5.09 – Rebellious Ovaries

5.08.59 - Roxie bouncy1

Previously, Velma aged up to an adorable child, and Seaweed topped his career, which meant we are no longer limited to one child per generation! Seaweed and Brillo duly took advantage of this, to produce Roxie.

5.09.01 - homework
Seaweed wished to help Velma with her homework, and they chose to do it outside in the sunshine.

5.09.02 - woohoo
Then he went off to woohoo his wife…right next to the sarcophagus where his mother is sleeping. Classy, Seaweed.

5.09.03 - Roxie neglected
Poor Roxie has been a bit neglected.

5.09.04 - snuggles with mom
But mommy came to make it all better.

5.09.05 - Roxie potty
And then teach her baby some life skills.

5.09.06 - summer gnomes
Cosette had a stack of festival tickets, so we bought a bunch of summer gnomes. Think I might do this every season.

5.09.07 - Bruce bath
Hai Bruce! Haven’t seen the ghosts around much lately.

5.09.08 - painting
Velma paints weird paintings…

5.09.09 - reigning
And then she chose to reign over the chess table instead of going to school.

5.09.10 - in trouble

5.09.11 - be mean wish
And then she rolls this. I have a feeling Little Miss Rebellious is going to be a handful.

5.09.12 - Giles + Brennan baby
Giles and Brennan are having another baby!

5.09.13 - chicken dance
Chicken dance! But Brillo needs to interrupt, for something very important.

5.09.14 - treehouse woohoo
Moar woohoo!

5.09.15 - Velma make bed
Velma cleaned up the house.

5.09.16 - let off hook
So her father let her off the hook.

5.09.17 - grandma protector
Cosette is still protecting Roxie; when left to her own devices, she is always in the room right in front of Roxie’s crib.

5.09.18 - Brillo alchemy
Brillo is learning alchemy, because she has days free.

5.09.19 - Velma bday
Only it’s Velma’s birthday!

5.09.20 - mermaid
I went slightly nuts with her outfits again; this is her new swimwear. And her new trait is Brooding.

5.09.21 - VelmaT
CAS shot; I used a bunch of the outfits from Movie Stuff. She is pretty much a Seaweed clone, though I think her overall headshape is different.

5.09.21 - mood swing
Someone woke up with a mood swing the next morning. Also, this is her formal outfit.

5.09.22 - Brillo puke
Seems one of those risky woohoos hit the jackpot.

5.09.23 - Giles + Percy steady
I finally remembered to turn on ‘Go Steady’ in SP, and these two did so straight away. Keeping in mind, Giles is pregnant with Brennan’s baby at this point.

5.09.24 - Maybelle engaged
And Maybelle finally proposed to Abbey. Five kids later, it’s about time.

5.09.25 - Roxie skilling
Time for Roxie to learn her skills. Neither of her parents rolled wishes to teach her, poor second child.

5.09.26 - Velma throw eggs
Miss Mood Swing wished to throw eggs at someone’s house.

5.09.27 - cousins house
Her cousins are not impressed (this is Penny and Hank’s house).

5.09.28 - Velma + Roxie1
Velma loves her little sister, she’s always rolling wishes to snuggle/talk to/tickle Roxie.

5.09.28 - Velma + Roxie2
They’re already friends.

5.09.29 - outstandingly rare1 5.09.29 - outstandingly rare2
Cosette got the Outstandingly Rare opportunity! One of these days, someone will get the whole omni chain, and when they do, we’ll have outstanding steaks ready 😉

5.09.30 - Brillo promotion
Brillo got a promotion! She’s slowly working her way up the career ladder.

5.09.31 - cloudy painting
Cool painting, Velma! That will be very nice in Roxie room, she loves blue.

5.09.32 - Seaweed maxed cooking1 5.09.32 - Seaweed maxed cooking2
While Seaweed hasn’t been working so much, he is still working. He’s now maxed cooking!

5.09.33 - Roxie bath
Cutie gets a bath from daddy.

5.09.34 - Roxie pov1
View from Roxie’s point of view, her father making her favourite food.

5.09.34 - Roxie pov2
Just in time, she’s starving.

5.09.35 - Cosette play in sprinkler
Cosette is still around, on free will. She loves the water toys. At this rate, she may see her great-grandchildren!

5.09.36 - setting pranks
I really hope all the kids aren’t like this; all of Velma’s wishes are about painting and setting pranks.

5.09.37 - teach to drive
To distract her, Seaweed offers to teach her to drive.

5.09.38 - drive motorbike
And then takes off on his motorbike *facepalm*

5.09.39 - learn to drive
Learn to Drive: Take two!

5.09.40 - Giles baby girl
A baby girl for Giles and Brennan!

5.09.41 - Rad pregnant
And Rad is having her own baby. I love it when simselves breed 🙂

5.09.42 - library time
It’s time for Roxie’s library visit!

5.09.43 - all the books
I found the other toddler books, so Roxie has all 9 to read.

