9.07 – Summer Wolves

Previously, the triplets aged up to YA, Freya got pregnant again, and Rizzo aged up to child then drowned while snorkeling.

I have now updated the downloads page; all of generation 9 are available for download!

We begin with Liesel performing for tips once again; this time Cornflower Chimeree is watching.

And it’s time for baby no 2!

A baby boy, named Kenickie. He’s Eccentric with a Good Sense of Humour, and likes Yellow, Stir Fry and Chinese music. No sparkles, so he’s a werewolf. And he’s BLUE! I have not previously seen skin colour skip a generation, very cool!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you before, Rizzo was also a werewolf (in case you couldn’t tell by the lack of wings :P).

Star Langurd is finally moving on from being passed over for Rourke spouse.

Ginny and Brian had a baby boy.

Freya got the final promotion needed for her LTW! And she’s now completed the Gen 9 goal of topping the Law Enforcement career. So we have now unlocked alarm systems, and the kids no longer need to have the Rebellious trait. Though with fairies around, we may not see the end of the pranks and traps.

To celebrate, I sent Friedrich and Freya out on a date; first dinner.

Then a movie (and some flirting afterward).

Marta is on baby duty at home.

Rizzo is visiting! And randomly working out, despite not having the athletic trait…

Marcie and Noah got engaged.

Brigitta has finally maxed writing! Damn, that is a hard slog, even with the correct traits.

The triplets are immediately kicked out, and the first thing they do is get jobs. Journalism is appropriate for Marta, and no-one is surprised that Brigitta chooses a life of writing.

Liesel celebrates her freedom from the main house by finding a boyfriend.

Star and Dante are now pregnant.

Since the house is now mostly empty, I thought it was high time Friedrich got to complete a wish he’s had since he was a teenager.

Meet Envy, our new Plumbot!

Envy is a Fantastic quality, female plumbot. At the moment, she has the Competent Cleaner, Friendly Functions, RoboNanny, Solar Powered and Steel Chef trait chips.

We created a baby sitter just in time, because Kenickie is aging up.

Lols, he got floating pigtails.

Better; he has Freya’s hair colour and Friedrich’s eyes. Also Freya’s version of pointed ears – they don’t stick out from his head like Friedrich’s do. Such a cutie!

Freya gets in some snuggles.

Then begins to teach him to talk.

Meanwhile, Friedrich befriends and tunes up Envy.

Aaron and Amber are dating, which brings me to a new dilemma; these two are both related to the Rourkes. Aaron is Seymour’s grandson while Amber is Audrey’s granddaughter. So they have shared 
great-grandparents – I think that makes them second cousins? Which is technically legal, if a bit icky…

We’ll see how things go, I’m not sure I can be bothered keeping track of who is related to whom. The family will be moving when the final heir takes over, and we’re only taking the active household.

Ginny and Brian are pregnant again.

And Liesel has a steady boyfriend now.

Freya’s sister Grace is apparently a pyromaniac.

Envy helps out with Kenickie’s toddler training.

Which is helpful, because Freya is pregnant again! I missed the belly rub, but this is her new work outfit.

Both Freya and Friedrich want girls; good, because so do we! It’s a girl’s turn for heir.

Marta also found herself a boyfriend.

And Dany is making babies with Jon, yay!

Baby werewolf spam! So freaking cute.

Freya teaches him to walk.

She’s getting so big already. Nothing much was happening, so there aren’t too many pictures of this pregnancy.

Liesel broke up with her boyfriend.

Marta is pregnant to hers.

Quickie engagement.

Another baby boy for the town.

And it’s baby time for the Rourkes.

Mixed twins! I had to go with Danny and Sandy.

They’re both fairies who like Roots music, and they like green (Danny) and spiceberry (Sandy). Danny is a Friendly Light Sleeper who likes Shawarma, while Sandy is Unlucky and Hot-Headed, and likes Stu Surprise.

And because it’s a summer weekend, I decided to have a pool party.

Freya grills up some hotdogs.

Most of the guests are family.

This is Sue Rourke-Holly, Louisa’s daughter. She also got Rose’s blue skin, skipped over her parents.

Stinky here is Meghann Rourke-Holly, Sue’s older sister.

The girl behind Meghann is Caroline Rourke-Gordon, Max’s eldest.

And Randy, her little brother.

Hotdogs all around.

Then a family dance party. Despite the crying babies.

Few chose to go outside to swim.

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  1. Synchronised baby thoughts are brilliant.

    I love your decking pool area.

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  2. Keni is such a little terror but he’s so cute. Red hair and blue skin is beautiful ❤
    Didn't know werewolf toddlers would show any sign, d'awww.

    Liked by 1 person

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