8.07 – Winter Friends

Previously, the house was overrun with toddlers, who all-too-quickly aged up to children. Crystal had the fifth (and last?) child of this generation, Friedrich. And Hannah died in a bar on her first non-toddler outing for a long while.

Crystal’s first MLC wish. I think we can make this happen.

Yet another vaccination clinic, featuring (L-R) some tourist, Vivetkaa, Georgia Peach Sorbet, Blatch Winterwolf and…I think that’
s Mia Gordon behind Blatch?

One of the kids brought Andres Lynn home after school (Jace and Twi’lek’s oldest). He’s adorable!

Giant game of tag, all the kids want friends.

Crystal teaches her baby to walk.

Haha, I love the popups I get for the medical career, they’re great.

Blake and Mia got married!

And Tomahawk (with lovely Adult pigtails) finally brought the town another baby girl!

Holiday bonuses mean it’s Snowflake Day!

And Crystal immediately wishes to spend the bonus. Easy wish.

We’re having a gift-giving party, going to check out the kids and teens in the ‘hood. Gretel immediately goes to exercise in the cleared-out TV room.

Kurt paints in his swimmers in the snow. Insane sims.

But everyone is leaving the house, it’s greeting card time!

In snow gear this time, because I like to show off the outfits. Except Mr Insane chose his formal wear.

NO Crystal, you may not do this.

Party time! This is Jeremie Zane, son of Lorelei and Shane.

Demarco Holly, son of Hayl Holly and Mew Terrey.

A cousin, Tim Rourke-Gordon. Son of Audrey and Michael Gordon. He got Hannah/Audrey’s hair and Michael’s skintone.

Theodore Gordon-Moonwisp, Blake and May’s son.

Apparently I invited too many people, not enough chairs and no more room to put extras.

Curtis Hollis, Lyra and Ollie Zane’s son. So many great options for the girls (or gay boys).

Another cousin, Lorraine Nike, she’s the daughter of my simself and Seymour.

More Nike blood, this is Ronald Holly, son of Freya Holly and Swagman Nike (he’s blinking). I really should make my simself related to Swagman, do not want those two hooking up.

Desmond Sama, son of Manic Sama and Bane Moonwisp.

Party spam!

The kids received two kiddie ovens, a bike and a dollhouse. Crystal received a rainbow light and Raspberry didn’t receive a gift.

While we were having our party, Ronette was throwing a campaign party of her own. I haven’t seen this popup before.

So many people donating to Ronette’s campaign.

Oops, and apparently she was embezzling!

Cuties playing peek-a-boo.

Rose is playing with the time machine
(the masterful one Fiyero made many many years ago. We’ve been schlepping it from house to house, along with his masterful harvester).

She got a new outfit! I love it, we’re keeping it.

I just recoloured it a bit.

And I haven’t been showing pics, but Rose has been working non-stop on her logic skill. Maxed!

Crystal decided to take Friedrich with her to the salon. She has a favourite, is always toting him around with her.

He’s settled on the floor with his books.

While mum gets a tattoo. LOL, her face!

She got a dolphin on her ankle.

And then it’s time for a second MLC wish, the makeover.


Kurt loves the playground. That’s his athletic outfit he’s wearing; old school baseball outfit.

Meanwhile, Gretel is making friends with Isaiah Chimeree; I approve!

Group snowball fight!

Until it’s time for Max’s birthday.


That’s better.

He’s hawt! His latest trait is Rebellious, as per the rules. I went with a surfer dude theme, in line with his Loves to Swim trait.

While waiting for Friedrich to complete his TSAL, Crystal maxed out her own logic. This generation are flying through their skills.

Gen 9 aren’t slacking on their skills, either. Kurt paints really creepy things, in his swimwear in the snow once again.

Max, on the other hand, loves video games. And he’s triggered a prank set by one of his sisters.

Crystal interrupts him to ask his gender preference. 

Tomahawk and Libby are having another baby!

While Audrey and Michael have a baby boy.

Speaking of baby boys, ours is growing up!

He actually rolled up Rebellious, good one.

So cute! Even if his mouth is a bit weird (Rose’s mouth does not translate well to males).

Since he’s now ambulatory, he joins the rest of the family at the pond. Last chance for ice skating!


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Ah! Friedrich is such a cutey! And Max isn’t bad either! :3


  2. Someone needs to wallop Ollie on the head for me. He died in my game without ever producing any genetic kids. His son is handsome. Not as handsome as Max. Wowee is Max handsome. But still someone wallop Ollie while I marvel at your goodlooking kiddos!


  3. Theodore really looks like his dad.
    OMG PEEk-A-BOO is so adorable duvbaoiuvouy.
    First time seeing Teen Max: Wtf is he a werewolf now?
    Second time seeing Teen Max: The snow is melting fast around here.


  4. The boys are just great. Max really is good looking. Even with pointy ears.


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