5.10 – Parental Figures

5.09.51 - Cosette watching babies
Previously, Velma aged up to a Brooding teen, Roxie become a Supernatural-Loving child, and Brillo popped out triplets!

Told you I’d be back soon! This chapter almost catches up to my game play, so yay, I can play again! Gotta try not to get so far ahead all the time…

5.10.01 - Roxie slide
Roxie’s first action as a child is to go play on the slide.

5.10.02 - Roxie + Velma seesaw
She then seesaws with her big sister.

5.10.03 - Brillo promotion
Brillo got another promotion! I think this is L4.

5.10.04 - free vacation
It’s been a long time since I’ve had this opportunity, so we’re going to take it. See how Velma does with all the babies 😉

5.10.05 - babysitter
Velma was already at school, so the game called a babysitter. She spent the whole time playing shuffleboard. The babies were fine, their parents took care of them before they left.

5.10.06 - kiss Tiffanie wish
It seems Velma likes Tiffanie that way. We’ll see if they kiss at prom.

5.10.07 - girls share room
Roxie has moved into Velma’s room, since we’re short on space and Cosette is still around. Changed some of the spiceberry accents to blue, to fit Roxie’s likes.

5.10.08 - Roxie pranked
Poor Roxie is the latest to fall for one of Velma’s pranks.

5.10.09 - new traps
As one is set off, another is laid. I fear for when this house has 5 rebellious children/teens.

5.10.10 - Giles + Heath
Giles is apparently looking to get into the Rourke family.

5.10.11 - Gary Cross
This cutie came home with Roxie after school. His name is Gary Cross, and he’s Spencer Goodwin’s son with Odessa Cross. He’s Tiffanie’s half-brother.

5.10.12 - doing homework
The nerds do homework together while Velma watches over them.

5.10.13 - Billy bday
It’s the triplets’ birthday!

5.10.14 - Billy
Billy has Brillo’s hair and skin, but the huge Rourke eyes with Seaweed’s gold colour.

5.10.15 - Kelly
Kelly has Flamingo’s hair with Brillo’s skin and eyes. She is going to be the one wearing blue flowers.

5.10.16 - Flynn
Flynn has the Danevbie red hair! With the Rourke eye shape and Brillo’s brown eye colour. She’s wearing red flowers.

5.10.17 - new cribs
I rearranged the room to allow two cribs; we’ll trade off one triplet in the swing until someone is on a different schedule.

Some cute pics of the triplets out of CAS:
5.10.18 - Billy cute 5.10.19 - girls cute

5.10.20 - Kristi RI
Kristi has an RI! I’d almost forgotten about her, lol.

5.10.21 - Velma wishes1
Velma has a hidden Family-Oriented trait, I swear. Every time she walks into the main room where the triplets are, she rolls a wish for one of them.

5.10.21 - Velma wishes2
Often more than one.

5.10.22 - Leliana married
Leliana is finally getting married.

5.10.23 - dollhouse
Kelly kept copying everything Flynn was doing with the dollhouse, it was really cute.

5.10.24 - good babysitter
Zomg, the babysitter fairy was really good – she changed all three diapers and put two kids to bed.

5.10.25 - breakup1 5.10.25 - breakup2
Many breakups around town lately. Especially sad about Abbey and Maybelle, they’ve been together for a long while.

5.10.26 - Sean boyfriend
But at least Sean has found love.

5.10.27 - Tiffanie Cross
This is how Tiffanie Cross grew up; big lips but not too bad.

5.10.28 - prom limo
She’s here because it’s prom time! Her formal outfit is quite decent for an EA sim. Miss Insane, of course, wore her outerwear. Even though it’s fall.

5.10.29 - toddler fail
Oops, apparently the good babysitter couldn’t figure out the swings. Poor Kelly 😦

5.10.30 - Rad daughter
Rad had her baby. Too bad Jordan was born into a broken home.

Prom spam!
5.10.31 - prom1 5.10.31 - prom5 5.10.31 - prom4 5.10.31 - prom3 5.10.31 - prom2
Scarily happy prom, it’s like Tiffanie and Velma were in their own little bubble.

5.10.32 - Kristi pregnant
Kristi is pregnant! This will be Seaweed and Brillo’s first grandchild.

5.10.32 - Roxie hangs out1
While her big sister was at prom, Roxie was hanging out at the supermarket, talking to her friend Gary.

5.10.32 - Roxie hangs out2
She then did her homework.

5.10.32 - Roxie hangs out3
And went home when her creeper cousin tried to talk to her. Good girl!

5.10.33 - starving Billy
Poor Velma came home to a madhouse.

5.10.34 - starving Kelly
All three triplets were starving and needed a diaper change, Kelly was also lonely.

5.10.35 - hottub wish
I think this wish was rather appropriate.

