6.02 – When We Were Young

6.01.20 - Eskarina silly faces

Previously, Velma aged up to YA and took over the family. The first thing she did was moved everyone to Bridgeport. She then met her four spouse options, and showed all of use her unique way of flirting.
The triplets aged up to teen, with the girls being indoor nerds and Billy a typical jock.

6.02.01 - teach Flynn to drive
Cosette is doing her grandmotherly duty by teaching Flynn to drive.

6.02.03 - Kelly+ Billy BFFs
As he wished, Billy becomes BFFs with his sister.

6.02.04 - profiles
Just a pic to show how similar the profiles of Seaweed and Billy are; definitely the same nose and chin.

6.02.05 - Billy pref
Oh wait, it was Seaweed asking Billy his gender preference. He’s bi, like his father.

6.02.06 - Kelly rocks out
Kelly rocks out; I’m determined that someone is going to max an instrument skill this generation!

6.02.07 - Roxie love letter
Roxie got a love letter! Lil Bling, lols. I must look into the dating situation for Roxie soonish.

6.02.08 - Roxie pranked
This is a common occurrence in a house with 4 Rebellious teenagers…Roxie is the recipient of the hair dye this time.

6.02.09 - flirt 406 1
Back with our heiress, she is flirting with 406 Bathory.

6.02.09 - flirt 406 2
And swooning.

6.02.09 - flirt 406 3
And cuddling.

6.02.10 - 406 wishes
Finally, we have some romantic wishes! You’re not travelling, but we might be able to manage to watch the stars.

6.02.11 - flirt Alyssa1
Being the classy gal she is, Velma moves onto Alyssa Vinson in the bathroom (with Story and 406 right outside the door).

6.02.11 - flirt Alyssa2
It’s about 2am at this point, and Alyssa is exhausted.

6.02.12 - Kiss Alyssa wish
But we have another romantic wish, yay!

6.02.13 - Alyssa no attraction
No attraction, though.

6.02.14 - Brillweed kissy
These two, on the other hand…

6.02.15 - steaks
The first steaks are ready! And the one on the right is actually a patty plant, I forgot about that. Might need to uproot it for some more steaks. I’m very conscious that Cosette’s lifebar is more than full, she’s about 20 days over the limit at this point.

6.02.16 - Sabrina son Chad
Chad. Nice name, Sabrina.

6.02.17 - Alyssa taxi
Even though she hasn’t yet been taught to drive, Kelly is apparently driving her own taxi? Actually no, many hours later I realised she was still there, stuck in the snow with spinning tyres (literally). *resetsim*

6.02.18 - Kelly hw in snow
Ms Hates the Outdoors then chose to do her homework outside the bistro/business office (where she goes to school, courtesy of nraas Careers School module).

6.02.19 - Kelly snow angel
And then a snow angel. I guess even those who hate the outdoors can have fun in the snow.

6.02.20 - Cosette + Beany
Beany the Cardinal is miraculously still alive. Cosette loves him, she’s probably the reason.

6.02.21 - Flynn pref1 6.02.21 - Flynn pref2
Flynn is straight.

6.02.22 - Kelly pref1 6.02.22 - Kelly pref2
While Kelly is also bi.

6.02.23 - teach Roxie to drive
Cosette stole Velma’s sports car to teach Roxie to drive.

6.02.24 - teach Kelly to drive
While Brillo teaches Kelly. Brillo has a favourite child; she rolled 3 different wishes for Kelly on age up to teen, and only ‘graduate’ wishes for the other two.

6.02.25 - Billy at gym
Billy didn’t come home from (military) school this afternoon, instead he headed to the gym. And is apparently finding it difficult to pump iron with no athletic skill.

6.02.26 - not hot spot
Lol, nice text, EA.

6.02.27 - Eskarina + Velma out
Velma invited Eskarina out to a club. Unfortunately, this was the extent of their interaction, as Eskarina sped off home the second they were done with the chat.

6.02.28 - Cosette + Flynn TV
When I got home, I found these two having a grand old time watching TV together.

6.02.29 - Cosette + Flynn pillow fight
They both rolled the wish, so I indulged them in a little late-night pillow fight.

