10.04 – Orange Bowl

Welcome back to Update #4 for SimNaNo! We’ve already hit gold, but I’m going to try and keep the updates coming – we’re so close to the end!

Previously, Rizzo gave birth to of another set of twin girls, and there were a whole lot of birthdays – more to come this chapter!

Rosalia’s first wish/action as a child is to write a book. So much easier with these ITF computers that can stay in a pocket and don’t need a desk.

Anita chose to play the guitar, but she’s a bit all over the place with her wishes.

Danny, Eugene and Sonny have also had girls with their respective partners. I have checked, SP does have baby gender on random, so hopefully we’ll see some boys soon.

All Envy’s TV watching means she’s now maxed her fishing skill.

Rizzo finished off the skills of our two youngest.

And I remembered I wanted to take greeting card pictures, so went back into previous save files. Now to try and bring them into the active file (spoiler: it doesn’t work).

It’s now Cherry’s Adult birthday. I left him in the haircut, because it makes me laugh. He’s having a MLC, so if he wishes to change it, we will.

He’s also kicking butt on the training dummy.

Oops, missed the tummy rub, but she is pregnant.

Maria keeps painting.

Anita finally decided to work on Logic skill via potions.

Rosalia got too hungry and transformed into a werewolf. I let her do what she liked for the morning.

It’s a Saturday, so time for a family outing!

They’re going to this bowling alley I found on MTS.

Anita wanted to befriend her mother, so they do that.

Rosalia is still starving, so orders a pizza.

Freya blows bubbles. And check out that awesome view!

Then she and the girls go bowling! Cue bowling spam.

Cherry has now topped the Spa Receptionist part-time career.

Since her pregnancy means she can’t bowl (wtf ETA?), Rizzo plays video games instead.

When Cherry joins them at the bowling alley, Rizzo accuses him of being Childish.

Then he flirts back. These two are so weird.

As per her wish, Rizzo is now learning guitar – she’s jamming with Envy.

Maria is almost as good at making faces as her mother.

Sandy takes her sister’s leftovers.

Baby time!

It’s a boy, finally! His name is Tony, he’s a Absent-Minded Artist who likes Orange, Latin music and Potato & Truffle Torte.

Friedrich loves the baby swing.

Maria and a crispy Anita play peek-a-boo with the younger twins, helping out with their social and making friends at the same time.

Rosalia chose the most random place to read – there are a bunch of sofas and chairs in between the bookcase and the bed?

More birthdays!

Graziella rolled Technophobe. She’s going to have fun in this house.

But she’s adorable!

Minnie rolled Green Thumb, so we might have to get a garden going.

Also cute, though more serious-looking than her twin.

Rizzo joined the music career, to give her something else to do between kids.

Sonny and Francesca are engaged. Again.

I bought scooters for all the kids, bikes are way too slow.

Rizzo is programming recipes into the food synthesiser.

The girls are allowed to do fun kid things as they wish – skilling time will restart on Monday.

It’s Maria’s birthday now. She rolled Great Kisser.

So pretty! She’s all Rizzo with Cherry’s eye shape.

Cherry maxed his athletic skill.

Lol, Rizzo had a negative dream about body image, and ended up like this.

Regardless, she’s off to visit Burton.

Uh, what happened? I went to check on the kids at home, and came back to this?

No slappy, Rizzo!


She’s rolled up this.

Autonomous kissing!

Homework party in Rizzo’s room!

One last birthday for this chapter, time to see what Tony looks like.

Cuute! Nathaniel’s blue skin like his sisters, Rizzo’s brown eyes, Freya’s white-tipped red hair. Kind of disappointed none of the kids have Nathaniel’s hair, but hey.

And a couple more pics of the cute. Just coz.

Rizzo runs off the extra weight, insanely quickly. Wish it was that easy IRL…

Now that we have a teenager, she can help with the toddler skilling.

Envy is too busy failing at pool tricks.

As per her wish, Maria gets a part-time job.

Rizzo teaches Tony to talk.

Interrupted by a pregnancy pop. Yeah, she got lucky with risky woohoo.

Freidrich is back at the cave place.

He found Sims 4 holograms.



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  1. That bowling venue fits with the town perfectly! And there has got to be a mod for the pregnant simmies, hmmm.

    LOL, slapping and then seducing Burton. Only in the Sims!


    • There are many mods to let pregnant sims do more, but this game/family is about as full of mods as it can stand, don’t really want it to explode in the final generation. Rizzo can deal with not bowling 😛

      I know, Rizzo is so random with her autonomous actions. I think she’s better without a spouse, TBH, she’d probably just wish to divorce them or something.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol at Cherry’s haircut!
    At that picture of Rizzo programming food in the synthesizer, I first thought she had insane curves, then looked again and saw her skin next to that white counter. xD
    That being said, chubby Rizzo is pretty awesome.


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