6.04 – Tears of Purple

Gen 5 spouse
We have a winner! By a long shot, Story Moss takes out the most coveted crown of being the next Rourke spouse. And I’ve been having so much fun playing with her and Velma that I have 3-4 chapters almost ready to go.

6.04.01 - Become vampire wish
I loaded my game to see Brillo roll up this. Uh, no. This house is full enough without you staying undead until the end of this legacy.

6.04.02 - Julia pregnant
Julia is having another baby! I think this will be her first inside wedlock.

6.04.03 - Brillo promotion
Then again, Brillo only just got promoted to L6, she might need to be undead to make her Master Thief LTW.

6.04.04 - Velma talk to self
Sometimes I forget Velma is insane… then she does something like this, and I remember.

6.04.05 - Eskarina1
She’s at the Butterfly park to breakup with Eskarina. I love this lot, so pretty.

6.04.05 - Eskarina2
Aw, sorry for the broken heart, Esk.

6.04.05 - Eskarina3
Velma still wants to be friends with you, but the public has spoken, and you are not the chosen one.

6.04.06 - bad date
And she got a bad date moodlet, dammit. Stupid date wishes.

6.04.07 - Alyssa1
She next went over to the apartment where all the girls live, and we found Alyssa outside. She wasn’t happy either.

6.04.07 - Alyssa2
But at least she accepted Velma’s apology, and they’re good friends again.

6.04.08 - Cosette + Brillo
Back home, a singed Cosette (who wants to learn all the potions) is tossing the pigskin around with an underwear-clad Brillo. Just normal family stuff, y’know. These two get along very well, actually, they’re best friends.

6.04.09 - Cosette reads
Since we’ve already done the whole inventing thing in this legacy (and spent way too long on it, thanks Fiyero), Velma is learning by reading.

6.04.10 - Sabrina RI
Sabrina has caught herself a celeb. Be careful!

6.04.11 - Seaweed awesome painting
Like his wife, Seaweed rarely changes out of his PJs these days. But at least he paints awesome paintings. We’ll hang this one, too.

6.04.12 - Seaweed retire1
I decided it was past time for him to retire; he’s long since stopped actively taking PI cases.

6.04.12 - Seaweed retire2
Both the old women in his life were there to cheer him on.

6.04.13 - teens on phones
Lol, teens always on their phone – looks like RL.

*insert break for Christmas special day – see this post for pics*

6.04.14 - Kelly prank
After the family Christmas photo, Kelly came inside to plant a whoopee cushion.

6.04.15 - Brillo whoopee cushion
A prank than Brillo promptly set off a few minutes later.

6.04.16 - evil freezer bunny
Velma sculpted an evil freezer bunny!

6.04.17 - Sabrina RI
Rad also got an RI…hang on, that’s the same celeb as Sabrina’s! What a player.

6.04.18 - Roxie piano
More pranks by the rebellious teens. Also, Roxie is chained to the piano until she maxes the skill, since I want at least one person to max each skill by the end of the legacy.

6.04.19 - Flynn reading
Flynn takes her favourite spot by the fire; the Bookworm trait is strong in this one.

6.04.20 - route fail
Help, I can’t reach 406, 406 is in the way!

6.04.21 - 406 romance wish
No more romance for you two!

6.04.22 - Billy mood swing
Billy is having a moodswing; he just pulled a doorbell ditch on the gated celeb house down the road.

Man, 406 is scary! Velma wants her to go to the spa to calm down.

6.04.24 - Billy prank1 6.04.24 - Billy prank2 6.04.24 - Billy prank3
And more pranks. These rebellious teens are already getting old. Impressed that he got away with this, though – it’s about 8am.

6.04.25 - Kiana baby
Sabrina is a grandmother! Kiana is her daughter, in case you’ve forgotten.

6.04.26 - Cosette maxed logic
Cosette is still gathering points for the legacy, maxing yet more skills.

6.04.27 - need to brood
Wow, I’d almost forgotten Velma had the Brooding trait.

6.04.28 - brooding
Fine, brood in the rain in front of City Hall.

6.04.29 - umbrella shark
Just don’t get taken by the umbrella sharks.

6.04.30 - honor roll1 6.04.30 - honor roll2
Moar honor rolls!

6.04.31 - omni plants
Yay, finally! I’m so impressed Cosette survived long enough to get the omni plants; she’s about 30 days over the limit by now.

6.04.32 - plant omni
And she plants them straight away, plus orders more, just in case she doesn’t last muc longer.

6.04.33 - Velma maxed sculpting
Velma is one down for her LTW!

6.04.34 - hair prank
This happens to at least one person every other day. So getting old.

6.04.35 - broken washing machine
Wow, a broken appliance! This happens so infrequently…possibly because Cosette completed all the handiness challenges, and so most of the appliances are unbreakable as well as self-cleaning.

6.04.36 - Ivory RI
Ivory has an RI. I only hope she doesn’t become a celeb with power, that would be scary.

