6.05 – Points and Pranks

6.04.54 - exit
Last time, Cosette died during Roxie’s birthday party, leading to the biggest crying fest in my game to date. Story Moss was revealed as the winner of the spouse poll, and she moved into the house.

More updates? Yes, finally catching up to my binge playing over Christmas. Get ready for some nooboos! Wait, not yet, this chapter just has a hormonal, insane pregnant woman.

We begin with Story and Velma watching the stars together. Which reminds me, I have to remove her Christmas outfit, or Ms Insane will continue to wear it randomly.

6.05.02 - Jenn crying
Jenn stayed well beyond the rest of the party goers, crying in the kitchen over Cosette’s death. I understand your sadness, but GO HOME!

6.05.03 - Seaweed + Chance karaoke
Seaweed and Chance sang karaoke! Too funny!

6.05.04 - woohoo
The girls’ first night together (I apologise for the eye-blinding yellow bedspread, it’s a full moon). We have to try for babies quickly, I want Seaweed and Brillo to see at least one grandchild, and their life bars are already pretty full.

6.05.05 - Story practise magic
In her and Velma’s newly purple-fied bedroom, Story practises magic. It wasn’t until she rolled the wish that I remembered we could buy better wands. She thus promptly earned the most expensive one available. Now if only she’d stop playing long enough to pick it up…

6.05.06 - moodlet manage
Seaweed goes around with the moodlet manager. There’s only so much grief I can handle.

6.05.07 - Roxie pranked
LMAO, her face! Poor Roxie.

6.05.08 - forbidden fruit seed
Now that winter’s over, Seaweed found some seeds to play with. And eventually got a forbidden fruit seed! We’ll plant it and save the fruit. Eventually we need a plantsim in the legacy, but not in a rush.

Which reminds me I need to add the points for bringing a witch into the family.

6.05.09 - Roxie piano
Roxie is still here, btw – she’s almost at L9 of piano, and I want her to max the skill before she moves out.

6.05.10 - business job
Story was in the education career, but this generation demands a businesswoman, so she switches. Once she tops the career, we can
finally have a computer in the house!

6.05.11 - Billy in trouble
Billy got caught setting a prank.

6.05.12 - begging forgiveness
He begs for forgiveness.

6.05.13 - sell out
Seaweed forgave him, but Billy got this moodlet. Ah, rebellious trait.

6.05.14 - Brillo maxed cooking

Brillo maxed cooking! Our resident Natural Cook will fill the fridge with leftovers for future generations.

6.05.15 - Velma puke
Velma puked outside, for some reason, despite both toilets being free.

6.05.16 - fire blast Billy
Story wanted to practise her magic on someone. She fire blasts Billy.

6.05.17 - ice blast Kelly
Then ice blasts Kelly. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of their reactions.

6.05.18 - Roxie + Kelly jam
And I finally had a brainwave; brought the drum set into the living room, so Roxie and Kelly could jam.

6.05.19 - Story converting
This is Story’s life at the moment, converting things over and over again.

6.05.20 - magic elixir
Brillo keeps her supplied with elixirs to top up her magic when it gets low.

6.05.21 - nooboo
Generation 7 is confirmed!

6.05.22 - Julia baby boy
Julia had her baby boy.

6.05.23 - Story psychic
Story is apparently psychic, Velma hasn’t told her yet.

6.05.24 - Cosette ghost
Cosette is back! She spent the night on the waterslide.

6.05.25 - stay inside
Wow, I have never seen this wish before. Not sure that’s going to be possible, what with school and everything, but we’ll try.

6.05.26 - grieving
Apparently I forgot to moodlet manage the girls.

6.05.27 - moodlet manage
So Velma gets right onto that.

6.05.28 - graduation
It’s Roxie’s graduation!

6.05.29 - Eskarina picnic
While the family was inside, I went snooping around the place. Found Eskarina eating a picnic in the gorgeous park.

6.05.30 - ant sim
With an ant sim.

6.05.30 - Alyssa fixed
Alyssa was fixed quickly.

6.05.31 - Roxie grads
Roxie had an A, but didn’t get a Most Likely award. She’s a bit bland.

6.05.32 - diploma toss
Diploma toss!

6.05.33 - toss cookies
A different kind of toss. What could this be? (like you don’t already know)

6.05.34 - Seaweed + Billy jog
I sent Billy and Seaweed home jogging, to raise their athletic skill. It pleased me greatly that they were so close together.

6.05.35 - Seaweed maxed athletic
It didn’t take Seaweed long to max the skill.

6.05.36 - eat separately
In the meantime, Story and Velma go out to eat… at separate tables.

6.05.37 - steep hill
Wow, guys, that’s a
very steep hill to run up. o.O

6.05.38 - Billy maxed athletics
Well, it helped Billy maxed athletics, at least.

6.05.39 - holding hands
Back to the girls on their date.

6.05.40 - massage
Story massaged Velma’s aching back.

6.05.41 - dip kiss
Then dip kissed her.

