6.03 – It Was All Yellow

Another update so soon? Uni is almost over for the semester, and I have to procrastinate studying… so sims! 🙂

6.02.59 - 406 romance4
Last time, Velma befriended all the spouse options, and had a sleep over with 406. She also graduated, while the four teens various skilled and were taught to drive.

6.03.01 - Snowflake Day
It’s Snowflake Day!

6.03.02 - not enough room
Velma wanted to hold a Gift Giving Party, but apparently the game thinks there is not enough room here… so we’re having a regular party instead.

But first, some responses to her love letters!
6.03.03 - love letters1 6.03.03 - love letters2

6.03.04 - Julia engaged
Julia is engaged!

6.03.04 - guests arrive
The guests have arrived.

6.03.05 - Lola Belle
I want to play with the celebrity system some more, so I invited Lola Belle, who I know is a celebrity. I was surprised when Velma didn’t have to try to impress her… until I realised that there are no celebrities in town. I guess moving the family into town with celebrities off killed all the stars. Had to us MC to put them back, we can’t have Bridgeport without celebs!

6.03.06 - 406 moved out
406 left the house, went home to move out, then came back to the party… I didn’t realise living with Eskarina was that bad.

6.03.07 - Sean funny
Apparently Sean is really boring/funny, because a bunch of people yawned and/or laughed at her during the party.

6.03.08 - Charlotte sculpts
Charlotte chose to ignore everyone and take over Velma’s sculpting station.

6.03.09 - Velma attraction
I had Velma use the Scan Room interaction available with the woohooer mod. Apparently she’s not attracted to anyone except Rad (whom she heartfarted). *sigh*
Maybe she doesn’t need to marry her spouse, we’ll just choose the spouse to donate their genes to the Rourke line.

Since we couldn’t do the gift giving, I went to the standard party backup; dancing! Everyone got in on the action, so have some spam:
6.03.09 - dance spam1 6.03.09 - dance spam2 6.03.09 - dance spam3 6.03.09 - dance spam4 6.03.09 - dance spam5

As always, Sean stole the show with her dance moves, though for once she wasn’t the last one on the dancefloor. That trophy went to Alyssa this time.

6.03.10 - Charlotte sculpture
Charlotte stayed long enough to finish her sculpture.

6.03.11 - killer party
And Velma’s party was killer.

6.03.12 - Roxie + Billy gossip
Billy and Roxie continued the socialising in the bathroom.

6.03.13 - Roxie + Billy BFFs
And soon made it to BFFs.

6.03.14 - befriending  celeb
After the party, Velma invited Story out to The Grind. And wanted to impress a 3-star celeb on the way. Unfortunately, they got off to a bad start when his Hatred of Art clashed with her Savvy Sculptor trait.

6.03.15 - tak about wealth
But boasting about wealth works very well!

6.03.16 - Velma celeb
I’m probably going to regret this eventually, but for now Velma is a 1-star celeb.

6.03.17 - Story flirt1
Apparently Story didn’t have enough dancing at the party; Velma interrupted her club dance to flirt….about clowns?

6.03.17 - Story flirt2
6.03.17 - Story flirt3 6.03.17 - Story flirt4
It goes down well, though.

6.03.18 - kiss Story wish
And we have our first romantic wish for Story.

Once again, I somehow lost a bunch of photos taken in-game, so only have the popups left.

6.03.19 - Julia married 6.03.20 - Kiana pregnant
Julia got married, and Sabrina’s daughter Kiana is pregnant.

6.03.21 - love letters1 6.03.21 - love letters2
We also got a response back from the other two love letters Velma sent; Eskarina is still being very difficult.

6.03.22 - Kelly friend wish
And Kelly rolled this incredibly aww-inducing wish. Poor little Shy Kelly. I’ll do my best to make this happen for her.

6.03.23 - skilling
Flynn does still live here, she’s just always reading or playing chess, as her little Genius Bookworm heart desires.

6.03.24 - Brillo jailed
Brillo’s career is going very slowly, she’s still only about L4. And now she’s in the clink, awesome.

6.03.25 - hai Bruce
Hai Bruce! It’s rare that the ghosts come into the house, there is so much stuff to do in the yard, they usually get distracted.

6.03.26 - Cosette repair
Wow, it’s been a while since anything was broken. Someone is going to need handiness skill for when Cosette dies 😦

6.03.27 - Seaweed snowboarding
Seaweed is remarkably fit and active for an octogenarian.

6.03.28 - Exkarina crazy
Lols, Eskarina is almost as nuts as Velma.

6.03.29 - Eskarina gift
She’s here for a date!

6.03.30 - great date wish
And Velma’s first romantic wish for Eskarina is for a great date.

6.03.32 - Esk kiss2
First kiss!

6.03.33 - roasting marshmallows
And then they roast some marshmallows.

6.03.34 - cuddling1
And cuddle on a park bench.
6.03.34 - cuddling2

6.03.35 - Roxie opp
I haven’t seen this opportunity before, go Roxie!

6.03.36 - food truck
Poor Velma was starving, so we took the opportunity to play with the food truck.

6.03.37 - Julia baby girl
Julia had a baby girl!

6.03.37 - strange girls
Lol, these two are so strange; this is how Eskarina chose to sit with Velma.

6.03.38 - bad date
Aw really, how was that a bad date? They spent hours socialising!

6.03.40 - Seaweed celeb wish
Seaweed has his first celeb opportunity! I’m excited about playing with this aspect of the game, haven’t really used it before.

6.03.41 - ice chess board
An ice chess board! I’ll have to get Velma to carve another one when she gets her ice sculptures to non-melting.

6.03.42 - flirty boys
Meeting Matthew Hamming…both boys are flirty!

6.03.43 - boast about wealth
It’s easy for Seaweed to impress celebs, he has so much money and many maxed skills.

6.03.44 - Hamming face
Lol, Hamming makes great faces.

6.03.45 - 2 stars
And just befriending him gives Seaweed two celeb stars!

6.03.46 - Alyssa flirt1
Alyssa has finally been pinned down for a date, the last of the potential spouses. She makes brilliant faces.
6.03.46 - Alyssa flirt2 6.03.46 - Alyssa flirt3 6.03.46 - Alyssa flirt4

6.03.47 - Story wish
In the middle of flirting with Alyssa, Velma rolled up this wish. I guess she has a thing for Story.

6.03.48 - HOTMK1
HOTM kiss…

6.03.48 - HOTMK2 6.03.48 - HOTMK3

6.03.49 - embrace 6.03.50 - leap into arms
Now for some autonomous romance.

6.03.51 - chess
I left these two alone and went to check on things at home. Cosette and Flynn continue their friendship over a game of chess, while Roxie continues skilling piano.

6.03.52 - route fail woohoo
…apparently Velma is in the way to the elevator? They both had “woohoo” in their queue, but route failed.

6.03.53 - good date
But it was still a good date.

6.03.54 - kiss Alyssa wish
And now Velma is wishing things for Alyssa too.


So we come the vote for Velma’s spouse! Poll is here.


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. *Sigh* Eskarina. You boob x_x. I’m starting to think my Sims are cursed lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I must have missed this post? Ah yes, clowns, the essence of a good flirty conversation, lol.

    Loved the ice chess board!


  3. Cosette is so incredibly old at this point…

    Liked by 1 person

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