10.02 – Labor Pains

Post #2 for SimNaNo! And we’ve almost completed the picture count already, lol.
Previously, Rizzo and the family went to the future, Rizzo befriended 3 spouse options and decided to breed with all 3.

Fulfilling Rizzo’s wish to write Nathaniel a love letter. We threw in letters for the other two as well.

She was all over Cherry the second he arrived.

Rolled up wishes to kiss and woohoo with him, to add to the ‘watch the stars’ one from earlier.

One wish down.

Romance spam with the setting sun in the background.

Including a jetpack kiss, and jetpack woohoo, because they’re cute and help Rizzo’s AT skill.

Riff Raff is the first ghost to make an appearance (after I remembered to remove the graves from Envy’s inventory). Hai, Riff Raff!

Instead of sleeping, though he was invited to spend the night, Cherry goes for a revitalising mud bath.

Jan is pregnant.

As is Rizzo!

Both the girls got promotions; Freya is now a whole level behind her daughter.

Though she didn’t wish it, I decided to let Cherry move into the house. He is the father of pregnancy #1, and it will be fun to have a newer sim around.

He even gets a trait card, because why not.

They break in the one place Freya and Friedrich have yet to visit, the photo booth.

Lols, those faces are gold.

Hannah and Crystal are out tonight, hai guys.

Cherry wants to max the Athletic and Martial Arts skills, so he starts with the training dummy.

Aw, Keni and his wife split up. My SP sims rarely do that, unless EA paired incompatible sims together.

RIzzo wished to read a pregnancy book, and delighted me by using the seating area that no-one ever uses.

Pretty pic of Cherry jogging home. He has a part-time job at the spa, because I felt like it.

Friedrich also got a promotion, now L5.

Freya transformed into a werewolf for some reason, and kicked over the trash can. Random.

Three favourable responses to the love letters.

But Burton now has another girl for an RI. Oh well, Rizzo isn’t asking anyone for commitment.

More sprite sharing, complete with baby bump.

Eugene and Patricia had twins!

Elsa is pregnant again, as is Burton’s new gf.

Freya and Rizzo continue to get promotions on the same day; Freya is now L6 in the astrophysicist branch, while Rizzo is L7 in the space explorer branch.

Baby time!

The incoming father is blissfully ignorant.

She has the baby at home; it’s a girl! Her name is Maria, and she’s an Athlete who Loves the Heat, Irish Green, Stir Fry and Latin music.

This last generation’s musical is West Side Story; I’ve been saving this for the end, because it’s one of the few that has a good mix of male and female names.

After playing on the swings all night, Cherry meets his new daughter.

Jan had twin girls.

Just coz it’s a pretty picture. And proof that we do have seasons in OL, just not festivals.

Rizzo interrupts Cherry’s martial arts for some special time.

In the sarcophagus. And yes, the paintings made the trip to the future as well. Some of these were painted by sims many generations ago! At the end, we’ll see how much they have appreciated.

Lmao, fairy bot bowling badly.

The plumbot looks confused…

Envy has confiscated Maria; she’s constantly holding her while watching TV. Great idea, except that, unlike RI, Maria can’t sleep in someone’s arms.

This cutie is Autumn Rourke-Vinson, Sonny’s daughter. She has Freya’s throwback hair.

I took her into CAS to see how she turns out; looks like she’s mostly Sonny, same eyes and nose – not sure about the mouth.

Speaking of growing up, it’s Maria’s birthday!

Cuuute! Colouring all mommy, but hopefully her face is a blend.

Rizzo gets right onto the toddler skills – as per the rules, all of the toddlers must learn them. But we’d do that even if it wasn’t a requirement.

Cherry can now meditate.

Elsa had another baby girl, while Burton’s gf had a baby boy.

Envy has now maxed out her gardening skill, thanks to tabcasts. We don’t have a lot of spare room for a garden here.

She now has something to do; get Maria all skilled up!

Lmao, Freya is complaining that she can’t woohoo with Friedrich – because Rizzo and Cherry are using
their own bed!

More babies in the hood!

And for the main family as well.

Lmao, I noticed a bunch of icons at Reflective Park; it’s Sonny and his family. He and Patricia each put down a toddler so they could makeout. Note the buried baby in the background as well.

In contrast, Maria’s parents are excellent (regardless of Cherry’s face here). She’s fully trained inside two days.

Promotions all around; Friedrich has now chosen the Arena Mechanic branch.

Envy also topped out a couple of skills.

Mr Friendly Cherry Pie wants to level up his charisma, so he’s making friends. While Envy plays for tips on the laser-thingy.

Baby time!

It’s a girl!

Correction; twin girls. Anita and Rosalia; Anita likes Spice Brown and Rosalia likes Pink, thus the burritos have been colour coded. The traits we’ll learn when they age up. Still no red skin 😦 But it does look like we got some red hair, at least.

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  1. The jetpack kiss is adorable!

    Yay for bringing in the next gen! I love Maria’s hair and she is so cute!

    LOL, Freya, use your own bed for woohoo!


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