7.02 – Rebel Arts

7.01.14 - Hannah attracted
Previously, the family moved to Starlight Shores and into a converted warehouse. And Riff Raff romanced Hannah Bathory, his chosen spouse.

I apologies for the mini-hiatus, work and uni have been kicking my butt lately, and I’ve had no time to write up all the pictures I took during break. There are two more chapters already done, so expect another new update soonish.

We begin with a party! And the guests don’t like the gem cutter.

Magenta hates it so much, she scares Velma to get her to stop.

I think the ‘front’ door is in the wrong place, all the guests are congregating near the nursery.

It’s Magenta’s birthday!

We don’t know too many people in town just yet, so the guests are mostly extended family.

This is Branden Rourke; he’s one of Roxie’s boys.

And Barbara, Roxie’s daughter. She’s basically a clone of her father (William Fangman). And has arm hair for some reason…

This one is Flynn’s son, Judd Hemlock (his father and Flynn’s husband is Wogan Hemlock).

7-02-07-magena-cake1 7-02-07-magena-cake2
Cake time!

Magenta rolled Dramatic for her final trait, rounding out a very interesting mix. She’s Eccentric, Childish, Rebellious and Lucky. Her LTW is Monster Maker.

Makeover! I love her so much, she’s the only one who got Story’s green skin. Brillo’s hair colour and Yttrium’s gold eyes, Story’s eye shape, and the rest is Velma’s face.

As always, we have too many people at the party, and route fails abound.

But Riff Raff hones in on his target.

He literally sweeps her off her feet.

7-02-12-rrh-proposal1 7-02-12-rrh-proposal2
Then a proposal.

Yes, accepted! She is Insane, so I was worried she might reject him just for kicks.

Roxie is entertaining the guests; this is exactly the reason I put the drums there.

Hannah and Riff Raff watch the stars.

7-02-15-rrh-elevator-wh1 7-02-15-rrh-elevator-wh2 7-02-15-rrh-elevator-wh3
Then get jiggy in the elevator. I love the look on their faces! Also, hai Flamingo!

Ivory is the only guest remaining…

Maybe that’s why she didn’t want to leave?

WTH Story, what did Helen do to you?

…uhm, what? She’s Rocky’s girlfriend, and I didn’t see her flirting with anyone else.

Hannah’s first night in the Rourke household is spent skilling. She’s a Virtuoso, so she’ll be working on some instruments to accompany her Writing career.

Billy found a new love! And I love that it’s Kirstin Law, check out the Maitland Round Robin legacy to see more of her.

This came a second later. Oh Billy, never change.

While fighting with Helen, Story maxed her charisma.

The next evening, I sent Hannah and Riff Raff out on a date, to a club lot I downloaded from the Exchange. They spent the beginning on separate activities; Hannah played her guitar (as per a wish).

While Riff Raff tried out the gyroscope. He wasn’t very good.

Hannah is a Hopeless Romantic; I love the ‘Gaze into Eyes’ animation, so adorable!

And then they play video games together. Not the most romantic, but at least they’re playing together now.

Meanwhile, it’s Velma’s birthday!

Aw, she’s adorable. Like her father before her, I kep her hair blue, just a lighter shade and with grey streaks instead of black. You don’t go from bright blue to white in a second.

Flynn is having another baby! The triplets are much younger than Velma, she was a teen taking care of them as toddlers.

…Riff Raff, what on earth are you doing? I left him alone for a few minutes, and he goes off to do this.

…Crazier still when he chose to walk around the house naked after woohoo.

It’s kind of hilarious, but your younger brother will be up soon, so get some clothes on!

Not nice, Cosette!

I’m allowing Magenta to stay a few days, until she maxes Handiness and has her graduation. Rocky may even join her, I’m not sure how far behind he is.

7-02-31-hannah-ltw1 7-02-31-hannah-ltw2
Oh, and Hannah completed her LTW the second she moved into the house.
Ms Adventurous has Private Museum as her LTW, and we have three museums’ worth upstairs.

This would be a good time to show off our gen 7 trait cards, y/y?

