6.10 – Those Rainy Days of Summer

6.09.52 - seesaw
Previously, baby girl Magenta was born, and aged up to our first green toddler! The boys also aged up to children – finally we are making some progress on this generation! Seaweed tried to die, but Grim was enamoured by his death flower, and allowed him to live a bit longer.

So, instead of playing over the Easter weekend, I spent most of the time wrestling with my game and AnyGameStarter – after the pictures for this chapter were taken, suddenly all my Store content was gone the next time I loaded the game. Despite zero changes having been made to the system. Eventually fixed it up – I was most concerned about Seaweed’s hair, he’s just not the same with a different one 🙂

6.10.01 - RR paints
Riff Raff has chosen painting as his skill of choice (as with Velma’s siblings, all the kids will max one skill before moving out).

6.10.02 - Velma gnome
Velma sculpted a gnome! We put it in the treasure chest with the others – they’ll be counted at the end, since there are too many of them to leave them all over the lot, and I don’t want to lose any.

6.10.03 - Frank hw
Frank is a suck up, and does his homework the minute he gets home from school.

6.10.04 - Brillo waterfall
Brillo is mostly on free will these days, and she loves the pool and the waterfall.

6.10.05 - Seaweed rock
Naw, cute! Seaweed wished this, so I had to allow it.

6.10.06 - failure object1
LMAO, Great Failure Object indeed.

6.10.06 - failure object2
It’s a stone cube! Hey, it helped her career, I don’t really mind what it looks like.

6.10.07 - whiny Magenta
Magenta is a whiny toddler, if I don’t direct her to do something, she’ll scream, no matter what her need bars look like.

6.10.08 - poopy

So I put her to skilling.

6.10.09 - fawn over belly
Velma takes a break from skilling one baby to fawn over another, lol. Secret Family-Oriented trait, this one.

6.10.10 - Magenta walk
She soon gets back to the task at hand.

6.10.11 - RR sandbox
Told you Riff Raff loves the playground.

6.10.12 - Story work
Interesting popup…Story got an embarrassed moodlet from it, too.

6.10.13 - Divorce Velma wish
She then rolled up this – NOT happening.

6.10.14 - Sean RI
Sean has a new RI…I believe that is the guy Rad just broke up with.

6.10.15 - Story promotion
Despite the embarrassing popup, Story got her promotion; she’s now up to L4.

6.10.16 - Frank telescope
Frank’s chosen skill is logic; he’s a fan of the telescope.

6.10.17 - magician LTW
And then he randomly rolled up this…telescope = magician now? Well, we’re not locking in any LTWs until closer to YA.

6.10.18 - Story library
After work, Story went off to the library to practise more spellcasting.

6.10.19 - flirt wish
She has other ideas.

6.10.20 - flirt
After Lady was fireblasted, Story tried out the flirt.

6.10.21 - trait clash
It didn’t go well. Trait clash!

6.10.22 - toad
So we turned the coward into a toad.

6.10.23 - kiss Velma
Story then goes home to kiss her wife.

6.10.24 - massage
And give her a massage to help her aching back.

6.10.25 - sad Magenta
They’re too wrapped up in one another to tend to poor sad Magenta.

6.10.26 - Velma labour
But no time for woohoo; the baby’s coming!

6.10.27 - Story faces
Story makes the best faces.

6.10.28 - snuggle Magenta
She’s off to tend to the other baby.

6.10.29 - baby boy
It’s a boy!

6.10.30 - text Rocky
Velma’s first wish upon giving birth…to text her newborn son. As you do.

Yes, the new boy is named Rocky Rourke (which I love the sound of). He rolled Rebellious at birth! Also Friendly. He likes Spice Brown, Shawarma and Island Life music.

6.10.31 - nursery
Because brown goes so nicely with pink, I added some brown to the nursery for Rocky and Magenta to share.

6.10.32 - boys skilling
The boys skill before school. As always, Frank gained on logic point and wants to learn potions.

Brillo was stressed, and chose to play in the time machine when I clicked the moodlet. So here we have her popups from the past:
6.10.33 - Brillo past2 6.10.33 - Brillo past3 6.10.33 - Brillo past1 6.10.33 - Brillo past4

6.10.34 - Brillo outfit
She got a medieval outfit! I let her keep it, just recoloured the red to spiceberry.

6.10.35 - Billy party
She’s also been invited to check out the triplets’ digs.

6.10.35 - Roxie break up
Roxie still can’t hang onto a man.

6.10.36 - Brillo homework
Medieval Brillo helps her grandson with his homework.

6.10.37 - RR bottles
…what is Riff Raff doing?

6.10.38 - fight pirate invaders
Fighting the pirate invaders, apparently.

6.10.39 - pirate invaders
Have never seen this before, very cool! Explosions and puffs of smoke kept coming out of the treehouse.

6.10.40 - young love
‘Young’ love? Lol, okay then.

6.10.41 - Riff Raff argue
Uhoh, Riff Raff’s Hot Headed trait reared its ugly head.

6.10.42 - Schmoozer
Good thing Schmoozer Frank can smooth things over.

6.10.43 - celeb school
Lol, some of the popups in this game… EA employees had far too much fun writing these.

6.10.44 - Lola Belle toad
I was following Velma through town, and came upon this toad. This is Lola Belle, whom Story toadified while she was pregnant with Frank – that’s four chapters ago! Apparently the spell doesn’t remove itself – I’ll have to have Story fix her up once she (finally) learns the Sunlight charm. I wonder if it would count towards her LTW…

6.10.43 - pink house
Velma was jogging to this very pink house. It’s the Crewe house – she’s aiming to make friends with Moxie Crewe for a celeb opportunity.

