6.06 – Bam! Toad!

6.05.45 - proposal4
Man, 6 chapters and we have yet to see babies. Get a move on, Velma!
In the previous chapter, Story and Velma got engaged, and both fell pregnant. Ah, fun with same sex couples and multiple babies at the same time. Roxie also aged up and moved out, but not before maxing the piano skill and earning the family a point – from now on all spares will be required to max one skill before moving out as a YA. Because I’m playing for points, and also coz they need to do something while living the life of luxury in the legacy house.

6.06.01 - vampire
Velma had a celeb opportunity to befriend…I’ve forgotten her name, but it’s the vampire in the cream dress here. So we stalked her to the theatre…not sure why she brought her baby with her, it’s raining and it’s the middle of the night! Also, lol at Velma trying to catch rain in her mouth.

6.06.02 - announce pregnancy
Lol, Velma chose to “announce pregnancy” as a way of befriending her.

6.06.03 - paparazzi notes
The paparazzi takes careful notes. And Kiana, Sabrina’s daughter is there on the left, with Sabrina’s first grandchild.

6.06.04 - Story alchemy
Since she doesn’t need any skills for the Business career, and she’s a witch who levels it faster, I felt Story should learn alchemy. We may even turn some of her human offspring into supernaturals!

6.06.05 - spaghetti wish
Pregnant Velma has cravings.

6.06.06 - Brillo cooks
Her mother is happy to oblige her wish. In her undies, as always.

6.06.07 - prom
Ooh, prom is coming up for the triplets! We’ll have to try and get them dates.

6.06.08 - Jett1
Flynn brought home Jett Atkins from school, so we’ll see how she goes with him.

6.06.08 - Jett2
Flirt accepted!

6.06.09 - Jett leaves
But then he ran off home, boo.

6.06.10 - Flynn date wish
Flynn likes him, though!

6.06.10 - elder love
These two are still in love, aw.

6.06.11 - Story sarcophagus
Why did I build you guys a very nice bedroom, if you’re just going to sleep in the sarcophagi? Note the Zs in the one next to Story – that’s Velma.

6.06.12 - baby time
Not for long, though – it’s baby time!

6.06.13 - hospital birth
Velma decided she wanted to birth the baby at the hospital, so I allowed it (and realised later we may not have unlocked hospital births as yet…oh well). Look at them both with their pregnant waddles!

6.06.14 - baby boy
It’s a boy! As per Pink’s awesome suggestion, this generation’s naming theme is Rocky Horror Picture Show; this is Riff Raff. He’s a hot-headed heavy sleeper who likes Aqua, Hip Hop and Fried PB + Banana Sandwiches.

6.06.15 - date Alyssa wish
On the way home, Velma rolled up this wish – no, more dating other women!

6.06.16 - Jett aged up
Oh, and I also noticed this – Jett aged up overnight! Guess Flynn won’t be taking him to her prom. Hannah, who Billy rolled a wish for last chapter, also aged up this night. Almost no teens left now, unfortunately.

6.06.17 - waddling Story
Story is so big, she’s going to pop any time now.

6.06.18 - Velma massage
Velma gives her a massage to help her aching back.

6.06.19 - Brillo promotion1
6.06.19 - Brillo promotion2
Brillo is
finally up to the split level in the criminal career – though it is a late split, this is L7. We chose Thief, as per her LTW.

6.06.20 - gossiping
These two are BFFs, always gossiping and socialising.

6.06.21 - Roxie gossip
LOL, nice gossip about your big sister, Billy.

6.06.22 - stay inside wish
This is where Kelly got up to with her “stay inside for 2 days” wish. Since it’s 7am and she has school soon, it’s not going to be fulfilled. She only has 4 more days as a teen, not going to lose her honor roll now!

6.06.23 - gift
Billy rolled the wish to give his sister a gift…but doesn’t look like she likes it.

6.06.24 - rejected gift
Nope, rejected!

6.06.24 - rejected gift2
LOL, I have never seen that before! Makes total sense.

6.06.25 - accepted gift
Trying again…

6.06.25 - accepted gift2
Much better!

6.06.24 - Velma career
Not sure if I’ve shown off Velma’s career outfit; this is it. And she’s almost maxed her painting skill.

6.06.26 - sculpt wish
She’s also rolling some very random wishes; I’ve never even met this guy, how do you know him?

