9.09 – All the Lil’ Fairies

Previously, Freya gave birth to triplets, bringing out Grease generation to 7. Friedrich and Freya aged up to adult and are experiencing matching Mid Life Crises.

We begin with the triplets’ birthday. Jan first; I spy pink hair.

Pink hair and turquoise eyes, cutie! I had to put her in pigtails, to match her namesake. Despite the lack of glowing eyes, she’s a werewolf, in case the lack of wings didn’t clue you in 😉

She’s a Daredevil who Hates Art, but likes Latin Music, Vegetarian Chili and grey.

Next is Sonny; he’s the one who likes purple.

And he has Rose’s purple eyes, nice. I love grandparent genes. Sonny here Loves both the Heat and the Outdoors.

Finally Eugene, also with throwback blue hair.

And freckles! That’s 3/7 children with grandparent skintones, amazing. He also got Freya’s turquoise eyes. Eugene is a Slob who Hates Art, but likes yellow, Kids music and Egg Rolls.

So, just for comparison, this is the hair/eye/skin colours of gen 10:

Name Eyes Hair Skin
Rizzo Brown Black Pale
Kenickie Brown Red/White Bue
Danny Purple Bue/Black Pale
Sandy Turquoise Pink Blue
Jan Turquoise Pink Pale
Sonny Purple Red/White Pale
Eugene Turquoise Blue/Black Freckled

For some reason, none of the kids got Friedrich’s skin – all the non-blue/freckled kids have Freya’s skin tone. Freya and Crystal have the same turquoise eyes, so we have lots of grandparent representation.

As you would expect with five toddlers, it’s pretty chaotic. Thank goodness for Envy…and the children, who can at least feed and socialise with the toddlers.

Cutie girls.

A rare moment of quiet.

Keni has an opportunity to make a friend.

This is Beatriz, granddaughter of Blake Moonwisp and May Gordon.

She chose to go swimming, rather than play tag with Keni and Rizzo.

All hands on deck for the toddler training. We haven’t used the walker/playpen during this legacy, and I’m determined not to cave when we’re so close to the end – no matter how many kids are around.

We don’t have time to go to the library, so when the twins are done with their training (and xylo and pegs), they go to the books outside.

*sigh* more semi-incest. Though I do believe this one was my fault; Ginny was added to town later than the other Gordons (as a spouse option for Friedrich), so she wasn’t connected to the family tree at this time. Roberta is Ginny’s daughter. Randy is Max and Magdalena’s son (Magdalena being Dawn’s daughter).

Brigitta has a new RI.

And Wobbuffest is getting married to a Langurd descendant.

Lots of birthdays this chapter, now we have the twins. Sandy first; she rolled Nurturing.

She has an interesting mouth; I believe it’s Friedrich’s, who got it from Rose – so Sandy should definitely grow into it! Freya’s swept-back pointed ears (as opposed to Friedrich’s smaller stick-out ones.

Now Danny. He rolled Loner. So he makes friends easily, but prefers to ignore them once made.

I love his face! It’s mostly Friedrich, though, just looks different with the alternate skin.

Like big sister Rizzo, his first child action is to chase bandits on the rocking horse.

Sandy does similar with the outside spring rider.

Noah and Marcie had twins! I can’t wait to see what they look like.

I went through the inventories of the adults, and found this in Friedrich’s pocket. Left over from uni, I believe – so we’ll try it out.

Works well.

Freya has a favourite; she only wanted to teach Jan skills, none of the others.

Crystal even came out to help with the skilling.

Friedrich rolls up this:

So we go with it.

Dance party with Beatriz! With all the fairies in the house, this is a regular occurrence. Rizzo chooses to sing on the karaoke machine instead.

Friend made and opportunity completed, we also fulfil Keni’s wish to pillow fight with Beatriz.

Rizzo and Sandy both wished to skill logic, so they can socialise while they’re at it.

More Moonwisp-Rourke pairings. We could end up with a three-way sibling pair up.

