8.10 – You Cannot Be Sirius

Previously, there was a lot of swimming and snorkelling, and even a(n intentional) drowning death. Max grew up to a very handsome YA, while Crystal and Rose decided 5 children wasn’t enough; Crystal is pregnant again.

Last time, I left you with a cliffhanger. So we begin by announcing; it’s a girl!

Correction, it’s three girls. A ghost, a blue baby and a pink one. Yay for diversity! It also makes it easier for me to keep track of the burritos; ghostie is Marta, blue skin is Brigitta and pink is Liesel. (no Pink, we don’t have a Maria – because there is more than one Maria in musicals, and she will come later)

Since we now need the nursery something bad, Friedrich got his heir bedroom. It’s cliché, but I’m using the Faire Folk set for the fairy heir. I never get to use it, so now seemed a good option.

The generic, pretty nursery is back! Rearranged somewhat, with three cribs this time.

Max is a great babysitter, always ready to take over when his moms are at work.

But he still finds time to have fun.
(I’m not counting Max’s scuba diving as a topped skill, because mermaids automatically have L10 scuba. But he didn’t earn it)

We’re playing with Friedrich’s fairy auras – the Body & Mind one is a great help for Gretel and Kurt with their skilling.

Which they have been working on a lot lately, because it’s birthday time, and they haven’t maxed anything yet.

Friedrich first.

LOL, I don’t normally show the pre-makeover pictures, but I had to with Kurt. Manly pigtails!

He looks very much the same as he did as a teen. His final trait is Loves the Cold, and his LTW is Physical Perfection. Crystal’s face, jaw, hair colour and eye shape, Rose’s blue skin, eye colour, mouth and nose.

Gretel next – she is very close to maxing out athletic for her skill.

Her final trait is Rebellious, and her LTW is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body. Rose’s face/jaw/ears and eye colour, Crystal’s nose, mouth and eye shape, Firefly Tart’s purple hair. Probably the best actual mix of her parents.

Finally, Louisa. She’s the only one inside, so we can actually see her new outfit. Which is the same as her teen one, just slightly different colouring.

Her final trait is also Rebellious, and she rolled up her LTW a while ago: CEO of a Mega Corporation. Louisa is the only one to inherit Crystal’s freckled skin and also her eye colour. Facially, she’s a clone of Crystal, except for Rose’s nose.

Rose wants all three to be scientists, Crystal wants Kurt to be a scientist, and Gretel and Louisa to be doctors. I hate to break it to you, ladies, but neither of those are going to happen. To start with, no-one is getting a job until they have maxed out their respective skills.

For Gretel, that happens almost the second she jumps back on the treadmill.

NO Crystal! You have 8 children already, enough!

Libra & Bubbles seem to have found lasting love. Similarly, Lyra and Ollie.

Having completed her task, Gretel is now on baby duty. Frees up the other three to work on their skills.

Though Max is now also done.

Along with completing all the potions, because he’s awesome like that.

Kurt and Louisa are still working on their skills. Even with the Disciplined trait, Martial Arts seems to take *so* long! I’ve been comparing with Gretel’s Athletic trait and Fried’s Bot Fan one, those have a much better boost.

Friedrich is working on his fairy skills; he’s now able to make fairy repairs. Which is a good thing, because Louisa keeps breaking computers with her writing, and no-one knows Handiness.

Cornflower Chimeree (back in pigtails and rainbows) had a medical emergency – good thing Rose was around to help out.

Haha, Max got pranked! I’m not sure who it was, but my money would be on Kurt or Friedrich. So many rebellious teens, I don’t bother to screenshot every prank.

But we’re done with (most of the) teens for now, it’s graduation time! Max is very much not happy to share his graduation with his younger siblings, but that’s what he gets for aging up early in the week; graduation is only held on Fri/Sat/Sun.

For some reason, Louisa refused to change into her graduation outfit. Maybe she’s finally discovering her rebellious side…

She still graduated fine, and I have the popup to prove it! She was valedictorian, and voted Most Likely to be a Millionaire – that is already true.

Max got Most Popular, Gretel Most Likely to be a Sports Star, and Kurt Most Likely to Offend Others. That last one is a bit of a surprise, I wouldn’t have picked that for him.

The babies called a lot of issues, post-graduation, as you can see above.

We eventually got them all fed and changed, and back in the green.

Then it was off to the festival – it’s Leisure Day!

We can only fit 8 people in the greeting card booth, so two of the babies are left on the ground outside. Grade A sim parenting right there. And Freidrich is blocking the shot of the baby that did make it inside – I think it was ghostie Marta.

Max was getting a bit dehydrated, so he bee-lined for the sprinkler.