6.04.37 - broken Velma
Uhm, Velma, honey, I don’t think that’s the right way…

6.04.38 - homework party
Homework party in Roxie’s room!

6.04.39 - honor roll
Oh hey, Mr Grumpy also got on the honor roll.

6.04.40 - Bryan Ewing
Hey, you’re cute, who are you? Bryan Ewing, everyone, one of the few teen males in town.

6.04.41 - Mars Champion
Also, we now have our very own paparazzi; meet Mars Champion (awesome name).

6.04.42 - Bronson Littler
This teen is Bronson Littler. The outfit and makeup don’t really seem compatible with Kelly or Flynn, but we’ll see.

6.04.43 - heartfart

6.04.44 - Roxie bday1
Oh yes, people are here because it’s Roxie’s birthday.

6.04.44 - Roxie bday2
We invited a bunch of teens – and apparently they all know Roxie, since they’re all celebrating with the family.

6.04.44 - Roxie bday3
Sparkley! She rolled Neat, to go with Hydrophobic, Lucky, Rebellious and Supernatural Fan. Man, such random traits. Her LTW is suitably random – Superstar Actor.

6.04.45 - RoxieYA
And she’s a clone of Brillo, with Seaweed’s freckled skin. At least that makes her look slightly different.

6.04.46 - route fail cake
Route fail over the cake – only Roxie and Jenn found their way through.

6.04.47 - Jupiter Belle
This guy with the cool blue hair is Jupiter Belle. Another cool name.

6.04.48 - Story talk
Story is also here, Velma is trying to convince her to move in, even though the house is full.

6.04.49 - Cosette dies1
Oh no, Cosette! I didn’t mean you had to leave so Story could join us!

6.04.49 - Cosette dies2 6.04.50 - Cosette stats
I used MC to check her status before Grim came – she was 38 days over the limit! I was hoping she’s see great-grandchildren, but no dice.

Everyone is upset.

6.04.52 - resurrect Cosette wish
No less than four people (Velma, Seaweed, Roxie, Flynn) rolled up this wish. Sorry guys, but not going to happen.

6.04.53 - Brillo sprinklers
And where was Cosette’s BFF? Outside, playing in the sprinklers.

6.04.54 - exit
Talk about a grand exit, Cosette. So many people here with you!

6.04.55 - grimmy outside
Grimmy spawned outside. Fail, Grimmy.

6.04.56 - shake hands
She shook hands with Grim; as expected, she lived a very long life.

Farewell Cosette, you maxed 6 skills, raised 3 children and maxed visas in all 3 countries. You were my favourite heir to date, and we spent a whole lot of time together.

6.04.57 - devastation
Everyone is devastated.

6.04.58 - cute boys
The girls can’t keep their minds off their deceased grandmother, even as they talk to cute boys.

6.04.59 - cry on shoulder
Velma cries on Story’s shoulder.

6.04.60 - misteltoe1
She then asks for a kiss to make her feel better. Until the mistletoe, just coz.

6.04.60 - misteltoe2
Oops, missed.

6.04.61 - move in
And then she agrees to move in.

6.04.62 - makeover
And promptly gets a business-y makeover.

6.04.63 - Story
I’ll make a trait card sometime, but here’s a CAS shot – she’s gorgeous! And she has pink eyes, which I didn’t see before. She’s a witch with the LTW of Mystic Healer (heal 12 sims with the sunlight charm). So we’ll be seeing a lot of witch experimentation.

And here are the trait cards:


That’s it for now, next up Story settles into life with the Rourkes.



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  1. I’m so excited Story won! Sad that it wasn’t Esk but oh well. It’s going to be need to get some of the Moss’s genetics in the challenge.

    Aww. Cosette… At least she can be with her husband now. Seeing great grandchldren would have been cool but, as you stated, there is room for Story to move in now which is great! Now we can start with the babies!


    • We can indeed start with the babies. This challenge, with the poll for a spouse, and having to get them friends with all the options, means the heir doesn’t start having kids until about halfway through their YA stage, which is a nice change. Though it does mean the grandparents can be quite old by the time nooboos come around.
      I’m looking forward to some new genetics – there are a suspicious number of 0s in Velma’s sliders, so we need new blood. There are other Winters in the list for future spouse options, so hopefully one will enter the fray later!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry I got here so late but I checked out from Sims altogether for a while.

    Yup, I voted for Story as well, she’s really pretty, and yay a witch!

    Aw no, Cosette! Wow, she got really old though. Sad to see her go. It always takes me forever to get the omni plant, usually they die before they get to finish the opportunity, so it’s nice to see her succeed. She really left in style, surrounded by family and friends.


    • No worries, we all have breaks on occasion. I am really liking Story as a sim, she has some great genetics that will hopefully be brought into the family.
      I’ve never had omnis either! A bit at a loss as to what to feed them, trying out some books and toys. Not like the family need the money at this point.


  3. Yikes, Velma with that chainsaw. Living dangerously.
    138 days old…and her grandkids call that premature parting? Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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