6.08 – Mummy’s Boys

6.07.44 - wedding8
Part 8 of gen 6, and the next gen are only toddlers. OMG, Sam, get a move on! Previously, the gen 7 boys aged up to toddlers, and Velma married Story. Yes, that’s literally all that happened, the whole post was 2 days. No wonder this generation is taking so long.

6.08.01 - Seaweed bouncer1
We start with Seaweed asking to get into the VIP section.

6.08.01 - Seaweed bouncer2
He’s allowed, but vampire Kiana Serzo (Sabrina’s daughter) is not. She does not look happy about it.

6.08.02 - celeb opp
Seaweed is here to order a drink for a celeb opportunity.

6.08.03 - denied
Denied! It was too late after the wedding party broke up.

6.08.04 - treehouse woohoo1
Back home, the newlyweds decided to use the treehouse to consummate their marriage.

6.08.04 - treehouse woohoo2
The view is still amazing, even better with hearts.

6.08.05 - dreaming
Aw, and they’re dreaming about each other. I love these two.

6.08.06 - Frank xylo
Frank loves the xylo.

6.08.07 - sad Riff Raff
Aw, sad face!

6.08.08 - matching thoughts
Walls down pic, because I found it amusing that Brillo had a dislike thought bubble for ghost-Cosette at the exact same time as Cosette has the happy one for Brillo.

6.08.09 - great-grandson
*sigh* I was
so close to having a sim see their great-grandchildren.

6.08.10 - Ivory engaged
Lol, Ivory’s engagement party was off the hook.

6.08.11 - witch Frank1 6.08.11 - witch Frank2 6.08.11 - witch Frank3
Frank’s a witch! So cute!

6.08.12 - portrait wish
I think Velma has a favourite, she keeps rolling wishes for Riff Raff and nothing for Frank. We’ll try this later, when he can pose for the portrait.

6.08.13 - celeb opp take 2
Seaweed’s celebrity opportunity, take two. (We fulfilled it this time) And yes, both of them are still in their formal clothes from the wedding yesterday… everyone sleeps in the sarcophagi if I don’t send them to bed.

6.08.14 - Billy water slide
The triplets are still here, just not very interesting. Billy then proves me wrong by playing on the water slide.

6.08.15 - triplet bday1
But it’s their birthday today! Finally, it feels like they’ve been around forever. Since we had a party yesterday, it’s just the family for this one.

6.08.15 - triplet bday2
I never can get them to sync the blowing out of candles.

6.08.16 - Billy bday
Billy sparkles first. He rolled Charismatic, and his LTW is Super Popular.

6.08.17 - Kelly bday
Kelly goes next. Her final trait is Vehicle Enthusiastic (lame! And not in keeping with her character) and her LTW is Dynamic DNA Profiler.

6.08.18 - Flynn bday
Finally we have Flynn. She rolled Loves the Cold, like her grandmother Cosette. Her LTW is Perfect Student (to get a degree with a perfect GPA).

6.08.19 - parental wishes1 6.08.19 - parental wishes2 6.08.19 - parental wishes3 6.08.19 - parental wishes4 6.08.19 - parental wishes5
Both Seaweed and Kelly have big dreams for their youngest children. Probably the only one of those that might come true is Flynn, if I put her in the Science career track. So that one is locked in. And Seaweed’s wish for Kelly to get married…hopefully SP can help her out with this one.


6.08.20 - BillyA
Billy is the cool jock; he is a Seaweed clone, with a weirdly flat wide mouth; Seaweed’s gold eyes and Brillo’s hair colour.

6.08.21 - KellyA
Kelly is a shy indoorsy girl; she’s a Brillo clone, with Seaweed’s mouth and Flamingo’s hair colour.

6.08.22 - FlynnA
And Flynn, the cool nerd; she’s a proper Seaweed clone, except for the hair and eye colours. The lack of freckly skin makes her look slightly different.

6.08.23 - clashing traits
After cake, Velma is off to befriend a celebrity for an opportunity – unfortunately, he Hates Art, which clashes with her Savvy Sculptor trait.

6.08.24 - Flynn + Seaweed chess
Back home, Flynn works on her final logic point with her father. I love her outfit. UL (and Diesel Stuff) has awesome clothes.

6.08.25 - Kelly drums
Kelly is close to maxing the drum skill, also.

6.08.26 - moodlet manage
Velma’s celeb went to bed before she could befriend him, so she helps him feel less tired.

6.08.27 - ripped
Man, he is
ripped! Too bad his face is weird.

6.08.28 - Kelly maxed drums
One down!

6.08.29 - Flynn close
After a sleep break, Flynn is
so close!

6.08.30 - Flynn maxed logic
And, done! Now the triplets can move out together.

6.08.31 - Brillo raise
Brillo also got a raise that night, along with a hilarious popup.

6.08.32 - swooning
Aw, Story loves her wife.

