6.11 – The Ultimate Triple Party

6.10.57 - greeting card
Previously, the final child of gen 7 was born; Rocky. And Velma joined Story in middle age.

6.11.01 - intact family tree
A photo to show I finally fixed the family tree – had to resurrect all the ghosts (thus why they’re all living in this picture), use MC to reconnect the family tree, then kill them off again. Poor Seaweed then experienced the grief of losing his grandparents and mother all over again – but that’s why we have moodlet managers in Sims 🙂

6.11.02 - Brillo promotion
Brillo got promoted to L9 – only one more level for her LTW. She’s at the end of her lifebar though, so it will be a close call.

6.11.03 - Flynn boyfriend
Flynn got herself a vampire boyfriend!

6.11.03 - Flynn pregnant
And two seconds later, fell pregnant to said vampire boyfriend.

6.11.04 - Fiyero library
Before he was killed off again, Fiyero escaped the house and went off to the library. Story found him (re-ghostified once more), and they chatted about the temperature.

6.11.05 - Story ice blast
The reason Story is at the library is to play with magic again; she fire-blasted the door, then ice-blasted it back down.

6.11.06 - pestilence curse
One pestilence curse later…

6.11.07 - Story L8
Finally! We can get cracking on her actual LTW.

6.11.08 - Gema Maloney-Fresco
Back at home, Riff Raff invited a friend over! This is Gema Maloney-Fresco (No relation to my WYDC family). She’s really cute!

6.11.09 - Gema gossip
They get along nicely.

6.11.10 - frienship elixir
But I’m lazy these days, so Riff Raff breaks out the friendship elixir.

6.11.11 - Velma maxed inventing
Velma has been studying hard, and finally maxed Inventing.

6.11.12 - Velma LTW
And therefore completed her LTW, woot!

6.11.13 - Cheri Serzo
Frank also has a friend over; this is Cheri Serzo (Sabrina’s granddaughter) – she was a child when he called, but aged up on the way over. She has an interesting nose, but I like her.

6.11.14 - Magenta witch1
Magenta is a witch!

6.11.14 - Magenta witch2
Such a cute interaction.

6.11.15 - Rocky bday1
It’s Rocky’s birthday!

6.11.15 - Rocky bday2
Blue hair!

6.11.16 - Rocky
He’s soooo cute! Freckly skin, Yttrium’s blue hair, Story’s pink eyes.

6.11.17 - Magenta talk
With another toddler to be trained, Velma finished off teaching Magenta to talk.

Toddler cutie spam:
6.11.18 - Rocky play1 6.11.18 - Rocky play2 6.11.18 - Rocky play3

Friendly and Rebellious seem to = bipolar in this one.

6.11.19 - Seaweed + Rocky1
They look so much alike…but I think it’s actually just the hair and skin, the mouth and eyes are different.

6.11.19 - Seaweed + Rocky2
So cute.

6.11.20 - Frank wishes
Velma still has a favourite child; she continually rolls wishes for Frank (locked in are “see Frank grow up well” as well as “see Frank be a genius”) and rarely for the others.

6.11.21 - Billy RI 6.11.21 - Roxie RI
Roxie and Billy have new RIs.

6.11.22 - Flynn breakup
While Flynn continues the trend of Rourke spares being unable to keep a partner.

6.11.22 - Billy RI1
Billy isn’t fussed, and continues to collect RIs across the city.

6.11.23 - family dinner
Aw, it would be a nice Sunday dinner…except for the crying baby in the house.

6.11.24 - Riff Raff feeds Magenta
Riff Raff saves the day!

6.11.22 - Seaweed science
Since she rolled a wish to invent something, Velma is finally touching the inventing table. Meanwhile, Seaweed is working on his Science skill.

6.11.23 - Seaweed empanada
…wow, turning a seed into edible food. Cool.

6.11.24 - Frank honor roll
Frank got on the honor roll!

6.11.25 - Brillo maxed gardening
And Brillo maxed gardening. These guys are being so productive this chapter.

To balance out all the productivity, we need some peekaboo cuteness!
6.11.26 - Magenta + Frank peekaboo1 6.11.26 - Magenta + Frank peekaboo2 6.11.26 - Magenta + Frank peekaboo3

6.11.27 - Frank + Magenta friends
It got Frank and Magenta to friends
so quickly, tis awesome.

6.11.28 - Frank + Magenta dollhouse
However, it doesn’t raise their social bar much (WTF, EA?), so to the dollhouse!

6.11.29 - RR scouts ceremony
Meanwhile, Riff Raff had his scouts ceremony, and looks so adorable in his uniform!

6.11.29 - Billy girlfriend 6.11.29 - Roxie boyfriend
Billy and Roxie seem to have chosen partners.

6.11.30 - Kelly RI
Kelly has a romance, finally (never mind it’s the baby daddy of Roxie’s son).

6.11.31 - Story promotion 6.11.32 - Seaweed maxed Science
More productivity! Story is working her way up the business career ladder. And Seaweed maxed the Science skill.

