seaweed stood staring at his new daughter for a good 3 sim hours. Baby girl Rourke is named Roxie, she’s a Lucky Hydrophobic who loves blue, fruit parfait and geek rock.

5.08.47 - new worth
The family’s net worth is now up to $2.4 mil!

5.08.48 - Rad skating
Back at the festival, Rad is cheating at skating.

5.08.49 - Cosette fireworks
Cosette wanted to let off some fireworks.

5.08.50 - fireworks1 5.08.50 - fireworks2

5.08.51 - Velma play in tree
Velma may as well have the Loves the Outdoors trait, she spends so much time in the backyard.

5.08.52 - Brillo prank
And setting pranks; Brillo isn’t happy about her changing hair colour.

5.08.53 - max logic
Seaweed finally maxed logic. Man, that skill takes so long to master.

5.08.54 - meditating Cosette
Cosette has taken to meditating in front of Roxie’s crib, almost like she’s guarding her newest granddaughter.

5.08.55 - making cake
It’s almost cake time again, and this time we will use the cake Seaweed is making.

5.08.56 - Roxie bday
Roxie is growing up!

5.08.57 - toddler Roxie
She has Brillo’s hair! I didn’t get a closeup shot, but you’ll see her face later.

5.08.58 - Roxie wishes
Seaweed may just have a favourite daughter, he didn’t roll any wishes to teach Velma her skills.

5.08.60 - Velma talky
Speaking of Velma, she’s very excited about her baby sister.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day outside, so the family spends the afternoon in the backyard.
5.08.59 - Roxie bouncy1 5.08.59 - Roxie bouncy2 5.08.61 - weekend afternoon

5.08.62 - water balloon fight
Velma and Brillo throw water balloons at one another.

5.08.63 - getting to know Velma
Roxie was tired and Brillo went to work, so it’s Velma and Seaweed together for the afternoon. They’re getting to know one another.

5.08.64 - friendly hug
Working on Velma’s wish to be best friends with her father.

5.08.65 - Seaweed best friends challenge
Wish fulfilled, and Seaweed completes another charisma challenge.

5.08.66 - Roxie sleeping
Cutie pie sleeping.


Thanks for reading! Next chapter, Velma turns teen, and Cosette probably keeps on keeping on… we’ll see.

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  1. I love the greeting cards. Its such a nice idea and different from the portraits. I kind of wish I would have done that as well. Maybe for the next challenge XD.

    Roxie is adorable. I have a feeling she is going to look as much like Brillo as Velma does to Seaweed. Did they decide to keep their time machine daughter around? or was she YA and moved out pretty much instantly?


    • Yes, Roxie is a face clone of Brillo and Velma of Seaweed. So disappointed in them, we’ve come 5 generations with only one face clone (Eponine) and now I have two! Then again, Brillo is almost Face One, so excluding her genes might not be so bad, lol.
      Yep, time machine Kristi was YA and moved out straight away. I already have one sim doing nothing all day (Cosette), don’t need two, lol. And not like they need the money from her having a career, so figured she could live her life free of the legacy home scrutiny.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations Seaweed! And the key to the city on top of that. Well done!

    A time machine child! I never had one of those, how fun. She looks cute in her little medieval outfit. I doubt they had pop in the middle ages though, I don’t know what they had really. Madrigals? Ballads probably.

    Velma’s formal clothes were really cute, as were her athletic wear.

    Must be nice to be able to have more kids than one! Roxie looks cute, even if I didn’t really see her face properly.

    Playing hoops with your great-great-grandfather’s ghost must be fun!


    • I haven’t done the time machine much before, either. Most of the other stuff is just popups, haven’t had any outfit changes that wiki says is possible.
      I kind of went all out on Velma’s outfits, you should see her teen stuff! Insane sims are fun like that, anything goes.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay for Seaweed maxing his career!

    Velma is so cute, I love her outfits! Also, where did you get her hair!? Is it base game content that I’ve bypassed or CC?

    How did you get a time machine child? I’ve never done that before, I don’t really use the time machine much.


    • Do you mean Velma’s everyday hair? Yeah, that’s CC. ButterflySims, I believe. The rest of her outfits have EA hair, though.
      Time machine children can be had by doing a Try for Baby in the time machine! I’ve only done it a couple of times, and always had YAs, but have seen other people in other legacies get elders and teens, so I guess the age is random.


  4. The children look so cute.
    You know you should totally have a Rocky Horror generation (I saw it last night on a live theatre screening-brilliant). A little baby Riff Raff would be so cute. And it would suit an Insane Rebel to go with a slightly dark, and grown up musical for children. Assuming Velma is heir of course.
    DSLady- I think the time machine child is just a random event that can happen when you use the time machine regardless of whether you go forwards or backwards. I think the possible age of the child is different based on the time period you go to though.


  5. The children are so cute. ❤ I love Velma's outfits. I really need to play with the time machine again. I haven't had a time machine baby in so long.
    Congrats for Seaweed topping his career and getting the key to the city.
    Also the greetings cards are a neat idea. I haven't done any before, I might have to include that in a future challenge.


  6. Velma’s clothes are so colorful and cute. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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