6.08.33 - kissy
Quick kiss for the road. (side note; I’m
so sick of that outfit, may change Velma’s athletic when she ages up to adult)

6.08.34 - borked family tree
Also, the family tree is borked. The older ghosts aren’t related to the live family, only Cosette and Flamingo show as relatives. I’ve tried to fix it using MC, but that only works on live sims or ghosts currently haunting – so maybe if Cosette and Yttrium/Fiyero haunt on the same night, it can be fixed.

6.08.35 - borked omnis
My omnis are borked as well. And I promise we got them legitimately. Game is just being stupid.

6.08.36 - Brillo promotion
Yay, another promotion! That’s L8, just two more to go for Brillo to get to her LTW.

6.08.37 - Frank learn to talk
Frank is not impressed with his grandfather’s attempts at teaching.

6.08.38 - new pool
We have a pool! In the space where the wedding setup was. It’s yellow and purple, as per this generation’s colours.

6.08.39 - Rad daughter
The simselves continue to procreate, and Rad snagged this town’s Romeo.

6.08.40 - Velma bad mood
Poor Velma is having a bad day; good thing she still has those “married” and “it’s a boy” moodlets to keep her green.

6.08.41 - woohoo with occult
Stupid celeb disgraces. That occult is her

6.08.42 - disinterested Velma1
This would be a whole lot cuter if Velma looked halfway interested.

6.08.42 - disinterested Velma2
She’s not even looking at Frank!

6.08.43 - Riff Raff
Story, on the other hand, is nicely attentive to Riff Raff.

6.08.45 - Billy + Sabrina
A simself finally snags a Rourke!

6.08.46 Velma Chiselmeister
Velma has made 20 sculptures, so now she’ll sculpt faster, woot.

6.08.47 - Velma penguin topairy
The topiaries are very cute.

6.08.48 - Velma puke
What do we have here?

6.08.49 - ice blast
Story is still working on her spellcasting; she ice blasted all the plumbing.

6.08.50 - fix plumbing
Then I made her fix it. Because I can. *insert evil laugh*

6.08.51 - Billy new RI
Apparently Sabrina wasn’t woman enough for Billy.

6.08.52 - Roxie twins
And Roxie had twins! That makes 4 grandchildren for Seaweed & Brillo. Prompting both of them to roll a wish for ten.

6.08.53 - fire blast1
Story plays with fire.

6.08.53 - fire blast2 6.08.53 - fire blast3 6.08.53 - fire blast4 6.08.53 - fire blast5
Everyone freaked out, but she calmly ice blasted it away.

6.08.54 - Story + RR1 6.08.54 - Story + RR2
She also loves her boys, so much. Every day she rolls a wish towards one or the other, often both.

6.08.55 - wedding gifts1 6.08.55 - wedding gifts2 6.08.55 - wedding gifts3 6.08.55 - wedding gifts4 6.08.55 - wedding gifts5 6.08.55 - wedding gifts6
All the wedding gifts! Including one from Cosette…who looks very much alive for a ghost? I love that she gave her kicky bag, she used it so often.

6.08.56 - Brillo belly flop1
Brillo is the first one to use the pool!

6.08.56 - Brillo belly flop2
Belly flop!

6.08.57 - rearrange
And I realised the slide was hovering over the water, so switched things around a bit.

6.08.58 - Seaweed slide
Brillo’s second dive was better, and Seaweed joined her, on the slide.

6.08.59 - Billy father-to-be
Lol, it seems Billy is taking after his uncle Marius with the many romances, and illegitimate children.

6.08.60 - Billy steady
Oh wait, but he is (possibly) settling down with Sabrina. After he cheated on you and impregnated another woman? You can do better, Sabrina!

6.08.61 - Brillo sculpture
Since she wished to sculpt someone, Velma chooses her mother. Love the pose, Brillo!

6.08.62 - Flamingo guitar
Hai Flamingo! You better put Chance’s guitar back when you’re done.

6.08.63 - cutie Frank
Cutie! He looks
so much like Seaweed as a toddler…possibly because they have the same hairstyle, which I only just realised when typing up this chapter.

6.08.64 - read to Frank
Seaweed is reading to his grandson, naw. Outside in the sun, not quite so cute, but anyway.



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  1. Aw, little baby witch! That’s adorable.

    Love the wish for one of the triplets to become a criminal mastermind! Lol. 20 000 happiness points, wow. And then 1500 for getting married. Like, “it would be nice, but it isn’t a must”.


  2. Aw baby witch. ❤ so cute. Both the boys are cute ❤
    The triplets grew up looking nice. I like those 'kids succeed in career' wishes but usually they do not correspond with their LTW or they are getting booted out! 😀
    I love that penguin topiary, so cute. Love it's little bow tie.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol at Velma looking far in the distance during the claw interaction.
    Frank/Seaweed’s toddler hairstyle is just so cute on toddlers, and there are not many male toddler hair (male in general, but worse for toddlers). At least Frank has those blue mystery eyes. And he’s a witch 🙂


  4. The second picture of Brillo in the pool- all I saw was her hand up and I thought she was drowning! Phew. Minor heart attack. And billy turned out awesome btw!


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