10.07 – Growing Up

I apologise for the incredibly long wait, it was not my intention to leave you hanging this long! October I was planning Nano, November I was writing Nano, and December and January I have continued writing (a lot). But have finally found the time to play out the last few weeks – we are almost done with this challenge!

I plopped down a new household, and send Friedrich over to meet the occupants. First is Benny Messorem.

Heather (who writes the Zale ISBI) is the only other one home, so I guess we’ll have to come back later.

Back home, Diesel is blocking Minnie from going anywhere. Sure, it
seems like there’s space between him and the bed, but sims routing.

Anita maxed her athletic skill.

Friedrich went back to the house that night, and found Livy (who writes the Gordons among others) and my simself.

Rizzo took baby Bernardo out with her to play for tips. As you do.

And she rolled up this for a MLC wish. I may just use him for the final baby daddy; she’s not rolling any wishes to any of the others.

Cherry got a promotion.

Birthday time. Maria is our first YA!

Her final trait is Vegetarian, and her LTW is Alchemy Artisan.

Tony is a teen, his new trait is Excitable. I neglected to get a close up pic of him.

Cherry now needs logic for work, so he plays chess with Grazi.

Rizzo also got a promotion today.

As a reward, I cured her and made her a witch. So sick of baby werewolves!

And since she has tons of LTH points, she gets Magic Hands right away.

Another of the simselves added to town is Jenn (who writes the Tart ISBI among so many others); she’s apparently a teacher.

Tony is the first one to find the hopscotch court that has been here since we moved in.

Bernardo is aging up.

He’s sooo cute! Burton’s hair and skin (and vampire-ness), Rizzo’s brown eyes.

Rizzo is trying to fulfil her “flirt with Omen” wish, except he lives with his girlfriend (Elsa), their two kids and a random elder. Awkwardness!

So we wait until the others go to bed by casting spells.

Flirting escalated quickly. Omen will be the final baby daddy!

Tickles for cutie pie Bernardo.

It’s time for another family greeting card; at the school this time.

So many teenagers.

But with teenagers comes first loves! Minnie and Tony chat to their romantic interests.

Buck Gwyn is Minnie’s RI; he accepts her invite to prom.

This is Ada Beaker, she’s really cute!

They are both absent-minded.

Standing on the inside pond, Tony starts the flirting.

And asks her to prom. I think she said yes?

Meanwhile, Anita starts on Bernardo’s toddler training.

And Rosalia maxes her writing skill.

Baby pop! Number nine is incoming…

My simself and Heather’s are hitting it off.

Rizzo teaches Bernardo to talk.

So cute!

Everyone is skilling (or fulfilling wishes, as in Rosalia’s case).

Crystal is out, watching Rizzo play drums.

Anita finally maxes her logic skill. Even with the Genius trait, it’s a slog.

Nothing important is happening, and I’m trying to wrap things up, so skip to baby time.

It’s a(nother) girl! Her name is Pauline, and she’s a Evil and Disciplined (scary combo). She likes Lilac, Beach Party music and Ratatouille.

Jenn has hooked up with Benny Messorem.

As per her wish, Anita invites Krista over for a date.

They are officially girlfriends!

Cherry Pie interrupts for a game of catch.

Though he’s a dick and throws it super hard.

Bernardo is working on his TSAL (with his adorable dino booties).

While Rizzo plays for tips in the library.

Tony wanted to befriend his little brother and Diesel wanted to play tag, so… two birds.

Birthday time! Diesel first. He rolled Photographer’s Eye.

He has Rizzo’s chin, jaw and eye/hair colour, the rest is Burton.

Rosalia next.

Her final trait is Loves to Swim, and her LTW is Illustrious Author.

Both Rosalia and Anita have all Rizzo’s features, except for Cherry’s eye shape.

Anita is the last birthday for today.

Her final trait is Ambitious, and her LTW is The Tinkerer.

Samali and Heather are engaged!

Yes, Friedrich is still around, he just doesn’t do much.

Minnie maxed gardening (thanks to tabcasts).

She did it while we were at graduation.

Rosalia got Valedictorian and Most Likely to Write a Best-Selling Novel (very true).

Anita got Most Likely to Have a Big Family (maybe true?).

And we go on a family outing to a dance club (totally appropriate for a toddler).

But he’s no longer a toddler! He rolled Natural Cook for his child trait.


He had a toy in his pocket, and chooses to play with it in the bathroom.

Rizzo is magically upgrading the bathroom, still working on her magic skill.

Anita and Grazi relax in the hot tub.

The others hit the dancefloor.

Riff Raff! Long time, no see!

One last birthday for the update, Pauline is becoming a toddler.

Cutie! Her colouring is all grandma Freya, not sure about the face yet.

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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. I just love Bernardo! His hair! Pauline looks like she’ll be a cutie, too.

    Ada can’t say no to a guy that walks on water. xD


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