6.14 – Paintings and Phone Calls

6.13.09 - bob for apples
Previously, everyone had fun! The family went to the fall festival and had a Feast Party, and generally had a good time. Nothing huge happened…probably why this generation is the longest yet.

This may well be the last post of Velma’s generation. OMG finally, it seems like we’ve been on this gen forever. If Rocky wins the poll, Velma might have one more chapter, but if either of the twins do, that’s it.

6.14.01 - Magenta bday1
We begin with Magenta’s teen birthday! In front of the portrait her mother painted.

6.14.01 - Magenta bday2
She rolled Childish, so I gave her pigtails and a fun printed jumper.

6.14.02 - Magenta teen
Damn, she’s so gorgeous! Velma’s face with Story’s eyes, and the gold colour that has been passed down from Yttrium (gen 3 spouse).

6.14.03 - Velma promotion
Velma got a promotion; this is L9.

6.14.04 - Yttrium trampoline
Speaking of Yttrium, she’s out in the day time, and rocking the trampoline moves.

6.14.05 - flower trail
Flower trail! My favourite part of plantsims 🙂

6.14.06 - Seaweed portrait
Riff Raff painted a portrait of Plantsim Seaweed, just coz I love him (both of them).

6.14.07 - Childish Magenta
Eccentric Childish Magenta found the toybox (in her swimwear, for some reason).

6.14.08 - ask gender preg
But Velma interrupts to ask a very important question.

6.14.09 - bisexual
Magenta is bi!

6.14.10 - learn to drive
Weird angle, but Velma is teaching Magenta to drive in the yellow convertible.

6.14.11 - Seaweed cooking
Since he’s at the end of his life bar (and he has nothing better to do), Seaweed is filling the fridge with Perfect leftovers.

6.14.12 - play prank
LMAO, Story played a prank at work, and Alyssa was the poor sod who got pranked.

6.14.13 - Jill + RR date1
Riff Raff invited Jill out on a date. They were supposed to go to a club, but ended up in the lobby.

6.14.13 - Jill + RR date2 6.14.13 - Jill + RR date3
Wow, your mom crashing your date, that’s gotta suck.

6.14.13 - Jill + RR date4
Good thing she got distracted with the other people in the lobby.

6.14.13 - Jill + RR date5
And the paparazzi captures it all.

6.14.13 - Jill + RR date6
The teens watched the stars.

6.14.13 - Jill + RR date7
While Story ticks another one off the list for her LTW.

6.14.14 - love letters1 6.14.14 - love letters2 6.14.14 - love letters3
The teens got some love letters! Looks like Frank is a hit with the boys, while Riff Raff has another female admirer.

6.14.15 - Rad engaged
Rad is getting married! Yay, simself wedding!

6.14.16 - Need to Brood
Aw, I’d almost forgotten Riff Raff had the Brooding trait.

6.14.17 - Phoenix eats
Phoenix, please don’t eat our food; you don’t need to eat anymore!

6.14.18 - Story maxed alchemy
Story maxed alchemy! I haven’t been taking too many pictures, because it’s not interesting like sculptures or painting.

6.14.19 - ice Seaweed
We have an ice Seaweed, woot! Will still melt, unfortunately.

6.14.20 - Story promotion
Another promotion for Story; we’re going to have computers before long!

6.14.21 - pranks
I don’t document them all, but the house is always full of pranks. Three rebellious teenagers and a rebellious child will do that.

6.14.22 - Charlotte engaged
Naw, Charlotte finally found love.

Stelma (Story + Velma’s ship name, I have decided) went on a date to a club. Enjoy the dance spam.
6.14.23 - Stelma dance1 6.14.23 - Stelma dance2 6.14.23 - Stelma dance3 6.14.23 - Stelma dance4

6.14.24 - Magenta PJs
Just to show off Magenta’s cute PJs.

6.14.25 - Magenta on fire
ZOMG, she’s on fire! Don’t worry, she made it upstairs and to the shower. And after this, I put a shower in the basement.

6.14.26 - Kelly baby boy
Kelly had a boy! Of the 11 grandchildren, I think there are only 2 or 3 girls.

6.14.27 - Ice Personality
Yay, now we can have some non-melting ice sculptures!

6.14.28 - baby mermaid painting
Man, this is possibly the most adorable painting ever. Baby mermaid FTW!

6.14.29 - Magenta outerwear
I really love Magenta’s outfits, so I’m showing them all off; this is outerwear. She’s talking up some guy from school, so he might come over and we can see if he’s a spouse option for her.

6.14.30 - Flynn toad
Poor Flynn is yet another victim of Story’s LTW.

6.14.31 - Story LTW1
6.14.31 - Story LTW2
last one! Story completed her LTW, finally!

6.14.32 - Frank maxed logic
Frank is also making progress, he’s maxed logic!

6.14.33 - Rocky bday1
Alone in the hallway, a true youngest child, Rocky ages up to teen.

6.14.33 - Rocky bday2
He rolled Supernatural Fan. So, he will become a supernatural at some point, when depends on if he’s heir or spare.