6.02.30 - Julia RI
Julia has an RI!
(Note to self: fix her hair sometime)

6.02.31 - Seaweed in the way
Seaweed can’t get to the fridge, because Seaweed is in the way!

6.02.32 - Brillo opp1
I haven’t seen this opportunity before! We chose ‘No’.

6.02.32 - Brillo opp2
Well, that didn’t go down too well.

6.02.33 - Brillo LTW
I changed Brillo’s LTW to Master Thief, because her Klepto total kept resetting itself. I think she got up to about $28k at one point, before it reset again.

6.02.34 - Velma chair
Velma’s first wood sculpture is a chair. Boring, but it was decent money.

6.02.35 - love letter wish 6.02.36 date Alyssa wish
Apparently all that’s needed to trigger romantic wishes is some flirting. Who knew?

6.02.37 - Velma love letters
Velma sends love letters to all four girls, we’ll see how they respond.

6.02.38 - girls basketball
Just your everyday Saturday morning; the girls playing basketball.

6.02.39 - butterfly painting
Seaweed paints a very cool geometric butterfly painting.

6.02.40 - Flynn pregnancy book
Teenage daughter reading a pregnancy book… something you want to share, Flynn?

6.02.41 - Billy tramp
Mr Daredevil loves the trampoline.

6.02.42 - Kelly + Billy nerds
His BFF sister gets him off to enthuse about comic books.

6.02.43 - graduation1
Aaand, it’s graduation time! One of my mods (SP, I think) forces grads to only be on Friday/Saturday, and this is Velma’s first Saturday in town.

6.02.43 - graduation2
Winter means they only change into formal right at the door to city hall. Except for Cosette, who is too hardcore for outerwear.

6.02.44 - Velma graduated
I think she’s the first heir(ess) to graduate without an A… oh well, it suits her personality. And LOL, Most Likely to Offend Others is pretty accurate!

6.02.45 - Julia pregnant
Julia is pregnant! (yes, there are other simselves in town, they’re just being very quiet)

6.02.45 - Velma ice sculpt
Home from graduation, back to the grind of work. I’ll have to design Cosette a work outfit sometime, so she doesn’t wear her grad outfit all the time.

6.02.46 - Kelly drums It’s a musical Saturday today.

6.02.47 - Roxie piano
Strangely, Roxie doesn’t take off her outerwear when she comes inside. She doesn’t have any weather traits, I don’t think. Weird.

6.02.48 - Roxie fired
Oops. Another first for the family, Ms Rebellious skipped work too many times.

6.02.49 - Roxie love letter1
6.02.49 - Roxie love letter2
At least she’s popular with the boys, I guess?

6.02.50 - 406 visit
406 was the only spouse option to accept the invitation to the mad house.

6.02.51 - kiss 406 wish
And Velma duly gets another romantic wish for her.

First to fulfil the other wish. In your swimmers in the snow, really Velma?
6.02.52 - 406 watch stars1 6.02.52 - 406 watch stars2 6.02.52 - 406 watch stars3

6.02.53 - Ivory promotion
Ivory Mist is apparently in the culinary career…not sure I’d want to eat her cooking…

6.02.53 - sleeping together
406 slept over, but no spooning since they’re still just friends. They did keep dreaming about houses, though.

Roxie and Flynn dance spam!
6.02.54 - Roxie + Flynn dance1 6.02.54 - Roxie + Flynn dance2 6.02.54 - Roxie + Flynn dance3

6.02.55 - Ivory RI
Ivory has an RI; I’d be careful if I were you, Wayne.

6.02.56 - Brillo maxed alchemy1 6.02.56 - Brillo maxed alchemy2
Brillo maxed alchemy! Now to learn all the recipes so she can mix us some supernatural elixirs.

6.02.57 - oldies flirting
Showing exceptional timing, Seaweed finished an epic orange painting just after Brillo mixed her elixir, so there’s time for flirting. I love that she’s still all dressed up from graduation while he’s in his daggy PJs.

6.02.58 - 406 snob
406 did this the minute she got up. Methinks we have a snob.

