6.07 – The Bride Wore Yellow

6.06.53 - baby Frank
Previously, Story and Velma each had a baby boy; Frank and Riff Raff. And…not a whole lot else, actually. It’s an exciting time for the family, lots of documenting!

It’s been so hot lately that I haven’t been game to open my game for long – laptop gets so hot so quickly. This week, it’s been over 30° Celsius every day (that’s about 85° Fahrenheit for my American readers), with today (Thursday) getting up to 40°C (104°F). Have one more chapter after this one, them I’m caught up with where I am in game! Not sure how long this heatwave will last, so don’t know when I’ll next be able to play. Thank goodness for air-conditioned offices!

6.07.01 - maxed gardening
We open with another maxed skill, well done Seaweed! He’s been almost as prolific as his mother with the skilling.

6.07.02 - Brillo sliding
Brillo…not so much with the skilling. That’s okay, I’m just focusing on her finishing her LTW.

6.07.03 - Kelly drums
Kelly is still working on her drum skill – complete with ghostly grandmother watching.

6.07.04 - Velma at gym
And Velma is at the gym, working on a celeb opportunity. So many athletic points from these ops.

6.07.05 - elder love
Every single day. They’re so in love.

6.07.06 - Ice Gal
Velma is still working on her career – we don’t need the money, but I’ve never done the sculpting career, so. This is L6, I believe.

6.07.07 - Rad pregnant
Ooh, new simself baby!

6.07.08 - Story magic
Skilling magic is
hard. And repetitive. Story is only about L4 or so, and she need L8 to get the Sunlight charm so she can begin her LTW.

6.07.09 - Lola Belle
LMAO, I love that Lola is
still a toad.

Since Billy maxed his one skill required before YA, he’s free to do whatever. And he likes to dance!
6.07.10 - Billy dance1 6.07.10 - Billy dance2 6.07.10 - Billy dance3

6.07.11 - Story L2
At least Story is doing well in her career, so she’ll help us fulfil the generation requirements – this is L2, after only a few days.

6.07.12 - Roxie pregnant
Ooh, new grandchildren for Seaweed and Brillo!

6.07.13 - festival
I wanted another photo before the triplets move out, so the family went to the festival. Velma collected eggs and Story skated while they waited for the others to bring the babies from home.

6.07.14 - greeting card1
6.07.14 - greeting card2
Aw, only 8 sims are allowed in the greeting card booth – Billy got left out.

6.07.15 - love tester1
Velma and Story try out the love tester.

6.07.15 - love tester2
Ooh, I haven’t seen this one before, nice! Also LMAO, love tester and the claw machine.

6.07.16 - dip kiss
Autonomous Dip kiss!

6.07.17 - Billy facepaint
Aw, Billy’s face paint failed. Still, the camo works for him.

6.07.18 - Kelly dances
Kelly dances alone, despite the mean outdoors.

6.07.19 - Flynn+Seaweed horseshoes
Seaweed and Flynn play horseshoes.

6.07.20 - limelight moodlet
And Seaweed loves the attention from the paparazzi.

6.07.21 - greeting card wall
Aw, this is the first greeting card without Cosette. I only started collecting them when she was a child – shows how long she lasted.

6.07.22 - love day
The next day is love day!

6.07.23 - wedding setup
And wedding day! The setup looks out over the water, the gorgeous view.

6.07.24 - heartfart Sabrina
While sending the invites, Velma heartfarts Sabrina *facepalm*

6.07.25 - boys' birthday1
So as to not birthday all over the wedding party, the way Velma did to her parents, we have a birthday for the boys in the morning. Yes, both will be aged up together – they’re only about 12 hours apart anyway, so we’ll raise them as twins.

6.07.25 - boys' birthday2
Everyone got out of bed to celebrate with them.

6.07.26 - Frank sparkle
Frank sparkles first.

6.07.27 - Frank
He got the freckly skin! Random blue eyes and black hair, but those are definitely the huge Rourke eyes. He’s the one who likes Seafoam, thus seafoam overalls.

