6.15 – How Do I Adult?

Gen 7 heir

The votes have been counted, and Riff Raff is the winner!

Gen 7 spouse
Despite strong competition from Lev Langurd, his wife will be Hannah Bathory.

But since this challenge is about completing careers, we will remain in gen 6 until Story tops the Business career and completes the requirements for Gen 6.

6.15.01 - Magenta upset
Magenta is still
really upset at Seaweed’s death. Rocky (autonomously) tried to console her, and she made this face.

6.15.02 - ghosts basketball
The ghosts are having a grand old time, however. Phoenix and Fiyero play basketball.

6.15.03 Cosette tramp
While Cosette jumps on the trampoline. Though this photo is at about 10am, so she really should be gone by now.

6.15.04 - Frank prank
I missed the shot, but Frank planted one last whoopee cushion before age up.

6.15.05 - Magenta destroy snowman
Mood swing plus grief, means Magenta is out to destroy all the snowmen the ghosts have built.

6.15.06 - twin birthday1
Birthday time! No party, because we just had a party last chapter.

6.15.06 - twin birthday2
The whole household is there to celebrate, however.

6.15.07 - RR bday
Riff Raff sparkles first. His final trait is Rebellious, since apparently I forgot to give that earlier. His LTW is Master Mixologist. I’ve not played much with this skill, and it’s my goal to max every skill at least once in this challenge, so why not now?

6.15.08 - Frank bday
Frank next; his traits weren’t amended until the CAS makeover, due to my previously-mentioned stuff-up with Schmoozer. He now has Charismatic in place of Schmoozer, which allows Rebellious to be added, as per the rules. His LTW is Zombie Master (one of the witch-only ones, Story’s was the other).

6.15.09 - Riff RaffA
YA Riff Raff! When I checked his genetics again, he is almost a clone of Velma (other than the ears). Still, he has the best traits, and I’m glad he’s heir.

6.15.09 - FrankA
YA Frank; he’s a good mix of genetics, with Story’s nose and overall headshape, and Velma’s eyes and mouth.

6.15.10 - idiot Frank
Here he is after makeover, being stupid. Yes, he just put that piece of cake on the counter, then sat in a different chair. Idiot sims…

6.15.11 - RR cleans
Better pic of Riff Raff’s everyday clothes; he has a lot of ST and UL stuff, since they fit his personality the best.

6.15.12 - Velma faces1 6.15.12 - Velma faces2
Velma makes awesome faces.

Since he will be marrying Hannah Bathory, Riff Raff needs to break up with his high school love, Jill Slayer-Bloom.
6.15.13 - RR breakup1 6.15.13 - RR breakup2

She is heartbroken.

6.15.13 - RR breakup3
And then they discover they’re both hot-headed.

6.15.14 - Rocky MA1
Rocky is now at the point of martial arts when he can spin the training dummy around.

6.15.14 - Rocky MA2
Still doesn’t stop him from being poked in the eye, occasionally.

(and no, I have no idea why he has glasses in his MA outfit; I would change them, but he gets a new outfit with every level, so there’s no point)

6.15.15 - Billy + Sabrina
Billy and Sabrina continue the on-again off-again thing.

6.15.16 - Jill + Barbara
And apparently Jill is bi? Barbara is one of Roxie’s children, she mostly takes after her father (Wogan Hemlock).

6.15.17 - Magenta repairs
Our resident Eccentric teen is on hand to fix the broken shower. I will need to have someone else skill up handiness for when she moves out… (we upgrade to Self-Cleaning in the Rourke house, since broken appliances are handy for skilling, and cleaning is more tedious).

6.15.18 - Kelly pregnant
Kelly is pregnant! To Sabrina’s grandson…yes, Sabrina who is current dating Kelly’s triplet brother. Dang vampires and their long lifespans. I will have to get a mod to shorten those, when we get vamps and fairies into the family.

6.15.19 - Magenta miner
Magenta made a miner! She had a wish locked in for it, so we banked a couple thousand LTH points. But we still have Fiyero’s master miner in the backyard, so Magenta’s will be sold.

6.15.20 - in love
This is what these two do on free will all the time.

6.15.21 - Story skinny dip
And now that the kids are at school, it’s apparently skinny-dipping time. In the snow. As you do. Velma did have it in her queue to join her, but then dropped it in favour of freaking out at Story being naked. Because she’s never seen
that before. Lol, sims.

6.15.22 - boys library
The big boys are off to the library for some skilling. We will be moving towns when Story tops her career (which should hopefully be in a few days), so I’ll keep Frank in the house until then. Just makes it easier to manage the move. And since we will also have a new house, Riff Raff won’t be getting a bar just yet – for now, he’ll stick to books to learn mixology.

6.15.23 - festival
After school, it’s time for the festival!

6.15.24 - Velma snow angel
Snow Angels. Velma is doing it wrong.

6.15.25 - photo
Everyone is finally here, so it’s time for a photo!

6.15.26 - greeting card
The last greeting card in Bridgeport. I kind of wish the backgrounds were different, so we could see that, but oh well.

6.15.27 - Rocky prank1
Rocky was on a mood swing, and wished to prank the school, so I let him have at it.

6.15.27 - Rocky prank2
Whoops, maybe he shouldn’t have done it at 4pm on a school day?