Velma met her in the bathroom, intent on fulfilling her wish.
6.02.59 - 406 romance1 6.02.59 - 406 romance2 6.02.59 - 406 romance3 6.02.59 - 406 romance4

Aand done!

6.02.60 - woohoo wish
Lol, another wish is promptly rolled.

6.02.61 - 406 no attraction
But there is no attraction.

6.02.62 - Roxie meets 406 6.02.63 - fairy wish
The second Roxie met 406, she rolled up this wish. I don’t often play with Supernatural Fans/Skeptics, so these wishes are new for me.

6.02.64 - Roxie befriends 406
So when they’re finished their breakfast (thanks Seaweed for the homemade plum cobbler!), Roxie begins chatting up her sister’s RI.

6.02.65 - Billy's snowmen
Billy has just gone inside for breakfast, after building a snowman army outside. Only one was non-classic, but it’s a cool sad clown one!

6.02.65 - Twilight painting
Oh no, the dreaded Twilight painting! That one is definitely being sold.

6.02.66 - Roxie + 406 friends
That didn’t take long! All of Roxie’s specialist Supernatural Fan interactions are double-effective with occults.

6.02.67 - L4 sculptor
Velma hasn’t been idle either, she’s up to L4 of the sculpting career already.


One more chapter and then we’ll have the spouse poll; I want Eskarina and Story to have a chance for romantic wishes. But next up, it’s Snowflake Day!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Eskarina really wasn’t cooperating this chapter which is sadly, very much like her. At least she hasn’t turned anyone into a frog yet on free will x_x. Seems to be a lot of romantic wishes rolling in for the other girls which is good. Maybe the attraction level will increase after they’ve done some romantic wishes? I’ve never tested that out.

    I love the teens lol.


    • According to nraas, the attraction score is supposed to be an ‘initial attraction’ thing. Jess and Chance, Fiyero and Yttrium didn’t have high initial attraction, so I’m not too worried about that score in isolation.
      Eskarina has definitely been a challenge to woo, and the others have jobs to consider!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh, right now my favorite for spouse is 406, but I love Story and I want to see how she gets along with Velma before I make any definite decisions.. can’t wait to see where things go from here. Velma looks like such a fun heiress.


  3. Hahaha, “not the dreaded Twilight painting!” indeed. I definitely have another painting replacement mod. Kind of happy about that now. The butterfly painting was nice though.

    “Seaweed can’t get to the fridge, because Seaweed is in the way!” – giggle

    Me wants that sad clown snowman.

    Velma wants to woohoo with 406 (lol that name) despite no attraction? Odd. Then again, it’s sims. *shrug*

    My favourite for spouse is probably Story, and second Eskarina. Too bad she just scurried home like that. Eskarina is a great name btw.


    • Ooh, another painting mod? I didn’t know there was one other than Plum’s, which one do you use?

      I think the sad clown is made by grumpy sims? Billy is definitely a grumpy boy. Sims wiki says also sad sims make sad clown snowmen – so maybe let your sims get really sad.

      Yeah, Velma is a bit weird with her wishes. None of the four have any initial attraction, yet she’s rolled romantic wishes for all of them. Maybe it’s just that it’s not “love at first sight”, more like gradual romance.

      I love the name Eskarina, thank Tam for choosing it!


      • I use the one by neuroticrobotic http://fillyfoal.tumblr.com/post/48423641004/so-tax-season-is-finally-over-and-i-finally-have
        who also made Glendalough and Eltham’s Drift, my two favourite worlds to play in. It’s extra funny that she/he left the paintings for “Hates art” trait untouched – “Can’t Stand Art | This is the only category I did not replace. As you can see, EA’s originals are sufficiently horrible.” LOL

        I think there are actually more replacements on tumblr, if you look for them, but this is my favourite so far.

        I guess none of my sims have ever been grumpy, so far. 😦 And when they are in a bad mood they never make snowmen either.

        Yeah, I think Eskarina is from a book, but I can’t recall which and I’m too lazy to google it. 🙂


  4. WHY is there even a Twilight painting? WHY?

    Liked by 1 person

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