10.08 – Numero Diez

Previously, we gained our first 3 YAs, and Rizzo gave birth to child number 9, Pauline.

Friedrich wished to give Pauline a ride on the spring rider, so ok.

He then begins her potty training.

More painting for our teens.

Two more engagements, Anita and Krista, and Jenn and Benny.

Samali and Heather are now married.

Birthday time again, more YAs.

Minnie’s final trait is Adventurous, and her LTW is Great Explorer.

She has Nathan’s eye shape, nose and mouth on Rizzo’s overall face/chin/jaw. Random green eyes that much be from Nathan’s non-existent parents?

It’s a full moon, so werewolf Grazi won’t age up tonight.

Instead, have a shot of Bernardo being a child.

I missed the popup but Friedrich maxed his Advanced Technology skill.

Come morning, Grazi can transform back to her human form, and age up.

Her final trait is Proper, and her LTW is Bottomless Nectar Cellar.

I think Grazi is the prettiest sim I’ve ever had born in game. She has Nathanials’s overall face, jaw, chin, ears and mouth, with Rizzo’s eyes and nose. Her hair colour is Nathanial’s, and eye colour is Freya’s.

With her night of no-sleep, Grazi has now maxed her logic skill.

Rizzo teaches Pauline to talk.

Cutie Pauline then works on her blocks.

Diesel has maxed his writing skill only a few days into being a teenager.

He is then moving onto painting as per his wishes.

Rizzo got a promotion, this Music career is very slow with all the other things she’s doing.

Utilising her Natural Cook trait, Grazi fills the fridge with food.

And maxes her Cooking skill to boot.

To cap off an eventful 24 hours, she then gets abducted.

Omen has finally agreed to come over so we can get baby #10 cooking. But first, Rizzo hits him with a love charm because she can.

Then we proceed with the romancing.

While Grazi teaches Pauline to walk.

Friedrich maxed his gardening skill.

Cherry Pie had his elder birthday.

Benny and Jenn got married! (I keep wanting to type Ben and Jenny…)

Ah sims, still surprising me after all these years. I have
never seen this wish before. Trust Rizzo.

She’s baby nauseous, as well.

So we bought the mistletoe and tried it out.

Bernardo is putting his Natural Cook trait to use, playing with the kiddie oven.

Graduation time!

The Most Likely awards for the recent graduates.

And we got a pic at the Science Centre while we were out. It’s only going to get less crowded, we’re on the downhill now.

Not a minute after moving out, Minnie is engaged.

Rizzo is playing the drums and trying to listen to kids music at the same time – she has wishes for both a boy (leftover from the pregnancy with Pauline) and a girl, so I’m hoping for mixed twins.

Pauline is onto her TSAL.

While outside Cherry Pie plays with his jetpack in an attempt to either die or max his Advanced Tech skill (I’m not fussed about which way he goes).

Bernardo keeps rolling fishing wishes so, sure, do that.

Diesel has rolled up this LTW, and I’m going to let him take it. But lol, the game won’t let it be automatically fulfilled – we have $11.7m in household funds, so have to get $50k more.

Baby time! I neglected to get a shot of the baby being born, but it’s a girl named Estella. She’s a Daredevil who Can’t Stand Art, but likes White, DigiTunes and Vegetarian Grilled Salmon.

A second after giving birth, Rizzo rolls up this wish. That’s how you got into this situation in the first place, chica.

The reason I didn’t get a pic of baby Estella is because the camera swung over to the library where it’s Pauline’s birthday.

She has Omen’s ears!

Both Bernardo and Pauline need social, so why not befriend one another.

She then starts on her logic skill, as per her wishes. We’re going with telescope this time.

RIzzo completes her wish to woohoo with an alien. The newly-elderfied Omen Langurd.

With the weekly investment income over 300k, we have easily met the requirements of Diesel’s LTW.

You know you two could… pick up the crying baby? Don’t you want to meet your daughter, Omen?

Tony maxed out his painting skill.

Birthday time! Estella first.

She’s so cute! Grandma Freya’s red hair, Omen’s alien skin, Rizzo’s brown eyes.

I missed Bernardo’s sparkles, but he’s now a teen with a shiny new Handy trait. And I neglected to get a closeup.

I rarely get popups for the extended family any more, but here’s one. Rizzo’s brothers are still hanging out together.

We start on Estella’s potty training.

Another abduction, Diesel this time. I doubt I’ll have as much success when I play a CEA.

As per usual, we start the talking a foot away from the potty.

Because she’s adorable, and she’s the last child, have some toddler spam.

Cherry got a promotion. Only one more level to max out the career.

Minnie got married!

And it’s finally time for Friedrich to leave us.

He maxed out 8 skills (plus two hidden ones) and amassed over 400k in LTH points. Even though he’s a fairy, I kept him the same age as Freya, so he’s only lived 100 days.

We can’t mourn too long, there are children to grow up, here. Tony’s birthday tonight.

His final trait is Star Quality and his LTW is Distinguished Director.

Other than his father Nathanial Zane’s nose, Tony is a clone of his mother.

Samali and Heather had twins!

Tony invites Ada over. First he cries on her shoulder.

Then it’s time for some romance. I freaking love this animation, never gets old.


And some fun in the photo booth.

He’s just a little infatuated.

I missed the popup, but the plague is proof Diesel maxed photography.

This is what Friedrich was working on before he died; we now have two mech gnomes!

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  1. I have to agree that Grazi is gorgeous!

    Friedrich! ;_; He achieved a lot.

    Those mech gnomes are so cool!

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