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4.08 – Grass Invasion

4.07.89 - many peoplePreviously, Seaweed was rebellious, Maybelle was artistic, and Penny hunted insects, then aged up to YA.

A warning, this is going to be a long chapter; since Twinbrook is glitching so much, the family is moving after the twins age up to YA, so we’ll do that all in this one chapter.

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4.07 – Please Don’t Leave Me

4.06.90 - jump kickPreviously, the twins aged up and Seaweed went to China with his mother, where she sparred her way to Rank 2.

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4.06 – Turning and Sparring

4.05.94 - Cosette wasting time3Last chapter, Cosette went travelling again, with her father (to China) and Penny (to France). Yttrium died and Penny aged to teen.
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4.05 – Anything Can Happen

4.04.73 - Yttrium gone2Previously, the twins Seaweed and Maybelle were adorable toddlers who grew up to be studious children. Yttrium died, sending the house into a tailspin of grief 😦

Not sure if you guys have heard about the crazy cyclonic storm we had this week in Sydney; suffice to say not a lot of sport and outside fun was had this week. So I’ve been simming quite a bit. Which means, yay, new update!

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4.04 – Four Friendly

4.03.26 - twins
Previously, we found out that Penny is actually Michelangelo’s daughter, and a werewolf to boot! The true legitimate heir, Seaweed, was born along with his twin sister Maybelle.

I have finished my WYDC, but the edited pictures are on my external hard drive, which I left at work. So instead we have a Rourke update!

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4.03 – We Are Family

4.02.46 - wedding6Previously, the glitchy twins graduated high school and aged up to YA. Cosette wooed and wed Flamingo Chimeree, and Nessa the simbot moved out.

Sorry this has taken so long; I’ve been focusing on the Maloneys – last chapter is coming up soon.
But while I’ve been neglecting this blog, you guys haven’t! We hit 1000 views this week, yay!

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4.02 – Mrs Loves the Cold

Gen 3 results

We have a winner! Flamingo and Michelangelo shot out in front right away, and the other two couldn’t catch them; Flamingo made it over the line in the end. And there were over 20 votes this generation, thanks everyone!

On another note, updates are going to be less frequent now that uni is underway, and I’ve just gotten a promotion at work, so will be doing more actual work at work, instead of blogging. 😉

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4.01 – Boy-Crazy

3.09.75 - funny faces1Previously at the Rourkes, Cosette aged up to YA, and went about making friends with the four potential spouses I dropped in. Yttrium got to L10 of the Science career, lifting the Gen 3 restrictions, and Fiyero discovered all the potions, completing the mini-challenge for Gen 3.

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Spouse Poll, Gen 4

So who would you like to help Cosette bring in the next generation?
Since she will be doing the sports career to lift this generation’s restrictions, her spouse will be looking after the kids and generally doing whatever. He will not have a rabbit hole career or profession, but may be self-employed, depending on how the game goes.

And remember, once a legacy has been used, it will no longer be eligible to provide further spouses!


Michelangelo Terrey
Loves the Outdoors, Unlucky, Party Animal, Hot-Headed, Artistic (werewolf)
LTW: Leader of the Pack

Elijah Blue
Elijah Blue Olympus
Absent-Minded, Artistic, Brave, Charismatic, Computer Whiz
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Flamingo Chimeree
Angler, Bookworm, Friendly, Genius, Loves the Outdoors
LTW: Perfect Private Aquarium

Eddie Kidd
Eddie Kidd Daye
Family Oriented, Genius, Green Thumb, Heavy Sleeper, Perceptive (ghost)
LTW: Perfect Garden
(while Eddie Kidd is currently a ghost, he may or may not stay that way; Yttrium has wished to catch a deathfish, and Nessa knows the Ambrosia recipe, so we may change him back)


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