10.10 – At Last

Oh my God, this is the final one! After 4.5 years, we come to the end of this Challenge.

Pauline is getting really skilled on the training dummy.

While Estella plays with her Handy trait and upgrades all the (new) plumbing.

Minnie is pregnant again!

Sandy and Burton have hooked up (she’s a fairy, he’s a vampire, seems a good match).

I may have forgotten to mention it, but Estella has been tabcasting Nectar Making. It’s the only skill we hadn’t yet maxed in this challenge; now we have.

So I didn’t quite catch the skillbar disappearing, but it’s close enough; Pauline maxed inventing.

Estella is chatting to Amos Bannister-Zane; he’s half-brother to Tony, Grazi and Minnie, as his father is Nathaniel Zane.

He’s a Coward, which conflicts with her Daredevil trait.

But she still rolled up this wish, so I guess opposites attract?

5 out of 10, not too bad.

He’s accepting of her flirts.

And she has a prom date… maybe prom is still coming up? I can’t remember, this was played a few weeks ago.

I think the girl is a wee bit smitten.

We’ll get two of those wishes out of the way quick smart.

Now Pauline can fly!

Moar fishing! I replaced a couple of the fishing spots in the centre of town with lots from MTS; with actual fishing spawners, this time.

It’s Pauline’s birthday!

She’s gorgeous. Her final trait is Commitment Issues, and her LTW is Gold Digger. Wow, we haven’t had one of those before.

Pauline is all Rizzo, except for Omen’s eye shape.

Look ma, no skill bar!

Pauline finally maxed out martial arts.

She is now rolling up this wish for every person she talks to…

Oops, Good and Evil do not mix well.

LOL, neither do Hopeless Romantic and Commitment Issues.

Aw, Amos sent Estella a love letter.

And now they’re at prom together.

Our last prom for this challenge, and it’s a lovely on for Estella.

Since she wished it, Pauline is now working on her athletic skill.

I sent the girls off to a party that Pauline was invited to. Holy crap, that is a lot of people in a tiny living room.

Estella made salad and found that some of the werewolves in the family were at the party, too.

Pauline is fulfilling her wish to befriend a vampire.

Tony and his girlfriend are having a baby.

And Diesel has a steady boyfriend.

Just coz they’re so pretty.

And I was waiting for Estella to max out her fishing skill.

Rizzo’s ghost is paying us a visit! Also Raspberry and Hannah, they’re all fighting over the rocking chair as per usual.

Estella is buying random things to upgrade and fulfill her wish to upgrade 10 objects.

And soon enough maxes out handiness.

Estella threw a sleepover for all the teens in the neighborhood.

They ate pizza and danced and then went to bed. And she realised the flaw in having a sleepover when you’re an alien who doesn’t sleep…

Tony had a baby boy with his girlfriend.

Time for Pauline’s graduation.

And a last greeting card.

Estella is really in love with Amos, she keeps rolling up new wishes for him.

Romance spam.

Pauline jogged home from City Hall and maxed out her athletic skill.

One last wish fulfillment; deathfish!

And a very cool ghost; this is the one you get from crashing the jetpack.

Birthday party for the last birthday of the challenge!

Most of the guests got caught in the garage trying to talk to Pauline, since she threw the party. But some of the family did make it inside to watch Estella blow out the candles.

One last family dance party to round out the challenge. Invited to this party were all Rizzo’s living siblings, plus all of her children; Sonny, Sandy, Danny, Maria, Diesel, Tony. And the elderly Jan, who smustled long after everyone else wandered off.

Our final YA of the challenge rolled Couch Potato as her final trait, and has the LTW Made the Most of My Time.



I finally laid out all the gnomes we have been carrying around in a chest; 17 columns of 12 gnomes, plus 2 more of 11 makes 226 total gnomes collected.

The final house net worth, 16 million, 793 thousand and change.

See this page for the full score details.

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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. omg! Congrats on finishing! What a great family and I have loved reading them through the years.


  2. Congrats on finishing! Loved this family! Can’t believe how many gnomes you had, that’s crazy!


  3. Woot congrats! I know what page to go on if I need pretty sims to steal!
    But damn if 10 generations take 4.5 years, alphabetcies must be hell.


  4. Congrats on finishing the challenge!
    I love Estella’s final look, and those pretty fishing pics!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on finishing.
    Can’t wait to see what you choose to challenge yourself with next.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m sorry I’m so very late to the party, but congratulations on finishing! That’s amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Woo! Congratulations on finishing! Maybe I can follow in your footsteps some day. XD
    I might just have to steal Estella…who knew Omen could make such pretty kids?

    Liked by 1 person

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