5.09.44 - Brillo labour
Oops, I guess Brillo wasn’t the best option for bring Roxie here. She’s in labour!

5.09.45 - Seaweed saves the day
I had to wait until Seaweed arrived at the library to carry Roxie home, so I missed most of the labour.

5.09.46 - Velma date for prom
And right in the middle of it, Velma is asked to prom by her only teenage friend. We said yes, because why not. Which reminds me, I have to have someone ask Velma her gender preference.

5.09.47 - two babies
Two babies? Actually, it’s triplets!

5.09.48 - Seaweed not impressed
Yes, Seaweed, that was about my expression, too. There wasn’t enough room for four cribs in the house, so the babies get swings for now.
Their names are Billy, Kelly and Flynn – one boy and two girls. Both girls like red and Billy likes aqua. I’ll give you their traits when they age up and we can differentiate them.

5.09.49 - Cosette + Flamingo
Flamingo came visiting. Cosette was very pleased to see him.

5.09.50 - Brillo reads
Right after giving birth, Brillo went to work. Instead of coming home afterward, she chose to read a pregnancy book outside work. I think it’s a little late for reading, Brillo. Though I don’t blame her for wanting to stay away from the madhouse.

5.09.51 - Cosette watching babies
Cosette loves all her new grandbabies! She now has 16 from only three children.

5.09.52 - Giles and Percy broke up
Giles and Percy broke up; I had a few other notifications about them fighting. I guess Giles carrying another man’s baby might have had something to do with it.

5.09.53 - everyone helps
Everyone helps out with the babies. I’m going to try to get them all on slightly different schedules, so they’re not all screaming at the same time, but neither is one up all the time.

5.09.54 - family outing
Family outing time! Yes, even the babies.

5.09.55 - festival
It’s not yet the fall holiday, but I wanted another greeting card.

5.09.56 - greeting card
So many babies!

5.09.57 - babies on floor
Poor babies are left on the floor in the rain while their family enjoys themselves. I should probably feel worse about it than I do…

5.09.59 - Samuel Parodi
Hey, look who’s here! This is Samuel Parodi, Sean’s son. If you ignore the terrible fashion sense, he’s not bad looking.

5.09.60 - Rod Rourke
And this is Rod Rourke, Marius’ eldest.

5.09.58 - Seaweed tiger
Seaweed got his face painted.

5.09.61 - witch gnome
Then he entered the haunted house, and found a new gnome!

5.09.62 - bobbing for apples
Cosette, Brillo, Velma and Rod bobbed for apples.

5.09.63 - Brillo won bobbing
Brillo won!

5.09.64 - photo wall
Even if we have two greeting card photos this year, so much has changed from the last photo!

5.09.65 - Velma cute1
5.09.65 - Velma cute2
5.09.65 - Velma cute3
She may be a face clone, but Roxie is still adorable.

5.09.66 - Roxie + Cosette1
5.09.66 - Roxie + Cosette2
Her grandma agrees.

5.09.67 - forbidden fruit wish
Seaweed randomly threw out this wish, and I decided to indulge him. We need a plantsim in the family eventually, why not one of the spare babies.

5.09.68 - Roxie bday1
It’s Roxie’s birthday! And I forgot to give her Rebellious, so she rolled Supernatural Fan as her third trait.

5.09.68 - Roxie bday2
5.09.69 - RoxieC
If not for the freckled skin, she’d be an exact clone of her mother.


And that’s it! I had no internet all last weekend, so expect another chapter soon!


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  1. I love Velma’s outfits and makeup. They are so unique. Wow though, triplets. I thought for sure it was just going to be twins. Love the names you picked out for them. Hopefully one of them won’t be a face clone. Now that you can have multiple children do you still have to pick the first born or are you able to pick one of the triplets?


  2. Dang. Five kids. Since the first two are apparently face clones, hopefully the triplets will bring some good gene combinations.

    This is the first post of your EPIC I’ve looked at so far. It looks like you use other people’s games for player spouses. That’s pretty awesome.


    • Thanks for reading! Yes, part of the idea for this legacy was to blend together a whole bunch of legacy sims and see how everyone turned out. Unfortunately, I found out after she was picked that Brillo Pad is a Face One sim – which I think is likely why her children are face clones (thus far).


  3. Haha OMG the amount of summer gnomes! I’m assuming you’re not going to name them.

    Seaweed trying to teach Velma how to drive – on his motorbike – was hilarious. I hope she had a good pair of binoculars…

    Love the greeting card with all the babies! Love all of your greeting cards actually.

    There’s a couple of 1 tile cribs out there, if that would help with the nursery space. One on MTS and one on Around the sims.


    • Lol, I gave up naming the gnomes a while ago – most of the gnomes are in Cosette’s treasure chest from China, we only have 1 of each type out in the yard.
      The MTS crib is glitchy for babies, mine tend to disappear underneath the crib. Might check out the ATS one, though; thanks.


  4. What in the world is Cosette doing lying on the floor with her legs up? O.O
    She has loooots of grandchildren, never seen that much!


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