Animal Award!


I got nominated for a Spirit Animal Award! Jenn (Dreamsicle BISBI, among many others) nominated me for this blog; go check out her blogs if you haven’t already.

My other blog, Young BISBI also got nominated, so I’m going to use the same post and nominations – we’re all going around in circles with being nominated multiple times anyway.

As ixot said, so much more eloquently than I, in her post, there have been some objections to the use of the term “spirit animal”, thus I have chosen to just go with her Animal Award (though I also debated Patronus…and couldn’t be bothered to find make a new picture for the Patronus Award, so Animal it is!).

Spirit Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.
  2. Post the award picture on your blog (I’m using ixot’s Animal picture, instead of the totem one, but still valid!)
  3. Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
  4. If you could be any animal, what would it be?
  5. Pick and notify ten nominees

About Me:

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I’m currently working as a demand planner, which requires lots of analysis and Excel spreadsheets and not so much interaction with other people. Which is great, because I’m a huge introvert (hmm, reading some of these other award posts, it seems we simmers are often introverts…maybe it’s the video game thing). I love reading and gaming and prefer talking to people via text or instant message rather than in person. I don’t make friends easily, and feel awkward in social situations, thus love finding a place in online communities, where we are often similar in this way.

My Animal:

So I took a couple of totally legit-looking quizzes about spirit animals and patronuses and the like, because I’ve never really considered this question.

However, I did come to the conclusion that my spirit animal/patronus should be a rabbit:


Rabbits tend to be quiet and shy around others, especially new people. But they’re also smart and alert, and adorable (okay, maybe that last part isn’t so applicable). They are good at reading people, and can tell who to trust.


So many of my fave blogs have already been nominated; luckily, I read a million blogs, so have plenty of options 🙂

  1. Tart ISBI by Jenn.
    I’ve been watching Jenn deal patiently (for the most part) with these idiots since I first joined the simming community. Jenn is one of those simmers who won’t give up on a legacy/challenge, even when the instability of the game corrupts sims and save files. She’s amazing, and her simmies are always absolutely gorgeous, to boot. Anyone who hasn’t read her stuff should definitely check it out – she’s done so many challenges, there is bound to be one everyone likes.
  2. Zale ISBI by Heather.
    The first simmer whom I spammed with comments, and one of the first to take me into the into the fold of bloggers. The Zale ISBI is the first Alphabet ISBI, and is going strong past 10 generations! What I love most about this blog is the enjoyment of the game that comes through in every post.
  3. Mendeleev ISBI by theamazinggrey.
    What began as a normal legacy with the periodic table as a naming theme has evolved into an ISBI once the first 10 generations were finished. Always laughs a plenty in this game; not least because these guys come up with some of the most entertaining glitches ever.
  4. Evans Epic Challenge by Livy.
    There are only a few blogged Epic challenges, so naturally, I had to pick one. This began in Dragon Valley, and so we have all the fun of the multicoloured townies. I also just discovered (literally while notifying Livy on her blog) that the chapter titles are all based around that generation’s challenge, which is so cool!
  5. Moonwisp Chronicles by vougishstorm.
    An ISBI Alphabetcy, this is a recent discovery of mine, and I’m enjoying the antics of the Moonwisps and their zany family.
  6. Scatterday Matriarchy by Emily Whalers.
    As I went to notify Emily, I saw she’s already been nominated by someone else, but oh well. I love this story, one of the few non-ISBIs to make me laugh out loud with the antics of the simmies. She writes such unique characters, every generation feels like something I’ve not read before.
  7. Nawatt ISBI by Kim.
    Started in TS3, but recently moved to TS4, this is one of the few TS4 blogs that has held my attention – Kim’s TS4 idiots are actually entertaining, unlike so many I’ve seen. This alone deserves a nomination, but she also has some great characterisation, which makes it even more fun.
  8. Pink’s ISBI by Pink
    Along with Heather, Pink was one of the first bloggers to take me under her wing when I started blogging. She’s always helpful with simming and troubleshooting suggestions, and her sims are endlessly entertaining. She’s also one of the few I’ve seen make it past 10 generations!
  9. Eliotts ISBI by crazyelo.
    It’s only a few generations in, but this ISBI is already a whole new level of crazy that I’ve seen before. For starters, her sims have mountains of kids, which gives us plenty of heir options, but also causes much hilarity and many, many fails.
  10. Berries of Insanity by ChazyBazzy.
    Okay, so ixot picked this one too, but I couldn’t leave this out. I, too, use a lot of Chazy’s retextures, and couldn’t believe when I found her ISBI! It’s full of gorgeous hairs and sims and so much fun.

About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

Posted on May 16, 2016, in Awards and Such and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. So much lateness. Meh.

    Howdy! I am here to tell you that I adore your blog! And have nominated it for the Spirit Animal Award HERE and HERE as a result!

    Keep up the good work! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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