6.10.44 - tiny house
There are 5 or 6 people living in a tiny, one bed house. Lol, sims.

6.10.45 - unfortunate profile
Moxie has an unfortunate profile. As does her daughter.

6.10.46 - Story dancing1
Story is also working on a celeb opp, to dance at a club.

6.10.46 - Story dancing2
She’s not very good.

6.10.47 - magic
As soon as she was done with the opp, she went back to tormenting the people of Bridgeport.

6.10.48 - Emmy Starr1
Zomg, it’s Emmy Starr!

6.10.48 - Emmy Starr2
Story works on impressing the 4-star celeb. Also, hai elder Charlotte!

6.10.49 - packed elevator
Unfortunately, the club closed before Story and Emmy could become friends. Julia is late to the party, but the elevator is really full already.

6.10.50 - Brillo party
Meanwhile, Brillo attended Billy’s party…only to have routing issues when she tried to talk to her daughter 3 feet away. *sigh*

6.10.51 - Story MLC end
Story’s Mid Life Crisis is finally over; 3 wishes is pretty good, she only rolled the one (divorce Velma) that we didn’t fulfil.

6.10.52 - rock with Rocky
When Seaweed rolled up the wish to “rock with Rocky”, I couldn’t not fulfill it. And Magenta conspires to make this picture 5 times cuter by playing in the toybox.

6.10.53 - Flamingo haunt1
Someone is haunting the Kenspa…

6.10.53 - Flamingo haunt2
Hai Flamingo!

6.10.54 - romance1 6.10.54 - romance2
Romantic shenanigans continue around town; Kelly and Jupiter were engaged, I had hoped they’d get married and fulfil Seaweed’s wish, but apparently not.

6.10.54 - romance3
Billy and Rad continue the on-again, off-again thing.

6.10.55 - grandchild1
6.10.55 - grandchild2
And Roxie gives Seaweed + Brillo their ninth grandchild!

6.10.56 - Velma baby wish
Velma would love to give them the tenth, but the house is full. And four is enough.

6.10.55 - love day
It’s love day, so the whole family is going to the festival. Er…Seaweed, you’re supposed to travel together.

6.10.56 - Magenta screaming
Magenta is tired, Rocky has a dirty diaper, and both boys are hungry. This is not going well.

6.10.57 - greeting card
But we did get the greeting card; so much has changed!

6.10.58 - eating comp1
I tried to get the boys to join their grandparents in an eating comp.

6.10.58 - eating comp2
But both of them walked away before it started.

6.10.59 - Seaweed won comp
Seaweed won.

6.10.60 - Magenta pass out
Poor Magenta, sleeping on the hard ground, in the rain. But the rest of the family has fun summer-y things to do! (reason #1876 why sim life is easier than RL – leaving toddlers and babies on the ground is acceptable)

6.10.61 - boys snowcones
Since the food vendor was awol, the hungry boys had to be content with snowcones.

6.10.62 - skating
Velma and Brillo went skating.

6.10.63 - Story facepaint
While Story got her face painted. With purple swirls, of course.

6.10.64 - water balloon fight
She then teams up with Brillo to have a water balloon fight against Velma and Frank.

6.10.65 - Story won
They won, too. Fairly annihilated the others.

6.10.66 - pool fun1
Back home, the boys were enjoying the pool.

6.10.66 - pool fun2
Frank and Riff Raff had a breath holding contest.

6.10.66 - pool fun3
Both came up at the same time, I guess it was a tie?

6.10.67 - Velma bday
Oops, looks like I forgot about Velma’s adult birthday. Only the food vendor is there to celebrate with her.

6.10.68 - 406 wish
No Mid-Life Crisis, thank goodness. But she did roll up a wish for 406 – the first one for another woman since she married Story.

6.10.69 - greeting card wall
Updated photo wall; I love seeing the progression of the family!


That’s it for now, but expect another update soon – wait til you see the boys as teens!

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  1. I agree some of the pop ups and opportunities are brilliantly worded. Especially the P,I. jobs.
    Love the sculptured block.


  2. I love the name Rocky Rourke. I’m so glad it was another boy! Its too bad he didn’t get the green skin but maybe one of the next generation will get it. Fingers crossed.

    I still love the idea of the greeting card photos. I wish I would have done that with a legacy. It really captures how the family changes over time.

    Awesome chapter! And I’m glad you were able to get all of your stuff back. Strange how it just disappeared. I guess Sims has done weirder things lol.


    • Yeah, that freckley skin seems very dominant. I’m about ready to get it out of the family line.
      I so wish I’d done the greeting cards right from the beginning, missing Bruce and Phoenix. It is an awesome view of the family through time.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Whiny toddlers, they get on my nerves >.>
    Bunny outfit, totally fits pregnancy 😛
    That texting newborn is a curse, I’ve never tried fulfilling it though.
    Rocky Rourke sounds bad-@ss. “Rock with Rocky” Teehee.
    Brillo’s face when skating is hilarious XD
    So excited to see the boys as teens. 😮


  4. Aw, poor whiny Magenta! So cute though.

    Medieval Brillo is brilliant. 😉

    The sculptured block was funny. Such a nice.. block! So square! And blocky!

    Loved the pirate fighting in the tree house, haven’t seen that either.

    “Moxie has an unfortunate profile” – LOL

    Rocky Rourke is indeed a name to inspire greatness!

    Texting your newborn, that’s a wonderful feature. LOL


  5. Ahhh! I should do a photo wall for my sims family! XD


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