The first great-grandchild for Seymour and Samali.

Well, we have two engagements already. That was a very fast courtship, Liesel and Damien.

Eugene is fully skilled up, so he’s onto the books. The other two are still a bit away.

Sandy, you’re not going to make any friends if you keep playing fairy tricks.

Hey, I finally found a use for all the fish Friedrich is catching! (since we already have three generation’s worth of produce in the fridge) The werewolf kids (Rizzo, Keni, Jan) can keep them in their pockets for snacks.

This guy came home with Sandy after school.

Meet Mickey Moonwisp-Vinson, son of Daenerys and Jon. He’s adorable!

I lost track of Rizzo for a while, and found her in Crystal & Rose’s old room, playing with the mirror. And she’s in werewolf form, to boot.

So we practise some hunting as well.

Hey, cut that out you two! We have more than enough children already. And we’re so close to finishing the toddler period.

Closeups of the boys, just coz. Yes, Jan has ‘Thing 3’ on her onesie (grey with purple trim 😉 )

Aaron & Amber are now engaged.

Brigitta and Dante got married.

Gretel & Missingno aren’t getting along so well, however.

The boys are reading.

Freya gets in some last minute snuggles.

Because it’s birthday time! Eugene goes first, he rolled Coward. That should be interesting, I haven’t played with a coward for a long time.

Mr Slob gets an oversized yellow tee. He has Freya’s wide nose bridge, though it looks different on the freckled skin.

Jan next; she rolled Over Emotional.

Her features are interesting; she is basically a Freya clone, but on Friedrich’s face shape.

Finally, Sonny. He rolled up Neurotic. These kids have such fun traits!

He’s so cute.

And would you believe it, none of the seven children have exactly the same facial features. Eugene and Kenickie are the closest, but Keni has Freya’s mouth while Eugene has Friedrich’s. And, of course, they have different skins, so look even more different.

Neurotic and Can’t Stand Art are two of the traits that influence what paintings sims create – so the boys are tasked with learning the painting skill. Poor Eugene gets the “Can’t Stand Art” moodlet while he paints, but his other positive ones are good enough to override it.

Sandy is playing on the waterslide…in her outerwear? Why, you’re not insane or inappropriate?

This is the insane one (in ghost form once again); she’s taking a joy ride. In her everyday outfit, for once!

Elton is the first of the 11th generation of Rourkes. Still counts, even if he’s not in the main family 😛

And Friedrich wants more of his own. No, you have more than enough!

Haha, the final triplet succumbs to the charms of the Moonwisp D-boys.

Meghann (Louisa’s daughter) hooks up with Beatriz’s uncle, Jamal.

I haven’t seen this animation before; this is Friedrich freaking out over nanites.

Aw, sad face.

Since she rolled the wish for the court, Sandy is going to play hopscotch. With Sonny, because I’m trying to get most of the kids to be friends.

Jan is making friends.

This is Alec Langurd, Star’s son with Dante Moonwisp.

She autonomously decided to play paper, scissors, rock. And she won, too.


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  1. So.many.toddlers. I don’t know who to love!
    Beatriz is kinda cute 😀
    Brigitta and Dante need to have kids. Wait, wasn’t Dante RI to Star Langurd? Yes and they have a son! Bad Dante, BAD DANTE!
    Saw Mickey, knew he was a Moonwisp before you even said he was Daenerys’ son. He’s cute ❤
    Omg all triplets getting the D-Moonwisp boys XD


  2. The kids are all so cute.


  3. Looks like you handled the toddlers well! It’s cool that all the kids look a little bit different from each other.

    Werewolves can eat raw meat, sounds useful. A werewolf would probably make a good tomb exlporer. Did he have to eat the fish in wolf form?


    • I am so in love with TS3 genetics, especially multi-generational, they work so nicely.

      Pretty sure the werewolves can eat raw fish in human form, though not certain. They can also eat other meat raw, though you’d have to buy the steak/turkey/hot dogs, so not as useful as fish.

      Liked by 1 person

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