10.05 – Poolside Birthdays

Previously, Rizzo was hot and cold with her romantic interests, she had our first boy, Tony, and began pregnancy #5.

We begin with a greeting card picture at the school. So hard to remember to do these regularly without the seasonal holidays.

Many more kids and the adults won’t be able to fit in the booth!

Tony learns to walk.

Rizzo then rocks out – in her PJs for once.

Cherry and Rizzo both got promotions.

And Mr Bot Fairy is entering a Bot Competition. He won, too – amateur one to start with.

Grazi and Anita play ball.

Cherry is back on the swings. The Childish trait is strong with this one.

Family dance party!

Keni and Tammie are engaged. Again.

Rizzo invited Burton out on a date; she reveals her pregnancy.

Asks him to feel her tummy.

Then serenades him (the fulfillment of this wish was the whole reason for the date).

Cherry’s MLC is over, and he never wished to change his hair. So I’ll have to do it for him.

Keni and Tammie are married again.

Rizzo is now loving on Burton; good thing, he’s going to be the father of the next child as well.

(also, it is impossible to teach kids to drive in the future. They can take the class at school, but that only gives L1. No adult has any option to ‘teach to drive’ or teen to ‘ask for help learning to drive’. Our teens won’t be learning to drive, and those ‘teach x to drive’ wishes will be deleted)

Tony being cute on the xylo.

Friedrich set off a prank one of the girls set.

Whoops, missed the labour pics – baby #7 is another baby boy! His name is Diesel, he’s Hydrophobic and has a Good Sense of Humour. He likes Irish Green, Indie music and fruit parfait.

Time for Tony’s TSAL.

The girls do have normal-child fun. Rosalia chooses the rocket rider, Minnie the tramp, Anita the drums.

Time for a Sunday outing to the pool!

Keni proves he can walk on water.

Cherry is the first one in the pool.

Grazi and Anita quickly follow – Anita did a perfect dive on the first attempt!

Minnie is a tad scared of the slide.

Caught these two cuties talking; redhead is Eve Rourke-Zale, Kenickie’s daughter. The other guy is Pedro Bedlam-Arendale, Ana and Copperfield’s son.

Friedrich joins the outing after his latest bot competition. He finds Freya right away.

LOL, so much for privacy! That’s Friedrich and Freya woohooing in the hottub while the kids play tag right next to it!

Pedro and Eve are dragged into a big game of tag, while Maria finally jumps into the pool.

Sandy has a new RI.

Dammit guys, quit with the play fighting! Werewolves are
so annoying on free will.

No idea who this is, but Rosalia beat her in a breath holding contest.

Freya maxed out her Advanced Tech skill making food with the sythesiser at the pool.

Birthdays for the elder twins! Anita rolled Genius.

So pretty! She’s all Rizzo, with Cherry’s eye shape.

And I realised I spoke incorrectly last chapter – Maria is all Cherry with Rizzo’s eye shape. So the exact opposite of Anita (and Rosalia).

Rosalia rolled Loner – so she’s going to be even more of an Introvert than she already is. I neglected to get a closeup of her face, but she has the same facial sliders as Anita.

Oh, and it’s also birthday time for Rizzo, now that she’s not pregnant.

Of course she has a MLC, she has 7 kids and has already topped out one career.

Lol, Rosalia makes awesome faces when she’s writing.

Anita and her shiny new Genius skill are sent back to the potions table.

Minnie is painting.

While Maria lifts weights.

Burton sent Rizzo a love letter.

Anita invited over a friend; this is Krista Bedlam-Arendale (Pedro’s sister).

Matching traits!

They talked the whole afternoon and became friends; then she rolled up this wish. Can do!

But they only made it to considering attractiveness before Krista ran out.

Meanwhile, we have more birthdays, both the boys today! Tony rolled Night Owl.

And this is the adorable Diesel. Dad’s skintone, mum’s eye and hair colour.

Rosalia is the first one to snuggle the new toddler.

She also begins with his skills.

Tony immediately puts his Artistic trait to use.

Oops, Grazi has been stuck in this position all night, and I did not even notice she wasn’t in bed. Too many sims to keep track of!
It’s about now that I kicked Envy out of the house, we have enough teens to take care of the kids, and she’s not really contributing.

Friedrich has now dreamed the Sims 4 dream – he’ll have to share it with Rizzo so she can count it toward her ‘unique dreams’ counter.

And he also finished the Voltron gnome!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Welcome Diesel! He’s so cute.

    How did Friedrich and Freya woohoo with the kids around? Is it because of woohooer? Lol


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