8.02 – Introductions

Previously, the twins aged up to YA and Crystal took over as gen 8 heir; Crystal and Hannah visited Egypt and brought back a mummy; the family moved to Monarch Bay.

Also, I now remembered to turn on the SP notifications for the town, so be prepared for spam.

Ronette paints some pretty pictures, ones I haven’t seen before!

Lol, journalism gives some cool opportunities. Watching TV for money, that would be awesome.

Aw, Mia and May aren’t getting along.

Raspberry is the only one finished work when Crystal is done, so they meet at the pond.

And are soon gossiping away.

Aw, no attraction.

Ras didn’t like that.

But some jokes soon gets the friendship back on track.

Dawn and Mew are the first accidental baby of this town!

Meanwhile, Crash and Michael are apparently gay.

8-02-07-vivektaa-fire1 8-02-07-vivektaa-fire2
Every time Vivektaa comes into the kitchen, he gets this moodlet. Afraid of fire, lol.

Riff Raff is filling up the fridge with leftovers.

Since she has to watch TV, I figured Crystal could learn cooking at the same time.

Hannah maxed drums! I missed the popup, but she’s fulfilling her wish.

And now, we have spam from around town:


And Firefly is now married to Aquamarine.

8-02-12-freya-swagman 8-02-14-sorrel-tomahawk 8-02-15-alyssa-dionysus 8-02-13-lilac-reed 8-02-17-umbreon-mia

Aw, Michael and Crash broke up. Guess the relationship moved too quickly.

Ronette spent too much time out in the sun, now she has a tan.

I’m certain that Crystal didn’t watch 8 hours of TV, but the opportunity fulfilled anyway.

And it led to a promotion on her second day of work.

None of the spouse potentials was finished work when she was, so she went to the library to read up on social networking.

And got up to level 9!

Meanwhile, Riff Raff and Hannah are on a date at the only bar in town. That’s Gumby Langurd in the corner, hai Gumby!

8-02-25-rr-darts1 8-02-25-rr-darts2
I tried to get them to play darts together, but Lefty attacked Hannah.

Gumby then joined in on the next dartboard.

8-02-27-sitting1 8-02-27-sitting2
Naw, they’re so cute together!

I decided Crystal should meet some other people in town, then we can use Social Networking to make friends. First up is Bubbles Gordon, who she heartfarts.

Then Meg Terrey.

But finally we spot one of our prospects out of work!

Heartfarts for Libra Winters!

So pretty.

This is the first wish Crystal has rolled up for any of the potentials.


I sent them out to eat, and then checked their attraction.

10 out of 10!

Our final spouse potential crashed the outing. It’s April Terrey!

The second they met, Crystal rolled up this wish.

But no attraction. Hmm, weird.

8-02-39-rr-maxed-handiness 8-02-40-ronette-maxed-painting
Back home, the family are being very productive. Ronette has finally maxed painting, and now she can move out with Vivektaa.

8-02-41-jace-twilek 8-02-42-freya-pregnant 8-02-43-plasma-meg 8-02-44-beignet-flame
More town hook-ups, and the latest unexpected pregnancy.

Crystal has to start writing reviews for work; she wrote a negative one, which had good results for her career.

She was also invited to a party at the Gordon house.

Dawn went into labour right away, so Crystal took her to the hospital. And she shows off her formal outfit!

Meanwhile, the baby daddy has moved onto a new girl.

Though he also showed up at the hospital for the birth, and accompanied Crystal and Dawn back home?

Long name for a little baby …I supposed they could call her Maggie.

Back home, Riff Raff and Hannah are swimming on free will.

8-02-52-singing1 8-02-52-singing2 8-02-52-singing3
And singing karaoke together.

Until Georgia Peach Sorbet visited the house.

The spouse options are finally out of work! It’s time to butter up April. Cue spam.

8-02-55-april1 8-02-55-april2 8-02-55-april3 8-02-55-april4 8-02-55-april5 8-02-55-april6
Since she wished it, I allowed a HOTM kiss.


Aaand then April talks about the heat.

Shaka Bra! So romantic, April.

I had Crystal scan the room, and discovered that all four potentials were on the lot! I think this is due to “the lot” being a giant square with rabbit holes all around the edges.

We started the flirting again, and then…she’s off to work.

At home, Riff Raff is befriending Georgia.

8-02-60-hannah-bday1 8-02-60-hannah-bday2
Until we’re interrupted for Hannah’s elder birthday. Miss Inappropriate Georgia laughs.

She’s a cute elder! I kept the paler red streaks in her hair.

Final town updates:
Mew finds his third girl already.

While Dawn is apparently bisexual (half the town is bi or gay, as per by SP settings).

Now it’s time to vote for Crystal’s spouse!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Wow, Ronette’s art is amazing!
    Crystal’s formal is pretty. Looks so classy. I like her style.
    Awww Hannah is a super cute elder even if she doesn’t look that old.
    I’m not sure which spouse I prefer, I think I’ll have to go with Crystal’s preference…ugh which is that? Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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