6.13 – Just Wanna Have Fun

6.12.34 - ask to prom
Last chapter, Rocky aged up to child, Story made progress both on her LTW and in her career, and the twins went to prom and found romance. I may have stymied myself with that chapter, because I posted it and then the Animal Award one a few minutes later – so if you missed chapter 12, read it here.

New update already! And I have another one in the works; then we need an heir poll, because Velma’s uber long reign is almost at an end! And we actually have multiple options for heir.

6.13.01 - family breakfast
Family breakfast with Velma and her four children, aw.

6.13.02 - Seaweed in way
Seaweed can’t eat his cake, because Seaweed is in the way! Lols, he’s going senile in his old age.

6.13.03 - Frank nauseous
Oops, I forgot Frank was a vegetarian. Guess hamburgers was a bad choice for breakfast.

6.13.04 - Frank broom
It’s festival time! Frank chose to go by himself via broom.

6.13.05 - Frank tricks
He then whiled away the time doing tricks while he waited for the rest to catch up.

6.13.06 - colourful festival
I love the festival lot for Bridgeport, such pretty colours! Whoever designed it spent the time to recolour all the festival stuff in different colour schemes for each season (can’t remember if this is the official lot or one from the exchange, sorry).

6.13.07 - greeting card
Aside from Seaweed in his swimmers, lovely family photo!

6.13.08 - pie eating contest
Velma, Story, Seaweed and Rocky entered the pie eating contest.

6.13.09 - bob for apples
While the other three bobbed for apples.

6.13.10 - Story won 6.13.11 - Riff Raff won
Story and Riff Raff won their respective contests.

6.13.11 - Magenta pee self
Magenta visited the haunted house, and was so scared she peed herself.

6.13.12 - zombie fingers
Zombie fingers would probably scare me too.

6.13.13 - Billy RI
Billy continues walking in his uncle Marius’ footsteps, by sleeping with every unmarried woman in town.

6.13.14 - Rocky facepaint1
Rocky wanted to get his face painted, but ended up with a princess mistake.

6.13.14 - Rocky facepaint2
Poor baby is embarrassed.

6.13.15 - kissy
Autonomous loving with our heir and her spouse.

Seaweed proves he’s no old man, by riding the bull. Enjoy the spam.
6.13.16 - riding bull1 6.13.16 - riding bull2 6.13.16 - riding bull3 6.13.16 - riding bull4 6.13.16 - riding bull5
Yeah, he bested the bull his first time. He’s awesome.

6.13.17 - handprint turkey
Second time works for Rocky. Handprint turkey in his favourite colour, aw.

6.13.18 - Frog Velma
Though they’re in love, even Velma isn’t immune to being part of Story’s LTW. I believe this is 8/12.

6.13.19 - watch stars
They watch the stars afterwards, still with their faces all red from pie.

6.13.20 - zombies1
6.13.20 - zombies2
It’s a full moon, so the zombies can help with Story’s LTW!

6.13.21 - photo wall
Updated photo wall; we’re going to run out of room soon. Pity we can’t slide the greeting cards down further.

6.13.22 - analyse seed
Since he wanted to, Seaweed analyses the seed on the table.

6.13.23 - eat forbidden fruit
Then he eats the forbidden fruit he harvested.

6.13.24 - botanitis minorous
We have a plantsim incoming!

6.13.25 - Roxie marries
Roxie finally found lasting love! With the man I was grooming for Kelly, but oh well.

6.13.26 - Seaweed plantsim
We have a plantsim! Seaweed looks pretty good green and leafy. Though it’s a shame he’s lost his freckles. Might have to fix that.

6.13.27 - Billy + Sabrina
Going after the simselves now, Billy? For shame.

6.13.28 - Billy + Rad
Two seconds later, he has snared another one. I’ll have to check his stats with MC sometime soon.

6.13.29 - Magenta racing1 6.13.29 - Magenta racing2 6.13.29 - Magenta racing3
Magenta makes such great faces!

6.13.30 - boys skilling
The boys keep skilling, though Frank seems to have forgotten how to potion.

6.13.31 - giraffe painting
Another giraffe painting, cute!

6.13.32 - Sabrina + Billy go steady
Ooh, Sabrina may just have tamed our boy.

6.13.33 - S+B fighting
…Or not.

6.13.34 - Story LTW
Sick of these pictures yet? I sure am. But Story’s LTW is almost done.

6.13.35 - Magenta portrait
Because she wished to, Story is painting a portrait of Magenta. We might do some portraits of this generation, since we have both Riff Raff and Velma as painters.

6.13.36 - feast party
But today is Spooky Day, and we’re having a feast party!

6.13.37 - Seaweed cooks
Seaweed is cooking up a storm, ready for our party.

6.13.38 - Story befriends Rocky1
Rocky and Story both wished to befriend one another…so we went the easy route and used an elixir.

6.13.38 - Story befriends Rocky2
Then a gift, as per the usual wish.

6.13.39 - swimsuit party
It’s a swimsuit party! Just for something different. Mostly teens were invited; looking to get some suitors for the teens and hopefully help them find love before they leave the house.