6.07.28 - Riff Raff sparkle
Before Riff Raff can even sparkle, Frank hauls out his IF.

6.07.29 - Riff Raff
Also freckly! And also has the Rourke eye shape, with Seaweed/Cosette/Yttrium’s gold colour. His hair colour is Brillo’s; kind of sad it’s not Story’s, but that’s okay. Aqua overalls for this boy.

6.07.30 - coot

6.07.31 - weirdo wish
Uhm Billy? That’s your mother…stop being creepy.

6.07.32 - Riff Raff talk
Velma gets right onto teaching skills; cutie pouting Riff Raff!

6.07.33 - love panel
But before long, she’s distracted by all the lurve in the air.

6.07.34 - Frank walk
In her very cool athletic outfit, Story teaches Frank to walk.

6.07.35 - Ivory pregnant
Moar babies in the hood! This bodes well for the spares of this generation.

6.07.36 - Ask to Leave Home
Uhm…what? I have never seen this before, Billy just queued it up randomly. I X-ed it out…but now kind of wish I’d allowed it, just to see what happened.

6.07.37 - Roxie breakup
Aw, Roxie broke up with her baby daddy.

6.07.38 - wedding outfits
Time to get ready for the wedding! Uhm…Velma, that ain’t your formal.

6.07.39 - toad bomb
Photobomb level: Toad.

6.07.40 - Roxie brought food
We have plenty of food, but thanks Roxie. It seems she hasn’t yet popped her pregnancy – no way a bump would fit in that skin tight dress.

6.07.41 - vampires with umbrellas
Oops, vampires at an afternoon wedding, not such a good idea. I’m surprised William Fangmann showed up, given Roxie’s here.

6.07.42 - Story heartfart
Making her way to the aisle, Story heartfarts her fiancee’s ex-girlfriend. Oh, Sims.

6.07.43 - Insane Velma
Then again, when your fiancee is doing
this at the altar…

6.07.44 - wedding1
Zomg, most people found seats! Kelly and Seaweed far away from the altar, but that’s okay. And the dog there? That’s Sabrina’s dog, his name is Moody. He couldn’t stay home, Sabrina?

6.07.44 - wedding2
He doesn’t like the vampires… Also, Esk is overwhelmed by all the people, while Billy fails to chair.

6.07.44 - wedding3
6.07.44 - wedding4 6.07.44 - wedding5 6.07.44 - wedding6 6.07.44 - wedding7 6.07.44 - wedding8 6.07.44 - wedding9 6.07.44 - wedding10
6.07.45 - cake1
Most of the guests made it to the table to watch the cutting of the cake.

6.07.45 - cake2
Though Velma let her new bride do the hard work.

6.07.45 - cake4
Both girls got cake before the route fails started.

6.07.45 - cake5
Hey, Jenn and Alyssa both made it to the party! Though I still haven’t seen Sabrina… (also Jenn, want to share some news? I see that thought bubble.)

6.07.46 - stuck guests
These three got glitched, and stood there clapping/idling for hours.

6.07.47 - food
In an effort to ease the cake congestion, Brillo laid out food for some of the guests.

6.07.48 - to prom
And right after the wedding, it was prom time for the triplets! No dates, because most of the teens are now YA. The kids were already in their formal outfits, so they just ran down the street to the limo – cars never stop in front of the house, not sure why.

6.07.49 - talk to vamp
Story tried to talk to the celeb vampire whose name I forgot…but she wasn’t able to fit the glitch. I eventually had to reset all three of them.

6.07.50 - befriending simselves
Velma made friends with Charlotte and Sean – always good to make friends with the long-lived simselves. (oops, walls down!)

6.07.51 - Story befriend Jenn
While Story befriends Jenn.

6.07.52 - really interested
And Jenn is
really interested in Story’s house.

6.07.53 - gossiping
Then they gossiped about…some random in the military?