6.14.34 - RockyT
I didn’t like that hair on him; this one suits his Diva personality a lot better. He has most of Velma’s features, with Story’s eyes and mouth.

6.14.35 - Ariel
Riff Raff has painted another awesome painting, a second Ariel one.

6.14.36 - Charlotte dying
Aw, Charlotte is dying soon 😦 At least she got married before she died.

6.14.37 - Frank potion1 6.14.37 - Frank potion2 6.14.37 - Frank potion3
Frank learned all the potions! The first one to stick with the potion table since Fiyero.

6.14.38 - Story won't leave
He then ran to the bathroom…only Story was in there doing laundry and wouldn’t leave.

6.14.39 - Frank pees self
So the poor thing peed himself.

6.14.40 - Rocky martial arts
I decided Rocky’s skill will be martial arts. Only Cosette has played with this skill, so it’s not overdone for me.

6.14.41 - Magenta's inventions
These are all the inventions Magenta has made thus far; she’s really flying through them. Eccentric helps a
ton with Inventing.

6.14.42 - Magenta swings
Lil Miss Childish is so interesting; she’s always on the play equipment when I leave her alone.

6.14.43 - Story + RR gossip
While Story and Riff Raff gossip…about Magenta?

6.14.44 - Magenta's gossip
LMAO, how is that gossip?

6.14.45 - Proficient Painter
Velma has painted 6 brilliant paintings.

6.14.46 - paintings1
This is the latest, it’s adorable.

6.14.46 - paintings2 6.14.46 - paintings3
These are some of the others she’s done; loving seeing all of these different paintings. I think being Insane helps make them more interesting.

6.14.47 - teach Rocky to drive
Since his mothers have so many things to do, granddad Seaweed teaches Rocky to drive.

6.14.48 - Jeanne Xu
Jeanne Xu is back! (in the background Magenta is still trying to befriend someone well enough that they will come over)

6.14.49 - no flirting
She refuses to flirt with Frank 😦

6.14.50 - attraction
They’re attracted to one another.

6.14.51 - Jeanne straight
And she’s straight.

6.14.52 - Jeanne BFF
She agrees to be his best friend forever.

6.14.53 - HOTMK1 6.14.53 - HOTMK2
And returns his HOTM kiss.

6.14.54 - no hug
Yet won’t hug him amorously.

6.14.55 - no kiss
Nor kiss him again. WTF, Jeanne? We’ll leave things for now, so frustrating!

6.14.56 - Seaweed fails
Meanwhile, Seaweed fails at riding an elevator.

6.14.57 - Roxie's place
He’s visiting Roxie’s family to make friends with his grandchildren. Damn, Barbara has a scary face.

6.14.58 - snowman
They chatted for a bit, then went outside to make a snowman together.

6.14.59 - epic sea creatures
Epic baby sea creatures painting! Possibly my favourite of all those Riff Raff and Velma have painted.

6.14.60 - Brushmaster
And it’s this one that gives him the Brushmaster achievement! He’s painted 30 paintings…and I’m 99% sure he’s also maxed the skill, I just failed to take a screenshot.

6.14.61 - teens on the phone
Teens on the phone, all the time. Sounds pretty normal. That cute girl Rocky’s talking to is Ivory Mist’s daughter – she’s so gorgeous!

6.14.62 - Seaweed date
Seaweed is on a date! With an elderfied Lola Belle, I believe. She asked him, and I figured why not?

6.14.63 - Seaweed dies1
I went to the house to check on the others…then the camera was forced back to Seaweed. Oh no!

6.14.63 - Seaweed dies2 6.14.63 - Seaweed dies3
He begged, even though he’s already had a double elder life due to a death flower. Man does not know when enough is enough.

6.14.64 - gen 5 graves
And so we say goodbye to gen 5. 😦

6.14.65 - upset simmies
Everyone is upset, though they didn’t “witness death” like the moodlet says. Also I have NFI why Magenta is singed, must have been from the inventing table.

6.14.66 - cheer up
Velma tries to cheer her up, though she knows it probably won’t help much.


And now, with a few days until the twins’ YA birthday, it’s time for an heir poll! As much as I love Magenta, we are only polling the boys. And I’ll also poll the spouse options now; all options will be girls, even if Frank is heir.


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  1. I’m so sad to see Seaweed go 😦 he was such a good heir! Rest in Peace Seaweed! But I am excited for the heir poll! Though I’m not quite sure who I’m voting for just yet…


  2. Someone’s obsessed with Mermaids…


  3. I love Riff Raff. I’ve only just noticed how similar he and Rocky look.
    Do all of those paintings come with the game or do you have a mod to get the variety? Only mine never seem to paint the ones yours do.


    • Riff Raff has taken an early lead, and I’m fine with him being heir, he’s a lot of fun to play!
      Interesting that you think he and Rocky look alike, since they actually only have overall head and jaw shape the same. Maybe it’s the freckly skin, it doesn’t show differences as much as some other skins. And you reminded me that I should share the genetic differences in the poll, will go edit now!
      Yes, I use Plum’s painting replacement mod – link is in the Resources page. It’s huge, but so worth it.

      Liked by 1 person

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