5.10.36 - Roxie helps
Roxie helps out with the babies on the floor.

5.10.37 - play all night
Once all three were fed and changed, they were left to play while their exhausted sisters slept.

5.10.38 - Billy cute
Billy is so cute!

5.10.39 - Roxie helping out
Roxie does her best to help out around the house before the adults get home.

5.10.40 - Roxie splashing
And then she goes outside to splash in the puddles.

5.10.41 - adults home
The adults are home! And I think Flynn might be crying…

5.10.42 - toddler duty
The three of them are quickly onto toddler duty.

5.10.43 - triplet skills
And then the skilling commences.

5.10.44 - Sean split up
Aw, Sean and Carlo split up.

5.10.45 - sleepy girls
Witness, the difference between overtired and just sleepy. Flynn refuses to sleep even though she’s exhausted; Kelly only just got the ‘sleepy’ moodlet, but she’s sleeping already.

5.10.46 - Velma hot tub
Velma fulfils her hot tub wish; with her cousin Marcie (Maybelle’s youngest).

5.10.47 - Marcie Rourke
She looks a lot like Abbey, with the Danevbie red hair.

5.10.48 - water balloon fight
The girls spent the afternoon in a water balloon fight.

5.10.49 - Roxie check for monsters1
Roxie checks for monsters almost every night.

5.10.49 - Roxie check for monsters2
Run, Roxie!

5.10.50 - full moon wish
In case you couldn’t tell, it’s the full moon, and Seaweed wants to have fun.

5.10.51 - kissing
Not in front of the babies, you guys!

5.10.52 - Flynn on drum
Seaweed made the babies some toys with the Midnight Hollow toymaker. Flynn loves the drum.

5.10.53 - drumming moodlet
LOL, awesome moodlet!

5.10.54 - Leliana married
Leliana got married!

5.10.55 - Roxie astronaut1 5.10.55 - Roxie astronaut2 5.10.55 - Roxie astronaut3
Roxie is playing pretend, love these animations.

5.10.56 - Cosette woopee cushion
Lols, Cosette set off Velma’s woopee cushion.

5.10.57 - pranked moodlet
She liked it, though.

5.10.58 - Maybelle RI
Maybelle has a new RI. That’s sort of good, though I’m sad for Abbey.

5.10.59 - Velma + Tiffanie date
Velma invited Tiffanie on a date, as per her wish.

5.10.60 - Tiffanie leaves
Tiffanie didn’t stay long, though. Weird that she has to go to work, considering she’s in the self-employed Photography career.

5.10.61 - jack in the box1 5.10.61 - jack in the box2

5.10.62 - soccer1
Wow, Cosette is really bendy for an old lady!

5.10.62 - soccer2 5.10.62 - soccer3
Seaweed is also pretty good.

5.10.63 - shower prank
Cosette also set off another shower prank.

5.10.64 - weird painting
…that’s really creepy, Velma. *sells*

5.10.65 - Flynn + Chance
Flynn watches TV with her great-great-grandfather Chance. Love that about the sims.

5.10.66 - Antoinette + Jamal
Antoinette, Marcie’s twin and Maybelle’s youngest, is dating Jamal Zale, son of Giles and Brennan Skipton.

5.10.67 - skilling
One last skill for Kelly!


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  1. Wow. I absolutely love all of the triplets. They are too adorable and all so different. I can’t wait to see what they are going to look like as children. Velma was a very good babysitter and I really don’t blame her for wanting to go in the hot tub after looking after them all. I would want to as well lol.


  2. You’re a brave soul to take on the free vacation. My sims always got stuck in vacation mode and never came home again. And a teen home alone with all the toddlers, ack! But she managed very well on her own. Roxie too.

    I love Velma’s hair! The triplets are precious. Tiffanie is very pretty, and that’s a nice hair for her too. It’s always nice when they have a date for prom. I tend to forget to ask someone and in the ISBI I can’t control it, which makes me forget it even more in other non-ISBI saves.

    The jack-in-the-box looks cool, is that a Supernatural item?


    • I haven’t allowed the free vacation in a long time either. But Brillo’s LTW is already messed up and the others weren’t really doing anything, so I thought why not?
      I forget about dates for prom also; probably wouldn’t have remembered to find one for Velma, if not for Tiffanie asking her! But sims tend to have better proms if they have dates.
      The jack-in-the-box is a toy from the MH toy machine; like the drum.


  3. Correction: I love Velma’s hair but I meant Flynn in this case. 🙂


  4. I think Velma is still my favorite. I love it when Sims pull pranks (when it isn’t in my household)


  5. Poor Velma left alone with all the kids D;
    The triplets are such cuties ❤ All so different mixes.
    Didn't know sims could like being pranked. Guess Cosette likes fart jokes 😛
    I like Velma's paintings, they fit her personality so well.

    Liked by 1 person

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