10.09 – Fireproofing

We are so close to the end! Chapter 10.10 will be the final post of this epic. But first, enjoy this longish second-last post.

Estella is doing her TSAL.

Then plays with dolls. This is so cute, no matter how many times I see it.

Bernardo is utilising his Natural Cook trait, as per his wishes.

Rizzo goes over to the simself house, talking to Benny Messorem-Vanillabeam

The house is full of toddlers!

Dominic Nike-Zale, son of Heather Zale and Samali Nike.

Jane Nike-Zale, Dominic’s twins sister.

Maya Winterwolf, daughter of Sam Winterwolf and…

Maria Rourke, apparently? Where did the green skin come from?

It’s Rizzo’s elder birthday, man that snuck up on me. If she wasn’t a werewolf earlier, she wouldn’t have had time to produce all ten kids.

A pregnant Jenn Messorem-Vanillabeam watches TV, and the toddlers join her.

Lmao, Rizzo chose to ‘boast about grandchildren’ to Sam… and she’s talking about Maya.

Aw, Tony and Ada broke up. 😦

Wow, Jenn must have been about ready to pop, she had the baby later that night.

Minnie also had her baby, or babies, in her case.

Pauline is still working on her inventing, as per her wishes.

Whoops, almost forgot to finish teaching Estella to walk!

Just in time.

She’s cute!

It’s also Diesel’s birthday today.

His final trait is Charismatic, and he’s already completed his LTW.

Diesel is all his father Burton, with the exception of Rizzo’s jaw and cheekbones.

Rizzo got a promotion, she’s now at L9.

Diesel’s Most Likely.

Because it’s graduation time.

And that means a new greeting card. Not many left 😦

Today’s activity is at Pins ‘n’ Skate.

Cherry and the girls go skating.

While the boys bowl. Both with such serious faces!

Today is Pauline’s birthday. She rolled Eco-Friendly.

Really pretty, despite the tiny eyes.

That night Hannah visits, and plays on the trampoline all night.

Cherry got a promotion, he’s now topped the Education career!

Rizzo is programming more recipes into a new synthesiser.

Prom is coming up, so it’s time to find dates for our teens. This is Hilary Castle, she’s reasonable looking.

Flirts and a first kiss!

Then they go bowling together.

Aw, Cherry maxed his career just in time.

He shakes Grim’s hand, he had a very good life.

Meanwhile, Pauline is befriending Rory Lofton.

Despite her new grief, she is successful in gaining a date to the prom!

I’m a bit worried about Rizzo dying before Estella ages up, so she’s taking a mud bath.

Then moodlet manages away the grief.

She’s still a fierce force of nature, I love her.

Now that she’s a teen, Pauline can make use of her Disciplined trait.

Lmao, Rizzo used an ice blast to break the dishwasher.

Then decided to get rid of the water with a fire blast.

Which set the kitchen on fire, and needed another ice blast to put out.

She then rolled up wishes to make both the stove and fireplace fireproof. Uhm, Rizzo, we don’t
have a fireplace.

To keep her out of trouble, I set her to maxing out her drum skill.

Estella does get to be a child, for a little while.

finally! Rizzo has experienced 50 different dreams.

Bernardo takes Estella fishing, as per their wishes.

Thanks to tabcasts, Bernardo and Pauline have each maxed out a skill.

Rizzo finally topped the music career! Man, that one is a slog, stupid performance requirement.

And she immediately retires, as per her wish.

Needing fun and hygiene? Better go on a submarine adventure!

Still trying to keep this one out of trouble, she’s playing for tips at the Community Centre place.

More maxed skills!

Friedrich is out tonight, playing with the ducky.

Another Advanced Tech skill challenge down! I have not had any luck completing the Sprite one, she’s stuck on 9/10.

Estella is at the park playing tag with the Nike-Zale twins.

Tonight’s audience is simselves; Jenn, Heather, Livy and Sam.

It’s Estella’s birthday!

She’s the only one of the ten children not to get an A as a child; Handy was locked in.

I freaking love her. She has Rizzo’s overall face shape, jaw and cheekbones, with Omen’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Since she doesn’t sleep anymore, she can fish to her heart’s content.

She and Bernardo are back at their fave waterfall spot the next night when it’s Bernardo’s birthday.

He’s hawt! His final trait is Computer Whiz, and his LTW is Turn the Town.

Bernardo is all Burton, except for Rizzo’s mouth shape.

Whoops, perhaps I shouldn’t have moved Bernardo out so quickly; Estella was caught by the cops.

So she’s stuck at home reading.

Bernardo wasted no time in making Hilary his official girlfriend… and I just realised that prom was announced and didn’t happen? Weird.

Rizzo finally maxed out her drum skill.

When she’s too fatigued to practise martial arts anymore, Pauline is still working on her inventing skill. For some reason she keeps rolling up wishes for inventing, not martial arts.

Wow, Bernardo and Hilary are engaged already, that didn’t take long.

Noooo! She was so close to maxing out her spellcasting skill.

90 days old, really? She couldn’t have been like Cherry and overstayed the 90 days?

Farewell Rizzo, the final heir of this challenge, you were amazing and entertaining until your last days.

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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. RIP Rizzo.

    Man, the kids are all good looking.


  2. Aw no 😞 Rest in peace Rizzo.
    Wow the kids all turned out looking great. I may have to steal Estella though, she is so pretty ❤️


  3. I really like Rizzo’s elder look. RIP to her and Cherry.

    Rizzo breaking the dishwasher and lighting the kitchen on fire was hilarious. xD

    Dang, all of the kids are gorgeous. *_*

    Liked by 1 person

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