Crystal tried to get a spray tan, but apparently it doesn’t work on ghosts? Makes sense, in hindsight.

So instead she floats around the roller rink.

Friedrich, Gretel and Kurt enter the hot dog contest.

Kurt ran off to throw up, Gretel choked, and Friedrich won easily.

Oh, and to top off an already huge day, the triplets are aging up. The second lot, the girls. You only get one sparkly burrito shot, because we have all seen them a million times.

Liesel first; she has Rose’s hair colour!

Freckles! And gold eyes! Those have been passed down from Yttrium, the gen 3 spouse – and they even skipped a generation, Riff Raff had them, Crystal doesn’t.
Liesel is a Hydrophobic with a Good Sense of Humour, who likes White, Beach Party music and Ratatouille.

Brigitta has a strange hair colour… I believe that’s from a Tart, but it doesn’t look like Beignet’s colour?

Her hair has purple roots and tips, white streaks and brown in the main body. She has Crystal’s aqua eyes.
Brigitta is a Couch Potato Bookworm…yes, I may have changed her name after she rolled up those traits. She likes Pink, Dark Wave music and Veggie Burgers.

Ghostie we can’t really tell what she looks like in-game.

In CAS, I find she has Rose’s blue skin, Crystal’s aqua eyes and Firefly’s pink hair. Marta is Artistic and Loves the Cold, she also likes aqua, Indie music and Autumn Salad.

But wait, there’s more! When the family finally got home, I saw sparkly lights…

Max, you better not come back with an alien pregnancy…

Kurt and Louisa are still working on their skills. Kurt’s is slightly more exciting to screenshot, thus we have this. That’s his outerwear, btw.

Rose is looking after the toddlers tonight; they’re all on the same schedule for now. It’s easier while they’re babies, but now that they are toddlers, we’ll have to mix that up a bit.

Aw, grandbabies for Seymour and Samali. And Lyra and Ollie.

Louisa and Gretel’s school collections; I love Generations, all the shiny things.

Also, the family net worth is now over $9.6m, time for a points update.

Synchronised toddler skilling, go!

Crystal wants to teach all three girls to walk, Rose wants to teach Liesel everything and the other girls nothing. Methinks someone has a favourite…

Kurt hangs out with Friedrich, bumming off his fairy aura.

And Louisa is… done!

We haven’t had any toddler cuteness in a long while, so here you go.

Synchronised smustling!

Space Rock!

OMG, finally!

Yes please! Fewer people = good!

I would not have picked Gretel for the criminal career, but okay. Louisa was given a job in Business before she left, as per her LTW.


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  1. I love Gretel’s face! *o*
    Gah for triplets though, they’re so cute but less space for Friedrich’s spawns.
    The more this family breeds, the better it gets. Choosing spouses from other legacies is such a good idea. They all look so unique!
    If Max comes back pregnant, maybe cute alien baby?


    • Pretty sure the game wouldn’t have allowed me to move Max out if he were pregnant, so no alien baby. 😦 Though it is the first abduction in my game in a LONG time, so it was noteworthy.

      I’m not too worried about the next generation; both fairies and werewolves have extended life spans, so we can wait a while. Assuming they don’t choose to risky woohoo themselves, like Crystal and Rose did 😉 Does mean that the grandparents may not meet their children, but I’m okay with that, for the sake of a non-stuffed household.

      Totally agree about choosing spouses from other legacies, so much fun. Though we do have to be careful about mixing genes too closely, since other people are now using Rourkes in their legacies 😉 I’m keeping track of the facial features, and we’ll have a look at the end, see how far certain genes were carried through the legacy. The genes are one of my favourite things about TS3.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww new triplets! They are so adorable. However. Brigitta does not have Tart hair. I have never seen that color before. Makes me curious where it came from.though.

    Wow, so much empty space in that household! Can’t wait to see it get filled up again.


    • You’re right, I just assumed it was Tart, because we got Firefly’s hair, and I hadn’t seen it before then. However, it has recently cropped up on one of Seymour’s children, so perhaps it came in with Hannah? Interesting how sim genetics work.

      Haha, 5 sims would seem like a dream after some of your Tart houses. I’m trying to let the kids enjoy themselves and not rush into the next generation, since both Freya and Friedrich have extended lifespans. But they will definitely fill up the house, don’t worry!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re going for a Westside Story generation then?
    Although if you are going for fantastic musicals then Miss Saigon (so sad) should really be on your list, or some of the longest running stage musicals like Lion King or Phantom. Or for pure comedy go for the Threepenny opera. Yes musicals are definitely my thing.
    Gotta love the suprise triplets.


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