6.07.54 - love spell1
And we decided Jenn needs to find love, so Story helps.

6.07.54 - love spell2
Love Spell!

6.07.55 - Billy prom1 6.07.55 - Billy prom2 6.07.55 - Billy prom3 6.07.55 - Billy prom4 6.07.56 - Kelly prom1 6.07.56 - Kelly prom2 6.07.56 - Kelly prom3 6.07.56 - Kelly prom4 6.07.57 - Flynn prom1 6.07.57 - Flynn prom2 6.07.57 - Flynn prom3
Prom popups.

6.07.58 - Kelly miserable
Kelly was the only one to get an RI, but she still had a miserable time – didn’t even get a “first kiss” moodlet.

6.07.59 - boys sleeping
Naw, the boys are cute in their matching PJs.

6.07.60 - Sean rocking
Sean stayed the night in the rocking chair, watching over them. Not at all creepy.


That’s it for now! Next time, the triplets finally age up to YA.

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  1. Aw the boys are so cute. Loved the wedding set up, that view just wow. I am always amazed when sims remember how to chair at weddings! It is such a rare thing in my game! XD
    Finally I love that blue dress my simself was in. Don’t think something like that would fit me irl currently, baby bump would ruin the look!


  2. Aww. Pretty wedding.
    Totally want Riff Raff for heir, if we get a vote. Purely for his name. Although the hair helps.


  3. Good job on having a proper wedding (sorry I’m ridiculously late). LOL at the dog in the middle of the aisle, perhaps get a dog sitter next time Sabrina!

    I got the “ask to leave home” EVERY SINGLE DAY from Banjo toward Sophia in my ISBI, lol. He really didn’t like his daughter-in-law! After that, I got it maybe once per generation or not at all. I’ve never tested to see if they actually leave home when asked. Too much of a control freak I guess.

    Photobomb level: toad – LOL!

    Aw, the little boys are cute.

    Still love all the festival greeting cards! I always forget to take them myself.

    40 degrees is horrid, I hope it has cooled down a bit since this update! It’s early spring/late winter here with wet snowflakes that turn to rain on the ground. Not very inspiring.


    • Hey, late is better than never! 🙂
      Next time I see someone has the “ask to leave home”, I’m going to let them do it…just to see what happens. Your ISBI was the first place I’d seen it.
      It has indeed cooled down…to 30 every day. That’s way better at least, fans and air-conditioning tends to work better in the lower heat.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Meanwhile it was -37 Celsius over here for a little while and then -25, lol.
    Looks like Cosette still wants to be part of the family even after death, she’s always lingering around. 😛
    Billy’s dance moves are exquisite.
    Six greeting cards have Cosette as an elder, lol.
    Frank is so cute with his blue-greyish eyes. ❤ Defenitely my favourite so far.
    And I'm finally caught up lol!


  5. How did I miss this chapter!? I only noticed it while seeing the next one in the reader! *scurries off to check email updates while muttering furiously*

    The boys are SO cute! How do you manage to get such gorgeous sims!? I really do love that freckled skin too, so jealous. I tried to get it in my game too but so far no dice.


    • I’m actually kind of over the freckled skin now, it’s been a while since I had a non-freckled heir. But they are always adorable, true. The cute is all the huge eyes, cannot resist the giant eyes!


      • True… That happened in one of my other legacies; I loved fun coloured hair and brought in purple hair around gen three, which never left. And I made it to gen six.
        Of course! Giant eyes forever ❤


  6. OMG both the boys look like mini-Seaweeds! Ridd Raff has me won over so far with the purple hair but we will see what they look like when they get a bit older.

    I’m really hoping I can get caught up on this blog today. Sorry I’ve been so MIA. Hope all is well.


  7. The boys are so cute!

    Jenn is so creepy in your game! I am so failing at reading lately. I need to catch up on everything. I gave up reading last November it seems like. Whoops.

    Liked by 1 person

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