6.06.26 - vampire wish
No, you’re not becoming a vampire.

6.06.27 - Story spa
Story is a very needy pregnant woman, always wishing for massages and spa stuff. Good thing we have plenty of money to indulge her.

6.06.28 - vespas
Lols, the Rourke take up all the bike spaces with their vespas. I made a separate one for each of the teens, and make it their preferred vehicle, in the hope it would stop them from stealing all the cars (spoiler: it didn’t).

6.06.29 - sports club
6.06.29 - sports club2
It’s Billy’s sports club ceremony! He looks thrilled. Both his parents attended.

6.06.30 - autonomous love1
And then they had themselves some autonomous loving. ❤
6.06.30 - autonomous love2
Complete with Seaweed’s stink cloud.

6.06.31 - Billy + Riff Raff
Billy took off, to hold his nephew.

6.06.32 - Charlotte promotion
I don’t get many simself popups anymore, except the promotion ones. Charlotte is climbing the journalistic ladder.

6.06.33 - Jenn date
No Jenn, Seaweed is happily married, thanks. And these ones.

6.06.34 - Velma maxed painting
Woot, well done Velma!

6.06.35 - toad wish
Story rolled up this wish the second she finished in the spa.

6.06.36 - Lola Belle
Lola Bella was wandering around, so she is the designated vicitm.

6.06.37 - Lola Toad
Bam! Toad!

6.06.38 - impressing celeb
Story then had to impress Ms 4-star Belle, to help up her celeb status.

6.06.39 - Kelly prank
Back home, Kelly is looking mighty embarrassed.

6.06.40 - pranked
She set off a whoopee cushion. Wonder who set it?

6.06.41 - Flynn pranker
Ahaha, moodlet gives you away, Flynn!

6.06.40 - pretty princess
Naw, cute princess painting. So glad I didn’t put Velma into the painting career, I would hate to be forced to sell these.

6.06.41 - Monday evening1
Everyday Monday evening; Brillo slides.

6.06.41 - Monday evening2
Velma works.

6.06.41 - Monday evening3
Flynn searches the galaxy.

6.06.41 - Monday evening4
And Kelly is fierce on the drums.

6.06.42 - both ambitious
Back in town, Story has now impressed Lola, and discovered they’re both Ambitious.

6.06.43 - feel tummy
She requests Lola feel her tummy, which brings them up to friend status.

6.06.44 - love charm wish
She prompty rolled up this wish. Anything to raise her magic level!

6.06.45 - Lola ready for love
I missed the wand shot, but Lola is ready for love!

6.06.46 - portrait wish
Lol, Velma rolled this up…maybe when he’s not a burrito?

6.06.47 - Roxie + William
Hey, that gossip of Billy’s was true! Roxie has been kissing William.

6.06.48 - Jenn + Big Trill
And Jenn also has a new RI.

6.06.49 - Story jogging
Story is “jogging” home, to try and fulfill a celeb opportunity.

6.06.50 - labour
Except she went into labour in the middle of the bridge!

6.06.51 - broom
No worries, she has a broom in her back pocket.

6.06.52 - back home
Back home to the nursery she goes.

6.06.53 - baby Frank
It’s another boy! This is Frank, he likes Seafoam, Pop music and Fish & Chips, and is Family Oriented with a Good Sense of Humour.

6.06.54 - Bruce
Bruce thinks Story did an awesome job.

6.06.55 - Cosette haunts
Hai Cosette!

6.06.56 - Seaweed grandkids
Lol, Seaweed wanted to “brag about grandchildren” with his dead mother. Okay then.

6.06.57 - nursery makeover
Nursery makeover! Seafoam and Aqua go nicely together.


Bye for now!


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  1. Yaya babies! I can’t wait to see what they look like. With their mothers genes I’m pretty sure they’ll be stunner! Awesome update! 😀


  2. Love the babies names.


  3. I like the new nursery colors 🙂
    Seems like it took Story much more time than Velma to give birth.


  4. Wow two boys! For some reason I thought one of them was going to be a girl for sure. I can’t wait to see what they look like as toddlers XD.

    I also want to say that even though Jett (for some reason I initially typed his name as frank lmao- Had the baby on the brain I guess.) aged up I think he needs to be made a spouse. He is actually pretty adorable lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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