5.11 – All the Birthdays

5.10.51 - kissing
Previously, the adults went on vacation and left Velma in care of the triplets. Despite this, they all survived infancy and aged into adorable toddlers.

5.11.01 - four in one
Aw, such a cute picture. The four younger kids playing together.

5.11.02 - festival
The family is off to the festival again; allowing the teenager to drive, as you do.

5.11.03 - photo
I had to get a new greeting card, even though the season hasn’t changed yet.

5.11.04 - greeting card
Since the family has changed so much.

5.11.05 - bobbing for apples
Roxie, Velma and Cosette bob for apples.

5.11.06 - face painted
Brillo wanted to get her face painted, but it failed; she’s very upset about it.

5.11.07 - Seaweed ghostie
Seaweed…is now a ghost?

5.11.08 - cursed by witch
Oh, right. He went to the haunted house. If the family wasn’t full already, I might have tried for a ghost child while he’s like this *makes note for future generation*

5.11.09 - Velma prom
Velma finally put out her prom stuff; the poses with a partner are always so much better than the alone ones.

5.11.10 - Kristi daughter Danette
Kristi had her baby! Seaweed and Brillo have their first grandchild. And they’re not even elders yet, lol.

5.11.11 - Rourke + Laserkatt
The Rourke and Laserkatt families are to be combined.

5.11.12 - triple party
It’s a triple birthday party!

5.11.13 - freaky yellow painting
But before the party starts, Velma continues to paint weird paintings; I like this one, we’re keeping it. (photobomb by Billy)

5.11.14 - Jenn arrives
Jenn is one of the first guests to arrive…and she heartfarts Seaweed as she comes in. Lol, these simselves love the active family.

5.11.15 - boys
These two cuties are Vernon Verona (werewolf in the hat) and Jereme Bradford (blue undies – though I think that’s his swimsuit). Roxie has a wish to befriend a werewolf, so we’re trying with Vernon.

5.11.16 - Sean dancing
As always, Sean ignores the other party guests in favour of the dancefloor.

5.11.17 - Ivory Mist
Also invited was Ivory Mist, Jenn’s avatar sim. I’m guessing she’s Evil.

5.11.18 - shy Sammy
This made me laugh, sim!Jenn talking to her own creation. And Sammy is Shy.

5.11.19 - cakes1
For once, all three toddlers are being taken to their cakes by different people…yet I still can’t get them in sync.

5.11.19 - cakes2
5.11.19 - cakes3 5.11.19 - cakes4
Mostly only the family cheer for the babies. Sean is still dancing.

5.11.20 - Kelly sparkle1
Kelly is first.

5.11.20 - Kelly sparkle2
I went for a girly indoors look for her, since she hates the outdoors. (lol, and I just realised as I was editing the photos that I switched around her blue flowers for Flynn’s red ones)

5.11.21 - KellyC
Her CAS shot; she has Seaweed’s nose, and the rest is Brillo.

5.11.21 - Flynn sparkle1
Flynn goes next.

5.11.21 - Flynn sparkle2
She has a comfy don’t-care look, to suit the loner bookworm.

5.11.22 - FlynnC
She has the Rourke eye shape (passed down all the way from Phoenix, gen 1 spouse!) and everything else is Brillo.

5.11.23 - Billy sparkle1
Billy is last.

5.11.23 - Billy sparkle2
Mr Grumpy Daredevil has… well, shorts and sneakers, like a typical boy.

5.11.23 - BillyC
He looks very similar to Flynn, with the Rourke eyes and the rest Brillo. Though his mouth is kind of strange, not from either of his parents.
Oh, and by the way, all three kids were given Rebellious as their child traits, as per the rules.

5.11.24 - Kristi wet self
Kristi couldn’t contain her excitement.

5.11.25 - Flynn + Jereme
Flynn announces her birthday to Jereme.

5.11.25 - tag
They begin playing tag; need to start grooming the potential spouses from childhood, these days.

5.11.26 - kids bedroom
The triplets get bunkbeds and a rocking horse! If I remember, I may close in the room…eventually.

5.11.27 - Brillo + Billy
Brillo wished to give Billy a gift, so here we go. I’m on a mission to have the parents befriend all their children before they get to YA; some of this has already been completed, due to the toddler training. It’s so much easier to befriend sims as toddlers!

5.11.28 - Kelly + Seaweed
Along that vein, Kelly announces her birthday to her father.

5.11.29 - Roxie + Flynn
Since Jereme had to go home soon after the party, Roxie and Flynn get to socialising. Who needs outside friends when there are so many sims in the house?

5.11.30 - Brillo jail
Oops, obviously Brillo was distracted after the epic party. I think this is the first time she’s been jailed.

5.11.31 - Janel + Quinton
Janel and Quinton had a shotgun marriage! Remember, they have a child on the way.

5.11.32 - Fiyero + Kelly
Hai Fiyero! I love that Kelly thought about ghosts right then; she actually also wished to see a ghost, so it was fulfilled easily.

5.11.33 - Velma birdy
Somehow our lot spawned a bird…Velma went out to catch it. Predictably, she then rolled the Zoologist LTW (collect 20 minor pets), but we didn’t keep that.

5.11.34 - Velma keeps birdy
I let her keep it, because the family has never had a pet. She named it… Beany! (I’m embarrassed that I had to re-open the game to find out his name) But it’s in honor of this Backwards ISBI with Mr Bean as founder!

5.11.35 - Roxie + Vernon
Roxie invited Vernon over, since she has now also wished to befriend him. And if I’d seen she was playing with costumes, I would have taken some pics, damn.