6.15.28 - genie boy
When he exited the school, I saw this genie boy with him. I only know of one genie in town…

6.15.29 - Rad grandson
Yep, he’s Rad’s grandsondaughter! And it looks like he has her hair colour, too!

6.15.30 - Rocky arrested
Poor Rocky was then arrested by the cops for pranking.

6.15.31 - ice skating
Meanwhile, at the festival (across the street from the school, lol) the other kids of gen 7 try their hand at ice skating.

6.15.32 - Velma snowboard
While Velma and Story snowboard.

6.15.33 - Story average
Story is just average.

6.15.34 - Velma brilliant1
Velma is amazing.
6.15.34 - Velma brilliant2 6.15.34 - Velma brilliant3
She kept rolling wishes to do more and more tricks, and didn’t even have to do a normal run in between!

6.15.35 - Eskarina
Eskarina Winters was there, and she spun with Magenta. If things had turned out differently, Magenta might have been Eskarina’s daughter.

6.15.36 - 4.8m worth
Oh, and I need to upgrade the net worth to $4.8m!

6.15.37 - teens on phone
Teenagers on the phones again. Trying to get someone to come over, so we can get these two spares some RIs.

6.15.38 - Velma warm self
We’ve been in this house two full generations, and this is the first time anyone has used the fireplace. And Velma is using it to warm her chilly butt, lol.

6.15.39 - zombie
I figured we could work on Frank’s LTW a bit. He used one of Story’s Zombie Elixirs to turn this guy, but the game didn’t register it. I guess you have to make the elixirs yourself?

6.15.40 - elixir
Love the message that he got, though.

6.15.41 - Story maxed athletics
Story maxed athletic! These two are powering through their skills.

6.15.42 - Sabrina + Billy
Billy and Sabrina are off again. (I have to give him hair one of these days…)

6.15.43 - Velma baby wish
No more babies, Velma! You have a son old enough to have a baby.

6.15.44 - Jill + Frank1
It’s okay to chat up your brother’s ex-girlfriend, right?

6.15.44 - Jill + Frank2
I wasn’t thinking of putting these two together, but Jill talked of attraction.

6.15.44 - Jill + Frank3
Then they heartfarted.

6.15.44 - Jill + Frank4
And before I could think straight, this was happening. Oh well, Riff Raff should be fine with it – he hasn’t rolled a single wish for Jill since breaking things off.

6.15.45 - RR mermaids
He’s too busy painting a bunch of different mermaid paintings.

6.15.46 - Master Painter
And this last one was a masterpiece!

Super speedy romance spam go:
6.15.47 - Frank woos Jill1 6.15.47 - Frank woos Jill2 6.15.47 - Frank woos Jill3 6.15.47 - Frank woos Jill4
6.15.47 - Frank woos Jill5 6.15.47 - Frank woos Jill6 6.15.47 - Frank woos Jill7 6.15.47 - Frank woos Jill8
Yeah, Frank kept rolling wish after wish to do romantic things with Jill, so I just let them go. She will make pretty babies for him.

6.15.48 - Velma maxed career
Meanwhile, Velma has been churning out Dragon Doughertys like crazy, to top her career. And she finally made it!

6.15.49 - Master Sculptologist
It wouldn’t have taken so much time if she’d discovered the DD topiary earlier; Carl says this is the best for making lots of money sculpting, especially since sims get better at a particular sculpture the more they sculpt it – kind of like cooking.

6.15.50 - Frank woohoo
That didn’t take long, you two!

6.15.51 - Helen leave
Rocky invited Helen Mist (daughter of Ivory) out on a date, but she showed up then left straight away.

6.15.52 - ask to prom
She did come over to the house that same night, and stayed long enough for Rocky to ask her to prom.

6.15.53 - Helen says yes
LOL! That’s a yes, but with a poo threat.

6.15.54 - Helen + Rocky1
Better shot of Helen’s face; even with the Full Moon lighting, she’s quite pretty. The big nose suits her.

6.15.54 - Helen + Rocky2 6.15.54 - Helen + Rocky3 6.15.54 - Helen + Rocky4
She was invited inside, where Rocky proceeded to seal the deal.

And then they sing a duet.
6.15.55 - singing1 6.15.55 - singing2 6.15.55 - singing3 6.15.55 - singing4
I love these animations; Rocky is
so into it – he has rolled up the Singing career LTW a couple of times, but I’m choosing LTW at age up.

6.15.56 - ghosties
Moar ghosties; Flamingo is playing basketball while Yttrium builds an igloo.

6.15.57 - skinny dip wish
Skinny dipping with you son, Story? Sure, that’s not at all creepy.


And that’s it for now! Next time, there will be one last party in Bridgeport before Story finally tops the Business career.

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  1. So happy about the heir and spouse choice! 😀
    Will Frank and his new love be making the move too?


  2. Frank is so adorable as an adult, I cant believe it. I’m fine enough with Riff Raff though.
    Story is being such a creep this chapter. XD


  3. Yes! Riff Raff & Hannah won! They’ll make such pretty babies! 😀

    What town’s next?


  4. I’m happy about both heir and spouse, even if I may perhaps have voted for Rocky. 🙂 But that’s totally OK. Hannah is a very elegant sim! I like Helen too.

    Velma’s faces are indeed the best. And Velma and Story are SOoo cute together, still.

    Well done for mastering sculpture! I’ve never managed.


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