6.16 – Rebel Strike

6.15.26 - greeting card
Last time, Riff Raff and Frank aged up to YA, and Frank honed in on his twin’s ex-girlfriend.

6.16.01 - grad1
Hanging around outside City Hall? Must be graduation time! It’s also Snow Day and prom for the teens tonight; busy day for the Rourkes!

6.16.01 - grad2
See that guy that just threw a water balloon? That’s the guy Magenta is sweet on, Teddy Xu. We’ll try to get them hooked up later.

6.16.02 - Frank most likely
Aw, most likely to have a big family; he will if Frank has anything to say about it.

6.16.03 - RR most likely
Riff Raff will definitely complete his LTW; though that is a kind of boring one for someone with his awesome personality.

6.16.04 - diploma toss
Obligatory diploma toss for our heir.

6.16.05 - Magenta eats snowflakes
Magenta went to talk to Teddy…then ate snowflakes instead. Childish sims…

6.16.06 - Teddy Xu
He’s not great looking, and already has a girlfriend, so we’ll pass.

6.16.07 - Velma cooks
Since it’s Snowflake Day, I decided we should throw a party, and make it a destination party, for once. In hindsight, picking a park in the middle of winter wasn’t the best idea, but hey.

Velma tries to cook some hotdogs for the party guests, but she doesn’t have any cooking skill, so burns them. And the second batch too. Guess this will be a no food party.

6.16.08 - Riff Raff DJ
Riff Raff gets his DJ on.

6.16.09 - dancing
Soon enough, we have dancers and people watching the DJ.

6.16.10 - Billy hair
I took pity on Billy and gave him back his hair (that’s him with the red coat right at the front).

6.16.11 - genie
Dancing and DJ-ing was pretty much the extent of the party. The guests liked it, though, and Velma got an “amazing party” moodlet.

Meanwhile, the teens were at prom! Have some prom spam:
6.16.12 - Rocky prom1 6.16.12 - Rocky prom2 6.16.12 - Rocky prom3 6.16.12 - Rocky prom4 6.16.12 - Rocky prom5

6.16.13 - Magenta prom1 6.16.13 - Magenta prom2 6.16.14 - Magenta prom queen
As expected, Rocky’s popups were all about Helen, while Magenta had a lame prom. She did get prom queen, though I missed the popup.

6.16.15 - adorable painting
Riff Raff continues to paint adorable paintings.

6.16.16 - Kelly twins
Kelly had twins!

6.16.17 - RR maxed painting1
He’s this close…

6.16.17 - RR maxed painting2
6.16.17 - RR maxed painting3
Painting is maxed!

6.16.18 - Frank maxed photography
A second later, Frank maxes his second skill in Photography. I really wish we could see the sims with the camera, at least some of the time, so you could see that he was working on it.

Velma and Story play basketball:
6.16.19 - Velma + Story bball1 6.16.19 - Velma + Story bball2
Velma dunked successfully.
6.16.19 - Velma + Story bball3
Story does an epic leap…
6.16.19 - Velma + Story bball4 6.16.19 - Velma + Story bball5
But falls on her butt and misses the basket.

6.16.20 - Riff Raff street art
While I’ve been twiddling my thumbs waiting for the weekend to be over and Story to go back to work, I realised that Riff Raff does have something to do; he needs to max his rebel skill, so he can do the Art Appraiser career! So I bought him a street art kit.

6.16.21 - tagging the house
Now he’s tagging every spare inch of the house!

Protip: if you have the MoveObjectsOn cheat activated, the sims will be able to tag everywhere, even if the floor/wall is covered.

6.16.22 - Nonconformist
Before long he’s at L3!

6.16.23 - Story bday1
6.16.23 - Story bday2 6.16.23 - Story bday3
We interrupt Riff Raff’s rebellious activities for Story’s birthday!

6.16.23 - Story bday4
She’s a pretty spiffy looking elder.

6.16.24 - Magenta's inventions
Magenta’s updated group of inventions! I think she’s done all the toys now, and most of the widgets.

