7.05 – Colours of the Sun

Previously, Hannah and Riff Raff welcomed baby Seymour to the family, and eldest Audrey was a headstrong toddler.

Another update! Number 4 for October, so I’m officially racing for Silver in SimNaWriMo. Pretty sure I can get 7 done, but I doubt I’ll get to 10 – we’ll see.

These two are so cute. Always loving on each other.

Velma’s panel is full of wishes for her wife.

Did anyone else forger about baby Seymour? He still exists (in the wrong crib), he’s just a boring burrito (not for much longer though!)

I find this terribly sad, Audrey has a better relationship with both her grandmothers than she does with her father. Will have to force some quality time before she’s too much older.

Velma finally got the Simbot opportunity. She’ll do it because why not? She has nothing better to do.

A madeover elder Roxie is blocking the stairs. You know what that means…

Party time! For both Seymour and Audrey. We invited all the children in the family, to get a look at the genes going around.

Poor Lamar (seen as a toddler in the previous chapter) seems to have come down with a case of the bimple pox (tongue through chin).

This is Trina, Kelly’s daughter.

And Elsa, Trina’s twin. They both have rather rounded cheeks and zero cheekbones.

Birthday time!

7-05-10-cake-time2 7-05-10-cake-time3
Damn, I love those toddler cake animations.

Seymour first; he has Velma’s hair and no freckles!

And he’s adorable! First one to inherit Story’s pink eyes, but facially he’s all Riff Raff.

In amongst all the adult legs, Audrey sparkles and rolls Eco-Friendly.

She’s so cute, I love her already! Hannah’s head shape and mouth, Riff Raff’s nose and eyes (shape passed down from Phoenix).

Obligatory cake routefail. I have no idea who that lady at the back is. Go away, party crasher!

Audrey gets right onto introducing herself to all the children.

While the adults eat cake. It feels like maybe those last two should be reverse – shouldn’t the kids be eating cake while the adults socialise?

The kids all play tag together around the house – that sounds more like a traditional child thing to do.

No Riff Raff, no boarding school! Geez, shows how much love he has for his daughter. (Note the Seymour training wish at the bottom – he rolled no such wishes for Audrey)

Hannah gets right onto toddler training, before the party is even over.

Velma sees fit to boast about grandchildren to her daughter. I’m not sure who the kid with the plantsim hair is…

Audrey gets her own big girl bed in the newly decorated kids area.

Wow, Reynaldo is a teen already! He’s Frank’s first child with wife Jill Slayer-Bloom.

7-05-22-rr-maxed-mixology 7-05-23-rr-ltw
Riff Raff maxed his mixology skill and completed his LTW! We own most of the bars and clubs around town, so all he had to do was max the skill.

Story decided to retire from the top of the business career.

And Velma completed her simbot! We let it loose in the town, and I neglected to even note the name – though I’m 90% sure it was a male.

And the reason for all these screencaps clustered together is that I lost a bunch of in-game screenshots. Only about 1 sim day, but it was an important day – Hannah gave birth to twin girls! Their names are Ronette and Crystal. In a few pics the burritos will be growing up, so just to reassure you that you didn’t miss anything, there are no pics.

But first, epic family video game faces!
7-05-25-video-games1 7-05-25-video-games2 7-05-25-video-games4

Who let the crazy lady teach the toddler to talk? He should not be learning about begging at his age!

Miss Eco-Friendly wanted to learn fishing, so sure. She loves the outdoors so gets good moodlets too.

Riff Raff got another promotion, this is L5. I swear these UL careers take a lot longer than the other rabbithole ones.

Told you the burritos would be sparkling soon.

This is Ronette, she likes orange, Egyptian music and aloo masala curry.

She’s Unlucky and Absent-Minded, but she’s cute! That’s Hannah’s eye colour with Riff Raff’s hair and freckled skin.

Crystal next; she likes spice brown, hip hop music and cobbler.

She’s Family-Oriented and Lucky (I swear I did roll the dice), and is a perfect clone of her twin. Other than Velma’s hair colour, that is.

See? Identical. My first ever pair of identical twins! Two of the quads in my BISBI are identical, but they ain’t twins.

Prince Audrey spam!
7-05-32-prince-audrey1 7-05-32-prince-audrey2 7-05-32-prince-audrey3

And now it’s Leisure Day, so time for the festival!

Greeting card first.

It’s been a while since the house was this full.

Hannah wants to get her face painted, but this one failed. Try again.

Audrey competes against her grandmothers eating hotdogs (there’s a joke about lesbians and weiners here, but I won’t make it).

Audrey won!

Pirate face succeeded. Scowl is extra.

Story lights fireworks.

(that’s the Rourke house in the bottom left corner, for those wondering where in Starlight Shores the house is placed)

Velma gets a sun on her face.

Audrey skates.

Hannah and Story teach the girls some skills, while Seymour reads a book.

Velma joins Audrey on the skating rink, and they try a spin.


Wow, I did not know Velma was so good, she’s maxed the hidden skating skill.

Ooh, I spy family at the festival! Frank brought some of his kids over.

This is Sondra.

And Maritza. Two of the triplet girls; all of them have Jill’s very prominent cheekbones.


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  1. Audrey reminds me of Frank for some reason. Maybe I need to stop being obsessed with Frank XD.
    I love Ronette and Crystal too. o.O I love all of those genes!
    Family outtings are so fun when there’s many generations involved.


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