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5.11 – All the Birthdays

5.10.51 - kissing
Previously, the adults went on vacation and left Velma in care of the triplets. Despite this, they all survived infancy and aged into adorable toddlers.

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5.10 – Parental Figures

5.09.51 - Cosette watching babies
Previously, Velma aged up to a Brooding teen, Roxie become a Supernatural-Loving child, and Brillo popped out triplets!

Told you I’d be back soon! This chapter almost catches up to my game play, so yay, I can play again! Gotta try not to get so far ahead all the time…

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5.09 – Rebellious Ovaries

5.08.59 - Roxie bouncy1

Previously, Velma aged up to an adorable child, and Seaweed topped his career, which meant we are no longer limited to one child per generation! Seaweed and Brillo duly took advantage of this, to produce Roxie.

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5.08 – Summer Child

5.07.11 - Velma cute1
Last time, Velma was an adorable toddler, Cosette developed an addiction to jellybeans, and our gen 5 couple worked on their careers and LTWs.

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5.07 – Freckly Festival

5.06.34 - cake cutting2Previously, Brillo gave birth to a baby girl named Velma. She then threw a bachelorette party, where the simselves showed off their dance moves. Flamingo died, and Cosette couldn’t bring herself to join the festivities at her son’s wedding because of it. While the wedding reception was still on, Velma aged up to an adorable freckled toddler with her daddy’s hair and her momma’s eyes. A very eventful few days!

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5.06 – Two Parties and a Funeral

5.05.84 - feel tummyPreviously, Brillo Pad Daye was revealed as the winner of the spouse poll. Seaweed quickly went about removing his other four romantic interests, then he asked Brillo to be his girlfriend then fiancee. And before long, she was pregnant!

These pictures were taken a while ago, I’ve been doing jury duty for the past three weeks, then having to do some work at night, so haven’t had much time for simming/blogging. Hopefully we should be done this week, so I can finish writing up the rest of the chapters; still got photos for at least two more, possibly three.

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5.05 – Spiced Loving

Gen 5 results

And the winner of the spouse poll is…Brillo Pad Daye! Her favourite colour is Spiceberry, which is going to be an interesting combination with red.

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5.04 – Love in the Cold

5.04.80 - matching strides

Previously, well, Seaweed worked on his LTW. And his job. The elders pottered around, the townies bred profusely, and not much else happened.

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5.03 – Get Mine

5.02.84 - stride of pride

Previously, Seaweed met his five spouse options, and set about wooing each of them for his LTW.

I’m sorry this took me so long, I had uni exams and then work got crazy. As of Monday, there will be two of us doing the work four people used to do. Probably won’t have much time to play in the near future; which is kind of good, since I have another two chapters worth of photos to edit and write up.

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Spouse Poll, Gen 5

Who will help Seaweed bring in the next generation?


Leliana Pixel: Athletic, Evil, Inappropriate, Family-Oriented, Green Thumb

Brillo Pad2

Brillo Pad Daye: Athletic, Perceptive, Kleptomaniac, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook


Percy Bathory: Perceptive, Slob, Excitable, Flirty, Evil

Giles Zale:
Ambitious, Evil, Excitable, Loves the Outdoors, Vegetarian


Brennan Skipton: Evil, Virtuoso, Good Sense of Humour, Coward, Slob

You may choose to vote here and/or at Boolprop – feel free to vote twice, if you so wish.

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