9.08 – Hydrophobic Dogs

Previously, Freya gave birth to Kenickie, who is an adorable BLUE werewolf, and also mixed fairy twins Danny and Sandy. The last of the Sound of Music generation completed their skills and moved out. And Friedrich made a plumbot, named Envy.

Following on from last chapter’s pool party, Friedya are in the sauna.

Friedrich is getting this moodlet, lol. Wet werewolves…

What? I never even knew this was a thing. Hydrophobic sims can’t woohoo in the sauna? I wonder if it’s the same in a hot tub…

So instead, they makeout a little.

Then go to the treehouse.

Marta and Luke broke off the engagement.

Ginny and Brian had a baby girl, while Dany and Jon a baby boy. Yay for gender diversity!

Gretel and Missingno are now together; they have such similar colour hair, lol.

Marta and Luke had twin girls!

Friedrich got a promotion, he’s now also topped his career.

And, he’s painting some amazing things. This would be his Bot Fan trait at work. I’m going to see if we can’t see some of the other unique paintings, with some of the other traits in the kids.

Freya pops with the last baby of this generation.

Because Friedrich has just resurrected Rizzo! Stupid me forgot that once you use the Oh My Ghost opportunity once (as Rose did for Crystal), then the family can resurrect other ghosts just by paying the fee.

So here’s Rizzo, in her de-ghostified form. I’m using Debugenabler, but since that has to be done every time I load the game, you may see flashes of her back in ghost form as well. We’re going to try and make ambrosia for her, since I haven’t done that yet (and don’t want any more ghost babies if she’s heir).

But for now, since she can’t drown again, Rizzo has the task of maxing out the scuba diving skill. Kids can only snorkel, but I’m working on putting a dive lot into town, so she can skill faster once she gets to teen.

All on the same day, we have three birthdays. Kenickie is first; he rolled Sailor.

So he gets a beachy makeover, which works quite well with his favourite colour (yellow).

And the twins; Sandy first.

I changed her wing colour to spiceberry. She has Rose’s skin and hair, with Freya’s eyes and ears.

Now Danny.

He has throwback blue hair, with Rose’s purple eyes and Friedrich’s ears.

If not for Rizzo and Kenickie having the same brown eyes, all four kids would have different hair and eye colours! Yay for diversity.

If we’re going to make ambrosia for Rizzo, we’ll need a deathfish. Friedrich is on the case!

I think Freya has a favourite child. Also, she wants a boy with this latest pregnancy. I don’t agree, but locked it in just in case.

Cutie fairies. And also showing off how much lighter skinned Danny is – Friedrich and Freya have different skintones, so I’m guessing he’s a mix of tone and place on the slider.

Gretel and Missingno are engaged!

Liesel is still looking for someone to settle down with.

The kids are skilling, Rizzo snorkels while Kenickie goes fishing. I should be using his Eccentric trait for inventing, but I’m following his wishes for now.

Freya is also skilling, she’s now maxed cooking.

Danny doesn’t want to skill.

He’s given a reprieve, because it’s baby time!

While we’re waiting, Gretel proves herself to be an excellent Criminal.

A basket… I was not prepared for a basket.

While we wait for the basket to come home, have some peek-a-boo spam.

Triplets. Two boys and a girl; names are Sonny, Eugene and Jan. The boys came up first, and I was worrying that we’d only have two heir choices, but then Jan came up last.

Freya is exhausted, and we’re only just beginning. The triplets like the colours purple, yellow and grey; I know Jan is grey, but can’t remember the boys’ colours.

Next day, it’s leisure day! We hired a babysitter for the baby boys and took everyone else to the festival.

Greeting card time! Jan is the only baby represented, but the game keeps the 8-person limit in there, so not much we can do.

Rizzo and Kenickie have a water balloon fight with some other kids, whose names I didn’t write down.

Friedrich tries to teach Sandy to talk; he’s not ecstatic about it.

Freya got her face painted.

Then enjoyed the trampoline.

All four kids had a hotdog eating contest; Rizzo won.

Kenickie then went skating. Behind Jace Holly, who is cheating and using his genie powers.

And Rizzo wandered off to the pool to befriend Leland Moonwisp-Langurd.

He’s pretty cute. His grandparents are Tomahawk Langurd, Twi’lek Lynne, Bane Moonwisp and Libby Gant.

Noah and Marcie are now pregnant; I think these two are the only ones outside the main house who got married and
then had a baby.

Helen Zale and Jasper Lynne (Twi’lek’s son) are together.

Triplets and twins are hard work. But everyone joins in to help.

And they are still working as well.

Rizzo chases bandits in her formal wear.

Upon getting home, Freya has her adult birthday.

And I triggered Friedrich up with her. He will probably stay an adult through gen 10, though, since we’ll need help with all the babies.

Both of them are having midlife crises. I suppose having 7 children so close together will do that to you.

They both rolled up this as their first wish. Perfect, since their hairstyles are atrocious.

The Stylist makeover is hideous.

I gave her back her hair, and an outfit more appropriate for an adult.

Friedrich’s stylist makeover is similarly hideous.

Better; Friedrich agrees.

While waiting for her husband, Freya maxed her social networking skill (from reading the books).

Time for kisses! Seriously, these two are all over one another all the time; wishes and autonomous loving. I don’t care if they roll up divorce wishes, it’s not happening.

Cutie twinsies!


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  1. “…the family can resurrect other ghosts just by paying the fee.” I had no clue this was a thing!
    The kids are all so cute.
    Yay for getting another girl, but holy crap triplets!


  2. Omg toddler hell is waiting for you. 😉 Good luck.
    Danny is maybe my favorite. I dont know because I like Keni too. But it’s a girl’s turn xD We’ll see once Jan ages up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, this is exactly why I made the plumbot, since the grandparents died early. Serves me right for trying to have the kids close together – they’re so close that all 7 are children at the same time!
      It’s interesting, I had a favourite girl initially, but now that they’re teens in game, that is changing. I think each of them will bring different things to the game, so we’ll have to see. They do all have different faces, so that should help… or maybe not 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay for unexpected triplets.7 kids in one go, that’s always fun.


  4. Jeez! 7 all at once! And I thought 4 was hard… Good luck! ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

  5. New reader here! Pretty late to the party, lol. Been catching up for the last couple months.

    Toddler werewolves are so cute! And now triplets! Good luck!

    Those stylist makeovers are so funny! Like, someone isn’t very good at their job.


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