6.13.40 - Wanda Perry
This is Wanda Perry; she’s got a strange lip, but not too bad.

6.13.41 - gorgeous girl
The girl in front of Wanda aged up to YA on the way over; which sucks, because she’ gorgeous! Her name is Lisa Bling, guessing she’s the daughter of Lil Bling?

6.13.42 - Wade Slayer-Bloom
This is Wade Slayer-Bloom, Frank’s RI from prom. Aside from the vampire-ness and pedo-stache, he’s not bad looking.

6.13.43 - Nicholas Rourke
Also invited were the Rourke cousins (Roxie’s children); Nicholas

6.13.44 - Barbara Rourke
And Barbara, the twins; aside from Brillo’s hair colour, they look nothing alike.

6.13.45 - Branden Rourke
Branden is the youngest, and he got the blue hair!

6.13.45 - too many people
Possibly I invited too many people – walls down on purpose to show you how many kids and teens are here.

6.13.46 - Tobin Parodi
This is Tobin Parodi, Sean’s son.

6.13.47 - Mathew Situp
And Mathew Situp, Julia’s spawn.

6.13.48 - Gail Striker
Also here is Gail Striker; she has strange lips, but Rocky has an opportunity to befriend her, so we’re going to try.

6.13.49 - making friends1
I can’t remember this girl’s name, but she’s a cute option also.

6.13.49 - making friends2 6.13.49 - making friends3
Frank talks to Wade.

I had both Frank and Riff Raff scan the room (Woohooer interaction).

6.13.50 - Riff Raff scan room
Riff Raff is very straight, he was only attracted to Jill.

6.13.51 - Frank scan room
Frank is definitely bi, and he has the higest attraction with Wade. So they can stay together for now.

6.13.51 - big tag game
While the kids played a giant game of tag around the property.

6.13.52 - trick or treat
And Velma hands out candy to trick-or-treaters (actually on Spooky Day, well done game!)

6.13.53 - slow dance1
Riff Raff and Jill slow dance.

6.13.53 - slow dance2
Though Jill is pretty terrible at it. I think the flippers are holding her back.

6.13.54 - Story in sand
And Story played in the sand out the back.

6.13.55 - amazing party
Amazing party, well done Frank!

6.13.56 - finished portrait
Finished portrait of Magenta; I like it. We’ll hang it over her bed.

6.13.57 - fixing shower
Seaweed is fixing the shower…not sure what happened to his green skin, will fix that in a second.

6.13.58 - absorb water
When clicking to clean the puddle, I noticed he had the option to ‘absorb’, so I had to try it. Not sure if you can see it properly in the screenshot, but there are little white animations around his foot; and his water need got filled. Cool!

6.13.59 - Kelly RI
Zomg, Kelly finally has an RI! And it’s Sabrina’s…not sure if son or grandson.

6.13.60 - hungry
Frank gets bread out of fridge and puts on counter. OMG, so hungry! LMAO, sims are stupid.

6.13.61 - Kelly pregnant
LOL, that was fast.

6.13.62 - fridge gift
Would you believe this is the first celebrity gift the family have received?

6.13.63 - Seaweed freckles
Seaweed is green again, and with freckles included, yay!

6.13.64 - Rocky sings1 6.13.64 - Rocky sings2
Rocky sings! I love these animations.

6.13.65 - Magenta dollhouse
And Magenta plays with dolls. See, the kids do more than skill 🙂

6.13.66 - Story promotion
Yet another promotion for Story; if this were her LTW, she’d have made it by now. Only two more levels until we can have computers.

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  1. You go Velma and Story, smoosh that pie in that dip kiss XD.
    You could always put a table along the photo wall and put some more photos on there if you ever run out of space.


  2. Oh man it sucks Lisa is already a YA because I agree with you that she is stunning. Her eyes are huge and not in a bad way either.

    Seaweed as a plant sim. How fitting is that? lol I actually really like it. With plant sims, does their life bar increase?


    • I may have to grab Lisa up and use her for something else/put her up for download. Rare that my game gives me such gorgeous sims!

      LOL, I did not think about the correlations to his name until you just said that. No increase to his age bar, he’s almost maxed again (after the death flower). But I’ve had a lot of fun with him, and he has been incredibly useful in gaining points, so I’m ready to say goodbye.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Some interesting choices for spouse.


  4. Some very beautiful spouse choices! I can’t wait to see whose heir and who gets to be the next spouse. I’ll miss Story and Velma though – I really, really like their generation. :0


  5. Seaweed as a plantsim is adorable, and very fitting too. The Tobin Parodi kid is really cute! I’m personally not a fan of the huge eyes many of the Bridgeport premades (and their offspring) have, but to each her own. 🙂 If I played in Bridgeport I would probably edit each and everyone of them in CAS and shrink their eyes by at least 100 %, ha ha. Although it doesn’t bother me as much when vampires have huge eyes, maybe because they’re not human, I don’t know. Wade is a good-looking vamp!

    Wow, that’s the Rourke’s first celebrity gift?? I thought they always handed out something cheap as the first, like a fireplace tool set.


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