6.11.33 - Rocky learn to talk
Not as much progress is made with the toddler training. Rocky is learning
really slowly.

6.11.34 - Billy break up
Well, that didn’t last long.

6.11.35 - TSAL
We abandoned the toddler skilling for the library, so the kids can teach themselves. Brillo found a tabcast – but hey, at least she’s awake while supervising the toddlers.

6.11.36 - metal sculptures
Velma is now making metal sculptures – I love this one!

6.11.37 - Velma promotion
And with the sale of the metal man, she got a promotion!

6.11.38 - birthday party
It’s a triple birthday party!

6.11.39 - Brillo dies1
Aw, Brillo! (poor Magenta was put down so Brillo could die…talk about destroying a childhood)

6.11.39 - Brillo dies2
6.11.39 - Brillo dies3 6.11.39 - Brillo dies4 6.11.39 - Brillo dies5
Almost her entire family was in attendance, even the children of spares.

6.11.40 - Nicholas Rourke
This is Nicholas Rourke, Roxie’s son with William Fangmann. He seems to be all Rourke, apart from the vampire pallor.

6.11.41 - twins bday
We had to get the cakes going, before everyone aged up of their own accord. First, the ‘twins’.

6.11.42 - bday fire1
Oh God, could this party have any more disasters?

6.11.43 - bday fire2
Jenn is on hand to save the day! And Riff Raff managed to blow out his candles and age up in the middle of the fire *facepalm* Oh, sims.

6.11.44 - Riff Raff Ambitious
He had a B in school, so Ambitious was locked in.

6.11.43 - bday fire3
Also, Magenta is crying.

6.11.45 - bday fire4
Velma managed to pick her up, but kept dropping the ‘feed Magenta’ action to freak out over the fire.

6.11.45 - bday fire6
Overhead view of the chaos; so many people! Mostly family (Velma’s siblings) and townie children for gen 6 to befriend.

6.11.46 - Grim ooh fire
And Grim said this – lmao, not seen this before. He did reap Brillo correctly, though.

6.11.46 - insurance
Gee, thanks insurance. That doesn’t even cover the cost of 1 counter. Good thing the Rourkes have money to burn (pun intended ;)).

6.11.47 - Frank bday
New counters and a new cake enables Frank to grow up!

6.11.48 - Frank traits
And it was then that I realised I made a boo boo – Schmoozer conflicts with Rebellious, so I couldn’t give him the required trait as per the rules. For now, I rolled Vegetarian for him – when he ages up to YA, I’ll switch out Schmoozer for something else (probably Charismatic), so Rebellious can be applied.

6.11.48 - Magenta bday
Today is also Magenta’s birthday.

6.11.49 - sparkle dance
Sparkle dance! She was given Rebellious as per the rules.


6.11.52 - Riff RaffT
Riff Raff is hawt! He gets scruff and an earring, as befits our Brooding, Hot-Headed teenager.

6.11.53 - FrankT
Frank is also pretty handsome, though in a more refined way. His nose is now very obviously Story’s – yay for genetic diversity!

6.11.54 - MagentaC
Magenta is a cutie; hot pink goes really nicely with her green skin.

6.11.55 - buy smoke detector
Oh, and Story rolled up this wish after the epic birthday fire. Sorry, Story, no smoke detectors until gen 8 completes their career!


That will do for now; next chapter, Rocky’s birthday!

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  1. Rocky reminds me of Seaweed so much, even if they are different. CUTE!
    Billy is a player, >.> But he FINALLY settled down…or not.
    I guess only Frank has the mad peekaboo skillz. 😛
    Brillo 😦 She was great, brought purple hair in the legacy.
    B is indifferent study habits, since when? XD
    I see lots of Seaweed in Riff Raff.
    I wanna be friends with Frank!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s that damn freckly skin, all the boys look so similar. Rocky and Riff Raff do have Seaweed’s nose, so that’s probably it.
      Haha, I know, right, B is pretty damn good IMO! But at least he got a decent trait, Ambitious is a good one.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yep, Riff Raff is totally my favourite lol. What a disasterous birthday party. A death and a huge fire, or was it two fires? Each of the teenage cakes? Its nice to see the spares deciding to settle down- for now anyway XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow what a party! Fire and a death! I love it when sims still age up regardless though. XD
    Rocky is such a little cutie ❤ The peek a boo pics are adorable.


  4. Magenta is pretty cute, but Riff Raff is still my favourite.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Isn’t friendly and rebellious a classic trait combination in literature? I don’t think it’s very bipolar. 🙂 I’m thinking Pippi Longstocking and that guy in One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. what’s his name.. McMurphy. I’m sure there are lots of examples! Anyway, Rocky is impossibly cute. Perhaps your cutest toddler yet. But the other kids are adorable too.

    That was a seriously dramatic party. Yikes. “Buy a smoke detector” – not a bad idea, lol. Pity she isn’t allowed!


    • Haha, I have so few fires in my game that it’s something of a novelty. I hadn’t even thought about the lack of smoke detector until Story wished it. But yes, seriously dramatic party.


  6. I love this challenge idea, reading this is making me want to play one!


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