Hannah’s fave colour is black, which I had already used in Riff Raff’s bedroom so yay.

One last wall mural and…

Riff Raff has topped the Rebel Social Group.

7-02-34-rr-job1 7-02-34-rr-job2
So he’s promptly offered a job as an Art Appraiser. We took it. And it wasn’t until he was about halfway through the career (I’ve played a bit ahead) that I remembered my own rules state Video Game Developer is the 3rd option for Gen 7b, not Art Appraiser *facepalm*. Oh well, Riff Raff is so not a nerd, so we’ll continue with this. Hannah will be the one lifting the restrictions for Gen 7.

Yes, Hannah is going into the Writing career. I couldn’t see her crazy self doing very well in the Architecture profession
and I couldn’t be bothered trying to work out how to get good reviews.

Updated gem collection; Velma has been working through all the cuts from cheapest to heart. We will definitely still need to hunt for gems; Vampire’s Eye in particular we have very few.

Hannah starts her first book in her specially designed study.

Outside on the roof, Riff Raff is fulfilling a wish to paint 10 ground murals.

Hannah got stressed very quickly, so we whip out the guitar to fix that. Rocky is *still* trying to max martial arts. It’s going so slowly!

No surprises here.

Billy takes his brother’s offcasts.

I don’t think he’s ready for a steady relationship.

LMAO, definitely not ready for this.

Hannah, on the other hand, is totally ready for it 🙂

7-02-44-velma-maxed-athletic 7-02-45-magenta-maxed-handiness
Velma and Magenta have been working hard.

Another birthday! No party, since we only had one a few days ago – though we did invite over Rocky’s newly aged-up girlfriend, Helen. Magenta and Rocky are really close in age, apparently.

7-02-43-rocky-bday2 7-02-43-rocky-bday3
Rocky’s final trait is Snob, and his LTW is to Max Influence with all Social Groups. So glad I’m not trying that one!

He’s probably the best mix of Story and Velma’s features; Story’s eyes and mouth, with Velma’s head and nose. But brown is such a boring colour, glad Riff Raff was chosen. And I love that we’re continuing the giant eye shape brought into the family by Phoenix, then gen 1 spouse!

The minute he’s old enough, Rocky has a very important question to ask Helen.

LOL, not that, game.

7-02-45-rocky-vamp2 7-02-45-rocky-vamp3 7-02-47-rocky-to-be-vamp
That one! Rocky is becoming a vampire!

For two reasons: firstly, it will help him max that damn martial arts skill. And secondly, to get the points without having to *play* a vampire and risk vamp kids.

7-02-48-rocky-dip-kiss1 7-02-48-rocky-dip-kiss2
Let’s just ignore Magenta’s photobomb while Rocky and Helen get their dip kiss on.

And it’s out to watch the stars.

Hannah popped! She’s so cute.

Hai Phoenix! Nice to see someone is enjoying the shuffleboard table.

Uhoh, the girls aren’t getting along.

I’m not sure what that picture in Hannah’s thought bubble is, but it’s freaky.

Kelly finally got an RI! I waited forever for his pic to load, but he refused, so he gets a blank square.

It’s graduation time! Finally, we can have some peace and quiet before the nooboo arrives.

…gawd, I hate it when sims take brooms separately instead of a car together. And Hannah, you stole Story’s broom! I’m glad Riff Raff isn’t a witch, we’ll be able to get rid of the broom nonsense when Story dies.

So not surprised that Magenta got the ears hat, if anyone deserves it, she does! Also, thanks for the photobomb, Hannah.

Magenta didn’t get a Most Likely 😦

Rocky did, and he got Valedictorian too. He’s already a millionaire, lol.

And that’s it for now! It will not be so long before the next chapter, I promise. I have over 600 pics that need to be culled and arranged into chapters; probably another 4-5 chaps, including nooboos!

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  1. Spraypaint while naked. I’m sure that’s a wonderful idea, Riff Raff.


  2. LOL painting while naked! XD Still, it’s better than having a elder sim naked though!
    Magenta is so pretty. I would love to use her as a spouse if that is ok?

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