5.11.36 - Velma trampoline
Meanwhile, Velma is still alternating painting with playing on the trampoline.

5.11.37 - Jenn + Carlo1
Jenn is apparently set on becoming part of the Rourke family.

5.11.37 - Jenn + Carlo2
Two seconds later, I got this popup; they’re already going steady.

5.11.38 - kids play tag
Flynn (and Kelly out of shot) joined an epic game of tag with Roxie and Vernon. The four of them played late into the night, and it only ended when Vernon was forced to leave by curfew.

5.11.39 - Velma insane1 5.11.39 - Velma insane2 5.11.39 - Velma insane3
Lols, it’s been a while since I saw Velma’s insane trait.

5.11.40 - kicking the gnome
Her rebellious trait is the strongest of all 5 kids; here she’s kicking the gnome.

5.11.41 - Eponine died
Eponine died 😦 This just proves how long Cosette has been around; she was halfway to teen before Eponine and Marius were born (that’s about 14 days older).

5.11.42 - Cosette grieves
Cosette is distraught about her younger sister.

5.11.43 - Brillo maxed athletic1 5.11.43 - Brillo maxed athletic2
Brillo maxed her athletic skill!

5.11.44 - Velma in trouble
Velma keeps skipping school, and currently has a D. Cosette is not impressed.

5.11.45 - Velma timeout
Poor insane baby got a timeout. And chose to do it half in front of the door.

5.11.46 - outerwear
Can’t remember why this picture is here…maybe to show off the cute outerwear of the kids.

5.11.47 - Roxie bday1
Also, it’s Roxie’s bday!

5.11.47 - Roxie bday2
She gets her own Rebellious trait, since I forgot at her child birthday.

5.11.48 - RoxieT
Zomg, and she’s not a complete Brillo clone! That’s Seaweed’s mouth, I’m reasonably sure.

5.11.49 - Flynn give Roxie gift
Since she wished to, Flynn gives her big sister a gift. Of a beanbag chair that has been in the family since before either of them were born.

5.11.50 - Seaweed plasma bug
Seaweed is still around, he’s just not doing a whole lot. I have him skilling science, since he wants to plant a forbidden fruit seed. This is the best discovery he’s made thus far.

5.11.51 - Velma laundry
Velma did the whole family’s laundry.

5.11.52 - Velma off the hook
So her father autonomously let her off the hook for her bad grades.

5.11.53 - Velma gay
And we took the opportunity to ask her about her gender preference; she’s gay! So the next spouse will be a female. Yes, Velma will be the gen 6 heir; since it was only after she was born that the ‘one child’ rule was lifted, I figure she can be this heir, but any of her children will be eligible for heir. Also, Seaweed’s generation has already gone on for 11 chapters, which is the longest so far!

5.11.54 - Quinton & Janel
The Laserkatt and Rourke families are officially entwined on the family tree now. I’m pretty sure this is Cosette’s first great-grandchild.

5.11.55 - Brillo promotion
Brillo got a promotion! This is L5.

5.11.56 - thief branch wish
She has now wished to join the thief branch; I haven’t had a sim do this when it’s not part of their LTW.

5.11.57 - Seaweed paints
Since Seaweed has completed all he needs for this generation, he’s working on maxing out skills; need to pump out the points! His paintings aren’t nearly as interesting as Velma’s…

5.11.58 - Brillo making bread
When Brillo came home from work, I decided she should make breakfast for her children.

5.11.59 - family breakfast
Yay, family breakfast! Such an unusual thing nowdays.

5.11.60 - Brillo martial arts
Brillo headed downstairs to learn martial arts; she got a work opportunity to do so. Cosette is a master, so she’s training her daughter-in-law.

5.11.61 - elder bday1
After the kids go to school, we have a little party in the kitchen. Brillweed are turning elder!
5.11.61 - elder bday2 5.11.61 - elder bday3

5.11.62 - BrilloE
If anyone can rock skinny jeans and an animal-print tee at her age, it’s Brillo!

5.11.63 - SeaweedE
Seaweed gets a checked shirt and paler hair; I just don’t see bright blue hair going to grey in an instant.

5.11.64 - Rad Surgeon
One last popup; Rad made World Renowned Surgeon!

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  1. I love Kelly’s hair, but I am glad Velma is heiress.
    Also th you for the mention.


  2. Aw, look at all the little Rourkes! They all look so cute – but a house full of rebellious kids! Aaargh.

    A little sad to see Brillweed (LOL) age up to elders, but they rock their look, like you said.

    Still makes me LOL to see the time machine baby Kristi, but yay for grandkids!


    • Thus far only Velma really shows her rebellious side…but the other four have only been rebellious for a few days, so we’ll give them some time. I do really love Velma though, she’s my fave Rourke in a long while.
      The elder birthday threw me for a loop – I guess that’s what happens when the heir messes around with multiple lovers for so long 😉 But Velma only has a few more days until her YA birthday, then we’ll get to finding a spouse!


  3. I was so ready to say that Flynn was my favourite out of the brood but then Roxie grew up. They are all going to end up looking so unique. I can feel it in my bones lol. I’m really glad we don’t have to vote. Velma’s rebellious side is hilarious. I love her!


    • I’m really surprised how Roxie grew up, was so sure she was a clone – well, she almost is, but hey. The kids are all very unique, yay for multiple generations of good genes.
      I think you’ll be glad to see the choices for Velma’s spouse… though it might also be a difficult choice 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Really love how different everyone’s painting style is! Seaweed’s are so cute.


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