6.16.25 - Rocky prom photo
Rocky’s prom photo and crown (stupid winter proms, they’re in their outerwear); Magenta’s got lost in her inventory somewhere.

6.16.26 - RR hunger strike1
Because I’ve never done it, and because he needs to do things to raise his rebel influence, Riff Raff holds a hunger strike!

6.16.26 - RR hunger strike2 6.16.26 - RR hunger strike3
At first there was only one guy watching, so I sent Frank and Story (who didn’t have anything better to do) down to help out.

6.16.26 - RR hunger strike4
But he soon drew a decent crowd. 
Including Frank’s ex-RI, Jeanne Xu, who is not happy to see Frank again.

6.16.26 - RR hunger strike6
Yes, they’re protesting rings… I just picked a random topic from the list.

6.16.27 - succeeding

6.16.28 - Mars dies
And Mars Champion, the Rourke family paparazzi stalker, dies in the middle of the protest.

6.16.29 - protesting
But the hunger strike continues!

6.16.30 - labour
Until someone goes into labour.

(Rocky has been zeneporting with his new meditation skill, thus the PJs in the snow)

6.16.31 - snow melts1
Story took the woman off to the hospital, and Riff Raff continued his protest. And it was now warm enough that the snow began to melt!

6.16.31 - snow melts2 6.16.31 - snow melts3 6.16.31 - snow melts4
Yes, it completely melted in the course of a single afternoon.

6.16.32 - successful1 6.16.32 - successful2
The protest was successful! And they celebrated with balloons.

6.16.33 - Frank street art
I realised that it would be handy to have someone else in the family also with rebel influence, so that talking to one another could increase it. So Frank is on street art duty also.

6.16.34 - RR dumpster dive
Still on a mission to increase his influence, Riff Raff goes dumpster diving behind the grocery store.

6.16.35 - Lola Belle dies
And Lola Belle dies right in front, canceling his action. I’m starting to think the townies have it in for Riff Raff…

6.16.36 - Rocky break boards
Rocky is up to breaking wooden boards! I think this is about L6 or 7.

6.16.37 - cuties 6.16.37 - cuties2
These two continue to be adorably in love.

6.16.38 - Frank father
OMG, I didn’t even know Jill was pregnant! Well done, Frank, mixed twins.

In the background of the above picture (Story and Velma hugging), you can see Magenta going into the time machine; she rolled up the wish to travel to the past, so here we go.
6.16.39 - Magenta past1 6.16.39 - Magenta past2 6.16.39 - Magenta past3 6.16.39 - Magenta past4 6.16.39 - Magenta past5

6.16.40 - Velma maxed charisma
Velma finally maxed charisma.

It is finally Monday, and we only have to wait until the end of Story’s shift for her to top the career.

6.16.41 - Frank torment Sean1 6.16.41 - Frank torment Sean2
In the meantime, Frank torments poor Sean outside the diner.

6.16.42 - Magenta fail
And Magenta fails pretty hard on the water slide. That’s an impressive slide off the slide…

6.16.43 - Story topped career1 6.16.43 - Story topped career2
Yay, done! Now the new house can have computers and video games 😀


Next post will be the first of Riff Raff’s reign, and the family is moving to Starlight Shores!


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  1. Woo! Awesome update!

    I haven’t done much with the social groups (aside from the Nerd group). So it’ll be interesting to see what the Rebelt group is like! 😀

    Really looking forward to Starlight Shores! And Riff Raff meeting his destiny!


  2. Still not over those paintings lol.
    I can’t wait to see what Riff Raff’s babie swill look like, same goes for Frank though.


  3. samanthaohalloran

    Hi just wondered what app you use to take pictures of the pop ups in game


  4. LOL, hunger strike in the snow! And death! And labour!!! That seems all kinds of uncomfortable. Good for them for being successful despite all that, though. Down with wedding ring scum! 😉


  5. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You can find the post here:


    You don’t have to answer any of my questions, and you can completely ignore my post if you want to. It’s perfectly fine with me. I just thought you should know!

    Liked by 1 person

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