6.05.42 - girlfriends
I was wondering why there was no option to propose…then realised they weren’t offical yet. *facepalm* So girlfriends, it is!

6.05.43 - woohoo wish6.05.44 - kiss wish
Just to prove you guys made a good choice; both the girls keep throwing up romantic wishes towards one another all the time.

Romantic waterview proposal spam:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6.05.46 - marry Velma wish
Story then rolled up this wish, she’s just a LTH machine, this one. Always rolling easily completed wishes, and then the easy big money ones, too.

6.05.47 - celeb up
Oh, and this public proposal has increased Velma’s celebrity also, nice.

6.05.47 - Sean + Shayla
The girls went to see a movie to round off their date. I watched Sean play with fairy magic outside the theatre. That girl in front of her is her granddaughter, btw, named Shayla.

6.05.48 - Sean RI
This popped up while I was watching… you’re not doing anything, Sean, how do you get into a relationship while watching your granddaughter?

6.05.49 - Roxie maxed piano
finally maxed piano.

6.05.50 - Roxie formal
And with one last look at her sexy formal outfit, she’s shipped off. Except since both Story and Velma are pregnant, the game didn’t like using the normal ‘move out’ screen, so I had to use MC to add her to 406’s household. Have fun in SP, Roxie!

6.05.51 - weird sculpture
What on earth is Velma making? I haven’t seen that one before, looks like it could topple over at any minute!

6.05.52 - Brillo baking

Told you Brillo is going to fill the fridge. With baked goods, since there’s a bunch of fruit in the fridge, and I want to play with the oven.

6.05.53 - nauseous
Aw, Story is still nauseous.

6.05.54 - Story pregnant
And she’s pregnant (duh). Yeah, they TFB’d, and then risky woohooed, and both were successful. That’s okay, it’s allowed now!

6.05.55 - love charm wish
See what I mean about easily fulfilled wishes?

6.05.56 - love charm
We chose Brillo as the subject.

6.05.57 - nursery
Roxie’s room has been converted into a nursery. Yellow and purple go so nicely together, though it’s very bright. Once the babies are born, we’ll see if colour changes need to be made.

6.05.58 - Chance rocking chair
Of course, the ghosts found the rocking chair straight away – this is Chance again.

6.05.59 - Beany died
Aw, Beany died. I’d forgotten about him (again).

6.05.60 - Roxie RI
That didn’t take long, Roxie! He has an interesting face.

6.05.61 - celeb discount
Haha, celeb discount. Story is another high maintenance pregnant woman, like Brillo. Every day she wishes to go to the spa.

6.05.62 - Rad pregnant
I guess Rad finally tied down the serial Romeo.

Every. Single. Day.

6.05.64 - Story's new broom
Just to show off Story’s new Pegasus broom 🙂

6.05.65 - belly rub
Aw, belly rub.

6.05.66 - Rad engaged
Rad and Romeo are now engaged!

6.05.67 - Billy kiss wish
Billy rolled up this wish while in school one day. We’ll try to make this happen!

6.05.68 - Jett Atkins
Speaking of teen romance, this is Jett Atkins. Flynn has had a wish to invite him over for a while now.

6.05.69 - chatting
They get along nicely, though he has a steady girlfriend in Elsbeth Cook.

6.05.70 - strain face
Story got a celeb opportunity to work out for four hours, so we chose to do it at the gym. Such a pretty view. Too bad about her pregnancy athletic outfit, after I customised her a nice one, too.

6.05.71 - rocking
Seaweed has been sucked into the vortex of rocking! Good thing I can control him 😉

6.05.72 - Roxie RI 2
Roxie has another RI, mere hours after the other one. It seems she was only boring when under my thumb, lol.


And that’s it! Next chapter will have nooboos, I promise.


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. OOOooOOOhhh I love the Pegasus broom! It is so cool!

    I’m not surprised that it didn’t take Roxy long to find someone with SP. She turned out absolutely beautiful. The other children won’t have hard times finding spouses either. I like Jett. We could make him break up with his girlfriend lol but that’s just evil XD!


  2. Whew! I just spent the last couple of days getting caught up in this. I love the challenge but the original rules don’t seem to be up anymore. 😦 Do you think you could post them somewhere?

    Velma and Story are adorable- I can’t wait to see the nooboos!


    • Aw, thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it. The original rules are up on the new boolprop forums here – I’ll make sure to update the link. And will also post them up in this blog; since the rules were last updated for Pets, I’ve been considering making some changes to include the later EPs also.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay babbies & proposal!

    Aw, no Most Likely Award for Roxie? Not sure I’ve ever seen that happen.

    Loner sims are the best at taking care of minor pets like birds. They get a relationship portrait with them and everything. :´) Otherwise I’d probably forget about them too.


  4. Can’t wait to see the nooboos.


  5. I am all caught up! It only took me like twoish weeks lol. So happy but sad to be caught up. Cause now I have to wait like everyone else XD

    Can’t wait for babies!


  6. That mermaid painting is so nice.
    Story’s makeover fits her well, makes her more witchy looking.


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